28 Presents for Rum Drinkers

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There are a lot of people that really enjoy drinking rum. Therefore, we have decided to put together this list of gift ideas specifically for rum drinkers. We feel that there will be plenty of people that will know someone that will like a drink of rum and therefore we thought that it would be useful for them. We have tried to put together a good range of different items so that there is plenty to choose from and hopefully you will find something suitable that falls within your budget and that both you and the potential recipient will really enjoy.

28 Gift Ideas for People Who Love Rum

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This is a really interesting decanter in a globe shape. It has a fibreboard stand which is dark brown and the spherical decanter sits inside it. It is made of glass and has a world map on it. It also comes with a set of 4 whiskey stones, 2 etched globe glasses and a glass stopper for the decanter. The decanter holds 1500ml so is suitable for many different drinks including rum.

This book is called ‘Rum, Shake, Muddle, Stir: Over 40 of the best cocktails for serious rum’. The book has information about some of the best rum makers in the world and exciting mixes that can be made from it. The cocktails are a big mix of flavours and with over 40 to choose from you are bound to find one that you really like the sound of. A great gift for any rum lover.

This is a fun tumbler from ‘The Kitchen Gift Company’. The glass has a black design on it which says ‘rum for all, all for rum’ and a skull and crossbones design. It has a heavy base and measures 9.5 x 8 cm and holds 11.5 fl oz, so is perfect for sipping rum from. It comes in a really stylish grey gift tube so it is all ready to give away as a fun gift.

This is a fun wall clock with a rum theme. It is black and 40cm x 13cm and has gold hands and a gold glass at the bottom and above it says ‘oh look it’s rum o’clock’. Silent clock mechanism so no annoying ticking. A really unique gift idea for a lover of rum, something that they are very unlikely to have and they are unlikely to have even seen one before.

This is a Rumtaster rum glass tasting set. It is actually a very special curved glass which is specifically designed to help you to taste and discover the complexity of fine rums. The flare at the top of the glass helps to release to aromas from the rum at the bottom of the glass in the lower bulb. An interesting gift for a rum lover which they are very likely to really appreciate.

This book is called ‘The Classic Cocktail Bible’ and has a big selection of different cocktails to try out. It has lots of great photographs and includes long and short drinks using all sorts of different ingredients. There are over 200 recipes from the traditional to the more modern. There are also guides for different techniques and a glossary of terms. Great for anyone that loves a tipple including lovers of rum.

This is a bottle of rum available in two sizes of bottle. It is called Duppy Share Caribbean Rum and it is a punchy Jamaican rum. It has a tropical fruit flavour with a smooth warm and buttery finish. It is made from a blend of rums from the Worthy Park Estate, Jamaica and Foursquare Distillery, Barbados to make a unique blend. Works well in cocktails or on its own.

This is Nelsons Roasted Pineapple Sweet Rum. It has been oak barrelled aged and is produced in the UK. IT is a 20cl bottle which is rather pretty. It is a blend of three rums from Barbados, The Dominican Republic and Jamaica. It has a distinct pineapple aroma and the three years in oak barrels gives it a sweet caramelised flavour. It works for cocktails but also alone served over ice.

This is a bottle of Brewdog Five Hundred Cuts rum. It is a beautifully illustrated bottle with all sorts of botanicals so if you pick a drink for its bottle, as you do not know anything about rum, then this could be the one to pick! It is an authentic handcrafted rum which has a flavour of tropical fruit and dark berries enhanced with spices and citrus to give it a bold flavour.

This is a bottle of Companero Ron Panama Extra Anejo rum. It is 70cl and 54% alcohol. It has a chocolate note to it which gives the rum a real warmth of flavour. It also has a touch of citrus and hot cream. It is a 12 year old rum and there is an orange flavour from the cask but the chocolate is still the overriding flavour. It comes in a gift box.

This is a bottle of ‘The Tidal Rum’ which has an attractive golden colour and is aged with oak-smoked pepper dulse seaweed foraged in Jersey during spring tides. It has a blend of four aged rums from Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and the Dominican Republic and is best served on the rocks. It has a wholesome flavour which gives memories of the sea. Has a very attractive bottle too from the Shorts Boy Distillery.

This is a bottle of Cut Rum spiced. It contains only natural ingredients with no artificial sugars or flavouring but just natural spices. It is made on the Worthy Park Estate in Jamaica which has been making rum for hundreds of years and won best distillery in 2016. The taste is of crème Brulee, vanilla, with hints of sea salt, pepper and caramel. Has an attractive colour and a sweet taste.

This is a bottle of rum and a glass. The rum is a bottle of Kraken black spiced rum and there is a matching glass which can be personalised. The glass says on it ‘Kraken black spiced rum’ at the top then there is a picture of an octopus with ‘release the Kraken’ around it and at the bottom there is space for a personal message to be engraved. There is a choice of different sized bottles and you can add a gift box if you wish.

This is a rum measure. It is a naval rum measure called a half gill. It is a small cup which is made from hand-beaten brass with a small handle on it. On the side, it says GI1/2LL and on the bottom it says HMS. It is a traditional style as it is sold by Nauticalia specialists who have been selling nautical gifts and accessories since 1974. A cute present to have which would look good on a bar.

This is an engraved captain morgan’s glass. The glass says ‘Captain Morgan The Original Rum’ and has room below for a personalised message to be engraved on it. The glass comes in a gift box and measures 8cm x 8cm x 9.5cm. A lovely gift idea for someone that loves rum and it even comes with free delivery.

This is a cute rum miniature gift box. It has three rum bottles a spiced rum 40%, mango rum 26% and coconut rum 26% all in a mini serving. They are great for making cocktails but also for drinking over ice so will suit rum lovers that like both. They come in a gift box so they are ready to give as a gift to any rum lover who likes to try different flavours.

This is a bottle of Faith and Sons Rum 50cl. There is a choice between pink rum and a spiced rum. The pink is raspberries and strawberries steeped in white rum which makes a floral and sweet rum that tastes great with ginger beer. The spiced has chamomile, mace, birch bark and turmeric which has an aromatic flavour with a fruit layer which is also great served with ginger beer or ginger ale.

This is a bottle of William George white rum. It is produced in Jamaica and Trinidad and blended in Amsterdam. It has tropical notes of tinned pineapple and banana with macadamia and almond and grassy notes with cherry and citrus with a lingering flavour of raisins, vanilla and cacao. It is a blend of six rums which honours the memories of William and George and is focused on a bold flavour with no additives.

This is Extra dark Jamaica rum essence. It is a 280ml container and you can use just 20ml to 750ml vodka to add the flavour. It has the taste of extra dark Jamaican rum. Recommended for use in home distilleries when you want to make vodka into a rich-tasting rum. Offers good value for money compared to buying a bottle of rum as this will make 14 bottles of rum.

This is a bottle of Bumbu Rum. It has a really attractive bottle which has a crossbones design on it and a cork in the top. It contains 70cl of rum and is made using sugarcane which has been locally sourced from sustainable farms in eight countries and distilled in Barbados. It is blended with Caribbean ingredients to give it it’s unique flavour but is an all-natural craft rum. Comes with free delivery.

This is a fun apron. It says on it ‘instant pirate just add rum’ and it has a skull and crossbones design. It is a great cooking apron to give as a gift to a rum lover. It is made from polyester and is durable and lightweight. It is 28.35 inches high and 20.47 wide. It has a rope around the neck which is 22.05 inches. Can be used for barbecues or in the kitchen.

This is a fun shopping bag. It says on it ‘instant pirate add just rum!’ and has a picture of bottles, a skull with a pirate hat on and a pair of pistols. It comes in a selection of colour choices and measures 42cm x 38cm and can hold 10L. It is ethically produced and made from 100% cotton. Makes a useful as well as a fun gift for a rum fan.

This is a fun hat which says on it ‘I am the reason the rum is gone’ and has a skull pictures with crossed swords behind it. It is made of 100% cotton and is washed denim and all of the print is in white and takes up most of the front of the hat so it really stands out. It is for adults and is a single layer of fabric with a sweat absorbent belt inside.

This is a fun pirate flag. It is black with white print and has a skull in the middle with crossed swords behind it. On it, it says ‘I might be the reason the rum is gone’. It is made of 100% polyester and is 90 x 150cm. It is weatherproof and fade-resistant and has a sharp and vivid colour. It has two grommets on it so that it can easily be put on a flag pole if required.

This is a fun cushion which has been printed with a funny motto. It is a white cushion cover and on it in black it says ‘instant pirate just add rum’ and it has a picture of a skull and crossbones and the skull has a bandana on. It comes with a cushion pad inside and there is a zip access to the insert so that you can take it out if you wish. The cushion is printed on just one side and the other is plain white.

This is an unusual printed poster. It looks like a blackboard with a recipe for Caribbean rum punch on it. It, therefore, has a black background and the words and pictures look like chalk drawings. It comes in a selection of different sizes so you can choose one that will fit in a frame of your choice or to use as a large poster just attached to a wall with blue tack or drawing pins.

This is a hipflask which is made from stainless steel with a screw-down lid that has a stainless steel hinge so that it will not get lost. The flask has a design on it with a pirate and it says ‘LeChuck’s spiced rum’ on it. It is a standard sized 7oz hip flask and will make a great fun gift for a rum lover, either for them to use or to keep as a decorative item.

This is a book called Barbados Rum by JTS Brown. It is a large print edition and it is a book in the Stephen Masters series which are thrillers. It is a story set in the Caribbean where the characters go from Barbados to Curacao, Venezuela and Cuba. There is a complex plot full of adventures and humour but set in a beautiful location. A fun book for fans of thrillers and rum!

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