31 Gift Ideas for a Pregnant Lady

Updated on September 11th, 2021
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It can be lovely to spoil a woman that is pregnant. Some woman glow and feel fantastic, but others do not have such a good experience and it can be lovely to be able to find them a gift to make them feel better and cheer them up. There are of course quite a few things that you could pick, but it can be tricky to know exactly what the best thing will be for them and therefore we have put together a list of ideas. We feel that you may benefit from taking a look to see if you are inspired by any of the ideas, which do vary a lot so hopefully there will be something that is suitable.

31 Presents for a Pregnant Woman

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This is a pregnancy support belt which comes in one size and is available in black, pink or beige colours. It is designed to support the back and the belly to make moving around when pregnant more comfortable. It is made from Neoprene, Nylon and Polyester, so it feels good to wear as well. The idea is to place it under the bump to hold it up providing comfort and it can also be used after birth for back support if necessary.

This is a tub of Burts Bees belly butter. It is a moisturising shea butter designed to rub onto the tummy before, during and after pregnancy and it will soften and smooth the skin. It is fragrance free and works with your belly as it stretches and provides comfort as the skin changes and thins. It is a safe formulation which will not irritate and has no nasty chemicals in it.

This book is called ‘The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People’ and it is really funny. It is part diary, part colouring book and contains funny advice and reality checks which are written in an amusing way. A great pick me up and stress buster as well as having activities to do when you are bored, waiting to see the midwife, in labour (maybe not!) or too tired to do anything else.

This is a maternity t-shirt which says ‘baby loading’ on the front with two cute footprints in pink and blue.  It comes in black, crimson, dark green, dusky pink, navy, lavender, graphite melange, graphite, off white, plum and steel grey and available in sizes 8-10, 10-12, 12-14, 14-16, 16-18 and 18-20. It is made from a soft and stretchy fabric and is 60-73cm long, it has ¾ sleeves which are 40-44cm long.

This is a ‘Pregnancy Problems’ Colouring Book. It has lots of funny quotes in it as well as pictures to colour. A great gift for a pregnant women with a good sense of humour, who needs to rest up as they will be able to sit down and relax whilst using this book. It should make them smile (as long as they are not really sensitive or straight laced) and they will be able to see the funny side of problems they may have in pregnancy.

This is a casting kit for a pregnant belly. The idea is that you make a sculpture of your baby bump, so you have it as a memory of what it looked like. It is very easy to use and all of the materials have been tested, so that they are safe for Mum and baby. There are ideas cards in the kit to show you how to paint or decorate the cast once it is dry to make it really special alternatively you can leave it as it is.

This is a bracelet with a heart pendant with a tiny heart on it. It says on the card ‘A little Mummy to be – these two little hearts are yours to treasure a symbol of love that will last forever’. The main bracelet is a silver colour and the little heart is a rose gold colour so it stands out. It is a pretty item which would be treasured by any Mum to be.

This is a white mug which has a picture of a large bear hugging a small one in front of some trees and says ‘Mama Bear’ on it. It is really cute and it is a 10oz ceramic mug, which is microwave and dishwasher safe. It comes in a specially made custom box, so it ready to give away as a lovely gift, which is beautifully sentimental without being over the top.

This is a guide to pregnancy called ‘A Bun in the Oven’. It is a flip book which give you facts each week such as: the size of the baby and other information too. Each page has a cute illustration too. It is interesting but also fun and will help the pregnant woman start to imagine what her baby might look like size wise, which could help with bonding and with her looking forward to seeing it.

This is large maternity pillow. It is ‘U’ shaped and in a choice of either 9ft or 12ft and should help the women to lie more comfortably. It comes in red, pink, blue, camel or white with a free pillowcase. It is designed to support different parts of the body depending on whether you are sitting or lying down.  The pillow should help with getting a more comfortable nights sleep and due to its shape you can turn over without having to move it.

This is a photo frame designed to put a pregnancy scan photo in. On the frame it says ‘Dear Mummy our adventure is about to start I love you already with all my heart love bump’. It is a wooden frame and you can choose from 4 x 6 inches and 5 x 7 inches. There is a stand on the back, so it can easily be supported on a shelf or table of choice.

This is a book called ‘Give Birth Like a Feminist. Your Body, Your Baby. Your Choice’ By Milli Hill. The book discusses the importance of birth plans, human rights in childbirth and also includes birth stories from women across the world.  This may help a pregnant woman to feel in control of her babies’ birth and know what she should be thinking about when planning it without ignoring medical advice of course.

This is a special belly band to wear while pregnant, which helps to not only provide bump and back support, but also contains some gel which helps to prevent stretch marks by keeping the skin moisturised as well as preventing the skin from becoming itchy. It is safe to use for Mum and baby and comes in a choice of black or pink and in sizes small, medium, large and extra large.

This is ‘The Feel-Good Pregnancy Cookbook’ by Ryann Kipping which has 100 nutritious and delicious recipes. It includes recipes that reduce nausea, relieve cramps, promote lactation and help with self care and help after the birth as well as including Mommy milestones to track the baby’s development. There are even child friendly dishes to use as baby grows or if you have older children to feed too and lots of information about which ingredients will be best for you whilst pregnant.

This is a silver necklace which has two fox charms on it – a large and a small one. It is on a backing card which says ‘To a new mama you are your baby’s hero, their protector and their safe place. This necklace is here to remind you that you already have the strength and wisdom you need to lead the way. I know you will be an amazing mother!’

This is a Mum to be survival kit in a can. It is a small tin with a lid and it is stuffed with tiny novelty items. With it comes a card which explains the significance of each of the items and why it will be handy for a new Mum. It is fun gift and sentimental as well with some of the items being serious and other humorous, so a great way to show a Mum to be that you are thinking of her.

This is a pregnancy journal book. It has a lovely cloud design on the front and comes in grey or silver. Inside there are different sections such as: a diary, planning, birth plan and early days. The notebook and diary start at 4 weeks pregnant and end at the birth, so there is lots of space to write down everything that happened during the pregnancy. It also has four handy storage pockets for popping in keepsakes such as scan photos.

This is a set of three pairs of maternity panties which fit over the baby bump. They are made from mixed fibres which are stretchy and comfortable. It has an elastic support to provide support under the bump and aids good posture and prevents back pain. It also helps to shape and lift, so you look good as well as feeling good. They are green, beige and cream coloured and come in sizes large – 3XL.

This is a fertility and crystal bracelet. It has a selection of different 8mm beads all chosen for their healing properties such as: rose quartz, aquamarine, malachite and moonstone. It comes in an embossed box with a tag that explains how each of the beads supports fertility and pregnancy, which also has positive affirmations as well. The bracelet is 7.25 inches and made with elastic so it stretches comfortably to fit.

This is a Mama’s Moments set of toiletries. There is a set of four different items in small sizes to take to the hospital with you. A 50ml cooling spray to use in labour to cool and calm, a 30ml massage oil to calm, a 50ml calming spray for private areas to soothe after the birth and a 100ml relaxing pillow mist to help with sleeping. They come with a canvas bag to keep them in.

This is a cute pair of mugs. One says ‘Mummy’s Mug’ and the other says ‘Daddy’s mug’. They are white with black writing on Mummy’s has pink hearts on and Daddy’s has blue stars. They are made from bone china and are 84mm in diameter and 93mm high with a slightly smaller 72mm diameter base. They come in very pretty boxes which are matching, so will make a lovely present.

This is a set of three maternity nursing bras. They come with straps which can undo to easily feed baby and are easy to alter and also come with removable pads. They come in medium, large or extra large and in a batch of three which has a black, purple and beige bra in it. The whole lot comes in a box which means that they are ready to give as a gift.

This is a cute maternity t-shirt which says ‘first time Mummy’ on it and has tiny footprints lower down on the bump. It has short sleeves and is fitted, so the bump gets shown off rather than a baggy style.  It is also stretchy and long for added comfort.  It comes in pink, fuchsia, black, white, red, blue or grey and in sizes small, medium, large and extra large. It is made from 100% cotton so it is soft and comfortable.

This is a scratch off poster bucket list for mums to be. It has all sorts of things listed on there that they scratch away.  There are also spaces to write in dates of different things as well, so it becomes a memory keepsake. It is A2 in size and printed on quality paper with a gloss finish. It comes with a scratch tool, cloth to wipe away the debris that is scratched off, a pen and a bag to keep the accessories in.

This is a special waistband extender kit. It contains an elasticated piece with buttons on that you affix to your clothing, so that you can still keep it held up but expand the waistband. It has fabric with it to go in the gap that there will be with the clothing being held open. It can work on clothes while pregnant and afterwards to extend the use of them and allow you to fit into things that you cannot quite yet do up!

This is a maternity tunic top which is long length with ¾ sleeves. It is a casual top which is gathered at the waist so really shows off the bump. It comes in sizes 10-18 and in beige, yellow, red, black, grey, violet, cappuccino, dark pink and sky blue. It is made from 95% viscose and 5% elastane, so it stretches and can go in a washing machine so it is easy to wash.

These are tights designed especially for pregnant women. It is a two pack and you can choose between two pairs of nude, two pairs of black, a black and a nude or a navy and grey. They are one size and stretch to fit women with a height of 5ft 1 to 5ft 9 and who weigh 99 – 176lbs. There is a tummy panel to fit over the bump and an adjustable waistband, so it can be altered as the tummy grows in size.

This is a fun book called ‘Your New Baby – An Owners Manual’. It is by Martin Baxendale and it is a really funny cartoon book designed to be given as a fun and novelty gift. It covers: operating features, modes, program selection, serving, maintenance and more! It is a best selling book and has brought a smile to many new parents and you could do the same thing by giving it as a gift yourself.

This is a notebook which says on the front of it ‘I’d rather be 30 than pregnant’.  It is a funny notebook which inside has white lined paper to write anything in. It has 110 pages in it and measures 6 x 9 inches. It is suitable for using as a dairy, journal, for lists, as a general notebook or as a pregnancy planner.

This is a pre packed essentials bag ready to take to the hospital for the birth. It has lots of items inside so all the Mum to be will need to add are her hospital notes and her clothing. It has maternity pads, nappies, wipes, breast pads, baby mitts, hat, booties, toothpaste and brush, hairbrush, Vaseline, hair band, nappy bags, body wash, shampoo, body cream and a bag to put it all in.

This is a special square tile artwork which has ‘Mother-to-be’ written on it and underneath ‘Loading…please wait’. It has an illustration of a pregnant woman underneath. It is a painted ceramic piece, which is really original and would make a lovely gift for a pregnant woman. It comes wrapped really well and in a gift box, so you just have to write the label and it will all be ready to give away.

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