26 Gift Ideas for New Parents - Suitable for Boys & Girls

Updated on August 9th, 2021
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New parents can find life really tough. A lack of sleep, lots to do and worry about as well as a lack of money due to buying things for the new baby. Therefore, buying them a present that will really suit their situation could really help. Whether it is something practical or something that will bring a  smile to their face – something thoughtful will really help. This is why we have put together this list of gift ideas which we hope will help you to make the right choice for the new parents that you are buying a gift for.

26 Presents for Couples Who Just Had a Baby

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This book will hopefully bring a smile to the face of any new parent. It is a book called ‘Haynes Explains Babies’ and it is an owner’s workshop manual. Haynes are known for their car manuals, with detailed instructions on looking after them and this book is a compact guide in a similar style using drawings from the original books. It is a funny book, which will hopefully bring a moment of relaxation to the life of busy parents.

This is a lovely height chart which is something that parents will really like. They will be able to choose the place to put it, perhaps in a nursery and then measure the child periodically to see how much they grow. There are different designs to choose from but each rolls up into a tube and comes in two sizes, They come with a mini sharpie to mark the heights on with.

This is a special transparent handprint frame for a family. It is a kit and so all the family members are able to make their hand impression and they all form part of the special picture. It is only suitable to use with children over a year old and there are 4 paints and sheets so it works for a family of up to four. The frame is 12 x 31cm and the materials are tested to be safe for little ones to touch.

This is a new parents survival kit. It is a small organza bag stuffed with small gifts for new parents. Attached to the bag is a laminated card which explains the significance of each of the gifts inside. It is an unusual and thoughtful gift. The items include ‘confetti – time to celebrate the new arrival’, ‘coffee – to give you the extra energy you need’, ‘peg, for nappy changing time’ and ‘plaster – to make things better’.

This is a special pack of cards. They are called ‘The Original Baby Cards’ and the pack contains 30 cards to capture and remember your baby’s first year. They have milestones on them and the idea is that you put them by baby when you take their picture to remember that milestone. It includes things like their age – so ‘Today I am 1 week old’ or events such as ‘Today I got my first tooth’.

This is a special memory box. It is a white wooden box designed for putting keepsakes in. It can be personalised with the child’s name and birth details (date, time and weight). The boxes are painted white on the outside and have a wood finish inside and are ideal for storing things like congratulations cards you received when they were born, first shoes, special gifts, memory books, bit of hair after first hair cut etc.

This is a book called ‘Experimenting with Babies: 50 Amazing  Science Projects you can Perform on your Kid’. Studies include cognitive, motor, language and behaviour development and they can be great fun for both parents and child. They will help parents to understand how their child is learning new skills and to see things through a child’s eyes more easily so they can understand them better. It will also help parents to strengthen the child’s skills as they learn them.

This is a book called ‘Safe Baby Handling Tips’ by Kelly and David Sopp. It is a laugh out loud book with a wheel of responsibility on the front so when there is a dirty nappy to change they can spin the wheel to see who gets to do it rather than arguing! It has great diagrams on how to do different activities with baby which should have all new parents chuckling to themselves.

This is a useful Groegg branded thermometer. It is very easy to use as it has a bold display with the temperature on it but it also changes colour as the temperature changes in the room so you will be able to see if it is too warm or cold at a glance. It has a gentle night light in it and it helps parents easily know if the temperature in a baby’s room is at the right level as they sleep better if at the right temperature.

This is a very cute sleep aid for babies. It is a cute sheep soother which comes in grey or purple. It has real womb and heartbeat and ‘shush’ sounds to sooth the baby. It also has five musical sounds such as rainfall, harp lullaby, vacuum cleaner, womb and shush all combined with a heartbeat. It has a sensor and when a baby starts to cry it activates the sounds to sooth the baby back to sleep.

This is a very special personalised cushion cover which would look lovely in any nursery. It says ‘welcome to the world [name] [birthdate] [time of birth] [weight] [place of birth] and it has a cute cartoon giraffe picture on it. It is made from high quality linen and is 40 x 40 cm so will fit a standard cushion inside. It has a high quality print and is machine washable.

This is a special set of keyrings for a Mum and Dad to be. They come on a backing card which says ‘Congratulations! We are wishing you happiness with your new little baby’. It has a pink and blue baby footprint on it. The keyring itself has 3 charms on it – a pacifier or dummy, pair of baby feet and a heart at the bottom which either has ‘Mum’ or ‘Dad’ on it.

This is a lovely pair of mugs. They are both white and have a brown bear design on them. One says ‘Papa Bear’ and the other says ‘Mama Bear’ on the body of the bear in white. The designs are heat pressed onto the mugs by hand. They are really cute and a lovely practical gift as well as a nice sentiment for new parents. They come carefully packed so they are well protected in the post.

This is a Gro Clock sleep trainer. It has a glowing star design on the face which shows images to let the child know whether it is time to be asleep or awake. The brightness of the screen can be adjusted and it has an alarm which can be set if required. The stars around the edge of the screen go out with the passing of each hour to help the child know how much time has passed and if it is time to get up.

This is a dad to be Survival kit. It is a small organza bag and contains lots of small items that have a sentimental use for a new Dad. It comes in a blue organza bag with a drawstring which is 11cm x 16cm in size and there are 14 small items inside. There is a card attached which explains the significance of each gift and how it will help.

This book is called ‘Letters to my Son as I watch you grow’ and it is a blank keepsake journal for Dads to fill out with stories and anecdotes, thoughts and feelings to share with their son when they are older. It is 6 x 9 and has 110 ruled pages with a strong binding. The cover has a matte finish and has a cute elephant design with a geometric pattern on it.

This is a personalised birth print for a baby boy. It has the babies name and weight, date of birth, time of birth, place of birth and parents name and additional details such as star sign etc. It can be bought as an unframed print in various sizes or a framed print with a mount so you can choose what you think will work the best for the parents that you are giving it to.

This is a fun short-sleeved t-shirt which is suitable for men or women and comes in sizes small – 3XL. It comes in a selection of colours black, navy, royal blue, olive and dark heather. On the front, in white writing it says ‘I levelled up to Daddy’ There is a picture of two games console handsets, one in white and bold which says ‘player 1’ and the other feint which says ‘player 2 joining’ underneath.

This is a fun gift for a new Dad – it is a tool belt containing everything they need for changing a nappy. It comes with nappies, baby wipes, nappy sacks, disposable gloves, peg, face mask, ear plugs, baby soap and the wearable fabric tool belt. It also comes with free gift wrapping and a poem card. The kit could also be used by other people too if Daddy wants to share!

This is a baby record book which has a stork and the words ‘Lovely Little Mini Person’ on the front of it. It is wire bound and inside there are spaces to put photographs but also a blank section to record personal details such as their weight, star sign, favourite things, foods they dislike and things like this. There are also pockets to store treasured items like hospital tags. A wonderful keepsake for parents.

This is a very nice box of gifts for a new born baby which has all sorts of essentials in it. It comes in a choice of blue or pink and inside is a teddy, talcum powder, wipes, shampoo, fleece blanket, body suit, socks, bib, soap, sponge, brush and comb. It comes in a lovely box which could then be used to store keepsakes in afterwards. It has a pretty bow tied around the lid with a gift card on it.

This is a paper cut family tree in a frame. It is a custom made gift as it can be personalised to have the names of the family members incorporated into the tree with the surname below. It is a plain colour and then can be optionally fitted into a frame so that it looks free floating. It can accommodate 3-10 names and there are lots of card colours and four frame colours to choose from.

This is a cute wooden plaque in a star shape. It is pink and is written on in black with the words ‘Twinkle twinkle little star- do you know how loved you are? Welcome to the world’. It has some twine to hang it up and is decorated with pearl stars. It measures 13cm x 13cm. A lovely gift for a new birth, probably best for a girl because it is pink.

This is a nappy cake gift. It has three tiers which all have a blue bow around and has 30 size 3 nappies which would fit a 4-9kg baby as well as 3 muslin cloths. It also has a Peter Rabbit rattle, a pair of baby socks rolled to resemble a rosebud, a baby hand and foot print kit and a mini baby journal. Comes cellophane wrapped with a gift card so makes a really lovely gift.

This is a storage bag for keeping all sorts of items in. It has a divider in so that items can be kept organised and has 10 different pockets around the outside so that you can easily sort items in to it. There are different colours and fabric choices in either pink and white or grey and white. It measures 17.7 x 13 x 8.3 inches. It has handles too, so it is easy to carry around the nursery or home.

This is a five year memory book which allows memories of a baby to be easily noted down. There is a page per date, but five sections so that it can be completed over five years. As baby gets older you can record new things as well as looking back to things that the did on that day in previous years. It is a lovely hardback book with a blue cover and metallic lettering which is bound to become a keepsake.

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