26 Gift Ideas for Freerunning (Parkour) Fans

By Louise
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Parkour and Freerunning are not only a sport but an art. This relatively new activity has become increasingly popular with local Parkour clubs setting up, Parkour becoming a sports option in school and colleges and Parkour has even featured in a Bond film (opening scenes of Casino Royale). This sport is pretty exciting in that aside from the fitness benefit it is also non-competitive and promotes community spirit and an ethical and healthy living.

Whether you are looking to or know someone who wants to become a stunt person on the next action movie or just want to learn some moves we have the ideal gift suggestions for the Parkourist.

26 Presents for Parkour Fans

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A ‘must have’ and timeless guide for every Parkour and Freerunning enthusiast. It covers everything you would want to know as a Parkourist and Freerunner such as ‘why you should take up this sport’ to how it can promote an all-round healthy lifestyle and philosophy. This handbook equips the reader with a comprehensive ‘how to’ guide to become an expert in the art of Parkour and Freerunning setting out what you need to know, to jump effectively and safely.

These unisex stylish T-shirts would make a great addition to the aspiring or practicing Parkourist. The quality design features high rise buildings with a Parkourist jumping between the buildings and the word Parkour. Made from cotton they come in 5 different colours – black, asphalt, royal blue, brown and olive. You can choose from a male, female or child fit with various sizes available. Loose fitting, with double needle stitching on the sleeves and bottom hems.

Made using child-friendly and safe materials this cool hoodie can be worn by either girls or boys from ages 3 to 13 and is available in a range of snazzy colours. The words ‘Parkour is the answer, who cares what the question is,’ is illustrated on the front of the hoodie whilst the back remains blank.  Customised on order these fashionable hoodies can be sent out within 1-2 days after receipt of order.  

An instruction handbook for the novice Parkourist whether an adult or child which commences with the physical training required to begin Parkour and basic moves before proceeding to more complex methodologies. Covered within the book is advice on methods you should use to ensure your safety, preliminary stretches and exercises and Parkour methods including with the use of obstacles. Several freebies are included with the purchase of this book.

Whether you are a fan of this sport or an aspiring or experienced Parkourist this is an essential accessory for you. Both chic and practical with a great design featuring an urban skyline, a Parkourist and the word Parkour in graffiti style writing.  Manufactured using Polyester this pencil case is of great quality with lots of space and has two nifty zipped sections. This pencil case will look fabulous whether on your desk at school or college or even the workplace.

This DVD provides an overview of Parkour and Freerunning including how this sport came to being, why you should take up this sport, and some incredible tricks and stunts. Informative with some guidance on the basics of Parkour with some real action. It also takes into account the views of the general public on this sport. Great for those considering participating in or already do Parkour and even parents!

A requisite part of the Parkourist’s attire this mask gives protection from UV rays and similarly in chillier weather. Snug and breathable, the design of this product enables better cover of the ears, face, and neck. It features a multicoloured design with the work Parkour with an illustration of a Parkourist. This trendy unisex mask can have many uses such as a face mask or hair tie and other pursuits including cycling and parties. The possibilities are endless.

An ‘in-demand’ item for the enthusiastic Parkourist to carry kit for gym lessons and other school activities. Made with cotton the soft bag has a 12-litre capacity, measures 46 cms lengthwise and has 37 cms width. One the front of the bag the design includes the word ‘Parkour’ underlined with a Parkourist shown in 4 different stages of a front flip. The illustration is in white on a black background.

Whether you are wanting to keep your water cool or your coffee hot this metal water bottle is an absolute necessity. With a super cool design featuring the word ‘Parkour’ four times using different colours and a Parkourist doing a trick shown in a light orange colour. The design is featured on a silver background. The bottle has a 350 ml capacity. Standing at 23 cms and a 7 cm diameter fast shipping is available.

Elegant and highly rated these men’s leather sneakers are comfortable, lightweight, and flexible with an edgy look. The bamboo-based lining controls odour and moisture whilst the insole cushions each step.  You can choose from seven colours – black, dark blue, beige, open blue, green, grey, white natural and white. These sneakers are available from UK sizes 5 to 12 with a medium shoe width.  Ideal for using with any parkour activities and running.

Unisex and available in a variety of sizes, these gloves are made from natural material that are not only permeable but will prevent your hands getting cold when undertaking outdoor sports. Multi-functional gloves that have been designed for users participating in a variety of sports such as Climbing, Riding and of course Parkour, providing excellent grip. The smart technology allows you to continue having touchscreen access to your electronic devices such as smartphones whilst wearing these gloves.

Fashionable and funky Parkour and Freerunning shorts for men that are extraordinary comfy. Multipurpose they can be used for virtually every activity even loungewear and are suitable in all-weather conditions. These shorts allow for movement and aeration and are water-resistant and will dry quickly. They have two pockets where you can securely keep your stuff whilst the waistband can be used to take other items so you don’t have to carry them.

A cracking and inexpensive addition to the Parkourists’ bedroom. With easy application this sticker can also be relocated and removed effortlessly without any surface damage. The sticker works best with flat surfaces like walls and mirrors but if the surface is uneven, the use of additional adhesive may enable a secure fitting. Made from PVC it is water resistant and will not lose colour over time. This item measures 91 cms (length) by 51 cms (width).

From a company that supports the Parkour and Freerunning reinvesting profits into the sport and community. Durable, fresh, and comfortable you can choose these Parkour pants from 3 distinct colours and 4 different sizes. Manufactured from wholly from cotton, these long pants are loose fitting allowing for freedom of movement. With several pockets where you can securely store your things there is even a hidden pocket to keep your money or any other items you want to keep safe.

So that you never forget your favourite activity this the ideal mouse mat featuring a parkour associated motif illustrating six stages of a Parkourist life from a baby to a young adult doing a trick and the words ‘Born to Parkour.’ With a white background, the design is in black. Measuring 19 cms (width) by 23 cms (length) with a 3mm depth this in-house manufactured mouse mat uses high quality inks. A must-buy for the avid Parkourist.

This cap is every Parkourist’s dream. With an innovative and original design, illustrating a Parkourist climbing a ladder at great height, that been transferred to the cap with the highest quality. The cap Is black aside from the front section, which is white with the design black, grey and white. Made from polyester the cap can be modified for a personalised and snug fit. Express shipping is available with this item.

This fabulous apron can be used to protect your clothes during lots of different activities such as cooking, painting, DIY and even for BBQ-ing. The apron is made using 100% high quality cotton and premium inks for the Parkour motif. The apron is available in 4 colours – Black, Red, Royal Blue and Pink and comes in just one size. The length of the apron is 87 cms and the width 60 cms.

Whatever is being drunk this snazzy coaster is where the Parkourist will want to put their drink on. With the wording ‘Keep Calm and Love Parkour,’ the writing and crown motif is white and on a black background. Hard-wearing and made from wood, this coaster is 3 mms thick. The coaster has a sleek surface and will add some glitz to any desk or coffee table especially for the Parkourist.

This uber cool duvet set is an absolute must have for the Teenager. The set consists of a duvet cover and 2 pillows for every size except for the single set which comes with just one pillow. Available in 5 different sizes and 2 styles and colours, either luminous green or blue which have different designs. Made from polyester microfibre this bedding feels luxurious making for the perfect nights’ sleep.

These unisex shoes are made by a brand specialising in barefoot shoes and are an optimum choice for the Parkourist with their non-slip sole, anti-collision design and use of breathable material throughout the shoes. Made from Polyester, Yandex and rubber these shoes literally give you the sense that you are barefoot running. Available in a mammoth 14 colours and sizes ranging from 3.5.to 12, these shoes have a 5mm heel and fasten using speed laces.

A practical yet trendy gift for the Parkourist to keep their personal items safe and secure whilst they are concentrating on their moves.  This unisex belt and available in 12 colours the length can be adjusted to fit all shapes and sizes. Sweat and water resistant, this belt has two pockets and with one larger pocket that any sized phone can fit in.  It even has an opening specifically for your headphones to connect to your phone.

These useful, trendy, and ethical tote bags can be used as a gym bag or shopping bag and comes in 16 different colours. The wording ‘Parkour is my Boyfriend’ is either black or white set against the background of your chosen colour. The motif will not fade nor crack. Made to order and comprising of high-quality cotton, these bags measure one size; 42 cms long and 38 cms wide and can carry up to 10 litres.

This stylish gents wallet is ideal for any Parkour fan. It features the wording Eat, Sleep, Parkour with fun, illustrative signage. The wallet measures 12 x 9.5cm when closed and 24.5 x 9.5cm when open. The wallets are designed and hand printed in the UK and made of durable, scratch resistant material of the highest quality. All wallets are also printed using quality sublimation to alleviate peeling or fading.

The perfect Christmas gift or stocking filler for the budding Parkourist or any young adventurous children. This book tells the story of Santa Claus’ Christmas Eve adventures with the help of some friends with Parkour skills. Santa even learns how to Parkour providing a unique method of delivering the Christmas gifts! This book is available in paperback or electronically via Kindle. Beautifully illustrated, written in English, the story is told over 28 pages.

This exciting book aimed at young people who want to become an expert Freerunner. This illustrated book includes an introduction into Freerunning, a guide to training and fitness, the apparatus you need, introduction to skills required from basic to advanced and details of Freerunning competitions and profiling the best Freerunners globally. Available in both hardcover and paperback and consisting of 32 pages you will learn everything you need to get your Freerunning journey started.

Delightfully designed and endearing notebook for girls to write in, perhaps as a journal or diary.  Containing 100 lined pages, the front of this notebook has the words ‘Just a girl who loves Parkour,’ in white, pink, and yellow. Additionally, the front page also shows a little girl with a green dress and a pink heart in her hand. A figure jumping between obstacles is also characterised. On the back of the notebook a yellow paint splodge is depicted.

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