31 Caring Gifts for Nurses

Updated on August 9th, 2021
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We all know that nurses do a great job and they are often overlooked. We may therefore want to buy a special gift, either for a nurse that we know or one that has provided special care for us. This can be tricky though as it is not always easy knowing what sort of things to get them. We have therefore put together a list of suggestions which will hope will help you with this. There is a selection of different things which means that you should be able to find something that you really like the look of and will want to buy.

31 Gift Ideas for Nurses & Hospital Workers

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This lanyard is very handy as it can be printed with a personalised message or name and has an incorporated watch. It also comes in a choice of different bright colours. These can be great for a nurse who will always find a watch useful and will need a lanyard to hold their pass. The lanyard has a safety breakaway closure feature in case it is tugged or trapped anywhere.

This is a handy stamp that you can have personalised. It has a name, job title and GMC number so can be handy for any NHS workers to use. It is very quick and simple to use and is self-inking. It comes with a key ring or can be clipped in a pocket. This will not wear away or wash out so great for places that need to be kept hygienic.

This is a stationery set with a medical theme. Great for anyone that wants to go into a job in the medical area or who already is. It includes 6 highlighter syringe pens, 4 syringe ballpoint pens, 12 novelty capsule pens, 3 band-aid sticky notes, 2 decoration tapes and a translucent box to keep it in. A really cute set for children who like role-playing or a novelty gift for adults.

This is a book by retired nurse Christie Watson called ‘The Language of Kindness: A Nurse’s Story’. It has descriptions of her real-life experiences on the job and through the book encourages everyone to stretch out a hand and help others. It provides an insight into what nurses do and shares experiences from her nursing career which spanned twenty years. A no. 1 Sunday Times bestseller and Costa award winner.

This is a Clinical Pocket Reference book for nurses. It is an updated and expanded edition for 2019 and has key information for nurses. It is in a very portal format either available on Kindle or in a ring sound pocket book. It covers a wide range of topics that a nurse may need to deal with and tips on what to do in different situations. Especially useful for student nurses on clinical placement.

This is an engraved, sustainable walnut wood keyring for a veterinary nurse. It says on it ‘safety first drink with a vet nurse’ and has a paw print on it. The engraved wooden circle is surrounded by a durable metal case which is attached to the metal keyring loop. It measures 42mm x 32mm x 25mm and comes in a gift box so all ready to give as a present.

This is a pair of handy scissors. They have purple plastic handles which have a keyring on them so that they can be attached to keys, belt, or similar. They are 10cm and the blades are made from kinked stainless steel and are pattern printed with a coloured bubbles design and they have a plastic cover on the end to make them safe. They are wiped clean. They are suitable for nurses or other healthcare professional to use.

This is a keychain which would be great for a female health worker. It has three pendants on it. One is a syringe; one is a stethoscope and one is an engraved disc which says ‘she believed she could so she did’. The keychain will be good to attach to keys but also could be used as a bag charm. Great for a student nurse graduation gift. Comes with free delivery.

These are really fun retractable badge reels. It is a four-pack which all look like plasters with different cute faces on. Each comes with 2 ID badge pouches so that you can secure your badges to it easily. It is made from PVC and measures 1.2 inches high and 3 inches across. They will brighten up any uniform and provide a more friendly and less clinical look. Especially good if the staff member works with children.

This is a metal pen holder. It is a stainless steel clip which has three loops on it to hold pens. This means that it can be clipped to the pocket on a jacket, uniform or suit and pens or pencils can be inserted into the slot for easy access. It could also be used to attach pen to a book or clipboard. The spring design means that it can hold writing implements of different sizes.

This is an angel ornament with a sentimental phrase on it which is made from resin and painted in earthy tones. The angel has a long dress which has ‘A nurse has helping hands and a heart that understands’ written on it. The figurine is holding a birds nest with a bird in it. It measures 5.5 x 4.4 x 10.1cm. It would make a charming gift for a nurse.

This is a small bag for a nurse with multiple pockets. It measures 37 x 25 x 20cm and weighs 700g. It has a main compartment which is secured with zippers and has side pockets as well. It has a shoulder strap as well as short handles so it can be carried in multiple ways. It is great for a nurse, first-aider or physio to use when making home visits or just for keeping their things all in one place.

This is a nurses watch brooch. It is upside down in the style that medical professionals like to wear and has a silicon case. This watch has glow in the dark hands so they can be easily read during night shifts. It has a security pin on the back to keep it firmly attached and it is easy to sterilise as the dial can be removed from the casing. It is splash-proof but cannot be immersed in water.

This is a nursing organiser. It has spaces to put all sorts of first aid items that could be handy for a nurse to use. It comes in a purple colour and has multiple pockets some with zippers and some mesh so there is a lot of places to put things like pens, scissors, bandages, tapes etc. It will easily fit in the pocket of a white coat so acts as a handy storage solution.

This is a pen light. It is made of anodized aluminium alloy and is powered by 2 AAA batteries. It is in a pen-style with a clip that will attach to a pocket, belt or lanyard. It has an easy push-button on/off switch so that it is really easy to use. It measures 13.5cm x 1.2cm. Useful and bright for use my medical professionals but also could be useful for intricate computer work or general household use.

This is a make-up bag which has a medical theme. The cosmetic bag has a bright fabric which has a white background and coloured circles which have pictures of medical equipment inside them. The bag is made from PU leather and measures 21.5 x 6.5 x 14.5cm. It has plenty of space to store all sorts of items inside. It can be used for cosmetics or toiletries or for a general-purpose storage bag. It has a zip-top closure which has a big loop on the zip to make it really easy to open and close.

This is an elasticated belt with a metal clasp. It is in the style of a vintage 1950’s nurses’ uniform belt. It is available in different colours and would make a great general fashion accessory or part of a vintage nurse’s uniform or another vintage outfit for a fancy dress party or vintage occasion. It is 7cm wide and comes in small, medium or large and is made from 65% polyester and 35% elastane.

This is a set of cute pens which have figures on them which are doctors and nurses. They are in a cute Kawaii style and there are 30 pens in the set which write in black ink. The pens are 17cm long and are durable. They each have a lid to prevent the ink drying out when not in use. They would make a great gift for a nurse but would also be a cute pen to give to anyone.

This is a pair of crocs clogs. They are available in navy blue, black, forest green or white. They make comfortable and practical workwear especially for those in the medical profession who are on their feet a lot but need a shoe that will easily wash. They slip on easily and are made of rubber. They have a non-slip sole and have a solid construction so they are really safe to use.

This is a fun tote shopping bag. It comes in a large choice of different colours such as black, white, grey, green, blue, burgundy, yellow, pink, coral, fuchsia, red, blue and natural and on it says ‘Don’t mess with me. I am a nurse, I get paid to stab people with sharp objects’. It measures 42cm x 38cm and has a 10-litre capacity and is made from 100% cotton.

This is a lovely pot of nurse’s hand cream made by Elegance Natural Skin Care who have been in business for over 30 years. It is a 100g pot of barrier hand cream which is non-greasy and lightly fragranced. It is designed to help to heal hands which are continuously exposed to alcohol sanitiser gel and clinical soaps. It is hand made in Great Britain using natural ingredients and is not tested on animals.

This is a fun mug and coaster. It is white in colour and on it in black and red writing it says ‘trust me I’m a student nurse (I’ve seen someone do this before!) The mugs and coasters are designed and printed in the UK and they are suitable for microwave and dishwasher use. They match together so work really well as a pair and should bring a smile to the face of any student nurse.

This is a nurse outfit for adult dressing up. There is a selection of different sexy styles and they are all mainly white and red. They are one size and suitable for fitting a size 8/10. You can choose from a tunic design or nurse themed underwear. Great fun for anyone who likes dressing up but probably not something that nurses would be keen to wear as they may want to forget about their job when they are having some fun!

This is a sentimental gift for a nurse. It is a small organza bag containing a range of small items. Attached is a card which explains the relevance of the items in the bag. It has things like ‘love hearts – because you have a big heart’, ‘tissue – to dry up any tears’ and ‘safety pin – because you keep your patients safe’. It is a lovely alternative to a thank you card for a special nurse.

This is a pair of nurse’s shoes. They are black sturdy shoes which have laces. They are available in sizes 3-8 so there is a size suitable for most ladies. It has an anti-slip sole so are suitable for when working in the hospital which may have wet floors from time to time. The uppers are made from leather and they are lined with mesh. They have a rubber sole and black PU midsole.

This is a Nightingale healthcare tunic uniform for a nurse or carer. It comes in a selection of different colours suitable for different healthcare settings. They have short sleeves and hip pockets and come in sizes 6 – 36 so suitable for all ladies. It has a rounded collar, concealed front zip and nickel free studs. The top pockets are lined wit PU nylon to prevent pen leaks. They are 65% polyester and 35% cotton so can be washed in a machine at 60 degrees.

This is a cute Toot-toot friends nurse Amy figure. It includes fun phrases, motion and lights as well as two songs that can be sung along to. It works with other Toot-toot friends accessories and figures and helps with language development, sensory development, motor skills and imaginative play. Takes 2 AAA batteries. There are other figures available which have different professions so you can mix and match them to suit your child.

This is the ‘Nurse’s Anatomy and Physiology Colouring Book’ which is a paperback book by Jennifer Boore, Neal Cook and Andrea Shepard. Colouring is a relaxing hobby but combined with anatomy could help to make revision a much more pleasurable experience and could really help to get those names into the head. There are introductions to each section and then you need to label the parts before you colour in the pictures.

This is a naughty nurse dressing up outfit for adults. It comes with a headdress, a stethoscope and a garter which has a syringe in it, that is actually a working ballpoint pen. It is made from plastic and polyester and is designed to be used as part of a dressing up outfit, Rocky Horror Show, Halloween costume or other fun activities. Just match up with a tunic to make the full nurses outfit.

This is a V-neck scrubs outfit for ladies. It is black and comes in sizes XS – XXL and is 26 inches in length. It is made from soft poly/rayon/spandex twill and has 4 way stretch for easy movement. It also has some slits in the bottom for additional movement. It has short sleeves to allow the wearer to keep cool. It is machine washable and therefore suitable for care home workers or nurses.

This is an unusual silver plated necklace with a stethoscope and heart pendants by IzuBizu London. It is an unusual design with a heart pendant on end of the chain and the stethoscope on the other. The heart slips through the stethoscope for easy fitting. It even comes with a free gift box so it is all ready to give away as a special present to someone that works in the medical profession.

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