28 Green Ideas for People Who Love To Grow Plants

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Many of us know someone that enjoys plants. Whether they have a garden and are busy in there or have a collection of house plants then there are many people who get pleasure from them. If you are trying to buy a gift for a plant lover, then you might want something a bit different to just buying them a plant. Therefore, it is good to take a look and see what other things you might be able to buy them. There are plenty of things that you could pick from and to make it easy, we have put together a list of them here. Hopefully you will find something you like or something inspiring so that you can give them a really great gift.

28 Great Gift Ideas for People Who Love Gardening

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This is a different type of gift for someone that enjoys plants. It is a Bonsai starter kit. A Bonsai is a tiny tree and they can look really beautiful with the right care. It comes with wisteria seeds so that you can grow a tree which has beautiful pink blossoms. It also has the equipment needed to germinate the seeds so that the tree can be started easily.

This is a cute mug for a plant lover. It is a white mug made of ceramic and it has black printing on it. It has a cartoon picture of 4 plants and underneath it says ‘plants are friends’. They do have other options, some of which have alternative plant pictures on. It is an 11oz mug which is 95mm x 83mm. It is microwave and dishwasher safe. The mug is suitable for hot or cold drinks.

This is a kit to grow your own coffee plant. It comes in a box so is easy to wrap and then give away. It contains an arabica coffee plant and everything you need so that you can grow the plant to make your own coffee. It comes with plant pots, a pellet and seeds as well as full instructions. A fun gift for someone that likes plants and is green fingered and also enjoys coffee.

This is a hardback book called ‘Crazy Plant Lady’ by Isabel Serna. It is a little illustrated book which celebrates the quirky habits of people who love plants. There are funny phrases and anecdotes, a quiz and ways to tell if you are a crazy plant lady. It is a fun book which will make an alternative present to a pot plant or garden accessory for someone who is very green fingered.

This is a hardback book called ‘The plant lovers guide to hardy Geraniums’. It is written by a nursery owner:  Robin Parer in association with Kew Gardens. It has a plant directory of 240 of the best species of geranium as well as tips on growing them, designing with them and caring for them and with so many different types there is bound to be some they like. A useful book for any gardener especially one that has a passion for geraniums.

This is a macramé plant pot holder. Not only is this a practical gift so that plants can be hung around the house in places where they can be admired, it also brings back a retro vibe to the home and a throwback to when these were first popular in the 1970’s. It is made from a natural hemp rope material which is really strong and so will hold all sorts of sizes of plant pot, even if they are heavy. Comes with a metal ring to hang it up.

This is a mini set of gardening tools for replanting succulents. It has scissors, brush, straight scorpion, curved scorpion, air blower, scorpion, shovel, hoe, bottom net, watering kettle, watering can, shovel spoon, seeding device, puncher and T-label. The small items will mean that you can easily care for your smaller plants, such as succulents, houseplants etc and will be able to prune, plant, weed etc to keep plants looking great.

This is a women’s short-sleeved t-shirt in a yellow colour with black print on. It has pictures of all sorts of flowers such as geranium, rosemary, aster and lavender which are labelled with their names and above it says ‘plant these’ and underneath it says ‘save the bees’. It is available in sizes small – XXL. The t-shirt is made of cotton and has a classic fit with a club collar.

This is a paperback book which contains 265 vintage botanical illustrations with free download. The pictures would be of interest to anyone that likes plants and they might even like to cut them out and frame them. Any artist who enjoys drawing and painting plants and flowers would also like the book and it could even be great inspiration for colourists to choose how to make their designs look whimsical and realistic.

This is a cute cartoon style brooch. It is a pot plant which has a pink pot and a green succulent in it. It has the words ‘plant lady’ written on the pot in black. It is 2.6cm x 3.4cm and will look good on a scarf, hat, jacket or bag. It is made from a metal alloy and enamel so it is durable. It is pale coloured and so will stand out well against dark clothing.

This is a cute mug which is 11oz and mainly white. It has a picture of an elegant cartoon lady in dungarees pruning a plant with other plants around her which is printed on both sides of the mug. It is made from ceramic and has an anti-slip design and a ‘C’ shaped handle to make it easy to hold. It has a heat sensitive coating which means that it is best to hand wash it.

This is a set of three unusual floral print canvases. They have a black and white background with bright yellow flowers in the foreground. There is also the option of blue or purple flowers to pick from. They are hand stretched canvases and the back is nailed and sealed with white tape so they are really secure. Each has a metal hook and screws included ready for hanging them up.

This is a small seedling pot with a fun expression. It is 2.5 inches and is yellow with a smiley face on – rather like an emoji. It is made from plastic which means that it is light and durable and is great for growing small succulents, cress, herbs or other small plants. A great idea to brighten up someone’s home or to encourage children to start growing plants of their own.

This is a paperback book by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird called ‘The Secret Life of Plants: A Fascinating Account of the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Relations Between Plants and Man’. It has information on a plant’s response to human caring, reaction to music, lie-detection ability, creative powers and much more. A fascinating read for any plant lover which will help to nurture and improve their relationship with their plants.

This is a plant which is really easy to care for. This is a great idea for any plant lover that has a tendency to not manage to keep their plants alive. This is a peace lily which has lovely shiny leaves and pretty white flowers. The plant is also known to have air purifying qualities so is good for keeping in a bathroom to absorb the chemicals released into the air from toiletries.

This is a watch with a plant design. The face of the clock has a selection of different green leaves depicted on it. The hands of the watch are silver and there is a choice of a black or rose bracelet. The watch is light weight and comfortable to wear. A thoughtful gift for someone that likes plants which will allow them to have something practical that they will also enjoy.

This is a special pot with a watering system. It measures 21 x 21 x 21cm and it is red in colour. There is a special section to put water in, which is slowly released to ensure the plant gets the amount of water that it needs. It is made from high quality ABS plastic which is shatter proof and the colour will not fade. It is also weatherproof and UV resistant and so can be used inside or out.

This is a geometric shaped plant holder made of glass. It is rather like a hexagonal terrarium, with a gap in it for planting and watering. It comes in a choice of gold, copper or silver, which refers to the colour of the metallic pieces between the glass panes. It can make a stylish art piece in any home or conservatory as well as giving the owner an opportunity to grow a lovely plant.

This is a PVC sticker that is designed to go on the wall. It has a lovely tree shape and is black so that it stands out well on a pale coloured wall. It can be applied to any smooth surface so a wall, window, mirror or even a car. It is easy to apply and to remove and is moisture resistant. It comes with instructions and application tape so it is easy to use.

This is a cute keyring or bag charm which has a pair of plant charms on it. One is a cactus in a pot. The cactus is a dark green and the pot is white with ‘cactus’ written on it. The other charm is a small watering jug in white. They are made from a gold coloured metal alloy and are painted or enamelled. They measure roughly 8cm – 13cm and would be a welcome gift to any plant lover.

This is a fake plant which is a hanging string of succulents. There are eight pieces in the set which are 82cm in total. These are made from plastic and rubber and are lifelike and feel real. They are a great idea for any plant lover who is not good at looking after their plants. It is also good for parties, weddings or other occasions where you want to make some great decorations that would look natural.

This is a pair of cute gardening themed earrings. They are different with one being a shovel or spade and the other being a plant pot with leaves growing from it. The earrings are silver studs and they are coloured completely silver apart from the leaves of the plant which are green. They are 9.15mm x 4.1mm for the pot and 8.9mm x 3.6mm for the shovel. They come with free delivery.

This is a book by Monty Don called ‘The Complete Gardener’. It has all sorts of practical information including on how to grow vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs in an organic way. Monty gives straightforward advice and includes lots of beautiful photographs taken over a year from his own garden, of which he provides a tour of in the book. An interesting and informative read for gardeners of all levels.

This is ‘The Plant collector’ journal. It is a notebook where any plant lover can record all sorts of information about their plants, flowers and gardens. It has a page for each plant where all sorts of detailed information can be put down such as a description of it as well as when it was planted and there is also room to note how to care for it which could be useful in the future.

This is a cute plant pot in the shape of a cute tortoise. It has a hole in the top of its shell where you can plant things. It is only small – 10cm wide and 9cm tall and therefore is really small and cute. It has a lovely smile and would be great for a child to keep in their bedroom, to stand on a desk or in any house. Great for cacti or mini succulents that do not need much water.

This is a Tote bag which says ‘Crazy Plant Lady’ on it in black with colourful pictures of three pots of plants surrounded by stars. It has long carrying handles so that it can go over the shoulder easily. It is made from polyester and is in a natural colour. It measures 48.5cm x 41cm which is slightly wider than a normal Tote bag and the design is printed on one side.

This is a wall sticker which has a picture of a rose on it. The rose is pink in colour and has three open blooms and some buds. It can be stuck onto any smooth surface such as a wall, furniture, mirrors, tiles etc. It measures 60 x 90cm and is made from high quality PVC. It is self-adhesive and is water and steam resistant and waterproof. Can add colour to a room without having to paint or decorate it.

This is a pair of slippers which look like a plant. The pack comes with a pair of slippers which fit most adults and a pot to store them in so that they look like a plant. The plant looks like the piranha plant from Mario sticking out of a green pipe. The slippers have enclosed toes which are red with white spots and the base of the slipper is green.

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