27 Fun & Practical Presents for Office Workers

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Sometimes we need to buy gifts for office staff. This could be because we work in an office or because we know someone that does. It might be necessary to buy a secret Santa gift, birthday or leaving present or something like this. It can often be tricky to know what to buy for colleagues especially if we do not know then that well. This is why we have come up with this list of useful ideas. We hope that you will be inspired by at least some of the items on the list and it will make the task of buying them a gift a lot easier.

27 Gift Ideas for Officer Workers

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This sign can be handy for any workplace. It says on it ‘staff only’ and it is made from aluminium and is self-adhesive. This means that it is weatherproof and fade resistant so can be used in different conditions and last a long time. It is UV laminated and waterproof so suitable for outdoor use as well as indoor use. It is really easy to apply as you just remove the backing and use the adhesive to stick it on to a smooth surface. It measures 200 x 600mm.

This is a very useful noticeboard with a lock. It is for indoor use and has a shatterproof acrylic door which can be unlocked to open and change the display pinned on to the notice board which has a felt fabric cover. It has an aluminium frame which is durable. You can keep the information safe and secure with the lock, and it is suitable for offices, schools, classrooms etc.

This is a really funky lanyard. Many are very dull and they need to be worn to hold your ID card. This one has rhinestone crystals all over it and is multicoloured. It would certainly make the wearer stand out and would look good over the top of any colour of top. There are other colour options available for those that want something less bright such as blue, clear, red, black and silver.

This is a fun flip book called ‘Workplace Mood Swings’. It can be hung on the wall or propped up on the desk and will allow everyone to know how they should approach you! It has phrases such as ‘What part of No don’t you understand?’, ‘Payday! Time for biscuits.’, ‘Blah, blah blah, Not listening!’ and ‘Whoop! Friday feeling.’ An amusing book which could make a great secret Santa book for a colleague.

This is a staff attendance register. It is a board which has the space for 20 names and photos and you can then slide a piece to show whether they are in or out. Useful for people trying to find someone to see if they are there but also for fire drills and things like this. There is a card insert that staff names can go on and these can be typed on or a label stuck onto them. The board has a hardwearing finish so that it is durable and it measures 840mm high x 420mm wide.

This is an ergonomic office chair. It is a swivel computer chair which has a mesh back and arms. The mesh makes it breathable so that it is comfortable when it is hot. It has high density resistant sponge so it is comfortable to sit on and will not deform after constant use. The ergonomic design has a backrest with a design that simulates the curvature of the spine and it is 62cm high.

This notebook would make a great gift from a boss to team members. It says on it ‘You are a part of an awesome epic team – We never give up!’. It has a black cover with white writing on and inside there are 110 lined pages made of high quality paper. It is suitable for using for notes, journaling, to-do-lists, telephone messages and all sorts of other things.  It is 7 x 10 inches and so a great size for keeping lots of information in.

This is a Health and Safety Law poster. Employers are required by law to display this poster so if you run an office or team then you will need to buy one. This is A3 in size and rectangle so will easily fit on a wall. It could be framed in a standard frame or attached to a wall using drawing pins or blue tack. It outlines what employers and workers need to do in order to comply with the law.

This is a privacy sign that could be useful for an office door. It turns so that you can choose between a selection of options. You can have ‘do not disturb’, ‘please knock’, ‘in a meeting’ or ‘out of office’. A great way to let people know what is happening and whether you are available. This should be in your diary anyway but some people may like to just pop in when passing and this will give them the option to know whether that will be convenient or not.

This is a wooden heart shaped sign. It says on it ‘colleagues like you are special and few, I just want to say a special thank you’. It is 10cm x 10cm and has a hole in the top with some cord thorough it. This means that it can be hung around the neck of a wine bottle or attached to another gift. It has a rustic shabby chic look and would therefore be suitable to go on any gift and would match any wrapping paper.

This is a printed lanyard which is grey and has the word ‘staff’ printed on it. It has a plastic J clip on the bottom for attaching a pass which is black and you can also change the length using this attachment. It can be bought in different amounts, with discounts on bulk orders so useful if buying for a whole team or organisation. They have a safety break away point in case the lanyard gets tucked or trapped.

This is a lovely journal which has a pink hardcover made from faux leather (suitable for vegans) with ‘one day at a time’ printed on it. It gives an immediate feeling of peace and ease and inside it is a 6-month organiser. It makes it easy to plan what you will be doing in the future. It can be used for goal setting and inspiration as there are places for daily goals as well as motivating quotes throughout.

This is a fun mug which is white and has a flow chart on it. It can be personalised so at the top it says [name]’s problem solving flow chart. It is a funny chart and will be printed on both sides unless you specify different text to be printed on the other side. It is made from ceramic and is dishwasher proof, although hand washing will better preserve the printing on it.

This is a machine that you can use to track staff attendance. It reads finger prints and so staff can use the reader to clock in and out. It will make it easy to track when employees are in and out and will be especially good if they work flexitime and you need to check how many hours they have worked. It has a 2.8 inch colour display to make it easy to see when checking the records on it.

This is a fun office stress relief toy, which looks like a giant enter key and is black. You can actually plug it in using the USB cable into your PC and it will actually work as an ‘enter’ key. The button is soft sponge so you can hit it hard and use it as a stress toy or even rest your head on it and have a nap! It measures 140 x 200mm.

This is a white board and cork pin board in combination. It has a 16mm pine wood frame around it all and measures 90cm x 60cm but there are options for smaller ones if preferred. The cork is thick and resilient and will self-heal and the white board can be easily erased. It has wall fastenings included so it should be easy to put up and start using right away.

This desktop aquarium can provide plenty of fun and entertainment either in a business office or home office or would just be good in a bedroom or sitting room. It has a mini fish tank with LED lamp, alarm, tranquil nature music and calendar all built in. It comes with decorative rocks and plastic plants and there is a water pump so it is safe for fish to use.

This is a 4 drawer plastic storage trolley which can be used for all sorts of things. It would be great in an office for storing files, stationery and similar things. It has 4 tiers, each of which is a deep drawer and is on casters so that it can be easily moved to where it is needed. The plastic drawers are black with a 10 litre capacity and it has a chrome frame and black wheels.

This is a set of name badge/ID card holders. They are made from clear plastic with a slot to fit a card which is 90 x 55mm. The whole thing measures 100 x 85mm as there is an extra part at the top with holes punched in it so that it can be attached to a lanyard. The package contains 100 which will be good for visiting badges or even staff ID cards.

This is a paperback notebook which has a matte black cover which says on it ‘teamwork makes the dream work – best team ever!’. It is a great book for a manager to buy for their team to show how much they appreciate them. It is 7 x 10 inches in size and contains 110 pages of lined white paper so ideal for using as a diary, journal, notebook or for to-do-lists, telephone messages and more.

These are a set of plastic storage boxes. There are 16 boxes in assorted bright colours which are semi-transparent. They all have lids and sturdy handles which are used to secure the lid. There are 16 in the set and they hold 0.14 litres so are 28 x 22 x 9cm so would hold assorted stationery. They are ‘Really Useful Box’ brand so good quality and stack on top of each other.

This Staff Parking sign is a self-adhesive sticker. It measures 300m x 200mm and has a back that can be removed to reveal an adhesive surface. It can then be attached to a smooth, dry and oil free surface. It is digitally printed and has been laminated so that it is durable. The sign is very clear as it has a white background with black writing and it also has a ‘P’ in white on a blue square background.

These are rounded corner, rectangular staff badges. They can be engraved with the staff members name and position as well as company name. They have a magnetic clip fixing. The badge font is Arial/Helvetica and it is white with black writing. The badges are great if you are working in a customer facing environment and they would benefit from seeing names and positions.

This is an ergonomic style mouse mat and keyboard wrist pad. It has memory foam on a wrist support so it is really soft and cosy. It is made of soft, breathable material and is lightweight and anti-slip due to the rubber base. It can help for anyone that has joint or wrist problems and can help to reduce shoulder stress if a computer is being used for a long time.

This is a storage locker which is made of grey metal. It has three doors in it which are the length of the locker. Each has two shelves, a clothing rail and an accessory rail inside. The whole thing measures 50cm x 90cm x 180cm. It comes with two keys for each locker, free name cards and magnets so that each locker can be customised and comes with free delivery.

This is an unusual pencil case or stationery bag. It is 20cm x 10cm and is made from high quality TPU material and is lightweight and durable. Most of it is see through but there is a coloured band at the top with a zipper and you can choose between different colours. The end of the zipper has a loop which you can use to easily carry the bag around.

This is a Smisoeq office chair with an ergonomic design. It has a bucket seat shape with a good thick foam to make it comfortable. It is flexible and has padded handles. It is made of artificial leather which comes in choice of beige, black or grey with a robust steel frame which is really durable, as well as being a stylish design that will fit in with any home or office.

L This is a stylish Led desk lamp. It comes in a warm silver chrome finish and is therefore durable. It is possible to direct the head and rotate it by 360 degrees so that you can easily see what is on your desk. It has a non-slip mat on the bottom so it does not move easily even if accidently knocked. The LED light does not flicker and it provides a warm light with low energy consumption.

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