30 Presents for People Who Play Pool

By Louise
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The game of pool traditionally known as a pub game is increasingly becoming popular. Solo practice or team play, a novice or competitor we have a gift for the pool player or even pool fan in your life. For clarity, the terms ‘pool’ and ‘billiards’ are used interchangeably but whilst once they were different games, the term billiards refers to any table game with cues and balls. Therefore, pool as well as snooker are a type of billiards.  We have an array of gift suggestions including cues, balls, innovative storage solutions, stylish pool table lights and of course pool related clothing. You will be sure to find a gift here for the pool enthusiast.

30 Gift Ideas for Pool Players

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This mini pool table will make a winning gift for boys and girls over 3 years of age and will give them hours of fun. Made from composite wood, this table measures fifty-one centimetres in length, thirty-one by width and ten depth. An attractive looking board coloured blue with a dark cherry wood like enclosure. This set includes two cues, a complete set of balls, a brush and chalk for the cues – all mini sized.

This red coloured shaper is used to shape and clean the tip of the cue and will make a great stocking filler for the serious pool player. It measures 9 cm in length by 2 cm width and 2 cm depth. Made from plastic and easy to use it will also protect the cue tip when stored away with the cue. Suitable not just for pool cues but for snooker and billiard cues too.

Measuring 6.7 cm lengthways by 2.2 cm diameter, this multi-use cue tip tool is available in four stylish colours: black, grey, red, and silver. On the outside of the tool, the end where the shaper and tapper are located are indicated. At the tapper end, the tool can be opened for the aerator function. High quality and durable this tool will make a slick present for the pool player.

This quality chalk set includes twelve chalk pieces. Each chalk cube is a green-blue colour with a yellow and black paper outer packaging and wording such as ‘King of the All.’ Made by Triangle, this long-lasting set is made in Chicago in the United States of America as stated on the blue and yellow presentation box, which can also reduce chalk dust.  A practical gift for the regular pool player.

A portable pool table that can also be used to play snooker and billiards. The table itself measures approximately 183 cm in length, 92 cm in width with a height of 79 cm when erected. The table has green coloured material within a deep brown coloured wooden enclosure. This set includes two cues measuring up to 121 cm, balls, triangle, cue chalk, brush and scorer. Easy to store, this space saving pool table will provide family fun or an opportunity to practice.

A useful gift for the pool player or pool fan! This lined graph notebook has one hundred and twenty pages in which you can make your to do lists, devise player strategy or somewhere to jot things down. The book has a black background with the words ‘Are you looking at my balls,’ in white text and an illustration depicting a triangle containing a full set of pool balls.

This two-piece brush set will be a handy gift for the pool player with a table. These high calibre brushes consist of one brush to clean the table cloth, whilst the other brush is for cleaning the corners of the pool table. The brushes are made from superior quality materials and are thoughtfully designed to include an opening where the brushes can be tidily stored away.

This paperback book consists of an incredible 356 pages devoted to developing new pool shots and should be found on every pool players bookcase regardless of their level or ability of play. Not only is this book professionally written but its numerous illustrations and diagrams make this book easy to follow and enjoyable to read. You will not fail to pick up some new tricks.

One of the greatest themed books invented, ‘Pool and Billiards for Dummies’ edition! With 384 pages of everything pool, this book includes rules of the game, equipment and accessories required to play pool, how to get started with pool including posture and aim, cue control and shot and game strategy. Another well written and illsutrated book to help you get started with pool.

This table top game is available in two sizes, either the 51 cm length edition or 63.5 cm. For both sizes the table measures 36.5 cm width and 14.5 cm depth. The table has green cloth, a dark brown wooden enclosure and four raisers, one on each corner. In addition to table top, this set also includes two cues and balls alongside other standard accessories. Easy to install and move, this pool game is suitable for children over five.

A thoughtful gift for the young pool player or pool player who does not have much space available surrounding their pool table. These cues also have rubber stoppers at the end of the cues to prevent marking walls. Great quality and measuring 91.44 cm, four additional screw on tips are included. Made by Oypla, these pool cues are delivered in a stylishly designed box consisting of the brand name in grey against a white background.

This beginner’s guide on ‘How to play Pool,’ will intrigue the interest of any wanna be pool player. With just forty-nine pages, this easy-to-read book is written by an author who specialises in writing ‘how to’ books. This book contains lots of useful information such as: stance, angles, varied shots, and compilations and of course game strategy. This will make a fab stocking filler for the beginner pool player.

Another useful but stylish gift. Made by the brand Peradon, this pouch has been manufactured using leather and is a quality product. The pouch has a belt clip creating the perfect place for the pool player in your life to keep their chalk somewhere secure, so it does not get lost on the side of the pool table or dirty up pockets. Not only that but the black coloured pouch can be worn with anything!

This towel comes in an eye-catching blue and will make a good accompaniment for the pool player in those nerve-racking competitions. Made by the brand Peradon, this towel is made from absorbent material that will trap airborne fragments and other deposits that have been transferred to the cue, leaving your cue clean and ready for play. A good size but small enough to sit comfortably alongside your cue.

A handy little gift for the pool player with a pool table. Six pool table pocket nets that can fit various sized holes to replace existing worn out or damaged nets. Each net can accommodate two pool balls of just over 5 cm each. Great quality and made using natural fibres, these white coloured nets will make a great little stocking filler that will make the pool table look as new.

Another sound gift for the pool player who has their own pool table. This set of pool balls includes – seven yellow and seven red balls, alongside one black and one white ball. Each ball is just over 5 cm in size with the exception of the black and white balls which are a little smaller. These balls can be used with normal sized tables. Great quality these balls will make a winning gift!

This triangle is the traditional black in colour and each side of the triangle is 25 cm with a height of 2.5 cm. This item can take fifteen balls of just over 5 cm each and are designed for red and yellow balls only. Made from quality polymers this triangle is for the smaller than standard pool table. A great gift idea for a stocking filler or Secret Santa for the keen pool player.

These gloves will make the competitive pool player a real pro! These gloves come with three fingerless material lengths to accommodate the relevant extremities: the index finger, middle finger and the thumb and come in a set of two. With one size fits all and suitable for both men and women, these gloves are made using stretchy material and are comfortable to wear whilst keeping your hands moisture free.

A gift for the pool player who needs to keep their pool table area tidy! This handy pool cue rack can house up to eight pool cues. With a smart wooden finish and polymer fasteners to clip onto the cues, this rack measures 47 cm in length, 4 cm in width and 3.3 cm in height. Minimal fitting is required with just a couple of raw plugs and screws being needed.

These lights will turn the pool players home set up, up a notch! These incredibly stylish lights come in four attractive colours – black, blue, green and red. On the stand above the lights, billiard balls are featured making this gift relevant to the user and classy. The length of these lights on their stand is 1.5 metres and they weigh just over nine kgs. These lights truly have the wow factor.

These tips for pool cues mean the pool player can keep hold of their favourite cue without relinquishing their ability and without having to use glue! The width of the tip is 1 cm and can be used with standard pool cues. Made from Polyurethane, these cues are an appealing red in colour and an amazing 20 cue tips are included. A great little gift that will make the pool player a happy one!

Endorsed by Mark Selby, the renowned championship snooker player, with his autograph featuring on these cues. This attractive cue is a mix of black, blue and gold making it very striking. The desired weight of the cue can be chosen from medium (17 oz – 18 oz) to heavy (19 oz – 20 oz) by using the customisation option when ordering.  This cue could well become the pool player’s game changer!

This cover will protect the pool player’s pool table from dust etc when not is use. Made for pool tables measuring just over two metres in length and 1.22 metres width, this cover is made by the prominent Peradon brand. The cover is black with the Peradon logo and brand name featured on the front of the cover. It is durable, easy to put in position and to remove, and looks smart.

These marking stickers are used, so that the pool player can reproduce the layout of a shot sequence, so that they can keep practicing the same move time and time again until they have mastered it. With twenty stickers included in this pack, these stickers are 1.2 cm in diameter and black in colour. They will sit flatly on the pool table reducing any potential deviations from the original shot and allowing the pool player to develop their game.

This set of twenty-six clips is a useful gift for the pool player with the purpose of keeping the pool cues stored tidily away. It can be attached straight onto a wall or a fixture. Each clip is 1.6 cm in width at its widest part and 0.6 cm at its narrowest with a length of 2.8 cm. Made from high standard polymers it is weightless and hard-wearing.

This novelty mug will make a fabulous gift for the pool player. This mug has a diameter of 12 cm with a standard volume of two hundred and eighty-three ml. This mug is white in colour with the text, ‘This is what an awesome pool player looks like,’ depicted in a mix of black and white on one side of the mug and a black coloured arrow above the text.

These classic and symbolic prints featuring dogs playing pool in a pub will make a fabulous and thoughtful gift for the pool player for their home set up, pool fan or even local pool venue. There are five prints measuring 39 cm in length by 51 cm width. Made using quality paper these prints do not come framed and will come rolled up to protect them during delivery. A lovely gift.

A super trendy and stylish T-shirt that will make a great gift for pool players or fans whether male, female or a young person. Children from the ages of 2 to twelve years old are accommodated whilst sizes for men and women range from small to triple extra-large. The T-shirt is available in ten lovely colours and depicts a pool player with their cue in position to take a shot.

This really cool hoodie is suitable for both men and women and is available in sizes small, medium, large, extra-large and double extra-large. This hoodie comes in a light grey colour and primarily made from natural fabric. Great for hanging out in or impressing your pool team. The front of the hoodie features the text ‘That’s what I do, I shoot pool, and I know things.’

This apron has the cool factor. The apron itself is black with the text ‘Probably the best pool table in the world’ written in white in a mixture of fonts and capital and lower-case letters. This long lasting and quality apron is made from Polyester and is a ‘one size fits all.’ The pool player will wear this apron with pride whether cooking or BBQ-ing.

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