27 Presents for Quiet or Shy People

Updated on August 9th, 2021
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It is not always easy to buy gifts for people and it can be nice to buy something that will match with their personality. If you know any quiet people, for example then you may find it hard to know what sort of gift to give them. This is why we have come up with a list of suggested gifts that you might like to consider giving to them. There are all sorts of things that you could choose from and hopefully you will be able to find something that suits the person that you know. There are items with a range of prices so that should mean that you will find something in your budget too.

24 Gift Ideas for Quiet People

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This is a fun print which says on it ‘quiet people have the loudest minds’. The wording is in black and blue/green/purple or red on a white background which means that it really stands out. It is available in a choice of sizes 5 x 7 inches, 8 x 10 inches, A5, A4 and A3 and is printed on premium paper using high definition inks that will not fade. Makes a great gift.

This is a drawstring kit bag which is available in black, bottle green, burgundy, French navy, fuchsia, mustard and royal blue. It says on it ‘quiet people have the loudest mind’ and has white drawstrings and measures 37 x 46cm. Ideal for gym kit, swimming kit or PE kit and made from 100% cotton. It makes a great alternative to polyester bags if you want to avoid plastic. Can be sponge cleaned.

This short-sleeved t-shirt is black with white writing on which says ‘sorry I’m late. I didn’t want to come.’ It is made of 100% cotton and so is smooth and soft and comes in sizes small – XXL. It is a great shirt for introverts or quiet people that have a good sense of humour. It is slightly fitted in a classic style with a crew neck and a 6TN brand of t-shirt.

This book by Susan Cains called ‘Quiet : The Power of Introverts in a World that can’t stop Talking’. The book explains the differences between introverts and extroverts and how introverts are misunderstood and undervalued. It has tools which will allow introverts to find a way to become better understood and take advantages of the strengths that their introversion provides them with. It has real stories and interesting information to change the way an introvert sees themselves.

This is an enamel pin which says on it ‘It’s too peopley outside’. The pin has a silver coloured edge and wording with a black enamelled background. It measures 1.2 x 1 inch and the dark colour means that it stands out well on a light coloured background. Would look good on a coat, hat, scarf, jacket, bag or even a lanyard. A nice gift to show a quiet person that you understand them.

This is a great hoodie for someone that does not like going near people as it says on it ‘I [heart] social distancing’. It comes in black, navy, royal blue and dark heather and has a drawstring hood in a matching colour to the hoodie. It is a unisex design with a large front pocket and comes in sizes small – 2XL. It is a classic fit and made of cotton and polyester.

This is a great t-shirt for someone that is a fan of reading. It is short-sleeved and available in black, navy, royal blue or olive and says on it ‘Abibliophobia: the fear of running out of books’ with a picture of books and a feather on it. It is available in fits and sizes suitable for men and women and children from ages 2-12 and sizes small – 3XL. It is lightweight, a classic fit and crew necked.

This is a fun print which says ‘leave the house only if necessary. Complete the mission and get back in the house’. It is printed with colourful letters on a white background so the message really stands out and looks great. It is available in a selection of sizes such as 5 x 7 inches, A5, 8 x 10 inches, A4, 11 x 14 inches and A3. Comes unframed so you can choose one to go with it or allow the recipient to do so.

This is ‘The Introvert Activity Book: Draw it, Make it, Write it (because you’d never say it out loaud)’. It is a spiral bound book by Maureen ‘Marzi’ Wilson which has all sorts of interactive challenges to help introverts to express themselves. There are doodle ideas, lists, paper craft projects, writing prompts and lots more. It is beautiful, messy, funny and insightful so can make a really thoughtful gift for introverts of any age.

This white mug says on it ‘It’s too peopley outside’ in turquoise writing. It is 11oz so holds a good amount of liquid. The print is on both sides so it does not matter if the recipient is left or right handed. It comes in a box so it is ready to give as a gift or if you want to wrap it, will be nice and easy to do so.

This is a tote bag which says on it ‘socially awkward’ which could be a fitting gift for a quiet person. It is made from off white 100% cotton with black writing on it. It measures 38 x 43cm and has long handles which allow it to be carried easily on the shoulder. It is big enough to hold an A4 folder but can be folded up small to keep in a pocket or handbag when not being used. Has free delivery.

This is a pair of cufflinks with a quote on them. They are metal cufflinks with a pendant which has a glass top and quote underneath with a vintage feel. It says ‘I’ll read my books & I’ll drink coffee & I’ll listen to music & bolt the door’ by JD Salinger. Both are the same and will create a nice look to any dress shirt or could be held on to as a keepsake.

This is a funny travel mug which says on it ‘I’m not quiet. I’m plotting’. It is made of metal and has a design which helps to keep drinks hot or cold. There is a plastic handle, base and lid so you do not burn your hands. It is tall, but thin enough to fit in a car cup holder. Great for spreading smiles and keeping drinks the right temperature for a long time.

This is a print which has a picture of a woman having a cup of tea and underneath it says ‘born to be mild’. It would therefore make a great gift for someone that has a quiet nature. It has a pretty mix of red and a turquoise green colouring on a white background. It is available in different sizes and comes unframed so that you can pick one that you will think will match with the recipient’s décor at home.

This white mug says on it ‘ew,people’ in black writing. It stands out well on the white background of the 11oz mug which is a perfect size for a refreshing hot beverage. The writing is on both sides so it is suitable for left or right handed people. It comes in a box which means that it is a great idea for giving to someone as a gift as it is really easy to wrap up!

This is a wood framed sign with a slogan on it in white which says ‘lets stay home’. It is a great sign for anyone that is a home body and likes to stay inside as much as they can. The writing is painted directly on the wood and it has a hook on the back so it is all ready to hang up on the wall. A great gift to show how much you understand someone who enjoys the peace and quiet of home.

This is a short-sleeved t-shirt which is available in sizes and fits for men and women from small to 3XL. It is available in white, pink or heather grey and says on it in black ‘social distance queen’ which really stands out from the pale background. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix and is a classic fit with crew neckline and is lightweight. It can be washed in the washing machine.

This is a hoodie which comes in black, navy and dark heather and is available in sizes which are suitable for men and women – small – 2XL. It has the words ‘social distance queen’ written on the front of it. It has a drawstring around the hood in the same colour as the hoodie with a large pocket on the front. It is made from a cotton and polyester blend so is comfortable and soft and can be washed in a machine.

This is a hammock with stand and detachable pillow so you can easily relax at home or in the garden. It is a size which will accommodate two people and can take up to 450 pounds in weight. The soft pillow means that it is more comfortable to lie down on. It comes in a red/orange colour with a smart striped pattern. It has a sturdy frame which is made of powder coated steel and is weatherproof with protective caps so it does not scratch the surface it is on.

The Kindle Paperwhite makes a great gift for someone that likes to quietly read a lot. It is more portable than a book as you can have so many books in just one device. This one is waterproof too so unlike a book it can withstand getting damp. It comes in a choice of colours: black, plum, sage and twilight blue and with either 8GB or 32GB wi-fi versions. It even comes with audible so it can read to you if you plug in headphones.

This is a cute vintage style radio which makes a great gift for any music lover. It has AM and FM radio functions and is lightweight and portable. it has built in USB and a crystal clear 5x mono speaker and it can be battery or mains powered. It comes in a selection of colours: blue, black, green, orange, taupe, cream or red, all in retro shades. There is a choice available between a 5w or 14w speaker.

This is a box of 20 colouring pencils made by Artbox. It is a low budget set of 20 colouring pencils which are full length and in a variety of colours. These could be paired up with an adult colouring book to give to someone that is quiet to do as a fun activity. This set is a great starter set as they can try out colouring and if they enjoy it then move on to some artist quality pencils such as Derwent, Caran Dache or Faber-Castell.

This is a glass marble pattern essential oil diffuser in a pretty colour. Each bottle has a unique pattern due to it being made with hand blown glass so it looks good in any room. It has an LED light which will change colour so the glass looks a different colour. You can add essential oils to it as well so it gently adds fragrance to the room and you could pick aromatherapy combinations to create different atmospheres.

This is a wind chime which automatically turns on and off. It will turn on at dawn and off at dusk so it charges through the day. It is solar powered and has a colour changing LED bulb which has a colour transition to make it look really pretty. It is waterproof and can be manually switched on and off if you wish. It takes 6-8 hours to charge in the sun.

This adult colouring book could be a great gift for someone that is quiet. It has all sorts of patterns and pictures to colour which can be a great way to relax and to partake in a quiet hobby. Adult colouring has grown in popularity and there are all sorts of fantastic artists materials as well as videos to learn what to do so this could be the start of a hobby they will cherish for years to come. There are 60 pictures printed on one side of the paper.

This is a Heng balance lamp. It is a free standing lamp which can be used as a night light or on a desk or table. It has two balls in the design and when they are balanced the light is lit due to the magnetic pull between them. It has 48 LED light beads which are warm and gentle to provide a calm atmosphere. It is impact resistant, natural and warm to the touch and is a good size, which is portable too.

This is a 1000 piece jigsaw which is a nostalgic picture of a Victorian spring scene. This can be a great thing for someone to do as a quiet hobby and also to challenge themselves. It measures 22.9 by 22.9 cm. The pieces fit really well, so when completed the puzzle can be rolled up. This means that pieces are not easily lost and they will not come apart irritatingly when you are trying to put it together.

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