29 Presents for People Who Suffer From Anxiety

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Many of us know people that suffer from anxiety and it can be good to try to help them. However, finding a way to do this is not always easy. There are gifts that you could give them which might help though. It could be the case that you are not sure what sort of gift might be appropriate and that is why we have put together this useful list. We have a range of things so hopefully you will be able to find something suitable for the person that you have in mind. We also have things at different prices so there is something for all budgets.

24 Gift Ideas for Anxious People

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This is a set of Mindfulness challenge cards. There are 31 so one a day for a month. Mindfulness helps you to concentrate on the here and now rather than focusing on the future or the past with the aim of reducing the stress that this can cause. The cards have daily tasks on them with the aim to help to change habits to better ones. They tend to be fairly small ad able to be carried out anywhere so will fit in with the busiest of days.

This is a rollerball by Tisserand Aromatherapy which is designed to help to de-stress. It has natural and pure essential oils and there is a blend of sweet orange, balancing geranium and warming nutmeg. The idea is to put the oil on your pulse points to reduce anxiety and bring a feeling of calm. The small bottle can be popped in a pocket or bag to be used at work, on the go or at home.

This is a set of Stress Less cards. Each of the cards has inspirational mindfulness and meditation exercises to help to embrace calm, relieve stress and aid relation. The exercises are designed to be easy for anyone to do and they can then be used in any situation even when on public transport, at work, in a queue or before going to bed. They are designed to help to reduce stress and help sleep.

This book is called ‘Overcoming Anxiety: A self-help guide using cognitive behavioural techniques’ by Helen Kennerley. The book discusses all sorts of anxieties and fears such as OCD, panic attacks, phobias and general anxiety and has a self-help program to help with these. The book is available as a paperback or kindle edition. The author is one of the UK’s leading authorities on anxiety and uses a CBT basis for helping.

This is a rustic looking jar which contains a months worth of uplifting news stories. Inside the jar are 31 real-life news stories which are all uplifting and heart warming. They are each printed on a postcard-sized piece of paper with an image on the back. The jar comes with a fabric covering on the top and inside a gift box so all ready to give as a gift.

This is a pack of two Chakra incense bricks. There is a choice of different scents so you can pick one that you will like. The idea is that you put the block into a container with a tea light under and the heat of the candle will cause it to melt and the smell will fill the room. Many people find the scents will help them to feel calm and relaxed.

This is a Chakra bracelet with a selection of different beads on it. The different colours of beads represent the spiritual powers in the human body. It can be used as an aromatherapy bracelet with your favourite essential oils as it is an oil diffuser bracelet. It comes in a jewellery pouch with a card which explains the meaning of the Chakras. The bracelet is 6.5 inches in length and the beads are 8mm.

This happy hamper contains all sorts of items to make you make feel more positive. Each box has a sleeve on it which has polka dots on it and says ‘focus on you’. Inside there are 2 x A5 notebooks, A6 sticker set, fudge, sparklers, bath bomb and a mug. It also comes with a card which explains why each gift will help the recipient to focus on themselves and to feel better. Everything is positive and happy.

This is a fidget toy for children who get anxiety. There are 7 in the set and they are all different colours; orange, purple, red, yellow, light green, green and blue. They stretch and can be twirled or wrapped up and squeezes to make different shapes. Great for children to help them with stress but also for adults to use in place of a stress ball. They are strong and durable so useful for children and adults.

This is a black agate worry stone. Black agate is considered to be a receiving stone and therefore calming, soothing and helps with inward reflection and meditation. They are also said to bring health, prosperity, security and dynamic presence. They protect from envy, relieve stress, give protection and increase courage, The stone has a depression in the front where you can press your thumb to get positive and soothing energy.

This is a Helena Rose copper bangle. The bracelet contains high-quality copper which can help with the pain of arthritis, helps proper brain function, prevents headaches, regulates the thyroid gland, helps iron absorption and helps melanin production to stop hair going grey. It has a pretty twist look and has magnets in it to help with healing which can be pressed to touch the skin. It is meant to be worn daily for best results.

This is the 6-minute diary is designed to help mindfulness and happiness. It comes in a variety of colours and is designed to help to induce positive and powerful habits into your powerful habits. It helps you to focus on all of the good things. It uses research and psychology to extract the smallest things. The book gives exercises that last 3 minutes in the morning and evening. The book has 70 pages with tips and examples on how to get the best out of your diary.

This is a ZS-Juyi fidget cube with a case. It has joystick buttons and each side of the cube which is all different with clicker buttons, light switch flip, flat worry stone, gears, rolling ball and spinning dial. It is small so that it can be used anywhere, in a classroom, car, at the shops, in the office etc. It can be a help for stress and anxiety for adults, children and students including them with stress and anxiety.

This is a wireless wand massager which is handheld and waterproof. It helps to massage different areas such as back, neck and shoulders for sports massage and relief as well as for stress relief. It has a different setting for speeds and patterns to help with any tight muscles. It is waterproof so can be cleaned if necessary and used in the bath or shower. It uses rechargeable batteries and comes in a box.

This is ‘Starving the Anxiety: a cognitive behavioural therapy workbook on anxiety management for young people’ by Kaye Collins-Donnelly. This is a unique resource which can help young people to understand about different types of anxiety and how to manage them. It includes panic attacks, phobias, social anxiety, generalised anxiety and OCD. It is based on cognitive behavioural principles to link thoughts, feelings and behaviour to help young people understand why they get anxious and how to manage it.

This is an essential oil which helps with anxiety and stress. It is 100% pure and is an essential oil blend which includes lavender, rosewood, bergamot and ylang ylang. The oils have been chosen as it is thought that they can help to reduce anxiety. The bottle comes in a presentation box with an instruction leaflet and so it is all ready to give to someone as a thoughtful gift.

This is a spiral bound book which is a ‘CBT Toolbox for Children and Adolescents’. It has over 220 worksheets and exercises for trauma, ADHD, autism, anxiety, depression and conduct. This helps adults, carers, teachers etc to work with children and help them with all sorts of situations using cognitive behavioural therapy techniques which have been adapted for children. The tools and practical and easy to use to teach children how to cope.

This is a paperback book called ‘The Gifts of Imperfection’ by Brene Brown. The book is specifically aimed at people who are struggling to lead the perfect lives that are expected of us by the media. She has ten guideposts to engage mind, heart and spirit to cultivate courage, compassion and connection to help individuals feel better about themselves making sure that they feel worthy of love and belonging even if they feel imperfect.

This is a set of two anti-stress colouring books. The books both have 24 colouring pages in them with different designs. The books are A4 pages and are suitable for adults and older children. The books are portable and can easily be used on public transport, during breaks at work or at home. They would make a great gift paired up with a set of pencils so they will not bleed through the page.

This is a speed cube which is rather like a Rubik’s cube with a 3 x 3 design. It has a lightweight design with a friction surface and anti-stick design. It has smooth and fast rotation without falling apart. It can be used as a fidget cube to reduce stress as well as for a fun hobby to learn to do. It can also help a child’s memory and independent thought.

This is a fun mug which is mainly white and in black writing says ‘I thought I had social anxiety but it turns out I just hate people’. It has a pink handle and rim but you can also choose green or blue and the person’s name can be put on the back. It is a high quality 11oz mug which is suitable for microwave and dishwasher use. It is packed safely in bubble wrap and in a box so that it stays safe in the post.

This is a throw cushion or pillow case which has a relaxing design. It comes in a selection of different sizes 16, 18, 20, 24 and 26 inches square. The print is on both sides and shows a woman with a peaceful face holding a lotus flower. The design has ornamental boho zen lines. It is made from 100% polyester and is high quality fabric which can go in the washing machine if necessary. It has a zip so that it can be easily filled with a suitable size cushion.

This is a soft silicon stress ball in the shape of a body. It is a great stress reliever as it is small and can be put in a bag, pocket or drawer and used to squish when you need stress relief. It works for children and adults to help them cope with the stress of school, work or family life. It is different to traditional stress balls as it has a unique design so will be a welcome gift.

This is a book which is called ‘Anxiety Relief’ by John Crawford. John Crawford is an anxiety specialist therapist having gone through anxiety himself and trying to find quick fix answers he then found a gifted therapist who skilfully guided him to understand how to recover and he uses the things that he learned to help treat others as a professional therapist and has put it into the book. It has a step by step guide to recovery.

This is a Livivo natural Himalayan rock salt lamp with a spare bulb. The salt is free from modern toxins and impurities making it a pure and natural product. Salt therapy is practised in the caves of Eastern Europe and the Himalayas and the light and heat with natural moisture dissipates the salt particles into the air and lings which can help with problems with sinuses, asthma, cold & flu, allergies and congestion.

This is a set of three motivational stress balls. The balls have messages printed on them – ‘Focus. Listen. Breathe’, ‘Dream big. Make it Happen!’ and ‘Be confident. Be yourself. Be unique.’ They come in a choice of dark or light blue. They can help with reducing stress and come with a free ebook of mindful colouring which you can download. They are made of foam with a smooth coating so they are ergonomic.

This is a sleep eye mask in black which comes in different designs. It is a natural product made by Alaska Bear and is comfortable as it has adjustable bands which means that it will fit really snugly and stay in place all night. The silk will help to retain moisture and relax muscles which will reduce the appearance of fine lines. It will help to reduce insomnia and headaches and promotes better blood circulation. It will also block light for a better sleep.

This is an essential oil diffuser and air purifier made by Kinga. It comes in a choice of light or dark grain wood. It will give out a smooth and fine aromatherapy mist to give a spa-like feeling to your home. It will help to keep your skin and health in good condition as well as helping you to sleep better, work more efficiently and generally feel more relaxed. Can be used as a non-aromatherapy humidifier.

This is an acupressure massage mat and pillow set. It is a yoga mat with spiked acupuncture points to help to relieve stress back and neck pain. It is made from cotton and plastic and great for anyone who sits at a desk all day and needs relief for their tight muscles and stress. It can fit your full back and improves blood circulation to promote metabolism too. It will reduce muscle tension and back pain.

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