33 Gift Ideas for Anyone Who Loves To Sing

By Louise
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Singing is something which has got a lot more popular lately. There has been a growth in choirs and many more people are enjoying singing in a group as well as on their own. People can get really passionate about it as well and it can be lovely to encourage this hobby and show that you like the fact that they do it. It can be a bit tricky knowing what to get them though. This is why we have put together this list of items, that will hopefully help you to be inspired by the singing related items that are available and make the right choice for you.

33 Presents for Singers

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This is a book called ‘Set Your Voice Free’ by Roger Love and is aimed at singers. It has all sorts of tips for how to strengthen your voice both for public speaking, as well as for singing. It has innovative techniques and enjoyable exercises, which mean that you can go through several octaves easily and not strain your voice. Although the book was published in 1999 it has now been updated to embrace current technology and to sound authentic and distinctive.

This is ‘Singing for Dummies’ which contains all sorts of hints and tips, whether for beginners or more experienced singers there is information for everyone. It comes with a CD that you can sing along to and it helps with posture, breathing and tone and also covers all sorts of different musical genres. There are exercises to do as well as tips, hints and instructions, so you can learn techniques to improve.

This is a recording microphone which is great for singers. It comes in a choice of gold or rose gold and has a USB cable with it. It has an echo slide button, as well as volume and also a professional built-in sound card mixer controller to make your voice sound really good. It has a folding tripod which is a triangle bracket, so that the microphone can easily be supported in front of you but the tripod is very portable too.

This is a microphone which is rechargeable and portable and works together with a mobile device or computer. It can be used for any sort of recording whether speaking or singing. It has sound effects for added fun as well, which are particularly good for children. It is plug and play as well so it is really easy to use. It comes with an adjustable metal tripod, which means that it can be easily angled and can be kept safe.

This is a compact and external mixing sound card, which has a full metal shell. It also has double DSP noise reduction chips, so that it provides excellent sound quality. There are six sound modes which are electro, pitch bend, magic, shock wave, MC and dodge as well as 12 sound effects. You can control treble, bass, volume and it works with a PC, laptop or mobile device and supports YY, Tik Tok etc.

This is a PA system which is portable. It has Bluetooth and 100w max power. It has integral USB/SD digital MP3 audio player with remote and microphone. The microphone is wireless and there is an extra microphone or guitar jack input. Records singing to USB and has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 4 hours. It is great for busking as it is small and compact, as well as for gigs.

This is a vocal star karaoke machine. It has two wireless headphones as well as 150 party songs with it. It can connect to the internet as well, so you can sing along to anything.  It also records singing as well, so you can listen to it back afterwards if you wish to. It is really easy to use and to set up as well and comes in a box so is easy to wrap up.

This is a pair of over ear headphones which come in a selection of colours. They are foldable and lightweight and produce superior sound quality. It has a large 50mm speaker unit with drivers combined and the neodymium magnets provides hi-fi level sound that has powerful bass, clear vocals and crisp high tones with perfectly balanced sound. There is a 6.3mm and a 3.5mm plug included and they are detachable. Works with many audio devices.

This is a tabletop microphone isolation shield with absorbing foam. The kit comes with the Microphone isolation shield, extension tube, solid tripod stand, professional condenser microphone, microphone shock mount, mall type anti-wind foam cap and microphone audio cable. It can be used for all sorts of recording such as: vocals, singing, sound recording, podcasts etc. It controls reflected sound waves and captures rich and full-bodied sound and is made of durable material.

This is a white mug which has red printing on it. It has a crown at the top and underneath says ‘keep calm and carry on singing’. It is printed on both sides so will work for left or right handed people.  It comes with shipping and makes a great gift which is both fun and practical, for anyone that enjoys singing, is in a choir or is a singing teacher.

This is a singing bowl. It is hand made and has the wooden striker as well as a hand sewn cushion for it to sit on. It is used to provide a calm and healing atmosphere. It is a good size to fit in the hand at 11.5cm in diameter and is therefore portable but also vibrant and resonant. It is available with a black and gold or red and gold cushion.

This is a fun black bookend which has a figure from ‘Singing in the Rain’ on it. The figure is leaning off a lamp post with an umbrella in hand, an image that you would associate with the iconic film. It is made from metal so it is strong and durable and measures 18 x 12.5 x 10cm. Great for keeping music books tidy on a shelf! It comes boxed so it is easy to wrap as well.

This is a shopping bag which says on it ‘I’m a singer what’s your superpower?’ and it comes in a big selection of different colours. It is 42 x 38cm and has long handles, so it can be carried over the shoulder. It is made from 100% cotton and is ethically produced as they are printed to order so there is no waste. Great for shopping, gym kit or carrying music.

This is a poster which says on it ‘This bathroom is for singing’. It is white with a black border and black writing on it. It is available in A5, A4 or A3 sizes and is printed on 200gsm card. It is a good price, so you may want to buy a frame to go with it, so that it is all ready to hang on the wall or the door of a bathroom.

This is a water bottle which says on it ‘I sing what’s your superpower?’. It is made of stainless steel and there is a wide mouth to make it easy to drink from.  There is the option of a sports cap, which can be exchanged for a cap with a loop on the top, that has a carabiner on it so it can be attached to a bag or belt. It holds 600ml and has a thin profile, so it is also good for a car cup holder.

This is a travel mug which says on it ‘The world’s best singing teacher’. It is white and has black writing with a black lid and base as well as a black handle. The lid is leakproof but swivels to reveal a drinking hole. The handle is plastic, so it stays cool even when the mug is used for a hot drink. It holds 14oz of fluid and can easily be hand washed.

This singing bowl comes in options of different notes either a ‘F’, ‘E’ or ‘D’. It is made of quartz crystal and is designed for – meditation, prayer, yoga or general relaxation. It is 16cm x 16cm in height and diameter. There is no mallet included but you get this lovely cloudy white bowl which has a beautiful, clear, deep, rich and vibrational resonance. A great gift for anyone that like yoga, meditation or prayer.

This is a pretty white scarf with a black musical note print on it. It is made from viscose which means that it is light enough to not make the neck too hot but will still protect from drafts. It measures 180 x 90cm in size which means that it is a great size to be worn in a combination of styles.  It can be washed by hand in cold water, so it is easy to keep it clean.

This is a toy donkey which sings. It is a cute plush toy which is soft and lovely to play with. It can sing, shake its head and dance, so would make a great gift for a child that likes to sing or that you want to encourage to sing. It has a hidden battery compartment inside a zipped section, so children cannot easily get to it. It is about 23cm high.

This is a special folder for keeping music in. It has 30 transparent pockets in where you can slip sheet music. The folder is ring bound which means that it can stay open easily when being used. On the front it has a musical design with a keyboard and musical notes on it, in black, white and gold. A very useful folder for anyone that uses sheet music, including singers.

This is a cute furry teddy bear. It is brown and measures 25 x 20 x 15cm and has lovely features, which have been sewn on to it. It has a white long sleeved t-shirt on which says on it ‘The greatest singer ever!’. The words are in red and black so they really stand out.  This would make a lovely gift for someone whose singing you really enjoy and admire.

This is a personalised keyring. It has two charms on it, one is a microphone and the other is a letter and you can choose which letter you wish to be put on it. It is silver in colour and can be used as a bag charm or with keys and the key chain comes in a black velvet pouch, which means it is all ready to give away as a pretty gift to someone that enjoys singing.

This is a selection of songwriter cards. There are 110 cards and they are designed to help deal with inspiration block. They have different information on them, which it is hoped will help anyone to get the inspiration that they need to write a song. It will either provide some ideas or help originality of thought, so that songs will be easier to write, quicker to finish and will have better content.

This is a pair of cufflinks which are in the shape of treble clefs. They are made from brass but are silver in colour. They measure 24mm high by 10mm wide and has an easy twist clasp on the back. They come in a presentation box and therefore make a really lovely gift to anyone that likes music whether they are a singer, DJ, conductor, play an instrument or compose music.

This is a metal sculpture which is in the shape of a cat who is singing. It is standing up on its back legs and holding a microphone which is on a microphone stand. The cat is silvery in colour and the microphone is metallic copper in colour and the stand is black. The cat measures 24.7 x 9 x 11cm. It has a simple design which gives it a clean and modern look.

This is a long sleeved sweatshirt with a classic fit and round neck, which comes in jet black, oxford navy or arctic white. On the front there is a coloured portrait of Beyonce by Sidney Maurer which has been professionally printed. The sweatshirt comes in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix meaning that it is soft and comfortable to wear.

This is a special spray by ‘Clarity’ which has an elderberry flavour. It is especially designed for those that use their voices a lot to give them clarity and so is for entertainers, talkers, speakers and singers. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and does not contain any parabens or alcohol and no artificial flavours, preservatives or colourings. It contains elderberry juice as well as aloe vera and rose cider vinegar with glycerine, water and natural flavours.

This is a fun DVD called ‘The Wedding Singer’. It is a 1998 film starring Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler and has a 12 rating. The main character is a singer that performs at weddings but he is jilted by his girlfriend at his own wedding, so starts to sing sad and bitter songs. A waitress rescues him by asking for his help to plan her wedding but they fall for each other and he discovers her fiancé is cheating on her.

This is a t-shirt with a retro microphone design on it. It comes in a choice of black, red, navy, royal blue, dark heather and purple. They are available in fits suitable for men or women in sizes Small to 2XL. It is lightweight and has a classic fit with crew neck and short sleeves and is made from cotton and polyester for a comfortable fit. It can be washed in a washing machine.

This is a watch which has a picture of a singer on the face. It is black and silver in colour, which give it a clear and modern look and has a black leather strap. It is 120mm x 80mm in size on the bracelet. The watch is analogue with silver coloured hands, which stand out over the black background behind the silver coloured numbers. This would make a fun gift for a singer.

This is a box of seasonal tea made by Traditional Medicinals which is an organic throat coat. The tea is a caffeine free herbal tea, which is designed to help the throat and ideal for singers. It includes Liquorice root, Slippery elm bark, Marshmallow root, Cherry bark, Fennel, Cinnamon bark and Orange peel. There are 16 bags in the box which are all individually wrapped to preserve the flavour.

This is an audio CD by The Swingle Singers. There are 3 CDs in the box there is ‘A Cappella Amadeus – A Mozart Celebration’, ‘Bach hits Back – A New Cappella Tribute’, ‘1812’ and ‘Around the World – A Folk Song Collection’. There are eight singers in the group with two sopranos, two altos, two tenors and two bass baritones, so they can cover the full vocal range. This can be great fun for singers to listen to and learn from.

This is a paperback book called ‘Disney for Teen Singers’ it contains music for 35 classic and contemporary songs which have been specifically chosen for teens to fit in with their voice range as well as to their taste. It includes songs from Beauty and the Beast, Mary Poppins, The Little Mermaid, Alice in Wonderland, Brave, Cinderella, Enchanted, Frozen, Hercules, The Lion King, Mulan, Newsies, Pete’s Dragon, Sleeping Beauty and many more.

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