26 Presents for Retro Gaming Fans

By Louise
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We probably all know someone that used to be into gaming or possibly still is. It can be fun to therefore buy them a gift that is related to gaming in some way. We have put together a list of gifts that we think will really appeal to anyone that was or is into retro games, which could appeal to those that played them at the time or maybe are fans of them now. Hopefully you will find the list inspiring and will find something which you think will work well as a gift. We have a good selection to suit all tastes.

26 Gift Ideas for Retro Gamers of All Ages

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This is a retro games console. It is a 843 classic games console with 2 USB game controllers. It has 43 games included and there is a manual and all the cards and cables that you will need to play. It has a linux operating system and you can download extra games if you wish to. Could be a fun gift for someone who wants to play some retro games.

This is a mini classic games console which includes hundreds of built in games. It is a mini size and has dual controllers and connects to a television. The pack includes – a console, two controllers, a cable to connect it to a TV and an AC plug. Includes Mortal Kombat 4, Tetris 2, Galaga, Bubble Bobble 2, Contra Force, Double Dragon 2, Robocop and many more. Games are of the style of the Atari or Commodore, so graphics and music will bring back memories!

This is a retro arcade games console. It includes over a hundred games and you can add more yourself if you wish and it supports multi players. It is compatible with HD monitors and televisions and has stick and button controls. The control panel can be plugged in to the USB socket. It has a speaker, non-slip feet and can support up to four players. It comes with all the cables needed to get it working.

This is a Sega Maga Drive Mini. It includes 40 classic games such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Earthworm Jim, Streetfighter 2, Comix Zone, Streets of Rage, Gun Star Heroes, Toejam & Earl, Columns, Strider and many more. It comes with two controllers as well as a power cable and an HDMI cable.  This will bring back great memories for someone who used to enjoy these games and wants to try them again or play with their children.

This is a handheld games console made by CZT. It has a 4.3 inch screen which is full colour and is backlit, which means that it can be played everywhere. It fits nicely in the palm of your hand and has control buttons on either side of the screen. It has built in stereo speakers, cables, camera and over 1200 games already installed and you can download more too if you wish.

This is a retro games controller. It has a mini joystick and A B buttons on it as well as a start and restart. It comes with a selection of retro games preloaded such as Racing Fighter, Aerial Warfare, Police vs Thief, PongPong, Space Base, Wonderball and Apple Chess.   There are also cables so that it can be connected to your television set. Takes 3 x AAA batteries. It is small and compact so it is portable too.

This is a book called ‘Retro Gaming : A Byte Sized History of Video Games’ by Mike Diver. It would be a fun book for someone that used to play games and is keen to relive those memories of the different characters, games, consoles and franchises. It includes highs and lows of these sorts of games starting from the early Atari games and home classics from the 1970’s right up to much newer games such as Halo and Tomb Raider.

This is a short sleeved t-shirt which says on it ‘Old School Gamer’ with a picture of a console and says ‘classically trained born to play’ on the front of it. It comes in a selection of different colours such as: dark grey, black, red, white, yellow, blue and brown and in sizes small – XXL.  It has a round neck and is made from ring spun cotton which has been ethically sourced.

This is a lamp with a retro display which says ‘Game Over’ on it. The words change colour, with ‘game’ always in white but ‘over’ can be red, blue, green, orange, cyan, yellow or magenta. You can choose colour changing mode or just static colour or it can flash in time to the beat of your music. It is 30cm x 16cm and comes with a USB cable to power it.

This is a retro gaming mat. It includes RCA and power cables and has AB buttons, start and restart as well as a large button with arrows on. You can stand on the mat and plug it into your television to control games with your feet. It has hundreds of games on it which means that there is lots to choose from. Fun for all the family, might be great to get people exercising and playing games.

This is a fun retro gaming keyboard. It is LED backlit so looks fun and has 104 keys. It is high quality and has a vintage style but is shiny and looks good. It has 19 different lighting effects and you can even adjust the brightness using a button on the keyboard and there is also one for music, so you can switch tracks and change the volume. It is compatible with most computer systems, Windows, Android and Apple.

This is a fun pack of boxer shorts with a retro gaming theme. There are Four pairs in the pack and they are black, grey and white and each has a black waistband with space invaders or pacman on them. TheY are available in sizes small – extra large and are made from a polyester, cotton and elastane mix, so they wash well in the machine.  A fun and practical gift idea.

This is a Haynes retro arcade construction kit. In the style of the original Haynes books – this is a model building kit. It has all the parts that you need to build your own retro gaming device. It is easy to assemble with wiring and parts and is suitable for children over the age of fourteen years old. It comes with a coin slot, sound effects and uses the LED screen for Pong tennis and you can play with someone else or against the computer.

This is a cute Super Mario style mushroom light. It is red with a white dot on it and cute little eyes and will make the level-up sound from the game when you switch it on. It glows a soft red colour and measures 11.5cm high and 10.5cm wide so it is really small and cute. It takes 2 x AAA batteries. It is an officially licensed product and suitable for children over the age of six years.

This is a fun door sign. It is black and says ‘Gamer inisde’ with a picture on a controller on it. There is a message underneath which can be revealed by sliding across a little panel. On one side on a red background it says ‘Leveling up, do not disturb!’ and on the other side on a green background it says ‘player 2 welcome, please knock.’ It measures 22.7 x 12 x 1 cm.

This is a fun mug for a gamer. It is white and has the official Playstation logo on the main part of the mug. The handle is designed to look like a controller. It is 300ml and measures 9 x 15 x 11cm in size. It is made from ceramic and comes in a decorative box, so it makes an ideal gift that you will not even need to wrap up!

This is a fun lighter which is matte dark blue in colour and says on the lid in blue pixel writing ‘arcade veteran’ on the base it has all sorts of cute characters from arcade games as well as ‘press start’ and ‘game over’ on it. It is a windproof lighter too with a lifetime guarantee, so is a quality product which is practical as well as lots of fun.

This is a metal keychain in a silvery grey colour. The pendant is in the shape of a classic Playstation console controller and it has a chain and metal ring attached. It would work well with keys as a standard keychain, but also as a bag charm or just a fun collectible item. It is official Sony licensed merchandise and comes with a card backing. It even comes with free delivery.

This is a fun baseball cap. It is mainly black with a green peak, yellow button on the top and the words ‘Nintendo 64’ and logo sewn onto the front in its classic red, yellow, green and blue colours. It has airflow holes for comfort and a snapback, so that you can alter the size to fit all head circumferences. It is 100% cotton and can be handwashed if it needs to be cleaned.

This is a wallet which is in the shape of a Sony Playstation. It has the logo on it as well and the design includes the buttons. It is grey in colour and is a bifold wallet. It has a pop stud fastening and inside there are slots for cards and notes as well as a zippered part for coins. It is an officially licensed product and even comes with free shipping.

This is a pair of classic gaming controllers. They are compatible with Nintendo 64 N64 systems and have the classic ‘M’ style shape in bright yellow. They have 10 function buttons including left, right and Z-trigger and there is a thumb joystick and a directional pad. The design means that you are able to play all of the old console games. It works well as a replacement or backup controller for your N64.

This is a fun face mask with a retro gaming design. It is black with space invader characters printed on it in all sorts of bright colours in a pixelated design. It has white elastic ear straps. It is suitable for men, women or children as one size fits most people and it is manufactured with a filter fabric which is microfibre. Makes wearing a facemask more fun and hopefully will bring a smile to the face of people that see you wearing it.

This is a twin pack of lounge pants made by Keanu, which both have a retro games design. One is black and the other grey. The grey pair have games controllers on them and the black pair have the characters from various games. They have an elasticated waist with tie and they come in men’s sizes small – 3XL. They are made from a cotton and viscose blend so are soft and comfortable.

This is an inflatable chair with a retro games console inspired design. It is mainly black but has buttons printed on it from a retro game console controller. It is 32 x 31 x 5cm in size and has arms and a head rest for added comfort. It comes boxed so it is easy to wrap and is all ready to inflate and use. It comes with free delivery as well.

This is a Bluetooth speaker with a retro design. It comes in a choice of colours such as pink, black, blue, white and green and it has a screen which can be programmed to show pixel art in a retro gaming style. It has six large keys on the front of it and looks like an old fashioned computer. It also has a clock and is a radio which can give you notifications.

This is a set of eight drinks coasters which look like NES cartridges. They have eight different games on them such as Zelda, Mario Bros, Duck Hunt, Metroid, Donkey Kong, Excitebike and super Mario. They are made from thick card and are suitable for protecting a surface from scratches, stains and coffee rings.  They can be used for hot or cold drinks and they are double sided. They are officially licensed Nintendo products.

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