30 Practical Presents for Older Ladies

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Older women are not always easy to buy for. They have often got lots of things and already have all of the things that they need, they have also had a lot of gifts over the years too. This means that it can be tricky to get them something different, new and original. We have therefore put together a list that we hope will help you. It has all sorts of items on it and it means that you will be able to choose something suitable. We have also put together items with different prices so we hope that you will be able to find something that will suit all budgets.

30 Gift Ideas for Older Women

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This is a 100% cotton nightdress which comes in a selection of different patterns and colours. It comes in a long or short sleeved option and it is long length and in a selection of different sizes. They slip on and off easily and can be worn in bed, as loungewear or in hospices or care homes. They have a feminine design and many have a floral pattern. They come with free delivery.

This hard back or kindle book is called ‘Older but Better, but Older: The Art of Growing Up’ and is by Caroline de Maigret and Sophie Mas. The book covers all sorts of topics such as love, seduction, fashion, family, work, living alone and dating and deals with issues faced by all women as they get older and offers advice on how they should approach it. From the authors of ‘How to be Parisian’.

This is a stainless steel shoehorn which is useful to help anyone to get tight shoes on. It is robust and durable as it is made from metal so will not break, deform or rust. It is the right angle to fit into shoes or boots but designed not to damage them or your feet. It is 42cm long so makes it easy to use even when standing for those people that struggle to bend.

These ladies’ slippers are extra wide so they fit more easily. They have a floral Velcro fixing so they can be opened up to make it easier to get the feet inside. They come in either dusky pink or navy cream colours. They have a thick sole which is non-slip and they can also be worn outside and come in sizes 4-8 so there should be a pair to fit every lady.

These Vitabiotics vitamins have a selection of different nutrients which has been especially put together for women over the age of 70 years old. It has iron, zinc and iodine which contribute to normal cognitive function as well as other nutrients to help the heart and immunity. It also has B vitamins which help normal formulation of red blood cells and iron for haemoglobin to help transport oxygen around the body.

This is a SureSafe personal alarm for the elderly or disabled. It has a water resistant pendant for them to wear all of the time so they can press the button on it if they need assistance. It comes with a phone setting so that a press of the button will automatically call a stored in number using this phone and the person can talk two way to the person that they call.

These LA Active socks as great for wearing on their own. They have a grip bottom which means that they do not slip and can therefore be worn safely on wooden or vinyl flooring such as at home or in hospitals. They come in a selection of colour choices and are cosy and comfortable. They are made from cotton, polyester and elastane so they are soft as well as stretchy and are available in a selection of different sizes.

This is a silvery grey coloured wig. It is made from high quality synthetic fibre and has a feel like human hair. It feels comfortable to wear and is vented. IT can be restyled by heating or curling. It comes with a 100% breathable rose net with straps which can be used to change the size to fit different heads. It can be worn for any occasion, even daily if required.

This is a Slenderella bed jacket which is available in mint green, lilac, blue, vanilla and pink. It has a simple floral embroidered design with a ribbon to tie it. It comes in sizes 10-12, 12/14, 16-18, 20-22 and 24-26. They are made from a soft polar fleece so they are cosy and warm. They are perfect for wearing in bed when sitting up reading, whether before going to sleep, in the morning or if woken in the night.

This is a Scottish gift hamper with all sorts of delicious teatime treats. It includes Brodies Scottish Breakfast Tea (x20), Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Company Ground After Dinner Coffee (56g), Mackays Scottish Three Berry Preserve (340g), Paterson’s Luxury Shortbread & Biscuit Assortment (185g), Nevis Bakery Cherry Cake, The Cocoa Bean Company Milk Chocolate covered Caramels with Red Ribbon (100g). It comes in a green jute bag which can be reused to put a gift in or for shopping.

This is a pack of Aidapy washable dining bibs. They have absorbent fabric in a blue tartan design and easily fit on and will cover an adults front and lap. They have a Velcro fastening so are easy to take on and off. It can be washed in a washing machine so it is easy to keep them clean. They come in a pack of three so there is enough to use one for each meal of the day.

This is a watch which has a very clear dial and will speak the time. The face is white with clear black numbers and hands so it is easier to read. It has a leather strap which is black and will automatically adjust between summer and winter time. It is an automatic watch which means that it winds when the wrist is moved. This means that it can stop if not worn but it can easily be started again by simply rotating it.

This is a lumber support for the lower back. It can help with back problems such as a slipped disc. It comes in different sizes and has a Velcro fitting so it can be adjusted slightly so that it fits snugly. The belt can help lower back pain and be worn all day if needed. There are ventilation panels so it does not get too hot. It can help to improve posture as well as providing relief from back pain caused by a selection of disorders.

This is a walking stick which has a four leg base for extra support and stability. There are different designs with the four legs being right in the centre, slightly spread apart and very spread apart and the choice will depend on the sort of support needed and the size of the space it is being used in. It has a non-slip handle and feet and the height can be adjusted to suit the user. It is lightweight and durable.

This is a ladies’ thermal vest. It has thin shoulder straps and is long length so leaves no chilly gap but can easily tuck in. It is white with a heart shaped pattern on it and comes in sizes medium, large and extra large. It is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester and is comfortable and warm. Ideal for wearing daily under clothing to stay warm and cosy. It comes with free delivery.

This is an Echo Dot with smart speaker and Alexa. It comes with a fabric covering in a choice of colours; charcoal, heather grey, plum or sandstone. It has a rich and loud sound and can stream music and audiobooks as well as allowing you to ask Alexa, read the news and weather and control smart home devices. It is also possible to call other people on their phones, echo devices or Skype.

These gloves are especially developed to help with arthritis, Raynauds disease and carpal tunnel. They come in pink or grey and in sizes small, medium, and large. They are compression gloves which will help with pain and swelling caused by joint disease. There is a handbook with them which has exercises, tips and treatment options to help with many conditions. They are made from a cotton, nylon and spandex blend so they are comfortable to wear.

This is a funny car sign. It says ‘Elderly driver please be patient thank you!’ on it and has a picture of a person in a vintage car. It is mainly white in colour with a black picture and writing in black and red. It has a black outline and a sucker so that it can fit easily onto a car window. It is 7.5 x 7.5 inches in size so it can be seen but will not obscure too much of the drivers view.

This is a special jar opener to help those people that struggle with this. It actually is a 5 in 1 so will also open bottles as well as it has a number of different size settings. Bottles and jars can sometimes be really difficult to open due to their vacuum seal and if you do not have a strong or tight grip then you may not be able to do it and it can sometimes be painful. Therefore, this tool can be really handy to prevent that.

This adjustable footrest can be helpful for all sorts of uses. It can be used under a desk to make sure that the person has a good posture which can help with pain from sciatica and other problems. It comes in a grey, black/grey or black colour and there are different styles too. It has a several position tilt so that it can be adjusted to suit different needs and it has a non-slip surface so feet remain in position even when it is tilted.

This is a special cordless light which fits around the neck and adjusts. There is a light at each end and they can be adjusted so that they light up what you want. This means that it can be used when reading or doing crafts and they will not have to hold a torch or use a lamp or clip on light. Can be very handy when reading in bed but also when sitting in a dimly lit room.

This is a Homecraft folding commode and chair and toilet surround. It is lightweight aluminium and can be used around a toilet to provide assistance for getting on and off. It also includes a bucket with lid and clip on loo seat so that it can be used as a commode if the person cannot get to the toilet. It has an adjustable height of seat from 18 – 22 inches and the seat width is 14 inches, depth 14.5 inches and the width between the arms is 18 inches.

This is a ladies’ large organiser purse. It is made from real leather and comes in brown, grey, black and red. It has lots of compartments inside for cards, ID’s, bus pass, coins and notes and zipped areas as well. The large size means that it is easier to find your money rather than fiddling about with a small purse where it is hard to grab coins and get the cards out. Comes with RFID protection.

This neck brace is available in small, medium or large sizes. It is made from soft sponge and has a breathable knitted material on top to help to keep the wearer cool. It has a Velcro fixing so that it can be adjusted to fit and keep snug and secure. It is suitable for everyone and designed to give comfort if the neck has been injured or to relieve pressure or pain on the neck.

This is a folding sun chair which reclines. It comes in grey and has a padded cushion for comfort which covers the whole length of the chair from neck to the feet. It has anti-slip rubber feet for safety and is comfortable and has sturdy arms. The chair is small in weight and size which means that it is easy to carry so it can be used out and about, in the garden, on a balcony etc.

This is a special waterproof sheet which can be used on beds to protect the mattress. This is great for the elderly in case they suffer incontinence, spill drinks in bed, sweat a lot or have other accidents. It has 4 layers of waterproof protection and a soft organic cotton top layer so that it is breathable and more comfortable to use. It can be washed at 40 degrees in a washing machine.

This is a ‘General Knowledge quiz book for Grandparents’. It has 2000 questions in it from the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. It will give them a trip down memory lane asking questions on all sorts of topics such as events, people, music and films, mainly with a UK bias. An interesting book for them to have fun with and perhaps to challenge their children and grandchildren with to see whether they know their modern history facts.

This is a weekly pillbox which has two sections for each day. Each small section has a day of the week and either a sun or moon to identify whether the pills need to be taken morning or evening. It is detachable, so you can remove the relevant pill box part and take it with you if you are going out somewhere. The lids close really well so they will never open and spill pills into a bag or pocket. They are BPA free and different colours.

This is a portable urinal which can be used by men or women. It is spill proof and designed to be used when in the car, on holiday or at other times when it is not possible to get to a toilet. It is possible to use it sitting, standing or lying down so works for everyone. It has an adaptor so that it can be used for women as well as men.

This walking stick is compact and folds up. It can therefore easily be popped into a bag when not being used. It is just 23cm when it is folded. It has a non slip rubber tip and a curved handle to make it safe and comfortable to use. It can be altered in height too. It has a floral design which has a black background and a red, pink, grey and blue fruit, flower and leaf print.

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