27 Presents for People Who Love The Great Outdoors

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It is not always easy to know what gifts to buy for people. This is why we have put together this website to help you to select gifts for people with certain interests or for certain types of people. This list is a selection of gifts for people that like the outdoors. There are quite a lot of people that do like being outside and it can be nice to buy them things that will be useful. It is not always that easy to be inspired though and know exactly what to buy them. Therefore, we have come up with a list which we hope will help you to find something suitable.

27 Gift Ideas for Outdoor People

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This is a fun novelty sign. It is 6 x 12 inches and made of wood and on it says ‘I’m Outdoorsy I like to get drunk on patios!’. The sign has the words printed on it with a pattern in each corner. It has holes in the top two corners with some twine threaded through so that it can be hung up. The writing is in dark green and black on the pale wood background which makes it stand out.

This is a white 11oz mug with a white image on it. It has a picture of mountains and on top it says ‘I like being on top’. It is printed using the dye sublimation method which means that the print will really stand out. It would make a fun gift for anyone that likes climbing hills or mountains and will bring a smile to their face with the funny slogan on it.

This mini first aid kit can be a great help for anyone that enjoys being outside. If they camp or hike, then there is the chance that they might need some first aid and this kit could help. It is a handy size and has a clip to attach it to a belt or bag. It contains all sorts of things such as plasters, bandages, scissors, gauze, tape, safety pins and even a blanket.

This is fun game for families to play outside. It is an outdoor treasure hunt game and is suitable for adults and children over the age of three tears of age. It needs 1-6 players. It fits into a pocket and can add fun to a trip outdoors. Each card has a category on it and the aim is to find an item that fits it. For example it might say a colour, size, texture or something like that and the aim is to find something with those features.

This is a men’s chronograph watch. It is made by Timex and it has a chronograph which measures up to 30 minutes. The watch also shows time and date and has a genuine leather strap. It is 100m water resistant and comes in a selection of colours. You can choose from a white face with brown strap, black face with black strap or green face with tan strap. It comes with free delivery.

This is a pair of Dunlop half length wellington boots. They come in a choice of black or green and in sizes 4-12. They are especially suitable for those with a wider calf as they may struggle to put on a longer length but they also help to keep your legs cooler in warm weather. They are 100% waterproof with gum rubber soles and a 3cm heel. They slip on easily and have a medium width.

This is a very useful portable dog bowl for those that are out a lot with their pet. It is a silicone bowl and it is collapsible. It has a carabiner on it so that it can be attached to a bag or belt and does not take up much room. This is a pack of two, a blue and green so great if you have two dogs and want one each or so you can keep one in the car and one on your person.

This is a pair of sunglasses for a baby. They have an adjustable neoprene headband so that they fit nice and snugly. There is a choice of colours so you can choose one with a frame and band of a colour that you and they like. The choice is between blue, light pink, black, light blue, pink and purple. They fit children from birth to 5 years of age and give 100% UVA/B/C protection.

This is a sleeping bag which is great for taking camping. It comes in a double or single size and is extra long so great for tall adults. It has a cotton flannel lining so is snug and warm and it has a full length zipper on the right hand side to keep you snug and warm. It is 100% cotton with a durable outer fabric so it lasts and there is a special design to stop the fabric getting caught in the zip.

This is a Belloo insulated stainless steel water bottle. It comes in a selection of colours: red, silver, white, black and blue and it is really durable and will not rust or break. It will help to keep your drinks hot or cold as it has a double vacuum wall. It has a big enough top to put ice cubes in it to help keep things cooler for longer. It has a 24oz capacity and is comfortable to hold.

This is a book by Bear Grylls called ‘World Adventure Survival Camp’ which is great for anyone that wants to explore the outdoors and really get down to basics. It has all sorts of information in it about how you can survive in the wild such as managing in extreme temperatures, finding food and water, avoiding deadly disease and fighting man-eating beasts. A great book for anyone who likes camping and hiking.

This is a journal designed for an outdoorsy person as it has a design depicting flora on the front in blue and purple and a label with walking books and rucksack which says ‘outdoorsy person’ on it. Inside it has lined pages so it can be used for journaling while on a trip. It is 6 x 9 inches and has 100 pages so there is plenty of space to keep lots of detailed notes.

This is a Pinewood Lappland Extrem functional jacket. It comes in a choice of dark grey/black and dark green/black. It is windproof and waterproof and also breathable so will be really comfortable. It is made from polyester and cotton and has an elastic membrane. It has a Teflon coating so it is stain resistant and water resistant. It has multiple pockets for storing things in. The cuffs have adjustable Velcro to keep out draughts and the wet.

This is a chair made by Trail. It comes in a selection of colours: purple, pink, red, green and blue and folds so that it is easy to carry. It is designed to be comfortable but also light to carry. You can therefore take them with you when you are camping, or visiting places in the countryside, the beach or even the garden. It is designed so that it can take weights up to 18.5 stone so there is no need to worry about it being suitable for larger adults.

This is a short sleeved t-shirt which is available in black, navy, asphalt, dark heather or heather blue. On it in white it says ‘I just want to work in my garden and hangout with my chicken’. It is available in sizes and fits that are suitable for men, women and children for ages 2 – 12 years and small – 3XL. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix so is soft and comfortable and can be washed in a washing machine.

This sweatshirt is available in black, navy and heather grey and in unisex sizes small – 2XL. On the front there is a picture of a tent with a campfire next to it and it says ‘camping is “in tents”’. It is made from a cotton and polyester mixed fabric and has a classic fit with a twill taped neck. It is suitable for washing in a machine and for tumble drying on a low heat.

This is a Besportble dry bag and is available in a single or pair. It is a waterproof bag which will keep all of your possessions clean and dry even in extreme conditions. So, if items are likely to get wet, whether from rain or because you are near water, these bags will protect everything. They are even good for using when hiking or at festivals for keeping food, drinks, snacks, phone, maps, books etc dry and clean.

This is a Zhan Mosquito trap which is very useful for using when camping or outside on warm evenings. It comes in black, green or orange so you can choose the colour that you like. It is a lantern that uses 360-400nm UV light which is attractive to mosquitoes which will lure them in to the killing grid which will zap them. It is highly waterproof which means that it can be washed clean.

This is a bedding set with a mountain design on it. You can bring the outdoors into the bedroom with this picture of snow capped mountains in the autumn season in Colorado. The set comes in different sizes so that you can choose the one that is appropriate to fit your bed. It is made from polyester and is super soft and high quality with a zipper closure. There is a choice of single, double, king and super king and it includes duvet and pillow case.

This is an inflatable lounger which is great for using outside in the garden or when camping. It comes in blue, green or orange and is made from tough nylon fabric which is waterproof and breathable. It inflates to form a sofa or lounger and is really easy to inflate. It then can be deflated when not needed and packed away into a small carry bag. It is 190 x 80 x 60cm when inflated and can take the weight of up to 440Lb so can seat three people.

This is an outdoor camping shower. It is a shower bag with hose and shower head which will fold down into a small bag once it is empty and dry. It has pedal pressure and the bag can therefore stand on the ground and it can be used to shower, wash hair or even wash dishes. The nozzle allows you to control how much water comes out so you can decide on what is appropriate for you.

This is a Costway electric XXL table grill. It is a non-stick griddle with adjustable temperature so it can be used with little or no oil to cook all sorts of food. The surface area is 90 x 23cm and so it can cook for a large group of people easily. It comes with 8 wooden spatulas and two egg rings to make cooking easier. Great for using outdoors, in the garden or when camping.

This is a Toogoo waterproof camera float. It is a wrist strap which is designed to be used with a waterproof camera underwater. It attaches to your camera as well as your wrist so if you let go of your camera it will not sink to the bottom of the sea or pool. The bright yellow colour means that it is easy to see in the water even if it comes off your wrist.

This is a gardening journal or notebook which has a white cover and says ‘not enough thyme’ on the front with a picture of a thyme plant. It has blank pages which means that it can be used for anything such as journaling, diary, note taking, lists etc. It is 6 x 9 inches and has 100 pages so there is plenty of room for keeping all of the notes that are needed.

This is a paperback book with a picture of a sunset with silhouette of a mountain in front of it and it says ‘Hiking Logbook’ on it. It is a great journal that can be used for keeping records of experiences while hiking. It has a matte cover and is professional bound. It has space to write the date, location, weather, time, distance, elevation, mobile phone signal, observances, facilities, trail features and a place to document your personal experience.

This is a wooden magnet set with a national parks theme. There are five full-colour deluxe magnets with pictures of places such as Yellowstone, Joshua Tree, Glacier, Grand Canyon and Yosemite. It also comes with a map of the USA which has the National Parks marked on it and has pin shaped stickers which you can use to note the parks that you have visited. It also has a mini book with profiles of all of the 61 US National Parks.

This is a short-sleeved t-shirt with ‘Wild’ on it in white writing with the ‘I’ being an arrow. It comes in black, navy, royal blue, baby blue, cranberry, Kelly green, dark heather, heather blue, pink and purple. It comes in sizes suitable for men, women and children for ages 2- 12 and small – 3XL. The fabric is a mix of cotton and polyester and it is a classic fit. It is suitable for washing in a machine.

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