34 Presents for Secret Santa - Perfect for Family & Work Colleagues

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Many people do Secret Santa gifts these days and it is not always easy to know what to get. You need something which is not too expensive, that is fun and often it is for someone that you do not know that well. We have therefore put together a list of items that we think might help you. We have picked a range of things so hopefully you will be able to find something that will suit you and the person that you are buying for. We have also picked things with different prices to suit the budget that you have.

34 Gift Ideas for Secret Santa

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This is a white coffee mug which says on it ‘great ideas start with coffee’ mainly in black with the word ‘coffee’ in green. It has a high quality print and is suitable for using in the microwave and dishwasher. It has the words on both sides which means it is suitable for left and right handed people. It even has free delivery and comes in a box so it is easy to wrap up.

This is a fun calma llama stress toy. It is a cute llama design and says on the box ‘when spit happens give me a squeeze’. It is small enough to carry around with you and can be used to help reduce anxiety and it can fit in a pocket or on a desk. A great item to give as a secret Santa as it is a bit different and cute but could be useful too.

This is a fun paperback called ‘Would you Rather Randoms: A collection of hilarious hypothetical questions’. This is a book full of interesting scenarios for people to choose between such as ‘would you rather clean your teeth with a rat or a pigeon?’ A funny gift for anyone with a good sense of humour which could be used by adults or children, in the home, with family or friends, in the car on holiday or even in the office.

This is a special timer to use in the loo. It is a 5 minute timer to make sure that no one takes too long. Some people have a habit of being ages in the loo and so this timer can help! It is a fun gag gift that could even be useful! Makes a great secret Santa gift for any man that seems to take far too long in the loo.

This is a fun drinks coaster with a bingo card printed on it. It is titled ‘Office bullsh*t bingo’ and has 12 things on it such as ‘in the loop’, ‘let’s take that offline’, ‘touch base’, ‘on the same page’, ‘going forward’, ‘it’s on my radar’ and ‘110%’. It is 90mm x 90mm and has a waterproof gloss finish. Would look good on any desk and could even be useful!

This is a really original novelty gift – it is a self stirring mug. It has a button to press and the paddle at the bottom of the mug will turn to stir the drink. The mug is even insulated and has a non-spill lid and works for all hot drinks. It does require batteries which you could give with it and it comes in a box so is nice and easy to wrap up.

This is a flip book called ‘workplace mood swings’. It can stand up on the desk and you can turn the pages to reveal what mood you are in to warn your colleagues. It has bright messages like ‘Payday! Time for biscuits!’, funny things like ‘blah, blah, blah, Not listening!’ and annoyed things like ‘What part of NO don’t you understand?’ It is a fun thing to show people what mood you are in.

These are very silly flip flops in the shape of fish. You slip you foot inside the fish’s head so it actually looks like you are wearing a fish on your foot. They come in a choice of bright colours such as orange, blue, pink, green or silver. They are lightweight and comfortable and suit a medium width of foot and come in various lengths in adult and child sizes.

This is a fun drinking game called beer pong. It has 18 cups and 18 balls and is designed for two or more players. It does come with instructions just in case the recipient does not know how to play. Will lead to hours of fun – great for parties and other get togethers. It comes in a blister back, so ready to give away as a gift and even has free delivery.

This is a balloon modelling kit. It comes with the thin balloons, pump and instructions so even a beginner can have a go at it. There are 32 balloons included in a selection of colours and you can make animals, a tree and even a bunch of flowers with them. A novelty gift that is entertaining and fun for anyone, of any age, so would make a great Secret Santa idea.

This is a gin pong set which is a fun drinking game. It is a great adult game that can be played at all sorts of occasions such as parties with family and friends or even an office party. The set contains 12 7oz gin glasses and 4 green ping pong balls. You need a good shot to get the ball into your opponent’s glass so that they are forced to drink from it.

This is a decorated wooden spoon which is personalised and engraved. It can have a name or message on the handle which you can choose and has pretty stars on it. The engraving is made by laser technology and it is hand finished with a food safe mineral oil and natural wax conditioner to help to preserve the wood. It measures 31cm x 6cm and is hand wash only.

This is a very silly but hilarious game in a vintage style box. It is called ‘Pin the cucumber on the hunk’ and comes with an inflatable cucumber and a picture of a hunk. There is even a novelty blind fold included so you have everything that you need for a fun and silly game. Makes an interesting novelty gift for a Secret Santa present and can be played anywhere.

This is a fun set of dice which will enable you to be able to come up with the best excuses for being late either into the office or submitting pieces of work. Just roll the dice and the first will say something like ‘I crashed my…’ and the second dice will have options such as ‘goldfish’. A fun idea for anyone that is always coming up with either pathetic or bizarre excuses.

This is a pretty gift set which will make a great Secret Santa gift for any woman that likes toiletries. This is a jojoba, vanilla and almond oil set and includes a 300ml bath and shower crème, 200ml body lotion and a pretty spherical bath fizzer. It is a set by Baylis and Harding in a heart shaped box with a ribbon around so makes a really lovely gift that does not even need wrapping.

This is a buzz wire drinking game which comes with a person shaped wire and four numbered shot glasses. You just choose a glass and have a go at moving the hook around the wire. Every time it buzzes you take a drink. You will need a steady hand and the more you drink, the harder it will be! Comes boxed so it is really easy to wrap and with free shipping.

This is a fun festive gift which will be great for a Secret Santa gift. It is a triple pack of chocolate sprouts. Each pack is 75g and you get a selection of small sprouts inside a net bag. Altogether you have 225g of chocolate sprouts. You can choose to give just one pack and keep the rest for yourself or give all of them away! You could also tip them out of the net and put inside something or with something else or just give in the net.

This is a very silly hat which is soft and velvety. It is in the shape of a cooked turkey all ready to eat for Christmas dinner. It makes a really silly gag present for anyone and is great for wearing to a party, for dressing up, wearing when eating a Christmas meal or just for general silliness. Makes a great budget Secret Santa present and even comes with free delivery.

This is a box of biscuits which has five different types of chocolate biscuits. It has 18 x kitkat, 16 x breakaway, 16 x blue riband, 14 x toffee crisp and 7 x yorkie. Makes a great present for anyone that loves chocolate biscuits or to give to a whole team as there will be plenty for everyone! They are all suitable for vegetarians and free from artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and hydrogenated fats. It even comes with free delivery.

This is a shot spinner, which is a great party game. You put a full shot glass in the middle, sit in a circle around it and spin the spinner. The spinner is red and says ‘drink’ on it and whoever it is pointing to when it stops will need to drink the shot. Refill the glass and then try again! See who has to do the most drinking and how well they cope!

This is a great gag gift item. It is an inflatable bath cushion which is in the shape of a male torso. A great gift for anyone who admires a buff chap! They will be able to lie back on the cushion and pretend they are leaning back on his six pack! Comes with suction cups to fit it to any bath. Comes in a box so is easy to wrap up.

This is a game of Desktop Tetherball by Miniature Editions. It comes with a 9 inch metal pole on a base with a ball on a rope attached to the top. The ball can spin around when it is hit and the idea is that two players hit it back and forth until it ties itself all around the pole and that player will win. It is rather like swing ball. It also includes a mini book which has history and trivia and well as the rules of the game.

This is a pack of beard baubles. Makes a great Secret Santa gift for any man with a significant beard! Each of the balls comes with a small clip on it so that it can be attached to the beard. They come in different metallic colours: green, silver, gold and red. There are nine in total so enough to make a really big impact! Comes boxed so ready to give away as a gift.

This prosecco bell is a novelty gift for any lady that likes to drink. It is a handbell with a black handle and a pink floral bell with ‘ring for prosecco’ written on it. It comes in a box which means that it is easy to wrap and makes an interesting and fun gift. Great as a Secret Santa present as it is funny but could be rather useful too!

This is a Lynx toiletry set which would make a good Secret Santa set for any man. It comes in a box and contains an antiperspirant, a body, hair & face wash, a deodorant and a black, wireless shower speaker. The three toiletries have the ice chill fragrance and come in a novelty cylindrical gift box which looks good, makes the gift seem really special and makes it easy to wrap up.

This is a stationery dispenser called ‘The Butt’. It is a man sitting on a loo and he is holding Sellotape with a blade to cut it on his feet. Behind him, where the cistern should be, is a sticky note pad and a pen slot. It the man is lifted there are paper clips in the bowl of the loo. A fun desk tidy which would make a great Secret Santa gift, particularly for an office worker.

This is a classic Jenga game. It is suitable for children from 6 years of age, but is actually a game that is loved by adults too. Just remove a block, add it to the top of the pile without toppling the tower. It sounds easy, but it gets harder and harder as the game goes on. It includes a stacking sleeve to make it easy to form the tower.

This is a men’s grooming set which would make a great gift for any bearded chap. It contains 30ml of beard oil, 25ml of moustache wax and 20ml of men’s fragrance. It comes in a lovely cardboard box which looks like it is made of wood so looks really sophisticated. Would make a great Secret Santa gift and the shape means that it will be really easy to wrap up as well.

This is a really funny novelty gift for a man which would make a great Secret Santa gift. It is a mankini with a reindeer theme. It is red fabric and there is a reindeer face with a white pom pom on it. It comes in one size and looks very festive. Will look great at work with a matching red and white Santa hat. Great for any chap with a good sense of humour.

This is a mini punch ball to put on a desk to relieve stress. The ball is red with a black base that is a suction cup so that it stays in place. It is large enough to hit with a fist and so can be great to get rid of the stress of an office. Therefore, it can make a great Secret Santa present for someone that works in an office or perhaps someone that has a desk at home and needs some stress relief.

This is a fun tabletop football game. It has a scoring slider to easily keep track of how much each player has scored. The player bars slide really easily and it is lightweight and portable. It can easily be moved around and lifted up onto a table for a quick game when needed. Makes a great Secret Santa gift for anyone especially for use in an office with plenty of empty desks.

This is a novelty duck shoot out game. It is a bath time game and therefore includes a water pistol. There are 4 ducks to try to hit. It is a fun game for all of the family, with or without children and would make a great quirky gift for anyone. Comes boxed so it is really easy to wrap and would therefore make a great Secret Santa gift for anyone.

This is a gift pack of socks which are suitable for men or women. They are called ‘Happy Socks’ and you can choose from lots of designs such as a black cat and various patterns. There are different sizes to choose from. Each box contains four pairs of socks and they are all different but they all fit with the theme of the pack. Would make a useful and lovely gift for anyone.

This is a vanilla and coconut candle in a tin. It is made by Sherer Candles and is in a pretty pale blue and white tin with a silver coloured lid. The burn time for the candle is 40 hours and it measures 72mm x 75mm. The scent is of warm baked coconut with an infusion of vanilla pods. Would make a lovely Secret Santa gift for someone that likes to relax with a candle.

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