32 Gift Ideas for Snorkellers of All Ages

By Louise
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If you know someone that enjoys snorkelling then you might like to try to find gifts for them when it comes to a special occasion. However, it can be difficult to know exactly what you should be buying for them. This is something which we have decided to help with by coming up with a list of suggested gifts that we feel they might like. We have included a big range of different items so that there will be something that will suit everyone and they are also different prices as well, which means that you will be able to choose something that will suit your specific budget.

32 Presents for Snorkelling Fans

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This is a snorkel set which includes a mask and snorkel. It comes in red, blue black and pink and the goggles are made of tempered glass which are impact resistant and explosion proof which means that they are durable and strong. It is easy to adjust to different head sizes so it fits well and the silicon skirt moulds to the shape of the face with a dry top snorkel.

This is a pair of premium scuba diving heel fins made by Cressi Pro Light. They come in different colours such as black, yellow, pink and blue and in different sizes from extra small to XXL. They have a strong polypropylene blade and a soft elastomer part for the foot with protective inserts. It is light and well balanced and has a surprisingly good reaction time and a formidable thrust.

This is a special waterproof bag which has been especially designed for underwater use. It is a high capacity bag and is available in black or a camouflage design. It is made of very strong material especially designed for diving fins and other equipment. It has large detachable handles on the top as well as side handles with a water release cap, water resistant zipped pocket on the size and can carry 135 litres of items.

This is a full face snorkel mask which has a hard carry case with it. It has four valves which make it much easier to breathe and it helps you to be able to see really clearly all around you when under water. It has an extra long breathing tube so you can dive down deeper. It is has a fog free design as well meaning that it is really easy to see everything around you.

This is a notebook which says on the front of it ‘Snorkelling because it’s cheaper than therapy’ and it is 15.24 x 22.86 cm in size. It has 120 pages which are lined which means that it can be used for all sorts of things such as making notes, writing lists or journaling. It has a matte cover which means that it looks great and it is easy to carry around and use whenever you need to write something down.

This is a pair of barefoot skin water shoes. They are designed to line and protect the feet when underwater and they are made from a fabric on the outside and have polyester and spandex on the inside. They have a gum rubber sole so they do not slip. They come in a selection of different sizes from 4 – 11 and they are a normal width and easily slip on.

This is a GoPro handler floating hand grip which is waterproof. It allows you to easily keep your GoPro afloat when you are taking pictures in the water. It is easy to use at all sorts of angles as well and it has a non-slip construction which is comfortable to use as well. It is compatible with all GoPro HERO cameras. It has a quick release base meaning that it is easy to switch between mounts.

This is a Gogokids girls’ wetsuit which comes in purple, pink, green and blue and in sizes small – XXL. It is made from 2.5mm neoprene, polyamide and elastane which is thick enough to keep warm and protect from jellyfish stings. It also provides sun protection at a 50+ UV rate to protect from sun burning. It has a zip on the back with an extra long strap to make it easier to do up and undo.

This is a special underwater propeller camera mount for a sports camera. It has a simple design which makes it really easy to use and it is just 3.5kg in weight which makes it really easy to carry. It has a floater to keep it buoyant and the propellers are within a safe protective net which prevents injuries. It is powered by a sealed battery which is rechargeable and can run for 30 minutes.

This is a Cressi complete scuba set. It is a jacket start pro, 1st stage MC9 and 2nd stage compact, octopus compact and console 2 instruments. They are highly durable items and they come in different sizes so that you can make sure that you get a jacket that fits you properly. Has everything that you need to get you started and it will last so you will not have to replace it for a long time.

This is a pack of swimseal ear drops. The idea is that they go in the ear and can protect from water getting trapped in the ears. Great for any under water activities such as diving or snorkelling as well as swimming. A few drops in each ear will provide protection and there is enough liquid in the bottle for around 100 uses. It will avoid the pain and discomfort from conditions such as swimmers ear. It will not build up and it will not affect hearing or balance.

This is a Mountain Warehouse branded swimming vest. It is sizes XS – 3XL and comes in a selection of colours such as dark grey. Green. Blue, black, red and tallow. It provides UV protection which will keep the wearer safe in the sun and it is quick drying so great when travelling. It is made from polyamide and is machine washable. It is short sleeved and has flat seams to avoid chafing.

This is a neoprene snorkelling cap which is black with a choice of black, yellow or white stitching. It is breathable so helps to keep the head cool as well as protected. It will protect the head and neck from sharp objects and is smooth on the face so it is waterproof but there is an air vent to let out air bubbles through the top of the hood. It is made from 3mm stretch material which makes it durable, warm and waterproof.

This is a pair of Mermaid swimming fins. They are made from dive grade neoprene which means that they are virtually unbreakable. They are easy to take on and off as there are no restrictive ankle straps and they have smooth edges so that the swimmer’s feet will not get sore. They allow the wearer to have a graceful swimming action. They come in a small kids and large adult size.

This is a professional life jacket which is adjustable in size. It is available in blue, orange or green and in sizes small to XXXL. They have bright reflective straps for safety at night and they have spaces to add buoyancy blocks on the sides. There are three chest straps to make sure that it stays firmly on and it has ultra light cotton padding to keep the person afloat.

This is a Cressi branded snorkel in a black and grey colour. It is designed for free diving and spear fishing but could also be used for any snorkelling activities. It is created using innovative and patented manufacturing technology and includes a two year warranty so you know the quality can be trusted. It has a short tube, good ventilation and an anatomical shape.  It provides a comfortable fit for all users.

This is a pair of neoprene wetsuit gloves. They are 1.5mm and are designed for using in the water. They are suitable for men or women and come in medium or large sizes. They help to keep the hands warm when in cold water but also protect them from abrasions on rocks, coral etc. They have a hook and loop fastening to ensure a good fit which remains water tight.

This is a bottle of no-fog bio which is a special gel to keep diving masks clean and free of mist. It is natural and works with all masks and does no harm to the environment. It is available in a 15ml and a 30ml size and is clinically tested. It will have to be reapplied frequently but should last at least one full session and it has plenty of sprays in the bottle so the bottle will last a long time.

This is a Cressi foldable snorkel n an adult size. It comes in black/yellow, clear/ink and clear/yellow. It is a 360 degree dry valve which seals the breathing tube when submerged at any angle. It has a flexible lower bore which reduces jaw fatigue. The mouthpiece drops away when not in use which makes it handy for scuba divers. It has a lower purge valve making it very easy to quickly expel water.

This is an IQ Company ABC bag for snorkelling. It comes in pink, blue, black or safari navy and have an EVA coating and is seco friendly. It has shoulder straps to make it easier to carry so you can use it as a backpack and more easily carry your snorkelling equipment to the beach. It is 69 x 25 x 18cm in size and has mesh inserts which help to make sure that the bag stays ventilated.

This is a one piece wetsuit for men. It is made from 2.2mm neoprene and is black and red with white logos on it. It is available in sizes small – 4XL and is comfortable and designed for swimming, diving and snorkelling in warmer waters. It has long legs and long arms and has a long lace up zip to make it easy to take on and off. It has reinforced knee pads and flat seams and a soft collar.

This is a junior snorkelling set. It has a mask and tube and therefore is suitable for starting. It is specifically sized for children so they will find it comfortable to wear and use. It has a twin lens mask and soft silicone skirt and a mask strap with buckles to keep it in place. The snorkel has a wave deflector and an adjustable mouthpiece. For children aged 6-12 years.

This is a special box to keep a snorkelling mask in. It is designed to ensure that your mask is protected from damage and will make it easier to find as well. It measures 17.5cm x 10cm x 9.5cm and will therefore fit most sizes of masks. It is great when you are travelling or carrying the mask around as well as for when you are storing it at home to keep it safe and protected as well as clean.

This is a mouthpiece cover for a snorkel. It comes in yellow or blue and it is made out of food grade silicone. It will prevent any dirt or sand from entering the mouthpiece so it is more hygienic to use. It has a snap clip which means that it can be easily attached to a bag and it is lightweight and portable. It is one size and will fit most sizes of mouthpiece.

This is a set of neoprene wet socks. They are for wearing with a wetsuit and they are 3mm thick and come in black or black with blue trim and are a large size. They work with open heel fins and have smooth stitching on the seams so that they are smooth to wear but they stop water coming in on the seams. They will help to keep the feet warm and protected when in the water.

This is a fun bag which comes in a big variety of colours and is 42 x 38cm in size. On the front of it is printed ‘I’d rather be scuba driving let’s dive underwater’  with a picture of someone diving and it has a long strap so can be carried over the shoulder. It has a 10 litre capacity so great for carrying kit to the beach, gym, for shopping, carrying books etc.

This is a silicone mouthpiece for a snorkel. It is a replacement one and will fit most standard snorkels and regulators. It has an ergonomic design which makes it easy to bite on to. It is lightweight and portable so easy to carry along with other equipment. It is made from good quality material that is solid and durable as well as soft and non-toxic. Works with deep sea diving air bottles and respirators.

This is a pack of two silicone scuba snorkel mouldable mouthpieces. They are specially designed to reduce jaw fatigue and will fit exactly to your bite so they are more comfortable to use. They can hang in your mouth without biting down on the mouthpiece tabs if you wish. They fit most standard regulators and are very easy to customize and install. They are 10 x 5cm in size and come in different colours.

This is a pair of snorkelling goggles for kids. The mask is made from liquid silicone and the frame is polycarbonate. They have an elastic band to fit them around the head which can be adjusted. The lens shape helps the child to get a better view around them and the lenses are also anti fog. The band also has earplugs which provide comfort and mean that they will not be lost as they are built in.

This is an underwater scooter with camera mount. The idea is that you can use it to attach your action camera to and it has a battery powered motor so can be easily moved around in the water to take great film. It stays powered for 35 minutes after 2-3 hours charging and can move up to 5.7 km/h. It is light and easy to carry as well as simple to use.

This is a fun mug which says on it ‘You may think that I am listening to you but in my head I am snorkelling’ with a picture of an underwater scene on it. It is printed on both sides using a technique which will not fade even if put in the dishwasher or microwave. You can even ask for an additional message to be printed around the bottom of the mug if you wish to.

This is an apron which is black and printed on it in white it says ‘I breath underwater what’s your superpower?’. The writing is bold and the word underwater is angled to make it look like the letters are floating around. It is 60cm wide and 87cm long with ties the enable it to be altered to fit most sizes of waist. It has free delivery and would make a fun gift.

This is a snorkelling themed poster. It comes in a section of sizes – A4, A3, A2, A1, A0 and has a picture of a skull using a snorkel on it. It comes in either glossy or matte so you can choose which you think will be best. It is printed on heavy weight paper so that it will last well. You could just buy the poster or you could choose to but a frame from elsewhere to put it in before giving it as a gift.

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