20 Great Gift Ideas for Sopranos TV Series Fans

Updated on August 9th, 2021
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If you know someone that is a big fan of the Sopranos then you might like to buy then a gift that has a theme which relates to the show. However, if you do not know much about the program yourself or are a bit stuck as to where to look for gifts then you may wonder if it is such a good idea! We can help you as we have put together a list of gift ideas that may inspire you as to what to buy. Hopefully there will be something that you like and that will suit the person that you are buying for.

20 Great Presents for Sopranos Lovers

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This is a Sweatshirt for men which is black and says ‘The Sopranos’ on it. It is available in sizes small, medium, large, XL, XXL and 3XL. The words are digitally printed on it in red and should not fade, It is made of polyester, has long sleeves and a drawstring around the hood. The top should keep anyone nice and warm while showing their support for the TV show that they love.

This is a Sopranos trivia game which is based on the television series. There are five levels of difficulty which means that it is suitable for those who know a lot or perhaps not so much about the show! You can place a bet on whether you or your friends will be able to answer the questions correctly. There are over 1000 questions and the game is for two players or more.

This is a short sleeved t-shirt which is black. On it, it says ‘bada bing!’ in red writing with a reclining woman in white underneath it. It is a small sized t-shirt and would therefore make a good gift for anyone that is a fan of the show and is small in size. Any fans will certainly understand the reference to the strip club and will love it as a gift.

This is a DVD set which contains the whole series of The Sopranos. It would make a great gift for a fan that does not have the DVD or perhaps has worn theirs out through watching it too much! It is the complete series in a boxed set which has English subtitles and is in English. It has a run time of 4657 minutes and has 28 discs in the set.

This is ‘The Sopranos: The Complete Book’ which is available as a hardback or paperback edition. It is written by Brett Martin and covers all six seasons of the hit show and explores storylines and characters and has lots of photographs in it. It goes behind the scenes as well. It makes a great book for fans of the show to enjoy alongside watching their favourite episodes of the program.

This is a novelty notebook which says on the front of it ‘I [heart] Tony Soprano’. It has 120 pages of high quality paper and measures 6 x 9 inches. It has a matte cover and inside the pages can be used for all sorts of things such as journaling, notes, lists etc. Great for carrying around for work or college or to use around the home. A practical and fun gift for a fan of the show.

This is a Sopranos themed mug. It is a 11oz mug which is white and it has a picture on both sides of it. The picture is a scene from the program and it says ‘The Sopranos’ on it in red. It is made from 100% ceramic and is handmade to last. A very useful gift for anyone and especially geat for anyone that is a big fan of the show.

This is a ‘The Sopranos’ themes fridge magnet. It has a red and white checked background and has a green pig design with ‘Satriale’s’ written on it in white. With these colours it would really stand out from any fridge. It is an officially licensed product and has free delivery so makes a great little token gift or something to slip in with a card or to give in addition to other gifts.

This is a mounted photo display. It is a signed photo of The Sopranos’ James Gandolfini. It has a print of the signed photo and a plaque underneath it. The mount is black and is 1.5mm thick and the print is high quality. It is 10 x 8 inches and is all ready to be framed so can be given with a frame of your choice or you can leave it for the recipient to choose a frame that they like.

This is a poster for anyone who loves gangsters. It is a collage poster with pictures of all sorts of different famous gangsters such as Scarface, The Sopranos, Goodfellas, Godfather etc. It measures 24 x 35 inches and so will look good pinned up on a wall or framed. It comes unframed so you can choose to frame it before giving it or leave it to the recipient to decide.  It is a black and white poster so looks really interesting and stylistic.

This is a Tony Soprano mug. It is a 10oz white mug which has a close up picture of Tony Soprano on it. The picture is actually printed on both sides so it works for a left or right handed person. It is 100% ceramic and a Durham style mug. It measures 93mm x 80mm and is suitable for putting in both the microwave and the dishwasher so is really easy to use.

This is a mug with a Sopranos design. It is a white mug which has ‘Tony & Silvio & Paulie & Chris’ written on it in black. The words are printed on both sides of the mug so that it is suitable for a left or right handed person to use. It has a smooth finish as it is ceramic and it has an ergonomic handle which means that it is comfortable to hold.

This is a fun sign to stick in a car. It is bright yellow so will easily be seen. It has a black rim around it and says on it ‘Gangster on Board’ and has a cartoon picture of a gangster with a cigar, gun and swag bag of money. It has a suction cup so that it can easily be stuck to a car window. It is 14cm x 14cm and so will be able to be seen without obscuring the drivers view.

This is a fun street sign. It is green with a white border and it says ‘Soprano St’ on it. It is 4 x 18 inches and it is made of high quality plastic so there is no risk of it rusting and it is really durable. There are four mounting holes on it so it is easy to hang up. It can be used inside or outside and so it is very versatile and makes a great gift for a fan of the program.

This is a fun fancy dress outfit. It is a fun set of costumes for a couple with a men’s mobster outfit and ladies moll outfit. The ladies comes with dress, collar and cuffs and the men’s is a jacket, trousers and collar. They come in a range of different sizes so you are able to pick sizes that will suit the couple that you have in mind to gift it to.

This is a fun Christmas baseball hat. It is red in colour with a white bobble, white edging on the brim and printed in white it says ‘Bada bing!’ and has a picture of a reclining woman under it. It is made from 100% cotton denim fabric and is light and breathable. It has a universal size but can be altered using the Velcro on the back. A great Christmas treat for any fan of the show.

This is a biography called ‘James Gandolfini: The Real Life of the Man who Made Tony Soprano’ by Dan Bischoff. It was the first biography of the actor who died in 2013 aged 51 which contains interviews with the cast as well as his acting teachers, coaches, friends and directors he worked with. The author analyses his relationships and discusses how he was a reluctant celebrity and preferred his craft to his career.

This is a hardcover book called ‘The Sopranos Family Cookbook’. It is by Allen Rucker and makes it easy to cook Ziti as well as Carmela’s. It has behind the scenes information and you can get into the kitchen making the dishes that Livia learned from her grandmother and meals that Paulie Walnuts’ mother raised him on. There are 100 recipes based around the characters as well as pictures of the characters eating.

This is a paperback book called ‘The Revolution was Televised: How the Sopranos, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Lost and other Groundbreaking Dramas changed TV’. The book by TV critic Alan Sepinwall comments on how the small screen has changed over the years mentioning specific television programs such as The Sopranos as examples. It discusses character’s and real-life behind the scenes conflicts, overall talking about how a new golden age was born.

This is a fun book by Joseph ‘Joe Dogs’ Lannuzzi called ‘The Mafia Cookbook’. It has a mix of traditional Italian dishes and Mafia anecdotes to make not only a good cookbook but a very readable one at that. It not only has a selection of recipes but also an account of the authors recent years where he testified against the mob in five major trails. The recipes themselves are quick and simple.

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