32 Gift Ideas for Squash Players of All Ages

By Louise
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Squash is a sport that many people like to play. It is a great way to keep fit and have fun at the same time. If you know anyone that plays, then you might like to show your approval and encourage them by buying a gift that is related to this hobby. However, you may not be sure what you should get them. This is why we have come up with a list of suggested items. We have put together a list of things that we think will work really well for anyone that enjoys playing Squash.  There is a variety of items at different prices, so you should find something that you approve of too.

32 Presents for Squash Fans

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This is a Head Nano Ti Spector 2.0 squash racket, which comes in white and black. It is made from titanium which means that it is easy to manoeuvre and powerful as well. It is 195g and has a 14 x 19 string pattern to it and the strings are made from synthetic gut, which improve playability. It has a 485cm square head which is light and enables players to have a quicker reaction time.

This is a Mike clamp which is used for stringing a racket. It works for all sorts of rackets such as: badminton, tennis or squash. They are green in colour and will be very useful for anyone that likes to restring their own rackets. They are manual pliers which means that they are easy to use and control so will make the job easier. Could make a great gift for a squash player.

This is a set of replacement grips for squash rackets. They are perforated and so super absorbent and also cushioned for comfort. There are four different colours in the pack. They are easy to use, to wrap the handle from the base upwards to give a comfortable and non-slip grip to any racket. Players might choose to change grip regularly, so these could make a very useful gift for a squash player.

This is a squash set which contains two rackets and a set of balls. The rackets have a 500 cm squared head, which is light and they are made by Prince. They come with full size cases and there are different styles and colours available to choose from. They come with a set of three Dunlop balls, which are black with white writing on. The set has free shipping too.

This is a Wilson Impact squash racket. It comes in choice of colours – red, orange & grey, grey & green and red & grey. It has a light head and therefore provides a great combination of power and control for the player. It has a good frame weight meaning that it can produce powerful shots. The head size is 496cm squared, it has a 14 x 19 string pattern and it is made of aluminium.

This is a squash set which would be great for any player. It contains a pair of Dunlop rackets and a set of three balls. The rackets are the Dunlop Ti series and they come with a case to protect the head. There are three balls included which come in a box making them easier to store as well as to wrap up as a gift. The set comes with free delivery.

This is a special bag designed to hold rackets. It has a special pocket which will fit all sizes of racket and there is enough space to hold two rackets. There are also other pockets to hold the rest of your kit, so it is really easy to carry things around. The shoulder straps are padded and strong, so it is easy to carry and they can be adjusted to fit.

This is a set of squash balls made by Chonor. They are rubber balls and you can choose from different types. So you can pick a pair of fast balls with blue dots, a set of 3 blue dotted fast balls, a pack of three double dotted yellow balls, a mixed pack of extra slow, slow and fast balls, a pair of yellow dotted slow balls or a set of three yellow dotted slow balls.

This is a multipack of Dunlop squash balls. There are different types to choose from such as: competition, pro, intro, progress, mixed, intro blue speed and pro yellow dot. You can therefore pick the type of ball and you can also choose the quantity between 1, 3, 4, 6 and 12 so you can easily select exactly what you are looking for. Would make a very useful gift for a squash player.

These are Head Prime squash balls. The are double yellow dot which means that they are ultra slow, which is good for players who prefer this type of ball. The balls are black with the brand printed on in white. They are made from high quality rubber and therefore are durable, consistent and give great performance and have been approved to World Squash Federation specifications. You have a choice of buying a set of three or twelve balls.

This is a pair of black wristbands made by Nike. They are plain apart from a white swoosh on them, which has been embroidered on. They are suitable for all sorts of sports and are particularly good for racket sports, as they will stop the sweat running down the arms onto the racket handle making it harder to grip. They are one size and will stretch to fit most wrists and would make a useful gift for a squash player.

This is a pack of sports socks. There are six socks in the pack and there are different colour combinations and sizes to pick from. You can have all white or all black or a mix of different colours – white, black and grey. They come in sizes 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12 so it should be easy to find a pair that is the right size. They have double dry technology to help feet to stay cool while working out and they are made from a cotton blend – so are soft and breathable.

This is a Nike sweatband which has the swoosh embroidered on it. There are various options available. There is a white headband with black swoosh, a pair of purple wristbands with gold swoosh, a grey wristband with black swoosh and a black or grey wide wrist band with white and black swoosh on them. Most have free delivery and would be very useful to a squash player. They are machine washable.

This is a pair of men’s shorts made by Lacoste which could be used for all sorts of sports. They come in black, grey dark grey or navy and they have an elastic waist with drawstring. They come in sizes XS – 5XL and are made from cotton and polyester. They can be washed in a washing machine, so are ideal for sports as they can be kept clean easily. Would make a great gift.

This is a pair of compression calf guards. They have all sorts of uses but can be really handy for use in sports. They help to improve recovery both during and after exercise and they help protect against muscle strain, Achilles injuries etc. They come in sizes small – XL, so there should be a size to fit most people. The compression aids oxygen flow to the muscles which improves performance and reduces fatigue.

This is a set of breathable and quick drying men’s t-shirts. They come in sizes small to XXL and you can buy different colour combinations. There is a set of just black or just grey but also mixed colour – black, red & blue, black, grey & blue, black, heather grey & white, heather grey, blue and white and black, grey and heather grey. They are 100% polyester with moisture wicking.

This is a women’s sports bra. It has underwire and padding to give lots of support and a race back with adjustable straps. It comes in lots of different sizes and in various colours such as grey and pink, red and grey, grey and black, navy and pink, black and grey, purple and pink, orange and blue, green and blue etc. The cups provide good support and the fabric is moisture wicking for comfort.

This is a pair of squash trainers for men. They come in a few colour options but are mainly white and in sizes 9-14. They have a PU suede upper which has breathable mesh and a textile inner with gum rubber sole, which provides good grip both indoors and outdoors. They have a lace up closure to make them easy to fit well, so they stay in place during the game.

This is a unisex sports shoe designed for indoor wear. It comes in white with a choice of blue or pink trim or in black and in sizes 3.5 – 10.5. They have an air permeable waffle mesh fabric upper and the lining is moisture absorbent. They have a lace up fastening, so they are easy to get on and off. They come with two pairs of contrasting colour laces and have a removable insole.

This is a fun apron which says on it ‘evolution squash player’ and has a picture of an ape evolving into a man with a squash racket. It is available in blue, black, pink or red and is 33 inches high and 23 inches wide. It has a large pocket on the front and a tie for the waist, so that it can tightened around any size of waist. It is fully machine washable.

This is hoodie which has ‘evolution squash player’ printed on the front with a picture of a squash player evolving from an ape. It is available in black, blue, grey, pink, red or purple and is in sizes small – XXL. It is made of cotton so it is soft and comfortable to wear and has a large pocket on the front. It is suitable for machine washing so is easy to keep clean and looking good.

This is a special reaction ball. It is 7cm in size and has lots of bumps on it, so that when it bounces it can bounce in all sorts of different directions. This means that it is hard to predict and means that it is a great test of reaction times. It is a great way to improve hand eye coordination as well as speed and agility and therefore is really useful for all sorts of sports training including squash.

This is a special gyroscopic wrist exerciser. It is a special item that easily fits in a pocket, so can be carried about everywhere. It is designed to help to improve grip as well as strengthening arms, shoulders and wrists. It has a power cord, so it can be easily activated and it is drop resistant and vibration free. It is designed for using just for a few minutes a day to strengthen and train.

This is a cooling towel which can be used for all sorts of sports. It comes in blue, grey or red and with a silicon storage bag. It is made from mesh so is breathable and has different layers of fabric to help it to make the towel produce a rapid cooling effect. It also provides sun protection too. It works like an air conditioner to quickly cool the body and it will stay chilled for up to three hours.

This is a drinks coaster which has a white background with ‘I [heart] squash’ on it written in black with a red heart. It is wood backed to provide good protection to the surface that it is on from heat without scratching it.  It has a gloss finish to it so it can be easily wiped clean. It is 3mm thick and the print is bright. It even has free delivery.

This is a pair of squash racket cufflinks. They are made from fine English pewter and each has a pair of squash rackets in the design. They are made in Sheffield in the UK and make a great gift for a fan of squash, who also wears the type of shirts that need cufflinks, or would make a nice keepsake gift. They come gift packed which means that they are all ready to give away.

This is a printed poster which has a white background and says ‘born to play squash forced to work’ in black on it. It also comes in a lot of other colour options as well. It is available in A1, A2, A3 or A4 sizes and is ready to frame and hang on a wall. Would look good in a home, office or gym and would make an ideal gift for someone that loves to play squash.

This is a special door sign which says on it ‘on the squash court’.  It has a blue background and a picture of a racket and ball on it as well as the writing. It is 23 x 4.5 cm in size and it has two holes with a wire loop through, so that it is easy to hang up. Makes a fun novelty gift and which would look good in any home.

This is a baseball cap which is black and says on it ‘I love squash’ in white with a red heart. It has a sewn in padded headband, so that it is comfortable to wear and is one size but adjustable. It is made from 100% cotton and the printing is high quality. Would make a great gift for squash fan, which they could wear when playing or between games to shade their face from the sun.

This is a stainless steel water bottle which is available in sizes 350, 500 and 750ml. It is double walled which means that it provides really good insulation to keep drinks really cool or hot depending on what you put inside. They have a leak proof lid as well. They come in lots of different colours, each with an elegant silver coloured lid and base, so they look really good too.

This is a watch which has a black face that says ‘Keep Calm and Play Squash’ in silver. The hands are silver as well, so it is easy to see the time. The watch has a black leather strap, which is 40mm in width and 120mm on the long side and 80mm on the short side. It is made by Kiesenberg with an analog quartz movement and is waterproof up to 30 metres.

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