34 Gift Ideas for Philatelists / Stamp Collecting Fans!

Updated on January 6th, 2021
By Louise
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There are many people that enjoy stamp collecting. It is a hobby that is shared by old and young alike and something which you may know someone that enjoys. When it comes to buying a gift for a stamp collector, you might be keen to give them something which you feel will supplement their hobby, but it might be tricky to find something that is original and within your budget. This is why we have come up with this list of items that we feel might appeal to stamp collectors so that you can be inspired and find the right gift for them.

34 Presents for Stamp Collectors

This is a Star Trek themed book which features stamps, stories and illustrations celebrating more than half a century of characters and adventures. It is highly collectible and has 12 special stamps with main characters as well as six stamps marking the contribution of British acting talent to the success of the film franchise and has images from all of the films and the television series. Great for Star Trek fans and stamp collectors.

This is a 4-ring stamp album which is blue in colour. It has 50 leaves inside it and they are loose, which means that they can be removed. This means that you can replace them if they get tatty, change the order or add in more pages, which can be extremely useful. The folder is padded to protect it and it is wipeable so it is easy to keep clean. It is 279 x 234mm in size.

This is a packet of selected stamps. There are 1000 stamps in total in the batch and they are from all over the world. This means that they will make a really useful starter set for someone that is collecting. The stamps have been collected over many years so they are different ages and they have also usefully all been removed from their backing papers so are ready to put into albums.

This is a jigsaw puzzle which has 1000 pieces and the picture is of lots of stamps. They are brightly coloured and all overlapping each other which means that it will be quite a tricky puzzle to do. It measures 69 x 50cm when it has been completed. The stamps pictured are from different countries and so they will be of interest to any stamp collector who also enjoys doing jigsaw puzzles.

This is an album for stamps which has a highly decorated cover. It has 60 black pages which have clear plastic insert strips on. There are nine per page which allow the stamps to be easily slipped in the page and held securely without adhesive. There are 2 thin leaves between each page to protect the stamps. The stamps stand out well from the black background with their white outline.

This is a set of two pairs of stamp tweezers. They are made from nickel plated steel which should last a long time and are silver in colour. They are 114mm long and have round spade tips which means that they will not damage the stamps. These can also be used for picking up beads, precious stones and other delicate objects as well as stamps. Two pairs are handy in case you lose one!

This is a set of 25 different Walt Disney themed stamps. They are a delightful collection and would be great for stamp collectors as well as Disney fans. The stamps are from different countries across the world and they have different cartoon characters on them all from the Disney films. They are a good price and have free delivery so they could be used for projects, teaching or crafts as well as for collecting.

This is a collection of 200 different mixed stamps which are all British. They are different ages and differ in size and price so there is a good colourful selection which are also educational. Would be a great addition or start to a stamp collecting set but could also be fun for children’s projects. They are a low price and come with free delivery so would be great for kids as well as adults who collect stamps.

This is a Royal Mail souvenir folder with a Marvel theme that is really brightly coloured. Inside it has a selection of Marvel themed stamps as well other items as well. Great for any Marvel fans but also for stamp collectors, particularly those that like stamp sets with themes like these. The set comes with free delivery and would make a really smart looking gift. It measures 31.2 x 21cm in size.

This is a long sleeved t-shirt which says on it ‘That’s what I do I collect stamps and I know things’. It comes in black, navy, royal blue and dark heather and in sizes small – 2XL and has a classic unisex fit. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix and is suitable for machine washing so easy to keep clean. It is lightweight and soft and comfortable to wear.

This is a collector sheet from Royal Mail with a Queen theme and a selection of stamps on it. It is framed and includes a certificate of Authenticity. There are 10 stamps which all show album covers and other pictures as well making it a lovely collectible for any Queen fan as well as for a stamp collector. It measures 33.5cm x 43.5cm in size and was handmade for Royal Mail in the UK.

This is a set of Royal Mail mint stamps with the theme of Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Just so Stories’. There are ten colourful stamps all inside a themed booklet and they were issued by Royal Mail on 15th January 2002. The stamps are all first class stamps and feature a different story from the book with the name of the story and a picture from it drawn by Izhar Cohen. They have free delivery.

This is a large stamp collector starter kit. Great for adults or children that are starting to collect stamps. There is an album which will hold 100’s of stamps plus 250 stamps from 50 different countries including one that is over 100 years old. It also has a quality magnifier so the stamps can be examined in detail and really enjoyed. It has everything needed to encourage an enthusiastic stamp collector.

This is a stamps log inventory book. It is a record which will allow you to organize and catalogue the stamps that you own. It is 6 x 9 inches in size and has 120 pages. Inside there are charts where you can number the stamp, put a description and grade, with the source and price of it. It will allow any stamp collector to keep a detailed record of their collection.

This is a hoodie which is long sleeved and has a drawstring around the hood. On the front it says ‘Stamp Collectors are Hot!’ and it comes in a selection of different colours such as black, grey, green, pink, yellow, red, blue and sand. It comes in sizes small to XXL. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix which means that it is soft and comfortable to wear and will not stretch.

This is a children’s stamp collecting album and it has a pretty owl design. It comes in blue, red, yellow and black and so you can pick the colour that will suit the person that you are buying it for. It is 317mm long by 255mm wide and with a depth of 42mm. It has three rings inside to secure the pages which means that you can move the order around and add in new pages if you wish.

This is a magnifying glass which has an LED light built in. It can provide 3x or 45x magnification so is great for looking at little details such as for examining the little details in stamps. It provides a distortion free image and is lightweight so easy to hold. There are three lights built in which make it great for using in dim light and will aid with viewing the small details.

This is a white mug which says ‘I just really love stamps ok?’ which is written in black and has two cute cartoon stamps pictured on it. It is 11oz in size so great for hot or cold beverages. The cup is made from durable ceramic with a C handle which gives a really good grip and is designed to be comfortable for left and right handed people. A practical and fun gift for stamp collectors.

This is a novelty apron which has the message printed on it ‘I’m running on coffee and stamp collecting’ and has white variegated edge around it as if it is a stamp. The aprons come in fuchsia pink, blue and black so you can pick the most appropriate colour. It is made from 100% cotton and has a high quality vinyl print on it. The fabric is really absorbent and it is great for cooking, baking, BBQs or even crafts.

This is a coaster which says on it ‘stamp collectors are hot!’. They have various coloured backgrounds so you can choose one that you think looks really good such as plain pink, yellow or black or marbled designs. They have a sturdy wood backing which will not slip and will protect the surface underneath it. The top of the coaster is glossy which means that it can be wiped clean if necessary. It also has free delivery.

This is a selection of stamps which all have a bird theme. There are 100 in the pack and they are all different. The stamps have been issued by countries all over the world and they feature owls, parrots and other birds. A great set, which would be welcomed by any stamp collector but could also be fun to give a bird enthusiast or they could be used for crafting or educational purposes.

This is a set of 100 different cat stamps. The stamps feature all sorts of different breeds of cat and they have been issued by countries all over the world. They feature wild cats, such as lions and tigers as well as domestic cats. They will make a great starter kit for a stamp collector, especially if they are a cat or animal lover but could also be good for craft projects such as card making, scrapbooking etc.

This is a notebook which says on the front ‘Education is important but stamp collecting is importanter’ and has a picture of stamps as well as stationery items. It is a lined book with white paper which can be used for all sorts of purposes such as journaling, using as a diary, for lists or general note taking. It is 6 x 9 inches in size and has 120 pages.

This is a short sleeved t-shirt which says ‘It’s a stamp collector thing you wouldn’t understand’ on the front of it with a picture of an envelope underneath it which is on top of a stamp. It is available in sizes suitable for children aged 2-12 years old and adults size small – 2XL. It comes in a selection of different colours such as black, purple, green, brown, blue and grey. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix.

This is a miniature frame with a cute stamp inside. The stamp is a UK stamp with Peter Rabbit, Squirrel Nutkin and Jemima Puddleduck featured on it and is priced at 9p. The frame is made from brass and is 5cm x 4cm in size and has a small hook on the top where ribbon can be threaded to hang it up. It comes wrapped in tissue paper so could be sent directly to the recipient.

This is a Harry Potter themed collectors stamp sheet. It was issued in 2018 and features pictures from the films with ten square stamps each with a character or scene on such as Hermione, Ron, Harry, Neville, The Hogwarts Express, Hagrid on his bike and the Knight Bus. The stamps are all first class and there are other pictures around them to make then into a lovely item to display.

This is a cushion cover case which has printed on it ‘stamp collectors are hot!’. You can opt to have a filled or unfilled case and there are different colours to choose from such as green, blue, red, yellow, navy, pink, grey and black, all with white writing on. You can therefore choose the right option for the recipient that you have in mind. They are 41cm x 41cm and are high quality. They even come with free delivery.

This is a special stamp drier. It is a piece of equipment with special heating elements and a circulating fan which will quickly and safely dry stamps while they are kept smooth. It is 340 x 310 x 75mm in size. The stamps are placed inside the press and they will be dried extremely quickly and they will come out looking flat and in great condition. Better than pressing under old books!

This is a pair of magnifying glasses. They provide 160% magnification and are really useful for being able to see things more clearly. Often stamps have a small design and this means that a magnifying glass needs to be used to see them. However, it can be inconvenient having to hold one and so having a pair of magnifying glasses can be extremely useful. They are also lightweight so easy to wear.

This is a stamp album which says ‘Great Britain’ on the front and has a crest design on the front of it. It has crystal clear protective mounts for the stamps so that they can be placed inside right away. It has finest quality paper leaves and they include selected illustrations and descriptions. It comes in a slip case, so it looks very elegant and will also keep it in pristine condition.

This is a Concorde collectors pack of stamps. There are 25 different stamps in the set and they each feature a picture of Concorde and have been issued by different countries. They make a great gift for any stamp collector but particularly for one that likes planes and specifically Concorde. They could also be given as a gift to a plane fan or be used to make cards or for scrapbooking purposes.

This is a Green Wessex Paragon 32 page stamp book. It has 64 sides in total so there is a lot of space to store the stamps. There are glassine papers between each page so that the stamps are protected when the book is shut. The pages of made from sturdy white cartridge paper and it has a Balacron binding with linen reinforcement hinges which means that you do not need to buy any hinges yourself.

This is a set of 100 stamps which all have pictures of art and paintings on them. They are all different and there is a big variety of stamps from lots of different countries. These are great for anyone trying to build up their collection or that has a specific interest in this particular theme. They would also be fun for someone to use for craft purposes such as scrapbooking or card making.

This is a book which comes in a paperback or Kindle edition and it is called ‘The Stamp Collector: There and Back Again’ by D. Andrew Brooks. It is a novel which is centred around a stamp collector who is travelling across the world to visit an authority on stamp collecting but ends up mixing with lots of people and witnessing events that lead to the start of the First World War.

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