27 Presents for Snooker Fans

By Louise
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Snooker an age-old game that involves a table, balls, pool cues and a triangle. Players like Steve Davis, Ronnie O’Sullivan, Jimmy White and Stephen Hendry have become household names over the years. We have put together a list of gifts for that special someone who plays for fun at the snooker hall or competitively in the pub league or even professionally. We also have gift suggestions for those who prefer the more relaxed approach to snooker and just enjoy watching it from the comfort of their own home. Included in our suggestions are snooker equipment such as tables, triangles, balls and tools, T-shirts, books, a coaster and even an apron.

27 Gift Ideas for Snooker Fans

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A very special gift for the loved one who takes their snooker seriously whatever level they play at. This handcrafted snooker set includes a cue, a cue extender and a quality case for the cue. The 1.45 metre cue and fifteen centimetre extender are made from a mix of timber and metal products. The tip measures one centimetre in diameter. The case is brown with a stitched design.

A full set of snooker balls containing a total of seventeen balls, measuring three hundred and eighty millimetres in diameter. Due to their size this makes this ball set suitable for snooker tables which are smaller than standard length and up to a size of four feet and six inches. Quality balls with a good weight, this set of snooker balls will make a winning gift.

This handy, multifunctional and compact cue tool will make a fabulous Christmas or Birthday present for the snooker mad player in your life. They will be able to use this tool to change the outline of the cue and allow for the cue to accept greater quantities of chalk. This is a quality item that can help support improvements in their game and comes in black, silver, red and grey.

The perfect stocking filler or Secret Santa gift for the snooker player, this item consists of twelve pieces of chalk. The chalks are cube in shape with an indent for the cue to go. They are a blue-green colour and each chalk piece measures ten millimetres by length, width and depth. Quality chalks that come packaged in a blue box with yellow text. The gift that will keep on giving.

The ultimate gift to help the snooker player in your life hit those tricky shots. This gift suggestion comprises of a table rest and spider cross that are both made from a silver coloured metal. They rest on rubber stands to prevent any abrasions on the table. The table rests measures eight and half centimetres by length and width and the spider cross ten centimetres length by seven and a half centimetres width. Both have a diameter of two centimetres.

A great stocking filler idea or perhaps a Father’s Day gift and even a novelty gift in Secret Santa, for the snooker crazy fan or player. These socks are green with an illustration of different snooker balls and their reciprocal value. The top part of the sock and around the toes are red with the heel part black. The size of these socks is for from shoe size six to eleven. These socks are soft and will put a smile on his face.

One for the more serious snooker player, this ball carry container is made from metal and looks very professional. The holder and handles are black in colour with a silver rim and fittings. This container can fit twenty two balls and inside the container is padding to keep them secure and in place. This carry container will make a lovely and memorable gift that they will use on a regular basis.

A nifty little gift with a practical use. This device is something your loved one can take with them whether it is for a game with their mates or a more professional level of game. Made primarily from timber and a metal product, this device has the ability to restore the snooker cue to its original form, which will help them to improve their game midway when necessary.

A helpful book and development tool from Nic Barrows, snooker player turned coach to sharpen up those snooker skills with regards to that first hit of ball. This highly rated paperback book includes sixteen pages of tips alongside a ball with diagrams on it that can be used to practice the skills and knowledge learned. It is also possible to access further development aids on line with this gift.

A cue tip endorsed by a renowned professional player. The G5 cue tip measures one centimetre in width and is black with ‘G5,’ in white at the end of the tip. This cue tip comes tastefully packaged in a black box containing a foam type material and where the cue tip sits. On the outside of the box is the brand logo, ‘CC,’ in silver type, whilst on the underside are the words, ‘Tested – Approved.’

A special gift for the special person in your life who loves to play snooker. This classic glass container for serving beer or lager, has an illustration of a snooker player taking a shot with the snooker table featured, in white. Underneath, you can personalise with your own message, such as in recognition of the reason for the gift, like a birthday or anniversary.

This wallet is made from a genuine material known for making wallets and belts. It has different compartments for all types of money and other personal items. This wallet is easy to open but secure enough when you want the wallet closed. The design on the wallet is plain, with the exception of an illustration of a triangle with a white outline, and containing the standard fifteen red balls.

A great little gift for the snooker player that will make their life a little easier when playing the game. The quality of this chalk pouch is astounding and will mean the snooker player will never lose the chalk and it will always be in reach, leaving them to concentrate on winning the game. This pouch has a length of one hundred and ten millimetres with a width of ninety five millimetres and a depth of fifteen millimetres.

One from the well renowned snooker and pool brand Peradon, this micro cloth will ensure that the snooker player never loses sight of the ball due to excess moisture. This towel will keep the cue dry and clean allowing the snooker player to keep full focus in the game. The Peradon brand name and logo feature on this blue towel, along with the words, ‘since 1885.’

A snazzy little extender for those slightly tricky shots. This extender will actually fit onto another cue that is holding the table rest, giving even more height to take the all important shot. This is a useful tool particularly when the shot to be taken is a bit too close to the side of the snooker table. The extender is black in colour and has the brand name, ‘Dunns-Cues,’ in white on one side of the extender.

Whether this is gift to your family member or friend who loves to play snooker and has their own impressive home set up, this will truly give that set up another level of impressiveness. This scoreboard is black with a bronze coloured score board and pointers. Made from plastic, the dimensions of this scoreboard are sixty nine centimetres length by forty centimetres width and a depth of three and a half centimetres.

A very cool T-shirt for the snooker player or fan. This T-shirt is available in male, female and for youngsters between the ages of two years and twelve years old. For men and women, sizes from extra small to triple extra large are available. You can choose from a wide range of colours such as blues, greys, greens, black and brown. The design on the front of the T-shirt, depicts the ball formation at the beginning of the game.

This glove set will make your snooker playing loved one, look the business! Two gloves are included in this set that encourage the form of the hand, required to take shots whilst reducing the risk of moisture from affecting the shot. The gloves can be worn on both the left and the right hand. With a ‘one size fits all,’ these gloves are made from flexible material.

A cute table for the little ones to play whilst developing an interest in a sport whether, snooker or pool. This snooker table can fit easily onto any table and has a blue fabric inner with a quality dark timber outer frame. In addition to the table, comes two cues, a triangle, a piece of chalk, a table brush and balls that are smaller than the regular sized balls for little fingers.

A practical gift to replace the last one or to help the snooker player build up their own home set up. This snooker table brush set includes two brushes to help keep the snooker table surface and area by pockets, clean. The part that is held is made from a timber product, whilst the cleaning part is flexible. The brush for the table surface measures 23 cm in length whilst the other brush measures 21 cm in length.

The ultimate party game, this snooker table will bring hours of fun to the household. It is suitable for kids and adults alike. The table has a green table cloth with the outer frame made from a dark wood material. Included with this set, in addition, to the table are two triangles, two cues, a brush to clear the surface of the table, a full set of snooker balls and a chalk. This table is easy to put up and store away.

A book that is timeless, not aging over the thirty five years since its conception. Set over two hundred and thirty five pages, this book reminisces over the decades of snooker that will always be remembered for the famous players, such as the renowned, Steve Davis. This book gives actual insight by someone who was a mainstay. This book is suitable for the snooker player, snooker fan or even just the sports fan.

A fabulous novelty gift that can be personalised for the snooker fan. The mug made from a ceramic type material is white with a design. The illustration features a partial view of the classic green snooker table, with pockets and balls. At the bottom of the mug there is a scoreboard where you can personalise it with your other half’s name, that shows them winning against one of the best, O’Sullivan.

This attractive looking cover for a snooker table will make an amazing gift. The cover is black with a shine finish and is available in three sizes dependant on table size. The smallest one is for tables measuring 2.25 metres length by 1.16 metres width, the next one for tables with a length and width of 2.6 metre and 1.35 metres respectively and the last with 2.87 metres length by 1.55 metres width. The drop is 82 cm for each cover.

This impressive quality triangle is made from a timber based product and is suitable for snooker and pool. This triangle comes in three sizes – British, American and Rhombus dependant on what game your significant other plays. Whether your snooker playing loved one has an impressive set up or likes to help out the pub or club team, this rack has the wow factor.

An ideal add-on gift for the snooker playing man or fan! This gift suggestion consists of one coaster with a mix of text and illustrations. The text in black says, ‘Crazy Snooker Man,’ whilst the illustration depicts two snooker cues with fifteen red balls in a triangle and a yellow, green, brown, blue, pink, black and white ball, underneath. This is a square shaped coaster measuring ninety millimetres length by width.

A uber cool apron for the lady who loves snooker and likes to cook or undertake creative activities requiring the use of an apron, such as painting. This apron is primarily white with an illustration of a snooker triangle containing red balls and all the other coloured balls surrounding it. The text ‘Beware – Crazy Snooker lady,’ is in black text. The length of this apron is eighty six centimetres length by sixty centimetres width.

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