29 Presents for Robots & Robotics Lovers

By Louise
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If you know someone that is a techie or really loves robots then you may be keen to buy them one as a gift. Whether they are child or adult, it can still be quite tricky knowing what you should buy them. There are fortunately quite a few choices and we have put together a list to help you to see what sorts of things are available, so that it is easier for you to tube. We hope that it will help you to find the right gift and we have purposely picked things at different price levels to suit all budgets.

29 Presents for Robot Fans

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This is a special learning robot. It is designed to help to develop fine motor skills in children and also improve their creativity. It supports STEM learning. It has nuts and bolts as well as a tool to build it into different designs of robot. There are decorative stickers as well. It has a cute face and is suitable for children from 36 months old to 7 years of age.

This is a toy robot which has a remote to control it and you can talk through it as well. It has sound effected and fun accessories and children can use it to trick and prank others. It comes with a remote control and it even has a little tray so that items can be put on it. This means that it can be used to fetch and carry things.

This is a Robo Kombat twin pack. They are a pair of battling robots, so having two means that they will be able to start fighting immediately with their power fists. They can do all sorts of cool moves and they even have punching sound effects and LED illuminated eyes. There are two gameplay modes as well where they can battle with AI or battle with friends. They come with a controller each and are very durable.

This was Winner of Educational Toy of the Year and is a fun robot arm which can be built without any special tools. The idea is to build it and then play with it and it is based on a real industrial robot arm. It can lift small objects into the air. There are additional alternative builds that you can also make with it including a chopper and a scorpion so it can be taken apart and reconstructed in different ways.

This is a cute robot dog. It will sit down, roll over and things like that as well as pant, bark and wag its tail. It can do tricks and there is an app to download to teach it even more. It can be controlled by a choice of voice, app and touch. It can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker if you ask it to play music and the puppy will also dance along.

This is a robot which comes in a choice of either pink or blue. It is can understand hand gestures, dance, sing and avoid obstacles when it is programmed. There are pre programmed sequences as well or you can program it yourself. It comes with a remote control so you can instruct it to go in different directions. Has built in rechargeable batteries is 26.5 x 16cm and comes in a box.

This is a kit to build a smart robot car. It is designed for children to use and they will not only learn how to build it but also about electronics and assembling as well as robotics and programming. It is a fun ty which will also teach them skills. It has obstacle avoidance and line tracing and can be controlled using an app or remote control. Comes with full instructions and tutorials can also be downloaded.

This is a the WowWee MiP robot in white. It has cute light up eyes and wheels either side so it can move along. It is 18cm in size and there is a free app that can be downloaded to go with it so that it can be used to do extra things. It is suitable for children aged 8 years and over and will need 4 x AAA batteries to make it work.

This is a laser cut 3D wooden jigsaw puzzle which fits together to make the shape of a robot, although there are other shape options available. It has a built in music box as well and the top rotates as it plays. It has lots of lovely smooth pieces and there are 221 of them so it will take some time to put together. Once together the arms and legs will move and it can stand or sit.

This is a solar powered curiosity rover. It is a 3D jigsaw puzzle made of smooth wood pieces and there are 177 pieces. It comes with all the tools needed to put it together and will take about 5 hours to construct in total. It is suitable for adults and children over the age of 14 years. No batteries needed as the solar panel will power it. It measures 175 x 85 x 100mm when assembled.

This is a 12 in 1 solar robot. It can be put together in 12 different ways to make robots of different shapes and sizes. It is suitable for children aged 8-10 years of age and it comes with a solar panel to power the wheels. Not only does the child have fun, they learn to construct things, learn about gears and motors and about green energy all at the same time.

This is Pixy an interactive robot which is really cute. It has a coloured screen so that it can show all sorts of emotions and animations. There are ten game modes as well and these are chosen by inserting cubes into the back. The robot will recognise the cube and do the activity such as line following, sumo, escape, chase prey, dance or avoid obstacles. It has energy saving Bluetooth compatible with some devices and an app.

This is a dinosaur robot which has touch sensors and intelligent interaction. It has a remote control and there is a fight mode and it can also roar, dance and fight. It can slide and rotate as well as hake its head and wag its tail. It is based on a tyrannosaurus and has Led eyes and vivid sounds. It even launches sucker bullets when in fight mode and taking battle action.

This is a robot toy which can be challenged to games or be used to explore the area. It has code lab which means that it can be coded up to do different things. It is designed for those that are new to coding so it is not complex and it is also a lot of fun. The robot is tough and durable so can withstand being played with. He recognises people and pets as well as exploring his environment.

This is a robot vacuum cleaner. It is super thin and is quiet and self charging. It will clean hard floors and medium pile carpets. It can be controlled using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and so no effort needs to be made at all. It has a boost function if you need extra cleaning power. It vacuums for up to 100 minutes on one charge and comes with the rechargeable batteries, charging base, power adaptor, cleaning tool, filters, brushes and instructions.

This is a short sleeved t-shirt with a robot rave alpha moonbase design on it. It comes in a choice of black, navy blue, charcoal, dark chocolate or red with white print on it. It comes in sizes small – 3XL and is made from 100% cotton which means that it is comfortable to wear and fits well. The quality print is durable and it can go in a washing machine.

This is a cool face mask with a robot design. It is made from white fabric with adjustable white toes for behind the ears. The print is a very small robot pattern with different colours such as green and orange. The mask measures 6.75 inches in length and 5.25 inches in height and offers five layers of protection. There is a slot to insert a filter if required and a flexible nose band.

This is a short sleeved men’s t-shirt which has a robot design. It comes in either blue or green and has a yellow robot depicted on it. It is a regular fit shirt with a round neck and comes in sizes small to 5XL. It is made form 100% cotton so it is soft and comfortable to wear. A great gift for anyone that likes robots which us also practical and fun.

This is a fun apron for children with a robot design on it. It has a waist tie and neck loop which are grey/blue and the main apron is navy blue. On the front it says ‘I’m full of bright ideas!’ and there are all sorts of space designs with a big colourful robot in the middle. It is made from 100% cotton and has a PVC coating which means that it keeps the wearer clean and dry.

This is a fun apron which comes in a selection of colours such as black, black denim, indigo denim. Pink, red and royal blue. It has a white design on the top of it which is a Venn diagram with zombies, aliens and robots on it. It is made from a mix of polyester and cotton which means that it is durable and comfortable. It has a neck loop with an adjustable buckle and adjustable waist ties so that it fits most people.

This is a white ceramic 10oz mug with a ‘C’ handle. It says on it ‘you’d be more interesting if you were a robot’ in black with a picture of a little robot on it. It is printed at a high quality and is suitable for hot and cold drinks. It can go in the dishwasher and the microwave so makes a very practical gift as well as a fun one.

This is a blue robot mug. It is an unusual design as the mid actually looks like a robot with the handle being one of the robots arms and all sorts of dials and buttons painted on the front. It is a really fun mug – great for a child that loves robots and they could use it to keep things in, such as ones or to have their drinks from. Beautifully bright and a good price as well.

This is a self stirring mug which comes in white, black, blue, green, yellow or pink. It has a button on it and you just press it to start it stirring up the drink. The mug has a lid so that the drink will not spill while it is mixing up. It is made form high quality stainless steel and food grade plastic so it is safe to use and durable.

This is a poster which is a picture of a Banksy robot graffiti artist. It is printed on rich premium satin paper which is 260gsm. The size means that it should be easy to find a frame if you wish to put it in one or you could just attach it to the wall as it is. Shipped in a cardboard tube, rolled up to make sure that it arrives in good condition.

This is a fun pair of curtains with a robot design. They are 89inches long by 110 inches wide (together) and you get the two panels. They are fun and bright with the backing material being white and the robots being printed on in bright colours. It has a 2.5 inch rod pocket at the top so they just slide onto the pole. They can be washed in a washing machine as well.

This is a cute pram toy made by LaMaze which is a robot. It is a cuddly toy which is soft and has a head that twists which has a different face on. It also has bright colours, ribbons, mirror, beads and rings on it which will help to keep baby busy and also help develop their senses. Has a big hook on the top to attach it to the pushchair or pram.

  This is a fun set of temporary tattoos which are all robot designs. The pack contains 14 sheets of tattoos which are each 12 x 7.5cm in size. There are loads of tattoos on each and they are safe to use and temporary, lasting 3-5 days although they can be removed quickly with oil or soap and water. They are brightly coloured with all sorts of fun designs on them.

This is a set of reward stickers for children which all have cute and brightly coloured robots on them. There are 144 stickers in total with 6 per ack. They come in a resealable cellophane bag so they stay clean and dry. Each park also contains a collectors chart. The stickers are each 30mm in diameter. They just have a robot on with no message so could also be given as gifts for party bags etc,

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