27 Gifts for Paintball Players of All Ages

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Finding a gift for a paintball addict can be a challenge, you would be excused to think that there is not really anything you could find in the way of present’s for paintball, but UK Gifts has come to the rescue again. This list of paintball and paint ball related gift ideas will give you the inspiration to find the perfect gift for any occasion. From gift vouchers, clothing, ammunition and paintball guns to novelty presents and funny gifts, so take a look at our list below.

27 Presents for Paintballing Fans

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Sometimes the only gift that a paintballer wants, is to go and play paintball, this amazing paintball voucher is valid in over forty locations across the UK at some of the country’s most popular battlegrounds. The gift voucher is valid for 4 people and is so popular it is sold in all the major gift outlets across the UK. So, to treat your favourite paintballer to the perfect day out this is the only gift you will need.

Turning up to a paintball war in the right clothing can be the advantage over winning or losing. When your opponent’s see your paintballer arrive in this ultra-cool slim fit military camouflage shirt they will know that this crew mean business. The shirt comes in 8 different colours and patterns, has a quarter-length front zip and dual shoulder pockets for extra storage, it is the perfect paintball gift.

There is one certain thing that all paintballers will tell you, that no matter what the situation or where you’re fighting the war, you can never, ever, have too much ammunition. These 50 calibre New Legion Attack Zero Paintballs come in a pack of 1000 balls is high visibility yellow so you can be sure of a clean shot on your opponent. This is the paintball gift that just keeps on giving.

This scary-looking Velity Airsoft Mask skull paintball face mask is the ultimate piece of kit in a paintball warriors’ bag, to see this face chasing you through the forest would be enough to make any opponent surrender. But not only does it have serious scare appeal it is also essential for safety and protection. With fine grill eye protection that gives both visibility and deflecting even the smallest splashes of paint,

Paintball equipment and kit can take a real pounding, being dragged through forest’s and derelict buildings can take its toll. This Kings Army Reseda Green military matt paint is the perfect present for your paintballer to keep their equipment in tip top condition. Another use for the paint can be to change the colour of their kit to suit a new war zone. The 400-millilitre can will produce enough paint to restore any amount of paintball kit.

The main ingredient in any paintball gun, apart from the obvious paint, is air. Running out of air for your weapon is not the best way to win a paintball war. This is the perfect gift for the trigger happy paintballer, the Valken V-Tac Airsoft Paintball HPA Bottle Tank Pocket provides the storage or extra air canisters that can be swapped out during the battle to keep your gun firing on all cylinders.

No real paintballers show up to a battle in a pair of jeans and a jumper, let’s get serious with this Men’s Tactical Suit Combat Shirt and Pants Set. The top is a quarter zip with shoulder pouches and camouflage print, the trousers are also camouflage print with both standard pockets, leg pouches as well as thigh pockets for even more storage, this complete gift comes in 4 different sizes to fit any paintballer.

Now we are entering the world of the real paintball enthusiast, only the real die-hard pro’s would wear this FutureShapers WST 600D Nylon Tactical Vest. This present is basically body armour for paintball, all the straps are fully adjustable to ensure a perfect fit and with hardened nylon pads placed around the whole jacket it offers perfect protection from even the closest of hits.

For those of you out there who do not know, or for the paintball lover who just likes to let everyone know, this paint ball definition poster gift is the perfect present to adorn the wall of any paintballers home or office. The poster comes in various sizes from A2 to A6 in black and white, with the dictionary definition of what paintball actually is.

As you have probably guessed by now the most popular paintball presents are all based around safety and protection, including these Men’s Non-slip Fingerless Gloves. Offering knuckle, palm and finger protection but with a half finger design so you can still reach for the trigger easily. Available in 3 different colours and 4 different sizes it’s the perfect gift for a paint baller.

Now you can keep visiting the shop to have your paintball gun air canisters refilled, which over time will cost a fortune or you can take care of business yourself and save money with this 300Bar 4500Psi Pcp Compressor Electric Air Compressor. Complete with all the fittings needed, digital display and pressure gauges its the perfect gift for the self-reliant paintballer.

So the weather is not so good, none of the team is available to get a paintball war going and your paintballer is miserable and fed up, the answer is this fantastic novelty paintball painting set. Simply place your canvas at one end of the range and fire coloured paintballs at the paper to create your very own original paint ball artwork, it is the perfect stocking filler for any young paint ball fanatic.

Lego collectables are famous all over the world and come in all costumes from spiderman to a fireman, but this unique paintball Lego figure is all kitted out with his body armour, helmet and gun, he has even been hit with a few balls and makes for the perfect gift for re-enacting those famous paintball battles of days gone by.

Paintball wars can take place in all kinds of locations, some in the forest but some in dark smoke-filled abandoned buildings where this full face tactical paintball mask comes into its element. With large clear goggles for great vision and a double filter mask not only looks like an SAS mask but filters out dust and smoke that may be used in some battle zones.

If like all top paintballers you refill your own air canisters, this Demeras Paintball Hose connector is a great gift to make sure your paintballers bottles are full charged ready for the next battle. With a coil thread design, it is easily stored and can withstand pressures of up to 4500psi making sure you never run out of air during a battle.

Stickers and decals always go down well, they can be stuck on doors, bedroom walls, cars and almost any surface you can imagine and as they are in paintball splatter design this gift is a great stocking filler at Christmas. Coming in a variety of colours and patterns your paintballer will be to plaster them everywhere and let’s be honest stickers are better than real paint any day.

So, the battle date has arrived and you are entering hostile enemy territory in a dark wooded forest, the only issue is you stick out like a sore thumb as your face is a great target to been seen by your opponents. This HHH Hunting Compact 5 Colour Camouflage Military Face Paint is the perfect gift to cover your face and help you blend into the background.

We all know dad’s love to let everyone know who they are and none more so than a paintball dad, this fantastic Tactical Dad patch can be worn with pride by any paintballing father. A great gift for Father’s Day. The patch is 75 millimetres wide and 50 millimetres long and can be sewn onto you paintballing dads kit bag, jacket or trousers.

Carrying all your kit to a paintball match can be tricky but with this Paintball player evolution backpack, it is the perfect accessory to carry an assortment of items to and from a battle. Coming in a wide variety of colours to suit any paintballers taste and with twin dual drawstrings it’s easy to throw over your shoulder and march into battle.

An incredible novelty gift any paintballer will love, the Paintballer Parking Sign is a popular present that can be hung wither outside or indoors. Its durable tin design and non-glare print is 30 by 45 centimetres and makes a clear statement that parking here is only reserved for paintballers.

Staying with clothing this present would look good on any paintballer, warm a cosy in the coldest of days. The Paintball Heartbeat Zip Hoodie comes in three different colours with the image of a paintballer in between 2 heartbeat spikes. Available in 5 unisex sizes it’s the ideal present for any time of year.

Even if your paintballer is not actually out in the field playing paintball wars they may find some comfort in playing paintball games online, this mouse matt with a paintballer printed on it is the perfect gift. The matt comes in two different sizes, 22 and 25 centimetres and you can even have you name added to the print.

Every time your paintballer picks up his, or her, keys they will be reminded of you and their passion for paint ball, this Awesome Paintball Target Keyring is the perfect present for your paintballer. The target is four and a half centimetres in size in clear plastic with the paint ball target mounted inside, perfect stocking filler at Christmas.

Keeping notes of past matches, scores and best shots can be an obsession for some paintballers, or maybe they just like to make notes on new equipment, ideas for new matches, can be anything. This is the perfect gift, an army style flip open notepad, emblazoned with “Keep Calm and Love Paintball”, 13 by 9 centimetres it will fit perfectly into a shoulder pouch or back pocket.

You know this gift will be so appreciated, paintballing can often be outside in cold weather, rain and even snow, so there is no better gift than this Thermal Tea Coffee Mug, styled for paintball. It holds 480 ml of hot refreshing drinks or soups, so do not be left out in the cold get this present for you paintballer, they will love you for it.

Nothing quite says it like jewellery; however, this is jewellery with a bit of a difference. The funny Paintball pendant says, “I Love my Boyfriend more than paintball, yes he bought me this”, Silver plated and printed in black, with a 20-inch chain it is a gift any paintballing girlfriend would love.

We are ending the list with a very special paintball gift, this will literally blow the mind of your young paintballer, this full Kombat UK Children’s Btp No1 Army Combo Set is the ultimate in paintball warfare kit. Complete with Trousers, t-shirt, helmet and an army style flak jacket your little one will be in their element wearing this on game day. Comes in sizes from 3 years old to 13.

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