33 Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Read or Write Poetry

Updated on January 15th, 2021
By Louise
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There are lots of people that enjoy poetry, whether reading it, writing it or both and you may know some yourself. If you do, it means that you could be interested in reading on! It can be lovely to think about their interests when you are choosing gifts for them and therefore you might enjoy looking at this list that we have put together. It contains suggestions for gifts for those that appreciate poetry and hopefully you will find that there are items on there that you will want to buy for those that you know that fit into this category.

33 Presents for Poetry Fans

This poetry book, edited by Allie Esiri is called ‘A Poem for Every Day of the Year’. It has 366 poems and they relate to the changing seasons and link to events on key dates. There are poems by many authors such as Eliot, Betjeman, Carroll, Shakespeare, Rossetti, Hughes, Duffy, Heaney and Tempest. A great collection for all of the family with thoughtful, inspiring, peaceful, energetic, upbeat and motivating verses.

This is a book called ‘Western Skies: An Anthology of English and American Poetry’. It includes an introduction to each of the poets and following this is a selection of their poetry. There are poets from the USA and Canada as well as England and they are all contemporary poets so you are unlikely to have seen the poems before. An inspiring gift for poets as well as a fun gift for those who like poetry.

This is ‘Poems to Live Your Life by’ by Chris Riddell and it has 46 poems split into sections – musings, youth, family, love, imaginings, nature, war and endings. The classic poems by Shakespeare, Rossetti, Yeats, Duffy, McGough and many more have been illustrated by the author which really helps to bring them to life. The author was the Children’s Laureate and is an artist and cartoonist and has written many books for children.

This is a book by John Brehm called ‘The Poetry of Impermanence, Mindfulness and Joy’ which contains 129 poems which are ancient and modern. It includes Buddhist poets and modern Western ones but they all reflect essential truths articulated by Buddha 2500 years ago. It can be a great help to mindfulness or just a joyful and interesting read. It has an introduction which explains how the poems reflect the dharma in a way that prose cannot.

This is a notebook with a very pretty cover which is turquoise with flowers on and says ‘Poetry: Journal for Women’ on the front of it. It has lined pages inside, each of which has an inspiring picture of a quill in an inkpot on them. It is designed for sketching out ideas or writing full poems in. The 6 x 9inch size is handy for carrying about with you but still provides enough space to write a lot on each page.

This is a poetry book for children called ‘The Puffin Book of Fantastic First Poems’. It has poems by children’s authors from different eras from Robert Louis Stevenson and Walter de la Mare to Roger McGough and Michael Rosen. It covers themes such as mealtimes, playtime, animals, family and bedtime. The editor, June Crebbin is an ex-primary school teacher and full-time writer and so knows what children like to read.

This is ‘The Oxford Book of English Verse’ which is edited by Christopher Ricks and is a hardback book. It has over seven centuries of poems. The original version was created in 1900 and then a new version created in 1972 and this is a new 1999 version which includes modern poets such as Hughes and Larkin. It includes not only poems but limericks, nursery rhymes and even clerihews and not just English poems but translated ones too.

This is a poster with a quote on it. It has a white background and in clear black printing, it says ‘Journeys End in Lovers Meeting’ by William Shakespeare from Twelfth Night. It is a minimalist picture and it is printed on premium fine art paper. It comes in A4 or A3 size so you can pick the one you feel will be the best. It comes without a frame so you will be able to choose the one that you think will match it.

This is a pendant which has a poem inscribed on it. It is silver in colour with black writing that is a quote from Shakespeare. It is 22 x 18mm and has a hole in so that it can be hung from a chain or a leather cord. The quote on it is about love, so would make a nice present for a lover.  It comes in a gift box which means that it looks good to give to someone as a gift

This is a short-sleeved t-shirt which says on it ‘poets are magical’ and has a picture of a rainbow and unicorn on it. It is available in cuts for men and women in a classic fit, and in sizes small – 3XL. It comes in different colours – all dark so that the printing really stands out. It is suitable for washing in the machine and tumble drying so it is easy to keep clean.

This is ‘Poetry for Lovers and Haters: It’s Always the Darkest Before the Dawn’ by Megan the Poet. This is the poet’s debut collection of poetry and it includes poems which help her to process her trauma going from the darkest and growing to the light and could be helpful for readers to tackle their own problems. It is a simply put together book, available in a paperback or Kindle edition.

This is an apron which says on the front of it ‘this poet lies’. It is white with a black neck loop, black pocket on the front, black waist ties and black writing. It is 70cm x 67cm in size and is made from a cotton-poly twill blended fabric. It is adjustable and so will fit people of most sizes. It is machine washable and would be great for baking, cooking or even crafting or DIY.

This is a handmade leather journal. It is a refillable notebook which would be a really handy thing for those that are always writing things down such as poets or writers. It has 200 pages and you can buy refills for it as well. The pages are blank so as well as writing, it can be used for sketching as well. It is 6.5 x 1 x 8 inches in size so easy to carry in a bag.

This is a keychain which has the word ‘poet’ on it. The writing is back and it has a white background so it stands out. The pendant has a metal back which is gold in colour. The whole thing has an antiqued look to it which makes it look more special. It would make a great gift for someone who writes poetry and they could use it as a keychain or perhaps a bag charm.

This is a magnetic poetry set with a Shakespeare theme. The mini magnetic pieces are printed in black with a white background and so are easy to read. They are all individual words which can be easily reorganised to make phrases or poems. Each is 1cm high and there are over 200 in the box which also includes a plastic storage case. They are fun to play with yourself and for guests to use as well.

This is a bracelet which has a pendant on it that reads ‘this poet lies’ as well as one that spells out the word ‘love’. It is an adjustable bangle which measures 17.5cm – 22.5cm and so can fit many wrists and is 2.5cm wide. It has a leather rope design with metal parts on it which are silver-coloured. It would make a lovely gift for a poet or poetry fan.

This is a framed print which is a personalised love poem. You can customise it with the name of who it is for and from and the main poem will stay the same. It has a white background with bold black lettering on it. It is 8 x 6 and there is an option for a white or black frame. It comes with free delivery and would make a special gift for someone that you love.

This is the book ‘Poets Market 2020’ which is a book that contains information on publishing opportunities just for poets. It has book and chapbook publishers, print and online publications and much more information about the opportunities that you could find to get your poetry published. Essential for anyone looking to get one or more poems published. Comes in a paperback and a kindle edition and would make a great gift for a poet.

This is a set of cufflinks for a poet. They have the word ‘poet’ on them in clear, black typescript in capital letters so it really stands out from the whitish-yellow background that gives it an antiqued look. It has a metal surround and fixings. They would make a good gift for someone that uses shirts that need cufflinks and is a poet or someone that would enjoy them as a keepsake.

This is a bottle opener for a poet. It is a metal bottle opener with a circular piece that has the word ‘poet’ on it in black print on a white background. It has a keychain loop on it as well so that it can be carried around easily. It has an antiqued look to it. It would make a useful and fun gift and a poet would appreciate the fact that you have identified their talent in your gift for them.

This is a pair of earrings for poets. They are metallic with a glass front. Under the glass, there is the word ‘poet’ which is written in bold writing, in black and capital letters. The antiqued white background makes the words really stand out so although they are earrings, they will be sure to be noticed by others. They would make a great gift for anyone that is a poet.

This is a bookmark with the poem ‘The Mermaid’ by WB Yeats typed on it with a picture of a mermaid. It is made from 100% real wood and has a woodgrain pattern on it. The wood is sustainably sourced and the bookmark measures 178 x 44 x 1 mm in size. It is a useful item for anyone that reads books and enjoys poems, although this love poem may not be suitable for all!

This is a necklace pendant which is silver in colour and made from a metal alloy. It has a glass front and behind it is a printed message which says ‘Not all those who wander are lost’ which is by J.R.R. Tolkien. It is printed in black and is on an off-white background. The style and the font make it look antique in style. Would make a great gift for a fan of Tolkien or a poet.

This is a compact mirror with a saying on it. It says ‘this poet lies’ on it. The mirror is a cute size – 6 x 6 x 0.8cm and it the design is printed on the outside of the compact. It opens up and there is a mirror on both sides. It would make a great gift for a poet and it would also be useful as it is something that they can carry around with them or easily slip in a drawer.

This is a white mug which has black printing on which says ‘I’m a poet Dad just like as normal Dad except much cooler’. It is made from ceramic and it is 11oz in size. It has an easy grip handle and is suitable for hot and cold drinks. It would make a very useful gift for any Dad that is a poet and has a good sense of humour.

This is a travel mug which is silver in colour and has ‘badass poet’ printed on it in black. It also has a black base, handle and lid which are made from plastic so they are insulated and therefore stay cool. The mug itself has thermal vacuum insulation which means that it can keep drinks hot for 5 hours and cold for 9 hours. It will fit in most car cup holders.

This is a cushion cover which is green and it says on it in white ‘I just want to read books, write poetry & take naps’. It is a versatile cover which can be popped on to a cushion and used in different rooms in the house. It is made from a soft and comfortable fabric which will work in any situation. It can be machine washed as well and so it is easy to keep clean and it can even go in the tumble dryer.

This is a metal wall sign which is black and says ‘poet Dr’ on it in white. It also has a white border so it looks like a genuine road sign. It is made from aluminium and measures 45 x 10cm in size. It is rustproof which means that you will be able to put it outside and it will be weather resistant, however, it could work equally well inside the home as well.

This is a short-sleeved t-shirt for men which says on it ‘Poet. The man. The myth. The legend.’ The top comes in sizes small – 3XL and in a section of colours such as red, purple, black and blue. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix fabric which means that it is comfortable to wear and keeps its shape well. It is suitable for machine washing so is easy to keep clean as well.

This is a fabric cover for a tissue box. It is made from high quality cotton and printed on it is ‘this poet lies’. The printing is in black so it stands out from the natural colour of the cover which is an off-white colour. It measures 17 x 27cm in size and is washable. This means that it can always be kept clean and therefore will look good wherever it is kept.

This is a pair of fun cuff links. They are silver plated so have a lovely shine and look like fountain pen nibs. They would be a great gift for anyone that writes, whether they write books, poems or just letters. They have a twist closure and look very smart on a shirt. They come with a gift bag which means that they are all ready to give to someone as a lovely gift.

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