29 Presents for Racketball Players of All Ages

By Louise
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Racketball is growing in popularity and this means that it is likely that you might know someone who enjoys playing it. However, if you do not play yourself then you might not know very much about it. This means, that if you want to buy them a gift that is related to this hobby, you may find that you will struggle to work out what to buy them. This is why we have put together this list. There are lots of different items in the list and this means that you will be able to pick something that you feel will suit the person that you have in mind.

29 Gift Ideas for Racketball Fans

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This is a box of three racketball balls. They are made by Dunlop and so are good quality balls and they are engineered using N-1SR3 construction technology. They are black with the Dunlop pro logo on them and they are designed for players that are intermediate or advanced level, as they are a double dotted ball (the balls have different bounce in the same way as squash balls). They come in a cardboard box.

This is a racketball set. It comes with a pair of rackets with cases and a set of balls. The rackets are made from carbon fibre and have a 690cm squared head size and are 190g with a light head. There is also a box of Dunlop balls included and there are three balls in the box. A great starter set for someone that wishes to play or to provide spares for them.

This is a racketball racket made by Head. It is 106 inches square on the head and the frame weighs 165g. The beam width is 21mm and it has a 275 balance which is even. It is 22 inches in length and is strung with MegaBlast 16. It is supplied with a full length cover, which will help to keep it protected when it is being transported so it will not get scratched.

This is a racketball racket made by Dunlop. It is a Disruptor One 65 model number 762078 and it is black and yellow on the frame with the Dunlop logo printed on it. It features Dunlop’s biometric technologies, as well as a power max string pattern for longer main strings and additional power. The frame weight is 165g and it has a head heavy balance. It is the most powerful Dunlop racket.

This is a set of racket handle tape. In the pack you get five tapes and they are all different colours – black, blue, red, yellow and purple. They are 44.5″ x 1″ x 0.03″ and therefore fit lots of different types of rackets. It is made from PU fabric and gives a good grip and is easy to clean but is also breathable with small holes for perspiration.

This is a box of racketball balls. They are made by Technifibre and there are three balls in the box. They are competitor level balls but they are slower and less bouncy, which means that they really help to improve performance. They are suitable for beginners and club players and they come in a branded cardboard box, which makes them easy to wrap up before giving away as a gift.

This is a special backpack for holding equipment for racquet sports. It has padded shoulder straps to make it nice and easy and comfortable to carry. It is made from 600 denier polyester fabric, which means that it is durable and it measures 12 x 6.5 x 18.5 inches in size. It has a pocket that can hold up to two standard sized rackets as well as a zipped pocket for small items and a mesh water bottle pocket.

This is a Wilson blade racketball racket. It is made of graphite and weighs 174 grams. It has a 101 inch head size and is 22 inches long. It has synthetic gut strings made by Wilson. It has a 14 x 18 string pattern. There is a micro dry grip on the handle and it is supplied with a head cover to make sure that the strings and frame are protected when it is being transported or stored.

This is a pair of eye protector goggles for use in sports. They are made by Wilson and specially designed for wearing in squash or racketball. They have clear polycarbonate lenses and has a wraparound style, to provide ultimate protection without blocking peripheral vision. They have an elastic band to keep them in place around the head, so they will not slip off during the game even when moving fast.

This is a racketball glove for a right hand. It is black, grey and white and was designed by an orthopedic hand surgeon. It is made from high grade, washable goat’s skin leather and therefore provides good grip. It has padding on the knuckle to protect from contact with the floor and wall and the pad evens out the pressure across the whole hand from the palm. Comes in sizes small – XXL.

This is a pair of black wristbands made by Nike with the Nike swoosh on them. They come in one size and are stretchy, which means that they will fit most people. They are suitable for all sorts of sports and great for using with a racket to stop sweat from the arm dripping down on the handle. But can also be used to mop the forehead during play. They even have free delivery.

This is a set of sports socks. The are made by Champion and are white with the Champion logo on them. They come in sizes 3-5, 6-8 and 9-11 and there are other colour options too, you can choose black or a mix of black and white or black, grey and white. They are made from soft, breathable cotton (76% cotton, 23% polyester and 1% elastane) and use double dry technology to prevent moisture build up.

This is a sweatband made by Nike. It comes in different colours and styles. There is a white headband with black swoosh, a think grey wristband with black swoosh and two long wristbands in black or grey or a pair of purple wrist bands. They all have an embroidered swoosh Nike logo in contrasting colours to the bands. They are made from a cotton blend, so they are absorbent and stretchy and are machine washable.

This is a pair of shorts made by Lacoste. They are available in men’s sizes XS to 5XL and in different colours – black, grey, blue or dark grey. They are made from a cotton and polyester mix, which means that they are soft and comfortable to wear and are also machine washable. They have an elasticated waist with drawstring fastening. They are roughly knee length depending on the height of the wearer.

These are compression calf guards or sleeves. They come as a pair and can be worn for all sorts of sports. They are black with a red and grey pattern on them and come in sizes small – XL. They are designed to provide comfort as well as speedy recovery and they can be useful for those people that are prone to injury as well as helping combat deep vein thrombosis.

This is a set of short sleeved t-shirts for men. They come in a selection of different colours and there are three in each pack, so you can choose from all black, all grey or a mix of colours such as black, white, grey, red or blue. They are made from 100% polyester mesh fabric and therefore are moisture wicking to help keep the wearer comfortable during exercise, They are also light weight and have a relaxed fit in sizes small – XXL.

This is a women’s full support sports bra with racerback. It comes in sizes 32-42 with cup sizes B – DD and there are lots of different colours to choose from. There is underwire to provide lots of support, but the cups are foam lined for comfort. The fabric is moisture wicking to keep the wearer comfortable and the straps are adjustable, so that it can be fitted perfectly to size.

This is a pair of men’s trainers made by Hi-Tec. They are classic fit and designed for indoor racket sports such as – squash and racketball. They come in white and dark green and are made from a PU suede upper, which has mesh and there is a textile inner. It has a gum rubber sole which has a decent grip but is non marking. It has a lace up closure for a perfect fit and comes in sizes 9-14.

This is a pair of unisex sports shoes for indoor sports such as racketball. They come in white with pink or blue trim or in black and in sizes 3.5 – 10.5. It has a moisture absorbent and air permeable mesh fabric lining and a lace up fastening, so it is easy to tie securely and there are two pairs of laces provided in contrasting colours . It has an insole which is removable.

This is a notebook which has a black cover and in white it says ‘Sorry, I Cant I have Racketball’. It is 8.5 x 11 inches in size and is college ruled, which means that it can be used for all sorts of things. It can be used as a standard notebook, diary, journal etc. It has a soft cover and has 132 pages, so there is plenty of room to do all sorts of writing inside – perhaps even keeping match score records.

This is a book called ‘Racquetball Basics : Your Quick Start Guide to Success’ by Lisa Mallon. It is a simple book which is easy to read and has all sorts of information such as: the history of the game, equipment to use, rules, grip, how to serve, defence, how to win, finding a coach, avoiding injuries and much more. Useful for beginners but also those that want to advance their game.

This is a 66fit reaction ball. It is small and 7cm in size. The idea is that the ball helps you to improve your hand eye coordination and therefore your speed and agility for all sorts of racket sports. It is used by sports professionals and therefore will help to improve everyone’s performance. It is shaped so that it will bounce randomly in any direction to help players to react quickly.

This is a gyroscopic wrist exerciser. It is designed to help to strengthen the wrist, as well as arms and shoulders and to improve grip. It has a plastic shell with a drop resistant stainless steel rotor axle, which means that it will spin up to 16,000rpm. It has two starting cords for quick and easy activation. It can be easily carried in the pocket for a workout at any time.

This is a Gearlifee cooling sports towel. It comes in blue, grey or red and is made from a soft and lightweight fabric which is nonslip. It has a mesh design and has a water absorption layer, water locking layer and dehumidification layer, so it produces a very quick cooling effect. It is also quick drying and UPF 50. It chills instantly and will stay chilled for up to 3 hours, so quickly reduces the body temperature. Comes with a silicone storage bag.

This is a black hoodie which says on it in white ‘Keep calm and love racketball’. It is available in sizes small – XXL and is made from 65% cotton, so is comfortable and soft to wear. It has a club collar and long sleeves and is a regular fit. It is printed using quality printing methods and would make a great gift for a fan of the sport whether they play or just watch.

This is a baseball cap which is cream in colour and has a motif showing two crossed rackets in white with a yellow ball. It is made from cotton denim fabric and has an adjustable fit design, which means that it can easily fit different head sizes. It is a useful item to wear to keep the face shaded from the sun and has ventilation holes to help to keep the head cool. Great for fans or players of any racket sports.

This is a travel mug with a lid. It is made from stainless steel and says on it ‘If you want me to listen to you talk about racketball’ and has two rackets pictured on it. It has a black plastic base, handle and lid, which are insulated to make it easier to hold and the lid rotates to reveal a drinking hole. Fits in most vehicle cup holders. Keeps liquids hot or cold.

This is a coffee mug which is white and 11oz in size. Printed on it is a picture of a person with a racket and it says ‘racket ball is my best friend’ on it. It is a ceramic mug and the printing is on both sides. It is suitable for hot or cold liquids and so will make an ideal gift for anyone, whether they like tea, coffee, hot chocolate or cold beverages.

This is a stainless steel water bottle made by Aorin. It is available in different sizes – 350, 500 or 750ml and will keep a drink cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. They come in a big range of colours and are a great alternative to disposable water bottles and cups. It has a strong seal and will not leak. It has an opening large enough to take ice cubes to keep drinks really cool.

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