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Many people enjoy quizzing, whether they watch TV quizzes, go to pub quizzes or just enjoy a quiz book, crossword or something like that. If you know someone like that then you might be keen to buy them gifts which will complement their hobby. There are crossword puzzle books and quiz books, but you might want some that are different to the ones you have seen before or perhaps something quite different to what you have bought them before. We have therefore put together a list of things that you will be able to choose from. This will enable you to be able to pick something that you think that they will really like.

30 Fun Gift Ideas for Quiz Fans

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This is a puzzle book for gastronomes called the ‘Food and Wine Lovers Puzzle and Quiz book’. It contains a range of different puzzles such as logic problems, word search, crossword and more. It has over 200 puzzles which will appeal to anyone who likes their food and drink – who doesn’t?! This is will be a fun book to entertain, whether at home, on public transport, at work in lunch breaks or on holiday.

This is a ‘Garden Lovers Puzzle and Quiz Book’ and therefore the perfect book for anyone that really loves to garden or knows a lot about gardening. It includes over 180 different puzzles which all have a gardening theme such as arrowword, wordsearch, crossword, pathfinder, KrisKross and other quizzes. It has been put together by ‘Puzzle Media’ a leading puzzle supplier so is great quality and full of puzzles set by experts which are all fun to do.

This is the ‘Music Lovers Quiz’ which has 2000 questions which have been set by Cecil Hunt. This is a really interesting paperback quiz book that was written in 1947. It is a great book, not only for musicians or fans of music, particularly those that like classical music, but also for book collectors. So if the person likes vintage quiz books, classical music or puzzling in general then this will make a fascinating gift for them.

This is a specialist book ‘Ancient History Crossword Puzzle Book’ for archaeology lovers. This is a real specialist book which will either be great for someone who really enjoys this area or someone that wants to improve their knowledge in this specific area. It is a funny book too with all sorts of crosswords which are all themed around particular ancient civilisations. The book has answers at the back so even if the person is not that knowledgeable in these areas they can learn.

This is ‘The Ordnance Survey Puzzle Book: Pit your wits against Britain’s greatest map makers in your own home’. This is full of interesting puzzles based on 40 of the Ordnance Surveys best British maps. It has information about the first map they made in 1801, curious place names history and other interesting things through tests, word games, code-crackers, anagrams and mathematical conundrums. Great for geography lovers, travellers and anyone with an interest in maps and places.

This is a really interesting mug. It has 50 cryptic clues on it to popular film classics. So as they drink their tea or coffee they will be able to look at the pictures on the mug and see whether they can guess which film the picture is of. It is fun for film buffs and quiz lovers and can bring some fun and interest to morning coffee and afternoon tea times! There is also the option of buying a TV program one so you can get that as well or buy them the pair.

‘The Wine Quiz Book’ has 500 questions about wine so is great for anyone that loves being quizzed and also enjoys a tipple. Of course, it can also be great for anyone that loves their pub quizzes as you never know when a question about wine might crop up and so having a book where they can practice can be extremely useful. It will also be great for anyone that wants to improve their knowledge of wine.

Sudoku puzzles can be great fun but we all have to start somewhere with learning how to do them. This Sudoku for kids book is aimed at children from ages 6-8 so that they can learn how to solve them and practice which includes pro tips on solving them as well as solutions. Can make a great gift to keep children occupied on holiday, car journeys, school holidays etc. There are 200 puzzles so it should keep them quiet for a long time.

This is a fun version of Trivial Pursuit with a ‘Friends’ theme. This is a great set for anyone who loved the series when it first came out or who is now catching up with it again or watching it new now it is being repeated. There are 600 questions based on the hit TV show and it can be a great game for parents to pay with their teenage children as they all may have seen the show. It is a bite sized game with an easy to carry wedge case.

This is a ‘Dog Trivia’ book with quiz questions for dog lovers of all ages. It has six sections of quiz questions totalling 150 altogether. It is a compact book, so great for taking to places such as on car journeys, holidays, appointments etc and you will be able to check your ranking when you are done to see whether you are an expert, pro, semi-pro or apprentice with regards to your dog knowledge.

This is a Top Trivia game by Cheatwell Games. There are different themes such as general knowledge. Music, sport, TV & films, and ultimate top trivia. There are 1000 questions in each set so you will have plenty to do. You can choose to play in teams or individually and there are 20 questions and answers per card. It is a great travel game which you can play in the car, on holiday or take for children to use when visiting relatives to keep them off their phones!

This is the ‘Quizzers’ game for children from the age of six years plus. It is suitable for 2-4 players and measures 36 x 7 x 30cm and has different cognitive aspects to it. It combines an app and board game and the app will take into account the players age and give them questions that they are likely to know based on what they have been learning in school. It will also give them reasoning and concentration tasks.

This is a set of brightly coloured buzzers in red, yellow, green and blue. Each has a different sound a buzz, siren, laser and charge. This means that you can use them to play any fun game. It can help children to stay engaged in the game if they have a fun buzzer to press. Works great with any quiz and you can make your own game show or use them with a quiz book or quiz game for lots of fun.

This is a fun kids quiz book to test their Mental Maths. It is suitable for children aged 7-9 years of age. It covers the school curriculum so they should know the answers to the questions, or the methods that they need to work out the different questions. It has a simple layout and lots of colours to make it more appealing to children. It has a colour in your score area to add more fun to it and there are handy hints throughout.

This is a family quiz game called ‘Kids vs Parents: do you know your family?’. It is a game for parents to play with children of different ages. There are two teams, children against parents and there are lots of questions about their everyday lives. There are cards with questions which means that it is a game that can be played anywhere, no need for a table so great in a car or anywhere else. The idea is to collect as many cards as you can to win.

This is ‘The Chase 10th Anniversary Quizbook’ It has facts, profiles, and stories in it from the show as well as over 2500 questions for fans to answer. Great for fans of the show as well as for anyone that likes quizzes. It even features a foreword by the host Bradley Walsh and information about the top ten celebrity wins, top winning amounts, gaffs, odd answers, ad-libs and awkward moments.

This is a great book for football fans. It is ‘Football The Quiz Book: knowledge, quizzes, puzzles.’. It has all sorts of different activities such as team sheets, maps, secret codes, anagrams, quiz questions and much more. It will be great for a football fan, but also for a quizzer who needs to increase their football knowledge ready for that next pub or online quiz! Created by fans for fans.

This is ‘Only Connect: The Official Quiz Book’. This has an introduction by the host of the TV quiz Victoria Coren Mitchell and has been edited by Jack Waley-Cohen. It contains all sorts of questions including ones that have never been broadcast. It is split into sections like the questions in the show are: connections, sequences, the connecting wall and missing vowels. A great way to have a go at these questions at your own pace.

This is ‘The Great Book of Pub Trivia: Hilarious Pub Quiz & Bar trivia Questions: Volume 1’. This is great for family game nights or to brush up on your own trivia skills ready for when you go to your next quiz. They cover all sorts of question topics such as film, politics, science, history, fashion and more. The questions are quite long, giving lots of information so that you can hopefully more easily identify the answers but also learn lots of facts.

This is a pack of eight squeeze horns. They are made from plastic and come in a selection of colours. The idea is that you will be able to use them when you are asking quiz questions to a group of people so that they can indicate that they know the answer. A great way to stop people shouting the answer on top of each other and not knowing who said it first. Can also make children find quizzing much more fun.

This is a fast family quiz game called ‘Split Second’. It is a fast and furious game with 500 simple questions you have to race to release your paddle before your opponent does. It is for 3-6 players of age 8 years and up. As it is fast moving it means that children will not get bored when they are playing as they might with other games, especially when some people take so long with their turns!

The is a quiz book published by ‘The Times’ newspaper. This book has more than 4000 questions in more than 200 challenging quizzes from the MindGames section of The Times. It allows you to set yourself as quiz master and challenge others or just challenge yourself. There are different areas that questions are asked about such as geography, music, the arts, film, literature, sport, politics, science, history and wildlife with a teaser picture question at the end of each section.

This is a reception counter bell which will be a fun addition to any quiz. It is made from nickel plated metal and is silver in colour and designed to be long lasting. It can be great fun to have one or more of these while you are playing quiz games with family or friends. They can use them to indicate that they know the answer to the questions and it can add some fun to any quiz.

This is a fun childrens book of ‘Animal Quizzes’. It is a paperback book and has 500 questions with a mix of different topics but all related to animals. Things like dancing bees and the colour of a giraffes tongue are just a few of the obscure facts that you will learn from this book. It is a great book for children to quiz each other or adults and to learn all sorts of interesting things.

This is a ‘The Round Britain Quiz Book’ it has 250 challenging questions from Radio 4’s cult quiz show. The radio program started off as the first ever broadcast quiz in 1947 and sees six teams competing to solve cryptic clues. The book contains 250 of the toughest and most challenging questions that have been featured on the program over the last 70 years. The cryptic clues will really challenge everyone.

This is a quiz book called ‘Now That’s What I Call Music the Quiz!’ by Michael Mulligan. It will take you through years of pop music since the first Now album came out in 1983 and has questions on the music that has been featured in these albums as well as the big flops. From big well-known artists to one hit wonders, you will be quizzed on all sorts of pop music topics, great fun for all generations.

This is a book of ‘Richard Osman’s House of Games: 101 new and classic games from the hit BBC series’. There are all sorts of different types of questions based on the rounds from the TV show such as Roonerspisims, Venn Will I be Famous?, Dim Sums and Answer Smash. The questions have been curated by Richard Osman and Alan Connor and there is over 50 new and exclusive games to try out by yourself or with friends and family.

This is a fun quiz style camping sweatshirt. It has a question at the top ‘Are you happy?’ and there is a yes or no option. Under no it says ‘go camping’ under yes it says ‘keep camping’. It Is a black sweatshirt with white writing which is suitable for men or women in sizes small – 2XL. It is made from cotton and polyester so is soft and stretchy and can be washed in a washing machine.

This is ‘The Giant Popmaster Quiz Book’ based on the Radio 2 show hosted by Ken Bruce. The book allows you to be able to host the quiz in your own home, either with your family or friends or you can take it out and about with you or even use it as a pub quiz. Of course it could just be used by someone to quiz themselves as well.

This is a set of Movie Trivia Cards, which will allow you to test your knowledge using 100 questions. It is a great way to test movie knowledge for any film buff but also to use as a family quiz, to quiz your friends or something like that. You can even use them to improve your movie knowledge if you find that you struggle when it comes to a film round in the pub quiz or TV quiz show, you can improve your knowledge with these trivia cards.

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