32 Presents for Students Both Male & Female

Updated on August 9th, 2021
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If you know a student that is working hard and studying then you might want to buy them a gift to help them. It might be hard though, to find something that will be suitable for them that is not just something that everyone else might get them. Therefore, it can be a good idea to have a look at this list that we have put together. We wanted to find things that were a bit different, both useful and fun things that we hope provide enough of a range of items that you will be able to find something that will suit the student that you are buying for.

32 Gift Ideas for Students

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This is a set of cards which is called ‘Our Moments Girls Night Out’. This idea of the card game is that it provides conversations starters for groups of girls. There are all sorts of questions which will provide a lot of fun for groups of girls. This is ideal for students when they want to get to know their new fellow student or housemates or just want to have fun with their friends.

This is a beer bong funnel which is great fun for anyone that likes to drink and party, such as students. It has an extra thick tube so that it is strong and will not kink and malfunction. The funnel at the end has an 8 inch diameter and is 6.5 inches in height. The tube has a valve system at the end which seals off the liquid with a quick twist and as easily releases it again.

This is a book called ‘Nosh for Students: A Fun Student Cookbook’. It is the UK’s #1 best selling student cookbook and is the 5th edition of it. It has a free app with it as well to help create meals and shopping lists easily. It has a picture for every recipe to make it easier and each recipe is simple to follow. There is no need for weighing scales or special equipment and every recipe is priced to help with budgeting.

This is a pair of ankle socks for students. They are black and on the bottom of it says ‘do not disturb’ on one sock and ‘I’m studying’ on the other with a picture of a person with a book. They are very short socks like the ones that fit inside trainers. They are non slip as the message is made from non-slip material. They stretch and so fit most feet and they are made from luxury combed cotton.

This is a book called ‘Student hacks: Tips and Tricks to Make Uni Life Easier’ by Dan Marshall. This is a humorous manual which has all sorts of useful hints and tips such as making your student loan go further, how to listen to lectures in half the time and stop your beer bottles toppling over in the fridge. So from studious tips such as revision tips to handy everyday help such as how to get up in the morning, this is a useful guide.

This is a very useful portable LED desk lamp. It has touch controls and is dimmable so should suit every purpose. It is available in white or black and has white, warm or natural white light setting with 5 different brightness options. It is energy efficient and uses an LED bulb. It has a multi-jointed arm to allow it to be easily adjusted. It is powered using a USB cable or AC adapter.

This is a ‘Student Survival Tin’ which contains everything you need in a 12 x 8.5 x 3.5 sized tin. It contains a condom, teabag, coffee sachet, Kendal mint cake serving, a pencil & paper, oxo cube, tin opener, spork, dog tags, earplugs and button compass. It is a fun little gift to give and the tin could always be reused to store handy items in or even to keep a stash of sweets in!

This is a special safe tin. It looks like a regular can of Heinz Tomato Soup but it actually has a removable bottom and you can use it to keep valuables in safely. It is a great place to store cash, keys or other items that you want to hide just in case of theft. Can be a great way to ensure that anything valuable is hidden from view in a place where thieves will not expect to look.

This is a great gift for someone about to start at university. It is a small box containing a sixpence. It says on the lid ‘Good Luck at University. Lucky Sixpence’ and has a picture of mortarboards and rolled certificate on it. The box can be opened to remove the sixpence or it can be left inside. A sixpence is said to bring wealth, luck and good fortune.

This is a book called ‘How to Survive University: An Essential Pocket Guide’ by Tasmin King. It is available as a paperback book or a kindle book. It has all sorts of tips and ideas to help with the new adventures and challenges. From help with studying to socialising, it covers everything that students will need to know to help them to thrive when they are at university for the first time.

This is a fun 11oz mug. It is white in colour but has a red outside with a white crown and writing which says ‘keep calm I’m a psychology student’. Hopefully, it will calm the fears of people who always assume any psychology student will automatically be analysing their behaviour! The mug is dishwasher and microwave safe and the ink is high quality to produce a sharp image which is on both sides of the mug.

This is a battery powered digital voice recorder or Dictaphone. It also is an MP3 player. It is a very handy tool to have at lectures to make sure that you do not miss anything in class. If you are not good at taking fast notes then this will help you to make sure that nothing is missed. It records form up to 40 feet away so you will be able to record the class, be fully engaged and then replay it to make your notes at a later date.

This is a rollerball pen which is refillable. It is silver, gold and black so looks really elegant, but there are other colour options available too such as red, black and blue and it has gel ink. It includes one black cartridge but can be refilled with other colours if required. It can be used either as a rollerball or felt tip depending on which refill you buy. It comes in a premium gift box.

This is a set of 100 Led clip lights. It is a 10m line of fairy lights and there are 60 light up clips. They can be used to decorate any room and you can put postcards, photos or other pictures on the pegs to brighten up a wall. It even comes with some nails to hang them up with. They are battery-powered as well with 3 x AA batteries so they do not have to be near to a plug socket.

This is a very handy backpack which is big enough to take a laptop computer. It comes in a choice of sizes – 15.6 or 17.3 inches and a range of colours – grey, black or blue. It has a padded laptop sleeve to hold a laptop such as a chrome book, surface book as this compartment is 16 x 10 x 2 inches. It also has another section for books, clothes and other necessities. It has a front compartment as well which has a key fob hook and separation pockets to keep things organised.

This is a cute flamingo stationery set for any student that is flamboyant in nature! It has a pencil case, notebook, two multicolour ballpoint pens in pink and white and six fine ballpoint pens also in pink and white. All have a flamingo design so they will all match well together and be a really great gift for anyone that loves birds or flamingos in particular. A handy set which is also fun and cheerful

This is an LCD writing tablet. It is a paperless drawing board which comes with a stylus. It has an erase button so is great for doing calculations or making essay plans as it can then be easily erased to use again. It can save using up lots of paper and is therefore cheaper for students to use compared with buying pads of paper. It comes in different colours and sizes.

This is a fun keyring for a student nurse. It is plastic and hangs form a keyring look and says on it ‘Keep calm I’m a student nurse’ This is white writing on a pink background and there is also a little nurse figure holding a huge syringe. It is available in three different sizes – 35 x 24mm, 50 x 35mm and 70 x 45mm. It is a fun novelty gift.

This is a handy stainless steel water bottle. It is really important to keep hydrated and it can even help with clarity of thinking. Therefore, carrying water is essential and it will save money compared to buying bottles of water which is not only expensive but not good for the environment. These are insulated and leak proof and come in a selection of different colours. Comes with a sponge cleaning brush.

This is a fun t-shirt which says on it ‘Cambridge University’ then in little writing underneath ‘just kidding’. It is available in navy, black, blue, dark heather, grey, sand, military green, light blue and white. The writing is in red. It is available in sizes small to XXL. They are classic fit men’s t-shirts which are pre-shrunk so they should not shrink in the wash and made form 100% cotton.

This is a fun cushion cover which is white and has a black metallic foil cloud design with ‘#genius’ on it. It is made from 100% cotton canvas which is fair trade. It is a great way to show a student how proud you are with them. The cushion cover is 40 x 40 cm and has a zip so that it is easy to pop a cushion inside. You can choose whether to pop a cushion in or leave it for the student to put their own in.

This is a mortar board hat. It is the type of hat usually used for graduations and has a flat top and tassel and is black. It is made from polyester and has a 24 x 24cm board on the top. The circumference is adjustable so it fits different sized heads. Great for a student to use during graduation or for an accessory for a fancy dress party or other occasion.

This is a novelty apron which says on it in white ‘Nacho average student’ and it is printed on a black, fuchsia pink or red apron. It is made from 100% cotton fabric and is one size. It has a loop for fitting around the neck and has a tie around the waist that can be adjusted to fit different sizes. The slogan makes it perfect for cooking but the sturdy material means that it could be equally good for decorating or crafts.

This is a mini fridge which is just 6 litres in size. It is just the right size for holding 8 regular drinks cans. Great for students to use in their halls of residence to put in their room and keep drinks and milk cool when they are limited on space or to keep in a bedroom. It is a travel fridge and so can also be used when camping or travelling but needs an AC adapter.

This is a useful magnetic organiser to stick on the fridge. It allows you to plan a menu and then work out what you need to buy when shopping. It is a great way for students to work out food they need so that they do not waste food by buying things that they will not need. The list part is perforated and so can be ripped off to take to the supermarket when required.

This is a white embossed porcelain dinner service which is great for students. It has 6 dinner plates, 6 side plates and 6 bowls. This may seem a lot for a student but will be handy for them if they have a dishwasher as they will be able to fill it up before they put it on and also if they have visitors they may need extra plates and bowls. They are dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe.

This is a handy laptop tray with cushion. It is really useful for any student that wants to study while they are on their bed. It will hold the laptop safely and will help to stop the laptop overheating on the duvet. The flat surface is also good for writing or even for eating. It has a handle to carry it and is lightweight too. Could also be used for when sitting in a chair when there is not a table or desk available.

This is a handy Black and Blum leakproof lunch box. It is made of environmentally friendly stainless steel and inside has two handy compartments. It comes with a band to secure the lid which is orange, ocean or olive – you can choose the colour. The lid has a silicon seal to make sure that everything is kept really fresh inside. It is even oven and freezer safe so you can cook or freeze meals in it.

This is a transparent pencil box which is used for all sorts of stationery. It is made of durable plastic so will last a long time and can hold a selection of pens and pencils neatly. Will protect things from scratches and bumps and keep everything together in an organised fashion. It is a unique design and different to the normal pencil cases used by school children so will look more grown up.

This is a door cloth hanging storage bag which has 3 pockets in it. It is made from cotton linen and is a really handy way to store things when you do not have much room. It is therefore great for students who have a small room. It can be used for holding toiletries, jewellery, cosmetics, art equipment etc. Comes in a choice of colours and fabrics which are grey, coffee, green and yellow.

This is a folding laptop desk. It is an adjustable bamboo laptop bed table which has a handy drawer in it and a tilting top. This means that it can be used for holding a laptop, books, papers etc. Could be a handy device for a student that has no desk and so needs to work sitting on their bed. It could even be used for eating if a student is feeling decadent.

This is a 4 piece stainless steel set of cookware. It includes a wok, frying pan, casserole pot with lid and a straining dish to go with it. It is a little set which includes a lot of useful items which would be handy for a student that will want to be able to cook for themselves and needs a basic set of equipment. It has free shipping and has a good price so great for a starter set.

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