29 Gift Ideas for Rollerbladers / Roller Hockey Fans

By Louise
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There are many people that enjoy rollerblading whether they take indoor classes or use them outside. This means that it is possible that you know someone that enjoys doing this as well. If this is the case then you may like to buy them gifts from time to time which will relate to their hobby. This can be tricky though, as it is not always easy to know what sort of things to buy them. Luckily, we have decided to put together this list of items which we feel would be really useful to anyone choosing gifts for a fan of rollerblading.

29 Presents Rollerblading Fans

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This is a notebook which has a black cover and says ‘just a girl who loves rollerblading’ on it, in white with a picture of a roller boot on it. It is a 6 x 9 inch notebook and inside there are 100 lined pages which are all blank. This means that it can be used for all sorts of things such as a diary, journal or notebook. Great for use at school, college or home for all sorts of things.

This is a set of protective items for kids to wear while rollerblading. There are elbow pads, knee pads and wrist guards which can be used when on a scooter, bike, skateboard or rollerblades. They come in pink, black or black with red or blue. They are available in a small or medium-size and they have a hard ABS shell with a soft inner which is padded fabric for comfort but it is mesh which is breathable too.

This is a backpack which has a rollerblading design. It comes in a big choice of colours such and blue, green, red and pink and the design is a heart with a rollerblade inside it. It is 31 x 42 x 21cm in size and has a capacity of 18 litres. It has a large zipped compartment with a smaller outside zipped pocket. The straps can be altered so that it fits comfortably.

This is a unisex rollerblade in a neutral black colour. It has laces and a series of buckles to keep it in place. It has a high-performance liner with a shock absorber to make it comfortable to wear and use. They have an extruded aluminium rail which is 243mm and there are 4 x 80mm wheels. There is a brake on the back for safety. Comes in sizes 220, 230 and 270.

This is a pair of children’s inline rollerblade boots in size 9-12 and 13-3. They are blue and fasten with buckles. They are designed for beginners and they have a high impact shell and are very stable. There is a rear PVC stopper so it is easy to brake and the ankles have support so they are safe to use. There is adjustable sizing as well which means that they can be made bigger as the child’s feet grow.

This is a pair of kids’ inline skates or rollerblades. They come in black with a variety of different accent colours and in sizes small to large. They are adjustable so each size fits across four shoe sizes which means that they last a long time. The wheels light up when they are being used with no need for batteries, so they are fun to use, especially in dim light.

This is a pair of pink and blue inline skates for kids. They come in small and medium sizes which span four shoe sizes. This is because they are adjustable which means that they can be made bigger as the feet grow, so they will last a long time. They have a buckle fastening to keep them securely in place with a hard shell to protect the feet and cushioned ankle support.

This is a pair of inline skates for adults in black with a choice of white, blue or red trim. They come in different sizes medium, large and extra-large which span two shoe sizes each. They have buckles to keep them on securely and also laces. They have a high-quality aluminium frame with ABEC-7 bearing and wear-resistant wheels suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Has a brake on the right foot.

This is a helmet suitable for wearing while rollerblading as well as for other sports. It is available in a large selection of colours – some neutral and others bright and in sizes S-M and L-XL with adjustments. It has a tough outer shell with soft padding inside so it is comfortable as well as providing protection. It has 9 ventilation holes and a chinstrap which is adjustable to keep it firmly in place.

This is a pair of men’s inline skates made by No Fear. They come in a black/charcoal colour and are size 9-12. They have three clasp fastenings which keep them securely in place. They have a liner inside which is comfortable as well as supporting the foot really well. They have 6-8z bearings with 72mm PVC wheels. They have a stopper on the back so the user can stop easily.

This is a pack of replacement inline skate wheels. There are eight wheels in the pack and they are designed to use on boys or girls’ rollerblades. They come in black, blue or pink and in 70mm or 76mm. They have a white spacer in the middle making them suitable for a 6mm axle but it can be removed so they can be used on an 8mm axle. They are designed for indoor use.

This is a rollerblade GUIAS 3WD frame which is mainly black. It is designed to fit on a pair of adult’s boots and is one size. It helps to convert metroblade, twister edge and rb urban skates into 3 wheel traction. It is fast with little vibration and smooth action and has mounting holes. It comes with axles, spacers and screws as well as a wrench to get it all fitted.

This is a short-sleeved t-shirt with a picture of a stick man rollerblading on the front of it. It is available in a range of colours and in cuts suitable for men and women; size small – 3XL. It is made from polyester and cotton which means that it is soft and comfortable and will not stretch out of shape when washed. It can go in a washing machine and tumble drier.

This is a hoodie which has a picture of a girl rollerblading with a rainbow colour background and says ‘roller girl’ on it. It is a unisex style and comes in a choice of five colours and in sizes small – 2XL. It is long-sleeved with a drawstring around the hood and a front pocket. It is made from cotton and polyester which means that it is easy to wash and will be comfortable to wear.

This is a hoodie which has the word ‘skate’ on it and a picture of a rollerblade in front of a red, white, blue and yellow background. The hoodie comes in a selection of colours and in sizes small – 2XL. It is warm and comfortable with long sleeves, a drawstring around the hood and is made from a soft fabric mix of cotton and polyester which is easy to keep clean as it is machine washable.

This is a heat changing mug. It is made from 100% ceramic and says on it ‘I still rollerblade’ in black writing with the word ‘still’ in white on a red background. It is 11oz so a decent size for a drink and is suitable for dishwasher and microwave use. It is printed using advanced technology so the design lasts a long time. Comes with good quality packaging so it will stay safe when it is posted.

This is a white mug which has printed on it ‘I [heart] rollerblades’. The writing is in black and the heart in red so it really stands out. The mug is 11oz so a great size and is made from ceramic. It is printed using quality methods so it will not chip or fade over time. Comes packed in foam to keep it safe, so you can send directly as a gift with peace of mind.

This is a rollerblade themed wall clock. It is carved from a vinyl record and is black with the words ‘roller skating’ on it with a picture of a skate and wheel. In the middle is a sticker which shows the clock face and a picture of cogs and the hands are black with a red second hand. It has a light behind it with a remote control to change the colour.

This is a skate carry bag. It comes in four different colour/prints and is made from 600D PVC water-resistant material. It has a sturdy carrying handle on the top. It has a large zipped section for boots as well as a separate pocket. It has space for a name to be put on the bag and on the bottom it has plastic feet to stop the bag wearing out when it is put down on the floor.  It is suitable for roller skates or ice skates and will fit boots up to a size 11.

This is a pair of leg warmers. They are available in black, ecru, grey or navy and they come in one size which should fit most people They are made from stretchy material – acrylic, wool, polyamide and elastane. They can be worn with rollerblades and will keep the legs warm as well as looking fashionable and they can also be paired up with other outfits too such as skinny jeans or leggings.

This is a cute keyring which has a three-dimensional pendant of a rollerblade boot. It is 8.3cm in size and is made from steel chrome. It is silver in colour and would look good either being used on keys or as a bag charm – perhaps on the zip of a rollerblade bag. Is a lovely little item that might fit in with a card or could be sent with another gift as an added item with another gift.

This is a pair of unisex socks which says ‘rollerblade’ on it. They are for adults and come in sizes small and XL. They are black with red detailing and are padded in pressure points to make them comfortable to wear. They have right and left fittings so that they are more comfortable. They are antimicrobial for reduced bacteria spread and odour prevention, with reduced friction and wick away sweat so ideal for sports.

This is a fun zippered wallet with a rollerblade theme. It is white with a black zip and black circular design of a rollerblade boot with wings and stars. It is 12 x 8cm and made from 100% polyester. It is printed to a high quality which will last a long time. It is a fun gift to give to someone to use for coins or to put other small collectable items inside.

This is a pair of half-finger children’s gloves. They are designed to protect the hands and could work well for rollerblading to protect palms when the person falls over. They come in a cool blue camo design or pink giraffe design and are available in small, medium or large sizes. The palms are anti-slip and shock absorbing and they wear well so will last a long time. There is a strap on the wristband so that they can be fitted well.

This is a pair of high protection gloves which are for adults and unisex. They can be used for many things where hands need protection such as rollerblading. They are available in small or medium size. They have a conductive thumb and fingertips so they can be worn when using a touchscreen. They have shock-absorbing pads on the back of the hand. They have moisture-wicking with breathable fabric that provides 50+ UPF.

This is a pair of rollerblade socks for kids. They are a fuchsia pink and grey colour and they have a right and left so they fit really well. They are made from Microlon and polypropylene which are materials that are comfortable to wear and provide cushioning to the feet. They will help children have a more comfortable skating experience and they wick away moisture for added comfort and reduced friction.

This is a pop socket for a mobile device. It is black with a brightly coloured picture of a cute cartoon snail riding on a rollerblade boot. It is a useful item for helping you get a good grip on your mobile device. It will also pop out to allow you to be able to use it as a stand that you can use to make it easier to watch films or use video chat.

This is a cap which says on it ‘I [heart] rollerblades’ on a white panel on the front of the cap. The main part of the cap comes in a choice of bright colours and has a mesh side so that it is cool to wear. It is made of polyester and has a good peak so it will protect the head and face from the sun and help to keep the wearer cool.

This is a pair of padded shorts. They are designed for sports where you may fall down and need some protection, such as rollerblading. They come in size S-XL and they are black. They have protective padding on the butt and thighs and there are breathable strips which make them more comfortable to wear when doing sports. They are able to protect the buttocks, coccyx, thighs and lumbar vertebrae from injury.

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