32 Presents for Quirky People - Perfect for Friends/Colleagues

Updated on January 25th, 2021
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If you have a quirky friend and many of us do, then you might want to get them a wacky gift which really suits their personality. However, it is not always easy to know where to find this sort of thing and what sorts of things to get them. We have therefore put together a list of things which we think might be appropriate. We hope that you will find something that you like or it will inspire you to find the right gift for the person that you have in mind. We have made sure there are things at different prices too so there will be something to suit your budget.

32 Gift Ideas for Strange / Quirky Friends

This is a novelty gift. It is a Phrenology cat ornament to allow you to be able to read your cats mind. It will help you to understand why a cat does strange things, has a funny attitude or acts in a certain way. It can help you know where in their brain they have certain emotions, likes and dislikes as well as quirks. It is a really different gift which should amuse any quirky cat lover.

This is a really interesting mindfulness gift. It is a rustic jar with a fabric lid covering which has daily mindfulness tasks and challenges inside. It has 31 tasks in it, so one per day for a month and this should be enough to help a person form new habits of mindfulness in their life. Each task is deigned to be easy to carry out in any place at any time so that you are able to do them whenever and wherever suits you.

This is the board game Twister. It is such a fun game and really easy to play as well and suitable for children and adults. It is a fun game where players have to touch a circle of a certain colour with a particular hand or foot. You have to stretch and reach into all sorts of funny positions and if you fall down you will be out, so the last person to stay balanced will win the game.

This is a really quirky but practical gift for gardeners. The gardening gloves have plastic claws on some of the fingers. This means that they can easily be used to scrape the soil, dig down to remove weeds and things like this. They are made from 90% latex and 10% nylon and have four claws made from plastic on the right hand. There are waterproof and puncture resistant so they can withstand the toughest jobs.

This is a pair of quirky fun earrings that would suit anyone with a great sense of humour. They have goldfish in water bags on them, like the type you would get if you won a fish at the fair. They are really eye catching and there is a choice of orange or yellow fish. The earring has a hook so there is no back and they are really easy to place in and out of the ears

This is a pair of fish shaped flip flops or sandals. They look just like a fish and you slip your feet inside the head and your toes out of the mouth. There is a choice of colours so you can choose silver, green, blue, orange and pink and they come in a selection of child and adult sizes.  They are suitable for men and women, girls or boys and are great for wearing at the beach, by the pool or out and about in the summer.

This is a set of mini notes which scratch off and form rainbow writing. It comes with 150 sheets of black paper which is square in shape and black in colour. It comes with a pair of wooden styluses which you use to scratch the black off and make a pattern, picture or write a message. They can be used to make fun notes, or to give as little presents, stick on cards to make your own greeting cards or other fun things.

This is a lamp which is in the style of a high heeled shoe. It is a fun novelty idea which would look good on any dressing table. They have an LED light inside which is white or multicoloured and they have a jewellery hook inside so that you can display items and keep them neat and tidy inside the shoe. The main part of the shoe is white with a pink sole and the lights have a white or multicoloured option.

This is a phone screen cleaner in the shape of the cute Henry hoover. The cleaner is suitable for computers and smart phone screens. It is 8cm tall and made from microfibre. It is therefore a really useful item as well as being a lot of fun. The Henry hoover has a cute smiley face and a black top which looks like a hat. It has a cord where it can be hung up from something should you wish to.

This is a fun salt and pepper set. The two holders are people and one is white with one hole in for salt and the other is black which has three holes in for pepper. They are for ground salt and pepper. The two people sit on a swing seat which has the words ‘Salt & Pepper’ written above it. It rocks back and forth but the people are held on with magnets so they do not fall off.

This is an unusual and colourful bumble bee brooch. It is made from metal and is painted in a colourful way. It has details such as wings in metal with brightly coloured areas. It is metal on the back with a pin the full length of the back. The pin locks carefully with a twist of the fastener. It is a funky colour and will certainly stand out when worn with any outfit.

This is a fun paperclip holder. It is a small model of Einstein which is grey but he is bald. His head is magnetic and you can place paperclips on it so you can hold them in one place and also make fun hairstyles for him. A fun and quirky desk accessory which will please anyone that uses lots of paper clips and want to keep them in a handy place that is easy to access.

This is a beard grooming kit. It has everything you could ever need to keep your beard looking good and more as well. It has beard oil, a beard brush and comb, beard balm, beard wax, beard shampoo, beard and moustache scissors and a manual. Everything is designed to make sure that you can keep your beard soft, conditioned and smooth as well as well styled. A great gift for hipsters or anyone else with a beard!

This is a set of three odd socks for women. They have a really cute sloth design in pretty pastel, grey and white colours but they are all different. This means that if you lose or wear out one of them you will still be able to make up a pair of them. They fit women with a 4-8 shoe size and are made of 75% cotton. 13% polyester, 10% polyamide and 2% elastane.

This is a cat shaped door wedge. Great for anyone that likes cats or who wants something a bit quirky and different to hold open their door. It is black and made of iron and depicts a lying down cat. It also has a hole in so that you could thread some twine through it and hang it on the door handle when it is not needed, so it will not get lost.

This is a fun shimmering and colour changing infusing kit for gin. There are many gin lovers out there, it is growing in popularity so it can be a great gift idea. There is enough in the kit to make 15 bottles of gin which includes infusions, an infusion bag, flowers, sieve, pipette, shimmer, stirrers and full instructions. Give it with a bottle of gin to give the recipient something fun to do or infuse gin before you give it.

This is a jigsaw puzzle by Gibsons which is a fun novelty. It comes in what looks like a Pringles tin and inside are the puzzle pieces. The puzzle is double sided with one side that looks like a Pringles tin and one that looks like the inside. The pieces have a unique shape and some even look like actual Pringles. It has 250 pieces which are all made from recycled board.

This pair of novelty earrings look like zips. They are stud fitting earrings and come in different colours – orange, black, grey, black, white, yellow and ivory. The zip part is made from metal alloy but the fittings are silver plated so they are suitable for even the most sensitive ears. They measure 25 x 7mm and come in a branded box so all ready to give away as a gift.

This is a great fun novelty wall clock in the shape of a VW camper van. The van is multicoloured and has rainbow colours, flowers and the word peace on it. It has a second, minute and hour hand on it and they are white so they stand out well from the coloured and patterned background. It comes in a presentation box which means that it will make a great gift.

This is a fun, novelty loo roll holder in the shape of a giraffe. It is 41cm tall and handcrafted. It has a small body and short legs and a very long neck which the loo roll can be put on. It has a distressed brown finish so will fit in with any bathroom. It will hold two loo rolls or one kitchen paper roll. A fun and novelty gift for giraffe fans or for anyone that likes anything a bit different.

This is a suncatcher which is the shape of an owl. It is an orange coloured owl sitting on a brown branch which has a green leaf and some gems hanging below it. It is a handmade item which measures 20 x 15cm. It is made of resin and is transparent and so the light will shine through and this will look pretty in any window as it has a hook to hang it from a frame.

This is a fun eye mask which looks like frogs eyes. Great fun for anyone that likes to wear an eye mask to help to soothe them to sleep. You can even change it so that the eyes are open or closed, you can therefore make the frog wink or blink. It is made from polyester which is light and soft so it is really comfortable to wear. It is great for napping when it is light or for at night when you want complete darkness.

This is a fun water bottle which looks like a fire extinguisher. It is bright red on the main body and in white writing says ‘Gulp. Water Thirst Extinguisher. 750ml capacity’. The top is black so that it looks even more like the real thing. It has a built in straw with a flip up top to make it really easy to drink from. It is made from stainless steel and has an easy wipe clean outside. It even includes a 50p donation to WaterAid with every purchase.

This is a fun board game called quirky. It is a fast moving game where you need to be quick thinking. The object of the game is to win the most cards in the time allowed by giving answers which cannot be challenged successfully or by making a successful challenge by someone elses question. For example, you might have the question ‘which is the closest city you have been to’ and you answer and the others have to decide whether the answer is right or not.

This is a pair of really interesting cufflinks. They have a steampunk look with watch movements in them, which although do not work, still look really great. They are 17mm in diameter and are silver in colour and made from durable stainless steel. They look really interesting and come in an elegant storage/display box which is made of leather so they are perfect to giving to someone as a gift.

This is a drinking mug which is in a Viking style and is made from polished horn. It has the character ‘The Fenrir’ on the outside (although there are other designs available). It comes in either large or extra large.  It can be used but makes a lovely decorative item, as it is made by genuine ox horn and is on a wooden base attached with food standard epoxy resin. It comes in a burlap sack, so all ready for giving as a gift.

This is a novelty drinking glass. On the top it says ‘ring for prosecco’ and the bottom is a glass bell. This means that when you have finished your drink, you can ring for more. It measures 7.5cm x 16cm and so it is sized for an extra large glass of prosecco. It comes it a presentation box and so is all ready to give as a fun and quirky gift.

This is a novelty car dashboard ornament. It is in the shape of a cactus in a flowerpot with a big sombrero on (there is also the option to get a soldier or a sunbathing girl). When there is light it will automatically start moving. It is a fun and humorous design and something that many people will not have seen before so can make a really fun quirky gift for them.

This is a novelty pizza cutter which looks like a bicycle. It is effective as it can cut through even the thickest of pizza bases as it has a very sharp blade which is made from stainless steel so will not rust. It can go in the dishwasher so is really easy to clean. It will also look great, when being used, especially for parties or when there are guests over as it is an unusual design.

This is a fun game for up to four players. Each player holds a handle and listens to the music and watches the light. When the red light turns to green everyone has to test their reactions! They will all have to try to press their trigger quickly. The one that does it last gets an electric shock! This is a fun game to play with family or friends. Great for older teens, parties and other fun occasions.

This is an industrial looking lamp which is really unusual. It is made from a wrought iron pipe and sits on a piece of wood with an E27 screw-in Edison bulb inside it. It comes with a UK standard wire, on/off switch and plug so it is really easy to use and start to use. The unusual design makes it suitable for a great gift, especially for someone who likes things that are different.

This is a really cute pack of pencils in a box. The box has a matchstick design and says ‘matchstick pencils’ on it. Inside there are 8 wooden pencils which have a red rubber on the end which look like the red end of a match. They have a vintage style which will look great in any home and the gift will be suitable for lovers of stationery as well as those that like quirky gifts.

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