30 Gift Ideas for Rock Painters of All Ages

By Louise
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There are lots of people, particularly families that have started to enjoy the new trend of rock painting. Whether they are painting rocks to keep or to hide for others to find, they will find it a lot of fun. This could mean that when it comes to buying them a gift, you want to buy them something that will fit with this hobby of theirs. It might be a bit tricky to decide what to buy though and so we have put together a list of items, in the hope that there will be something suitable for the person that you have in mind. There is a big range of items and prices, so there should be something that you will be inspired by.

30 Presents for Rock Painters

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This is a pack of rock pens. They are paint pens which are formulated for using on all sorts of materials such as: glass, canvas, resin, ceramic etc and will work on rocks as well. There are 18 vibrant colours and they have reversible tips, so you can pick a bullet or chisel tip depending on how detailed the work is that you are doing. Colours include pastels, neons and metallics.

This is a 55 piece rock painting set which includes a range of different items. There is a paint palette, 4 brushes of different sizes, 12 paints, 2 line drawing pens, 2 display brackets, 4 glitter gel pens, 16 self adhesive eyes, 1 jewel sticker sheet and two other sticker sheets, a sponge and some wood pieces. There is enough to make all sorts of different designs on the stones and pebbles and there are six supplied to start you off.

This is a Baker Ross set of stones for painting. The stones are all smooth so have a great surface for painting on and each is about 7cm in size. They are best to use with acrylic paint and then a satin varnish and these items will have to be purchased separately. The stones come in a strong bag and there are ten of them, so plenty for a child to get started with and have lots of fun.

This is a glow in the dark rock painting kit. It contains everything that you need including 4 rocks, 4 acrylic paints, glow in the dark paint, a paintbrush, a dotting tool and a book. The book contains a step by step guide to how to decorate the stones to make them look like the ones on the box. You may need to add a few more colours of paint and perhaps use larger stones to get the effects shown.

This is a starter kit to paint your own neon stones. It contains 4 large river stones, 2 acrylic paints, 3 neon paints, 2 fine paintbrushes, 5 dotting tools and a 24 page book. The book has the instructions to make the stones look like the designs on the front of the boy. They work together with other paints and stones well, so that you can make all of the designs shown in the book.

This is a set of pebbles which are designed for painting on. They are large stones – 40-80mm in size and are smooth, so they are ready to paint. There are smaller sized ones as well if you would rather. They are clean and white so they work with all colours of paint. They will also help to make brightly coloured designs really show up. There are 5-10 rocks in the package which is 1.9kg in weight.

This is a mandala painting tool with a dotting stencil. It has 5 quality dotting tools in the set and 6 dotting stencils to make round mandala designs on rocks. The stencils are different sizes and they will help to ensure that the patterns stay symmetrical. There is also a selection of dotting tools, so that it is really easy to create some really lovely patterns on your stones. The stencils are really durable so can be reused lots of times.

This is a book by Aimee Jamond called ‘Rock Painting: How to Paint Stones & Increase your Creativity with Animal, Flowers & Faces While Being Artistic!’. It has information about the history of rock painting benefits, rock selection, best places to get free rocks, preparing the stones, tools, equipment & supplies, paint brushes, sketching designs and painting the right way. There are also projects to get you started. Good for beginners to get them started.

This is a detail brush set. It includes a selection of 9 miniature brushes so that you can put details on to your paintings. They have ergonomic handles to make it easier to hold them when you are using them. They also come in a carry case which pops up, so that it is easy to get the brushes in and out of it. You can choose between black or wine red brushes although the carrier is always black.

This is a magical animal rock painting set for children. It has lots of ideas of animal designs that can be used for painting rocks. It includes the paints and transfer stickers for making 8 different animal design rocks and is suitable for children aged eight years and over. Makes a great gift idea for artistic children or ones that specifically like painting rocks particularly if they also like animals.

This is a selection of white or ivory coloured beach stones. They are natural stones and therefore vary in size but are approximately 30-40mm and are smooth. The pack will contain 1kg of stones, so the amount will vary depending on the size of them. The stones can be used for all sorts of purposes but they are also useful for painting on. They are designed for gardens or ponds but the smooth surface and pale colours could mean that they will be good for painting.

This is a special spray of crystal clear gloss. It seals and protects artwork to make sure that it is long lasting. It is quick drying and will not yellow and is also durable but most importantly clear. It can be used on all sorts of painted surfaces such as: wood, metal or ceramics for a professional finish and could be useful to put on painted rocks as well, so that the designs last and weather better if they are kept outside.

This is a pair of decorating gloves made by Black Rock. They are in the size L/XL, are tear resistant and have grips on them. This means that it is possible to have a good grip on a paintbrush or other tools when wearing them. They could be worn for all sorts of art and craft work including rock painting to keep the hands clean and dry while doing it.

This is a selection of natural black river stones. The pebbles are 460g altogether so the quantity will vary depending on their sizes. The size tends to be between 30 x 20 x 10mm and 65 x 45 x 25mm in size and there will probably be around 9-12 in the pack. They are natural stones so there will be some scratches and cavities on them, but they will still have a good surface for painting.

This is a book called ‘The Art of Stone Painting: 30 Designs to Spark Your Creativity’ by F Bac. The books has all sorts of ideas for decorating such as: trees, flowers, animals, mandalas, geometric patterns, holiday motifs and many more. There are some simple projects as well as more advanced and the book will therefore appeal to painters of different skill levels and it is great to get inspiration as it has coloured pictures throughout.

This is a book by Lin Wellford called ‘Rock Painting for Kids: Painting Projects for Rocks of any Kind you can Find’. There are all sorts of different designs such as: rockasaurs, stone buildings, rockburgers and other food, flowers, teddy bears and other projects. The book teaches you how to sketch out your idea on the rock with a pencil and then paint in the details.  Has coloured photos throughout to make it easy to see what to do.

This book is called ‘Mandala Stones: 50 Inspirational Designs to Paint’ by Natasha Alexander. It has 50 different designs that you can have a go at including geometric patterns, as well as nature inspired motifs and spiritual symbols. Each is achieved by painting dots onto a stone or pebble. There are no special tools needed just some smooth stones and some paint. There are lots of photos to help you.

This is a set of tools which can be used for making dots on art, for texture in pottery, for cake icing or when rock painting. They are made from stainless steel with rubber handles. They are different sizes and they can be easily cleaned after using. They have a solid ball on the end which can be used to make even dots of paint, great for when you are using this technique whether on a stone or other artwork.

This is a set of rock painting stencils. They are all mandalas but are very different so can be used to make different designs. There are nine different designs in total. They can be used with different types of paint and can be applied using a brush, spray or sponge so they are very versatile. They can easily be washed off ready for next time. They are 6 x 6 inches in size.

This is an acrylic painting set. There are 12 pots of paint which are all 18ml and there is also a paintbrush to go with them. The colours are orange, purple, pink, blue, lilac, brown, red, yellow, bright blue, white, green and black. They will be able to be used for many things and one of those things is painting rocks, as acrylic paint works well on stones and pebbles.

This is a paintbrush set. It has all sorts of brushes with varying thickness. They come with either grey, white or black handles and have a case which pops up to make it easy to see them when you want to use them and grab the one that you need. They do not lose hairs as it is tightly held on to the brush and they are waterproof, which means that they are very easy to wash off.

This is a set of paint tray palettes. These are very useful for putting paint into if you have a large pot or for mixing up colours. They are 9 x 6.7 inches in size and made from white plastic. They have a thumb hole and six round wells with four rectangular wells. It is suitable for water based paints and could be handy for mixing colours when painting rocks.

This is a set of metallic pens which can be used for all sorts of projects including rock painting. They are really vibrant colours and there are ten different ones – gold, brown, black, white, silver, green, olive, blue, purple and red. They have a medium tip with a clean and consistent coverage. They work on most surfaces including stone, black paper, mugs, art projects, porcelain, glass, plastic, paper and pebbles.

This is a metallic rock art set. It has ten marker pens to colour on the rocks with four stencils to make all sorts of fun shapes. It is suitable for kids over the age of seven years and comes in a smart box with four rocks included to get you started. The colours of the pens are silver, gold, yellow, white, purple, pink, red, green, black and blue. They have a medium tip and dry really quickly.

This is a useful paint brush holder. It has a useful slot and base so that the paintbrush stays in place and will not touch one another, so you do not need to worry about them rubbing. It is made from plastic and is circular with 49 holes in it. It can be used to store brushes safely and neatly or just be used to keep them in while you are painting, so they are easy to reach and will not touch each other.

This is a short sleeved t-shirt which says on it ‘weekend forecast rock painting with a chance of wine’. It comes in fits suitable for men and women sizes small – 3XL and comes in a choice of colours – black, navy, royal blue, brown, olive, dark heather, heather blue and purple. They are made from a cotton and polyester mix so they are easy to wash and dry and feel soft and comfortable to wear.

This is a painting of a kingfisher on a rock. It has been hand painted with quality acrylic paint and coated with a transparent varnish. This means that it will last a long time. The rock is 8.5 x 11.5cm in size. It could make a great gift for someone that likes birds or specifically kingfishers and also likes rock paintings. It could really inspire them to try some paintings like it for themselves as well.

This is a rock with a rabbit painted on it. It is a cute life like picture of a grey rabbit on some grass. It is painted with quality acrylic colours and then coated with a transparent varnish to keep it looking good. It is 9.5 x 13.5 cm in size and would make a lovely gift for someone who really likes rabbits or likes art painted on stones. It could also inspire someone who does their own rock painting.

This is a collection of 4 hand painted miniature stones. Each has its own hand painted design on it, all animals. There is a fish, turtle, crocodile and flamingo. They could make a great gift to children that like animals and they may even inspire the children to have a go at rock painting themselves. The bright and colourful designs would look great in a kids bedroom, on a shelf in a sitting room or even on a kitchen windowsill.

This is a cute painted stone. It has a blue background with two penguins and it says on it ‘be my penguin!’ It would make a great gift for someone that really likes penguins or it could be used to give a message to someone. It might also be something that could be inspirational to someone that does their own rock paintings or wants to make a start and wants some ideas.

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