33 Gift Ideas for People Who Make Soap

Updated on January 15th, 2021
By Louise
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There are many people that like to have a go at making various things. There has been a recent growth in people making soap. This could be because soap is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bottled products and it can also be fun to make your own. There are lots of items that could be useful to people that make soap and we decided to compile a list to help anyone that is interested in buying a gift for someone that enjoys soap making or wants to try it out and see what it is like. Hopefully, you will find it useful for buying gifts for people you know with an interest in this area.

33 Presents for Soap Making Fans

This is a set of soap making supplies. There is enough to get anyone started with soap making. The set includes a wooden soap cutter, wooden box, lid, silicone mould, straight cutter, wave cutter, wire slicer and two four-leaf grass soap moulds. The idea is that you make a large soap and then cut it into smaller slices either using a straight or wavy cutter or you mould soaps in the pretty moulds.

This is a set of dyes for soaps. There are 12 different rainbow colours which you can use as they are or blend together to make lots of different colours and even layered effects. They are easy to use and they use pure ingredients without harsh chemicals. The colours are vivid and will last a long time when put into soaps and they can also be used for making bath bombs as well.

This is a House of Crafts soap making craft kit. It has everything that you need inside to make a selection of soaps. In the box, there is a soap compound, 3 coloured dyes, fragrance, 6 mould shapes, a pipette and full instructions. The moulds are in lovely shapes so you can make shells, dolphins and starfish-shaped soaps. They are made from glycerine so are see-through and look really pretty.

This is a melt and pour soap base. It is 1kg and has an aloe vera fragrance. It is vegetable-based and it is a mild soap. It is used to make aloe vera transparent soap bars. It is suitable for all skin types even dry, damaged and sensitive skin. It foams well and forms a lather and has no nasty additives, ready to add your own colours and fragrances. Suitable for vegans and cruelty-free.

This is a collection of soap making moulds. They are made with silicone which means that they are easy to use and clean and it is easy to pop the soap out. There is a tray with six squares in it and then four individual moulds with ‘thank you’, ‘soap’, ‘100% hand made’ and a cloverleaf design. They are all between 5 and 10cm in size. They are food-grade silicone so can be used for baking as well.

This is a glitter soap making kit for children. There are different shaped options and colours so children can make fun soaps and they can add glitter as well. The kit comes with a mould tray, two dyes and a pipette as well as glitter and the soap base in a container. Just melt the base in the microwave, add the dye and pop in the moulds to set. Great fun for children.

This is an adjustable wood cutter. It is made of pine wood and inside there is a soap mould which is removable and made of silicone. The cutter allows you to slice the large rectangular soap once you have made it and it has set and you have removed it from the silicone mould. You can change the thickness so that you can do different thicknesses of slices, so you can make a lovely piece of soap to use or give away.

This is a book by Alice Parker called Natural Soap Making. It has full instructions on how to make soaps using healthy and natural ingredients with step-by-step instructions to the foolproof recipes. It takes you right through from preparation to cutting with every step in between. The recipes are all vegan friendly and they are suitable for beginners. They also use oils and herbs to keep the skin soft and healthy and to prevent the use of creams.

This is a set of fragrance oils for soaps, bath bombs, massage oil and candles. There are 12 different fragrances included which are 6ml each. There is gardenia, mayflower, rose, lavender, lotus, plum blossom, rose flowers, tulip, orchid and jasmine. They are concentrated so you will not need to use very much each time and they will last a long time. They have no harsh chemicals and are cruelty-free.

This is an organic soap making kit made by House of Crafts. It contains organic soap compounds, organic essential oil, aniseed, linseed, poppy seeds, marigold seeds as well as instructions. It would make a great gift for someone that was interested in soap making but did not really know how to start. It has everything they need to have a go and they will then be able to decide whether it was a hobby they wanted to pursue.

This is a book called ‘365 Days of Soap Making’ by Carol James. This book includes a soap recipe for every day of the year which means that there will be plenty to use as well as to give away as gifts. The products in the recipes are natural and safe to use even if you have sensitive skin. There are recipes for hard bars of soap as well as liquid soap and detergents so lots of things can be made.

This is a kids ‘Cake of Soap Factory’ kit. It has everything needed to make soaps in the shape of cupcakes. It is a science kit which means that the children get information about liquid and solid transitions, suspensions and pigments as well as having lots of fun at the same time. Colours and perfumes can be blended to make unique soaps for their own use or to give away as gifts.

This is a soap or clay stamp that you can use to customise the soaps that you have made yourself. The stamps can have any message, logo or text on them so you can have them made up to make your products individual to you. The stamp is engraved on food safe Perspex which allows it to be detailed and there is a handle which is easy to hold. You can choose between different sizes so you can have the right sizes of design on it.

This is a special jug which can be used for melting and pouring soap base as well as wax. It is a 3 litre jug which has a plastic handle so it does not get hot and an aluminium body which will conduct heat and melt the items inside when used in a double boiler. The spout will not drip. It is non stick and is easy to clean with soap and water. It comes in different sizes.

This is an African black soap melt base. It comes in 1, 2, 5 and 11.5kg packs and comes in a plastic tub. It is made using African black soap from Ghana and has no SLS, SLES or other nasty ingredients but has raw shea butter and coconut oil. It is a natural rich colour which is typical of this type of soap. It is suitable for many skin types including sensitive and dry.

This is a Soap Factory for kids. It is a set which allows you to be able to ice, decorate and accessorise cupcake soaps. It makes six in total. It has all the ingredients to make six different soaps which are scented and in different shapes and then you can add different frosting styles or put characters on the top of them to make really fun designs such as a unicorn, flamingo and panda shaped soap.

This is a paperback book by Janita Morris called ‘Soap Maker: Natural Handmade Soap from Your Kitchen’. It has recipes to make soap using only the purest ingredients. There are 60 recipes not just for soaps but also bath balls, bath and shower gels, shampoos and conditioners. They are all made with natural scents and colours and they will be great to use yourself or to give away as gifts.

This is a paperback book called ‘The Soap Makers Handbook: Materials, Processes and Recipes for Every Description of Soap’ by Dr C. Deite. It is a reprint of the original book which is dated 1912. It has all sorts of information about the manufacture of soap, the birth of the industry, information about raw materials uses, machines and utensils used and much more. It is a reprint of the original book and has not been changed and so some processes will no longer be recommended to be used.

This is a notebook which has a picture of a purple bar of soap on the yellow cover and says ‘soap maker’. It is A5 size and has 120 lined pages. This means that there is lots of space to write all sorts of things. It could be used to note down soap recipes, colour and perfume combinations or things like this. It could also be used as a journal, diary, notebook or for lists.

This is a set of six soap holders. They are used to put a bar of soap on by the side of the sink or shower so that the soap stays in place and does not slip into the sink or on to the floor. It is made of PVC and is durable. It is 7.4 x 11.2 x 1cm in size and it can also be trimmed so that it can fit inside a soap dish or container or to fit on the side of a sink or bath.

This is a silicone soap mould. It has an oval shape and the word soap embossed on it so when the soap is pressed out the word appears indented on the soap. The mould is 7.6 x 4.8 x 1.8 cm in size. It is made for food grade silicone and is temperature resistant so it can be used in a freezer or oven as well as a dishwasher. This means that it can be used for food as well as soap.

This is an apron which says on it ‘Quit your job and make jam’ on it. It is available in red and green and the writing is white with a picture of a jam jar as well as strawberries on it. It is made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton, Great for wearing when cooking or baking as well as when doing DIY and crafts such as art or soap making.

This is a long-sleeved t-shirt which says on it ‘I can’t lye I love making soaps’ with a picture of soap on it. It is available in black, navy, royal blue or dark heather and in sizes small – 2XL. The tops are made from polyester and cotton so they are soft and comfortable to wear and they wash easily. They are lightweight and have a classic unisex fit. A practical and fun gift idea.

This is a short-sleeved t-shirt which says on it ‘soap making legend’. It comes in different colours such as black, white, navy and purple and sizes which fit kids ages 2-12 years old and adults sized small – 3XL in a classic fit. It is a lightweight design with a crew neck and is suitable for machine washing and tumble drying. It is soft and comfortable to wear and keeps its shape well.

This is a short-sleeved t-shirt which has a vintage design on it. It says ‘soap making’ and has a picture of some soap with a rainbow coloured background which has an aged look to it. It comes in a variety of dark colours suitable for men or women in sizes small – 3XL. It is a great gift for a soap maker as it is practical and useful but also shows what they love on it.

This is a hoodie which says on it ‘The Soap Maker’ with a picture of some soap on it. It comes in black, navy, dark heather and is available in sizes small – 2XL. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix which means that it is soft and comfortable and will not stretch out of shape. It is machine washable and can be tumble dried at a low temperature.

This is a wall sticker which says ‘Soap is to the body what laughter is to the soul’ with a soap bubble design. It is available in a choice of 17 colours and is 45cm x 100cm in size. It would look good on a bathroom wall but also in an area where soap is made. It comes with application tape and full instructions so is easy to apply to any clean and smooth surface.

This is a fun sign which says on it ‘fresh towels hot water soap 10 cents per person open 7 days’ It is black with white writing and has a vintage font on it. It is a fun sign and would look good on a bathroom door or anywhere where people make soap. It comes framed and ready to hang and is a wooden board which has been printed on one side.

This is a bamboo soap cutter for those that handmake soap. It has measurements on it so that you can get slices of soap to the size that you desire. It is very easy to use as it has a non-stick surface and a wire cutter. It is a useful shape for cutting rectangular blocks of home-made soap and can be easily cleaned once used. It even has free delivery.

This is a set of stickers to put on handmade soap. There are five sheets of stickers and they have 30 stickers (six on each sheet of 3 different designs) on them which have a 4cm diameter and are round. They say on them ‘hand made’, ‘100% natural soap hand made’ and ‘100% organic soap aromatherapy essential oil’ on them. They have an easy peel and stick back and are printed on high quality paper.

This is a set of sealing stickers. They are black paper stickers and have a round top part which says ‘handmade’ and a long length to seal a wrapper They will work to seal packaging on all sorts of hand made products such as cakes and biscuits, sweets and jam as well as soap and jewellery. They are made from premium materials so they work well and seal things tightly.

These are clear wrap bags designed to wrap products such as soap. They are heat shrink bags so they can be made to fit. They are useful because they will trap in the perfume so that it lasts until the soap needs to be used. They are very easy to use, you can use a heat gun to seal them up. They are 6 x 6 inches in size and are food grade quality.

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