29 Gift Ideas for People Who Love Skateboarding - All Ages!

By Louise
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Skateboarding can be fun at any age whether for boys or girls, teenagers, or adults. As many skateboarders will know it is a fantastic sport to learn and develop which aside from the fitness benefits can enhance many skills. It is an activity that advances inclusivity. The gifts we have chosen, reflect this and range in price and functionality but each one of them would make the ideal gift for your skateboarding friend or family member. From books to skateboards and bearings suitable for a variety of abilities, to bedding, artwork, clothing, and accessories such as a keyring and or mug, it is all there.

29 Gift Ideas for Skateboarding Fans

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With this skateboard you’ll be the cool kid on the block whether it is for a child over three years old or an adult up to a maximum capacity of 100 kilograms. Available in five trendy designs and funky colours you can choose either blue, green, purple, black or multicoloured. Nearly 56 cm long, 15 cm wide and weighing just under 2 kgs the wheels are 8 cms thick. This item makes a great starter board. 

Suitable for children and adults up to a capacity of 100 kilograms and with ease of control this board will suit a range of expertise. On the top of the board the brand’s logo is displayed whilst on the bottom the word ‘Skate Board’ and a design are featured with writing and design in white against a black background. There are two other designs available which are black and nebulae.

Strong and durable this board targets beginners right through to those of a more advanced ability. Made from wood this item measures 82 cm in length, 21 cm in width with a 14 cm depth and weighs approximately 2.5 kgs. Available in an epic 8 different designs and colours including red, green, pink and several multi coloured ones with cool artwork. This great quality board is robust and user friendly.

With a professional skateboarder’s name, Tony Hawk, associated with this board, you know it is going to be a good one! This starter board is made of wood with a hip design. On the bottom of the board is an eagle with its wings spread and the brand logo in a mixture of bold colours. The surface of the board is black. The perfect present for the aspiring skateboarder.

This ‘ready to go’ skateboard is suitable for boys and girls from eight years of age, and adults alike up to a maximum weight of 100 kgs. The board is made from Polypropylene whilst the wheels consist of Polyurethane. This board is available in black, black and white, blue and dark blue each with a different but equally funky design. With 6 cm wheels not only will you feel on top of the world, but the wheels light up when you are skateboarding!

These ever-lasting, exceptional quality and unbreakable bearings made from ceramic will bring you a completely new experience. They will create a smooth, speedy, and silent ride where minimal upkeep is required. Eight bearings are included and each measure 8 mm by 22 mm by 7 mm and are suitable for every standard sized longboard, skateboard, or scooter.  A great value item, an ‘Oldboy’ sticker comes with each purchase which you can stick on your board.

An essential part of every skater’s attire, this great quality and value pack includes a pair of knee pads, elbow pads and wrist pads. Suitable for boys and girls and adults alike, they can be adjusted to fit.  And this is what is different about these pads from other pads – the material added to these pads which enables a better and more secure fit. Highly recommended for every skate boarder and for protective use in other sports such as cycling.

This unisex skateboard is perfect for the beginner skateboarder from children to adults up to a maximum capacity of 100 kgs. This funky board comes in 5 colours – blue with black wheels, black, light blue with pink wheels, pink with pink wheels and yellow with black wheels. Made from quality materials and bearings to enhance any skateboarding experience these boards also light up in different colours when moving.

Ideal for younger children, this set includes a model skateboard, bearings, tools, and ramp. These will really challenge your skills on a small scale, and you can use on your own or with other players. There are six different sets to choose from, each with a different style of ramp. You can combine different sets to create a skate park. The dimensions of the pack are 28 cm in width, 18 cm in height and 11 cm in depth.

A top gift for skateboarding enthusiasts both teenagers and adults up to a maximum capacity of 120 kgs. With an incredible top speed of just over 30 kms per hour, which can be achieved in just five seconds, the range of this long board is around 16 kms. This board is made from wood and fibreglass and comes with a remote control. This stylish board is primarily black and features a cool design on the top of the board.

Suitable for teenagers over fourteen years old and adults, these high-quality bearings are made from high quality materials. With ten bearings included in each set they can also be used on scooters and roller skates. The external diameter is 2.2 cm whilst the inside diameter 8 mm and the width 7 mm. These bearings will make for a quiet and fast skating boarding experience and requires a low maintenance routine.

This uber funky T-shirt features a stickman doing a trick on a skate board. Made from cotton and polyester this T-shirt is available in three different fits for men, women and children and comes in a whopping thirteen different sizes from 2 years of age to triple extra-large! You can choose from ten colours, including black, navy, blue, dark green, light green, a variety of greys, and even a festive cranberry!

This trendy hoodie made from cotton and polyester is suitable for boys from the age of three up to men. Incredibly soft, this hoodie features a cool design and the words ‘Skaters gonna Skate’ in either white or yellow on a navy, black or grey background colour. This hoodie is available in nine sizes from size three to four age to extra-large. Good quality and fitting this is a must for the keen and cool skater.

These groovy sweatshirts are made primarily from cotton and come in three colours. The text featured on the sweatshirts is ‘Eat, Sleep, Skateboard, Repeat’ with the wording in black and pink. There are three background colours available which are Blue, Dark Grey and Light Grey. They are unisex and available in five sizes – small, medium, large, extra-large and double extra-large. These sweatshirts should form an essential part of every skateboarders’ wardrobe.

These keyrings make the ideal pocket present for the avid skate boarder. The keyring features a skate board and ring to attach your keys and are made to order. These keyrings can easily be customised with your own text to make a more personalised gift.  They are silver in colour and made from Chromium, the measurements of these keyrings are 10 cm in length by 1.6 cm width and 1.7 cm depth.

The perfect stocking filler for the skateboarding fan, these sleek fridge magnets feature the words ‘I (heart emoji) my (skate board emoji)’ either in black or white text and comes in eight background colours. The colours available are black, black with marble effect, white/pink diamond effect, dark pink, light blue, red marble effect, white and yellow. Each magnet measures 50 mm width by 76 mm length.

The ideal bedding for the devoted skateboarder! This bedding will brighten up any teenager’s bedroom with its funky design incorporating a skateboard and the skateboarder’s leg and foot on the skate board. The design is featured on both the duvet cover and pillowcase. This bedding comes in four sizes – single, double, king, and super king with one pillowcase included for the single and two pillowcases for all other sized bedding. The must have bedroom accessory for all skateboarders!

This cool mug can be customised to include the person’s name on the front of the mug, with the fetching design of a boy on a skateboard, and a message or name on the back of the mug. Weighing nearly three hundred grams this mug is made from high quality material and the ink is long lasting. This mug will look great on the desk or in the bedroom of any keen skateboarder.

This understated, well designed baseball cap would be a great addition to the skateboarders’ attire. Available in one size for adults and a smaller size for children, these caps are adjustable. The cap is black with a white front which features a skateboard design in black, green and a pink/purple colour. However, you can choose a customised design should you wish. This cap is made from polyester and nylon.

A pack of eight figure contour wall stickers to enrich the bedroom of all young skateboarding enthusiasts. These medium sized wall stickers come in a roll and measure approximately 30 cm length by 20 cm width. These stickers are easily applied to any surface internally or externally and can be removed without damage being caused to the surface. They are easy to clean, water-resistant and will add the ‘Wow’ factor!

This wall art is just so stylish and fresh and would make the ideal Christmas or Birthday gift for a fan of Skateboarding. The canvas is available in five different sizes. It features a photo of a skateboarder doing a trick on a ramp and is in monochrome. Each canvas is handcrafted using high quality materials and is delivered set up for hanging. You cannot go wrong gifting this artwork to a skateboarding enthusiast.

The quintessential gift for a devoted skateboarder who loves to sketch! The cover of this sketchbook is black with the following text in white, ‘Skateboard Design Sketchbook One,’ and a cool design featuring four different shapes of skateboards. More wording is depicted at the bottom of the cover ‘Create your own Skateboard Designs.’ With 48 pages, the four different skateboard types feature in the book as a template to put your own design on.

This funky and cute colouring book is aimed at the young skateboarding enthusiast between ages four to eight and for both girls and boys. With 40 pages this colouring book measures just under 28 cm in length by just over 21.5 cm width and 0.25 cm depth. The front cover features a young skateboarder riding high on a blue, yellow, and pink skateboard with the text ‘Skateboard Coloring Book,’ in black.

This hardcover book contains 240 pages of incredible photographic material of skateboarding and skateboarders, taken by a highly esteemed photographer. This book is not only suitable for providing inspiration to budding skateboarders but also aspiring photographers. The layout is impressive with shots taken from all around the world. The book represents the multi-cultural and inclusive culture within the skateboarding community.  An absolute ‘must-have.’

A timeless and essential gift for skateboarders of all levels but particularly those just starting out. With 143 pages this book covers all aspects of skateboarding from an introduction to the sport including skateboarding courtesies to information for parents of aspiring skateboarders, to tips, tricks, and guidance. An incredible 350 photos are included in the book which help to illustrate a breakdown of tricks and moves. This truly is a wonderful gift for eager skateboarders.

The must have accessory for any skateboarder, the backpack strap is designed specifically to carry a skateboard. Generally, a universal fit for all skateboards that can also be used for snowboards. These straps are black, are made of polyester and nylon and can be adjusted to fit. They are easy to store when you are not using them. Literally the perfect stocking filler for your skateboarding family member or friend.

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