32 Gift Ideas for Scuba Divers of All Ages & Skill Levels

Updated on September 6th, 2021
By Louise
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Picking the perfect gift for a scuba diver can leave you in deep water, but our gifts range from safety and equipment repair, wet-suits and diving computers, to clothing, novelty presents and torches. So whatever your gift is for, a divers birthday, Christmas or passing their next PADI scuba diving exam, we have created a fantastic choice of gifts and presents that will suit every budget, so dive in and take a look below.

32 Presents for Scuba Diving Fans

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This LED ultra-bright, 1000 lumen scuba diving torch is suitable for all outdoor pursuits, its shock proof, IP8-rated water resistant to 80 metres and with 5 different light modes that are easily changed even while you are under water. It is incredibly durable and ready to go right out of the box as it comes with its own Li-po battery and USB charging cable.

Cressi Pro heel fins are the ultimate unisex diving fins on the market, composed of the highest quality polypropylene and elastomers, it gives the fins incredible flexibility that produces both underwater speed and manoeuvrability. The fins are lightweight and available in a wide range of colours. If your diver is looking for something to power them through the surf this is the gift for them.

This 135 litre capacity scuba diving dry bag by Cressi Gorilla Pro has detachable handles, water resistant pocket and is suitable for storing long fins, wet suits and a whole range of equipment any diver would need. The bag comes in two colours, either classic black or stylish camo print and with its classic Italian design its the bag every diver needs.

This vacuum insulated 700 millilitre capacity scuba tank water bottle is the perfect accessory for any diver. The TankH20 has the ability to keep beverages cold for 24 hours as well as hot for 12 hours and is constructed from dual wall food grade stainless steel and full recyclable BPA free plastic. A non slip coating for grip and a soft silicone base for stability its the only bottle a diver needs.

This multi colour, multi size evolution divers t-shirt is the perfect gift for any diver on dive day. whether you are looking for a gift for a free diver, scuba diver, snorkel enthusiast or wreck diver, this classic design is available for men, women and children with sizes from small to 3XL and in 10 different colours.

The most essential accessory for any serious scuba diver. The Cressi diving computer offers and edge to edge high visibility screen, air, nitrox and gauge modes for complete safety on your dive. It can log 70 hours of dive data as well as calculate all your decompression times and with 12 or 24 hour formats it is the complete package that is a must have every time you go scuba diving.

All budding scuba divers start somewhere and what better gift for dipping your toe in the water than this kids mask and snorkel set. Including an anti fog lens and fully adjustable head strap making it suitable for children from 4 to 8 years old. The mask and snorkel come in a variety of cool colours and is the perfect gift for any up and coming young scuba diver.

These novelty “i’d rather be diving” socks are the perfect stocking filler for your scuba diving enthusiast, cotton rich in black with white print they are ideal to pull on after a dive to make sure your feet stay warm and dry. The socks are recommended for 5 year olds and above.

All divers know getting in and out of the water can be challenging, these 3mm thick neoprene, scuba, snorkelling and diving boots are the ideal gift to help your diver safely get in and out of the water. With non-slip soles these diving socks offer protection to divers limiting foot fatigue during the dive and keep diving fins in place securely. The boots come in a range of sizes from small to extra large and suit both men and women scuba divers.

The ultimate underwater scuba diving gift, this James Bond-esque underwater propeller offers 8kgs of thrust and most action sports cameras can be mounted on the front to record your dives while you explore the oceans. The fully sealed rechargeable battery provides 30 mins of continuous power, is rated to work at depths of up to 40 metres and comes in 3 colour options. If your diver enjoys a leisurely dive being pulled across the sea bed this is the gift for them.

This Cressi Start Pro scuba kit if the perfect way to take your love of diving to the next level, the kit includes a full Cressi BCD (Buoyancy Control Device) jacket with pockets, line clips and fasteners, an Octopus Compact regulator, with 2 breathing mouth pieces, console 2 gauges and a valve set for your tanks. All this gift requires is an air bottle and some water and its ready to go.

One of diving most essential accessories to stop trapped water in your ears and spoiling and otherwise perfect dive. Patented and made in the UK. By just applying a few drops before you dive it ensures that no uncomfortable water gets trapped in your ears after your dive. Swimseal contains no alcohol, does not sting on application and can be used from the age of 6 months old to adults, used by professional athletes, divers, surfers and swimmers alike.

This Retro Dive t-shirt comes in a variety of sizes and colours and it’s the perfect gift to slip on after or before your dive. This lightweight classic fit t-shirt is an ideal birthday or Christmas present for divers who like the vintage look. Check out our wide range of dive related clothing in this list.

Depending on where your planning to dive staying warm can be a huge factor in enjoying your time under water, this 3mm thick neoprene divers hood is a great gift and accessory for any divers kit bag. The cap is designed to protect against the sun, sharp objects and it is totally waterproof ensuring you stay comfortable during your dive. A built in air vent in the top of the hood allows air to escape keeping the mask tight to your face ensuring water does not get in. The hood comes in various sizes and is suitable for both male and female divers.

Scuba technology has moved on in leaps and bounds and this state of the art full face snorkelling mask is the latest must have underwater scuba gadget. The mask offers 180 degree vision and its anti fog lens allows for a clear and incredible dive in all water conditions. Its unique water trap design means that if breathing tube is submersed water cannot be drawn into the mask and like all up to date tech action sports cameras can be mounted to record your dive for prosperity.

This genuine leather black scuba diving world wallet is a great accessory to any divers equipment. The wallet includes a sealable coin purse, credit card slots and 2 compartments for bank notes. The wallets classic design has the emblem of a scuba diver crossing the globe, comes in multiple colours and can even be personalised with a name or logo of your choice.

These black 1.5 millimetre neoprene diving gloves are designed to protect your hands during the even longest dives. Perfect for cave diving or wreck diving where your hands can come into contact with sharp or abrasive objects. The close fit and flexibility of the material gives excellent underwater motion and with hoop and loop fasteners you can rest assured they stay in place. The gloves are suitable for both men and women and come in 2 sizes.

Logging your dives is extremely important, keeping track of your dives, hours spent underwater or locations of dives and their depths is essential for divers who are either part of a dive club or studying for dive exams. This 120 page dive log book with “I don’t need therapy just need to go diving” on the cover is a great gift for any diver and an important part of the divers equipment.

Sometimes during a dive its essential to have a good quality knife at hand to deal with any type of situation, this could include cutting rope or fishing nets and line or prizing a piece of sunken pirate treasure from the sea bed. This gift has a 115 millimetre blade, hardened durable plastic handle that is TPR coated for better grip, its held in place securely in a one-handed release sheath, a great scuba diving gift for any occasion.

This Professional free diving anti-fog technology mask with an integrated dual frame and tempered glass is a fantastic gift for any serious diver. Made by Cressi, one of the industries leading manufacturers, means quality and safety during your dive. The mask comes in a single size but with micrometric adjustable strap that allows divers of all sizes to comfortably wear the mask safely.

Probably the single most important part of the scuba divers kit is the wet suit. This mens 2.2 millimetre, all in one, neoprene wetsuit is the perfect gift for any diver whether they enjoy, scuba, snorkelling or any other type of watersports. Coming in seven different sizes from small to 4XL and its Italian design is in black and red. With full up back zip will complement any divers kit bag and ensure they look a pro each time they go into the water.

Safety is number the one factor on all scuba dives and ensuring your equipment is correctly placed during your dive this pack of three BC jacket hose clips keep your regulator and hoses safely secured in place. Composed of durable plastic and with full 360 degree rotation, simply clip to your BCD and you can secure up to 2 hoses. The clips come in various colours and can be used on either the left or right of the BCD for all types of equipment set up.

Maintaining your scuba kit is essential and this gift can literally be a life saver. Ensuring your airlines are sealing correctly can easily be achieved by using this 40 piece O ring seal kit, its perfect for hoses, air tanks and regulators in tip top condition, leaving you to enjoy your dive with perfect peace of mind. Made of high quality NBR Buna Rubber, it really is a gift worth giving.

Believe it or not staying under the water as a diver is not as easy as you think, making sure you have neutral buoyancy it a key factor in being able to dive, this high quality 2 kilogram weight belt pocket makes achieving that very easily. The durable, waterproof case has an adjustable strap and with a quick release clip makes changing out weights a simply a fast process, this is the perfect gift for any scuba diver.

If your diver struggles to carry everything to their dive, or refuses to help with the shopping, this novelty scuba shopping bag that can be used for beaches, dive trips as well as shopping is an ideal gift. The one size bag comes in 16 different colours, each one embossed with the “I’d Rather be scuba diving, Lets dive underwater” slogan embossed on it, so now there are no more excuses to carry the shopping.

Wear and tear on any dive equipment can be dangerous, keeping your kit in perfect condition ready for your next dive is essential. This silicone mouthpiece replacement for both regulators and snorkels is designed to replace your old worn out mouth piece, made of soft easy to fit non-toxic rubber its a great gift to make sure your divers kit is always ready to go.

When your diving or snorkelling having a visual buoy on the surface is essential, this finger spool pouch makes the deployment of line to your buoy safe and simple. The pouch has a mesh case for easy water drain, its heavy duty lightweight design allows for a durable pocket that when not being used it can store other equipment on dives where you don’t need a buoy.

This high visibility scuba diving inflatable buoy is a great gift for divers. 3 easy ways to inflate either from your regulator, direct hose or by mouth. Being lightweight its ideal for a travelling diver, with a total length of 120 centimetres and 15 centimetres wide its perfect for wreck diving or as an ascent buoy. If your diver wants to get noticed this is a great gift.

Storing your valuables during a dive or even on the boat as you travel out to the dive site is important. This watertight storage canister can be left on board the boat or even taken on the dive with you as its completely waterproof. This gift can store money, jewellery, keys and other personal items that you don’t want to get wet. The water proof container comes in three sizes or colours and two different shapes.

This fantastic novelty keyring that says “I’d rather be… Scuba Diving” is a perfect gift for your diver to remind them of their passion wherever they are. Fashioned from leather and with a metal pendant emblazoned with the scuba diver logo. If you are looking for a scuba keepsake that your diver will see every time he picks up his keys this is a great gift.

This brilliant and funny scuba diving hoodie and jumper with the logo “Diving gets me Wet” logo across the front will put a smile on your divers face every time he pulls it on. With u huge font pocket and snug fitting twill collar to keep out the cold with draw strings. This gift comes in 5 different sizes from small to 2XL meaning that its also unisex and a great present for any scuba diver.

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