29 Fun & Practical Gifts for Sewers

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If you know anyone that likes to sew, then you might like to get them a gift related to this hobby. This sort of hobby is growing in popularity which means that there are now quite a few different things that you can choose from. We have put together a list of things that we feel would make good gifts and hope that they will be useful to inspire anyone that is looking to buy sewing related gifts for friends or family members so please take a look. We have carefully chosen then to make sure that there are things that are quite different to each other as well as things at different prices to suit all budgets.

29 Gift Ideas for Sewers and Crafts Fans

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This is a pretty sewing pouch which can be personalised. On the white flap there are pictures of various sewing related items and it says ‘[name]’s sewing pouch’ and the rest of it is all black so it shows up really well. It measures 21cm x 13cm x 6cm and there is plenty of room to put all sorts of things inside the two internal zipped pockets. A lovely gift for a sewer.

This is a really pretty storage pot which looks like a thimble. It is made of porcelain with a metallic gold finish which really shines due to the texture of the pot which imitates the texture of the thimble. It is a desk and hobby tidy so could be used to keep pens and pencils in or for scissors, thread rippers etc. Comes in a box so makes a lovely gift.

This is a lovely storage tin which can be personalised. It says on it ‘[name]’s sewing kit’. It is made of stainless steel and is 18cm x 11cm x 6cm so great for keeping reels of cotton, pins, needles, scissors, tape measure, buttons, thimble, needle threader, stitch rippers and all sorts of other useful things in. A lovely personalised gift idea which would be welcomed by anyone that enjoys sewing as they will always have things that need storing.

This is a sewing notebook which is black with a white sewing machine and flowers pictured on the front of it. It has 120 pages and is 6 x 9 inches in size. It will enable any sewer to keep track of all of their projects in one handy book or they could just use it as a diary, journal or for goals and notes. Would make a very useful gift.

This is a lovely brooch that any sewer would appreciate. It is silver in colour and is a 50mm kilt pin with 5 different charms hanging from it. It has a thimble, buttons, tape measure, scissors and old fashioned sewing machine all hanging off of it. Would make a really unique gift and be very personal to the recipient too. It comes in a gift bag and is therefore ready to give as a gift.

This is a really pretty hand crafted sewing box. It has five compartments with a large one at the bottom and two on top of each side which concertina out on hinges so you can see inside them and then fold back so they do not take up so much space. It measures 29 x 16 x 18cm and has a handle to make it easy to move it. Has a lovely vintage feel to it.

This is a really handy travel sewing kit. It has lots of useful items all kept in place with elastic loops so nothing gets tangled up. There are needles, safety pins, buttons, needle threader, sea, ripper and reels of thread. It means that you have everything you need to sew on buttons, repair small holes and sew up seams in a very small pack that fits in your hand so is portable and easy to store.

This is a set of 36 sewing machine bobbin threads with a storage case. They fit with many brands of sewing machine as they are size A and class 15 and have assorted thread colours so you can pick the one that you need. The case has a slot for each bobbin so they stay neat and tidy and the thread will not get tangled. A thoughtful gift for someone that has a sewing machine.

This is a Prym magnetic pin cushion which measures 8 x 7 x 2cm. It will enable you to keep pins and needles safely together without any risk of them falling on the floor or down the side of a chair or sofa and getting lost. It is dark violet in colour and really easy to use. It also comes at a low price so offers great value for money.

This is a paperback called ‘Sewing Room Accessories’ and is in the Love to Sew series by Debbie Shore. It has patterns to make 15 really useful sewing accessories such as tool rolls, carry cases, pincushion, seam press, bobbins and cutting mat carriers. With a list of materials at the front and all the techniques well explained in words and with photographs it makes a really great book even for beginners.

This is a keyring that can be personalised which has delightful sewing related charms on it. It has a charm with three buttons, one with a tape measure and one with an old fashioned sewing machine. The last is a letter charm and you can pick the letter you want – so the initial of the person you are giving it to. It comes with a card back so looks pretty when you give it away.

This is a sewing journal. It has a very pretty cover with pastel coloured pictures on of cotton reels, scissors and hand made clothing. It is 8 x 10 inches in size and has pages that are structured to note various sewing projects. It has spaces for information about patterns, fabric, dates, prices and other information as well as general notes. Would make a lovely gift for any sewer to keep track of all of their projects.

This is a set of special scissors which would be great for anyone that sews. There is a pair of dressmaking shears that are 21.5cm which can be used to cut fabric and some embroidery scissors that are 9.5cm to cut thread. They come in different colours with either silver, gold or rainbow metallic handles in a gift box. They therefore look lovely and are a great gift idea for a sewer.

This is a decorative keepsake which looks like a vintage sewing machine on a sewing machine table. The handle on the sewing machine turns, the pedal goes up and down, the spool rotates and the needle goes up and down when it is switched on, which happens when the drawer is opened. It also plays a tune as it is a music box as well. Would make a pretty gift for someone that likes whimsical things.

This is a lovely little boxed sewing set for a young child that is interested in learning how to sew. It has five pre-cut foam pieces and cord so that they can easily join them together with one of the two bodkins that are provided. It is really safe as there is no sharp point and can allow children to get used to the idea of sewing and how to do it without being at risk. They can make a picture frame, bags and a notepad case.

This is a Brother lS145 sewing machine. It has a choice of 14 stitch types and a drop in bobbin. There is an LED bulb on the light so that it is really bright and will last a long time. It has a 4 step button hole system, a jam proof bobbin and a zipper foot is also included as well as the standard one. This is a well-known sewing machine brand and would make a welcome gift for anyone that really loves to sew.

This is a short-sleeved t-shirt with a sewing themed design. It says on it ‘Sewing hourly rates $100 an hour minimum, $150 per hour if you watch, $175 per hour if you help, $200 an hour if you worked on it first and $250 per hour if you tell me how to do my job’. It is a fun t-shirt which has a black background and is made from cotton. It has a standard fit.

This is a set of zips on a roll. They are designed so that you can pick the length of zip that you need for the project you are undertaking. You can select the colour of the zip fabric and the box contains 10 sliders and 5 meters of continuing zip so that you can cut to the lengths that you need. It comes in a box so is easy to wrap up before you gift it.

This is an electric cloth cutter. It is suitable for cutting lots of types of cloth and leather. It has an automatic sharpening wheel so that it will also be sharp and the cut will always be good. It can be particularly useful if you cut lots of fabrics or if you need to cut lots of fabric simultaneously so you can do a big pile all at once. Even works on blankets and carpets.

This book is called ‘The Beginners Guide to Dressmaking’. It has patterns as well as teaching the techniques to start you off making clothes. It teaches 14 techniques and there are 6 garments that you can choose from with the paper patterns in multiple sizes for you to use. These include a maxi dress/skirt, jersey top, jacket, trousers, fishtail skirt and shift dress. There are also tips on modifying the basic patterns to add pockets, collars and other things as your skills improve.

This is a white 11oz mug which says ‘sewciopath’ on it in black with a picture of a reel of cotton and a needle. It is made of ceramic and the design is printed on both sides. It is a delicate mug and cannot go in the microwave or dishwasher so could alternatively work well as a storage pot for sewing items rather than being used to drink out of.

This is a pack called ‘Sew Mini Treats’ and it has a selection of more than 16 food items to stitch and stuff to make into little toys. There is felt provided and a large needle as well as a book with full instructions. The kit is designed for children to use but it could also be used by adults who are learning to sew if they want to make some cute items for their children or to give away to children that they know.

This is an 11oz mug which says ‘stitch bitch’ on it with a picture of a sewing machine. The mug is white and the print is black using UV-resistant ink which is pigment based and designed to last. It will not fade with washing. It is made of ceramic and will be a great mug to give away to anyone that enjoys sewing. It comes packed in Styrofoam so it will be safe in transit.

This is a pair of very cute earrings which have a vintage Singer sewing machine on them. They are loop earrings and have silver wires so they will be safe to wear. They are 1 5/8 inch in length and come in an organza gift bag. This means that not only would they make a great gift for someone who loves to sew but they are all ready to give away with no wrapping required.

This paperback book is called ‘Sewing clothes for Barbie’. It has patterns for 24 outfits that can be sewed for Barbie to wear. It includes outfits suitable for a picnic, skiing, beach or DIY as well as a cocktail dress, wedding dress and formal theatre going dress. There are even fairy, mermaid and superwoman costumes. A lot of fun for any Barbie fan or to make for a Barbie fan.

This is a stainless steel travel mug which says ‘Sewciopath’ with a sewing machine picture on it in black. It also has a black base, handle and lid. It has a 14oz capacity and is 6 inches high and 3.35 inches in diameter. The stainless steel helps to keep the drink hot. It can fit in a car cup holder and has a non spill lid so is convenient for travelling.

This is a cooking apron which has a picture of a sewing machine on it. It is white in colour with black printing and is 100% cotton. It is 60cm x 84cm so is full length and has a tie belt so you can adjust it to fit. A great idea to give to someone who enjoys sewing and cooking so it combines both of their hobbies in to one.

This book is called Debbie Shore’s Sewing Room Secrets Machine Sewing’ and has all sorts of expert tips, techniques and trade secrets. It is full of helpful tips and guidance and has ten projects to try out so that you can practice the techniques and skills that you have learned. Great for beginners as well as more experienced sewers as well. It is easy to follow with a helpful and friendly approach.

This is a humorous heart shaped sign for a sewer. It is a black heart and in white writing it says ‘I got 99 problems but a stitch ain’t 1’. It is a natural slate sign which measures 15cm x 15cm and has a jute rope threaded in it so that it can easily be hung up in any sewing room. A funny gift for anyone that loves to sew and has a good sense of humour.

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