32 Presents for Sudoku Puzzle Lovers

By Louise
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Many people enjoy doing a sudoku puzzle and if you know someone like this then you may like to buy them a gift related to this. However, there is a limit to how many sudoku books you can buy them, so we have had a think and put together a list of items that we think that they might like. Hopefully you will find something in the list that will inspire you or that you will want to buy them. There is a big range of items and they have different prices so hopefully, you will be able to find something good.

32 Gift Ideas for Sudoku Lovers

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This is a pretty set of travel sudoku books. They have pretty floral covers and are 180 x 128mm in size Inside they have 128 pages and there is one puzzle on each page. These are a bargain price and they even come with free delivery so they can be a lovely thoughtful gift for anyone who loves sudoku so that they can carry a puzzle with them at any time.

This is a sudoku game for children with dinosaurs. The game has 24 levels of difficulty so the child can work through them and they suit different ages from six years to adult. The game is suitable for 1-2 players so children can have a go on their own or play with a friend or family member. There is a board with 24 dice with dinosaurs on each face to play the game with.

This is a wooden sudoku puzzle. It comes with a wooden board on a box with pegs with numbers on. It comes with instructions and challenges to play with it as well as bonus grids. There are different levels of challenge from easy to medium, hard and extreme. It is a pretty set made from samena wood which measures 16 x 16 x 4cm in size and you can use the book to set up games and see how well you do.

This is a toy sudoku game for children. There are different themes you can choose such as animal, car, fish and jungle and there are 70 sudoku puzzles to solve at different difficulty levels. They are simple and teach the idea behind the puzzles but use animals instead of numbers to make it more fun for children to have a go at. Just draw a card which shows you how to set up the board and then complete the puzzle.

This is a paperback book called ‘Sudoku for kids ages 6-8′. It is a great introduction to this sort of puzzle aimed directly at children. There are 150 puzzles in total, so plenty for them to have a go at and they are 9 x 9 squares so easy as well. The book has 150 puzzles in total and has the solutions included as well. The book is 8.5 x 11 in size and will keep kids occupied for ages.

This is an electronic sudoku game. It is pocket sizes with an LED screen. It has three levels of difficulty and has sound, memory and sleep modes and you can easily check your answers. The grids are 3 x 3 and there are over one million puzzles to do. The screen is easy to read and it has instructions included. It requires 2 x AAA batteries and is suitable for adults and children from three years of age.

This is a desk block made by Lagoon with 365 sudoku puzzles – so one for each day. They are 3 x 3 grids and you can tear one off at a time to complete. They are different levels of difficulty and would suit adults and teenagers. It measures 11.2 x 11.5 x 5 cm in size and comes in a box so all ready to give away to someone as a gift.

This is a sudoku cube made by Goods and Gadgets. It is like a Rubik’s cube but instead of different colours on each face, there are numbers. The idea is to organise the cube so that each face has the numbers in numerical order. It is much more difficult than a standard Rubik’s cube as the normal algorithms do not work. Could keep a few people quiet for a few hours at a time!

This is a book of over a thousand Sudoku puzzles set at easy to hard level. It is a paperback book and suitable for different levels of player. There are 330 easy, 342 medium and 330 hard puzzles in big print on good paper and they are easy to tear out if required as well. There are even free bonus puzzles that you can download once you have completed those in the book.

This is a roll of loo roll with sudoku puzzles on it. It is a fun idea and will give people something to do while in the loo. Will be a great gag gift for anyone that really likes sudoku puzzles, especially for anyone that also spends time doing them when they are in the bathroom. They will brighten up the room and bring a smile to the face of anyone that visits and spots it.

This is a sudoku game with coloured marbles. It is a lovely wooden board with all of the marbles that you need. It comes with cards which show you the starting board and then you need to complete the puzzle yourself using the coloured marbles provided. Is a fun twist on the game which could make it a lot more fun to play and it even has a colour number conversion table so you can use it to solve newspaper sudokus.

This is a kids book. It has 101 dinosaur sudoku puzzles in it for children at an easy level. There are number grids but with pictures of dinosaurs around them and there are plenty of numbers in the squares, making it easier for them to do them. The paperback book is 8.5 x 11 in size and it includes all of the answers, with the puzzles getting harder as you work through the book.

This is a book for a sudoku expert as it has extreme level puzzles. It is a paperback and there are over 500 puzzles with solutions. It does include instructions and techniques for those that need a bit of help. The book is 8.5 x 11 in size so its puzzles are a good size and each has just the one solution so they can be tricky to do and great for someone that wants a challenge.

This is a pencil set designed especially for sudoku lovers. There are three pencils in the set and they are double ended. One end there is a graphite pencil and the other end is a sharpened eraser do you can use it as you do the puzzle to rub out your notes or any errors that you make. The pencils are made by Koh-i-Noor and have sudoku grids printed on them.

This is a funny mug. It is white in colour in a Durham style and has black writing on it on both sides. It says the same on both sides –  ‘Sorry if I looked interested I was probably thinking about sudoku’. It has an 11oz capacity and is 82mm x 96mm. It is suitable for putting in the microwave and dishwasher. A funny and practical gift idea for someone that loves doing sudoku puzzles.

This is a large print sudoku puzzle book. It is a paperback book and it has 100 puzzles in it at different levels – mainly medium though so not too easy, but they should still be able to be solved. Can be a good book for someone who is not an expert at the puzzles but still wants something that will challenge them and be fun to do. The large print also means that they will be easier than those in newspapers which tend to be a bit on the small side.

This is a paperback book called ‘Grandad’s book of Sudoku’. It has 200 puzzles in it with solutions. The puzzles are all 9 x 9 grids and they are easy, medium and hard. The book is 8 x 10 inches which means that the puzzles are all large and easy to see and they are on high-quality paper. Means it is easy to scribble and write notes on the puzzle.

This is a fun apron with a sudoku puzzle design. It is black in colour and has a large-sized black and white puzzle on the front of it. It is made of heavy duty polycotton so that it can cope with spills and will keep the clothes underneath clean. It is also machine washable so convenient to wash when necessary. Great for anyone that likes cooking or baking and puzzling!

This is a pair of socks. They are men’s black ankle socks and say on them in white ‘I’d rather be….’ And underneath there is a 3 x 2 sudoku grid in white with black numbers on it. They are stretchy and fit UK shoe size 5-12 so are suitable for most men. They are a good price and they even come with free delivery and would make a fun gift.

This is a fun lens cloth for glasses or other equipment such as cameras or binoculars. It is blue in colour and has a white crown printed on it and underneath in white writing says ‘keep calm and love sudoku’. It is 180 x 150mm in size and therefore will easily fit in a glasses case or camera bag. A very useful gift which is also a lot of fun as well.

This is a coin purse with a sudoku design. It has a stainless steel snap clasp and a PU leather fabric which is white with black sudoku grids printed on it. It is 4.53 x 4.13 inches in size and it is lightweight and portable. It is easy to store and easy to open and close and can be used for coins and cards as well as notes as well as other small items.

This is a pair of cufflinks and a money clip. The cufflinks have a sudoku puzzle design on them. Both are made from sterling silver and they are handcrafted. They have the 925 quality mark stamped on them. The money clip is 50 x 18 x 6mm as seen in James Bond films. They come in a gift box so will be ready to give away as a gift.

This is a t-shirt with a sudoku puzzle design on it. It comes in sizes suitable for children aged 2-12 and for men and women size small – 2XL. It comes in white, silver or heather grey and has a classic fit and round neck. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix and can be washed in the washing machine and go in a tumble drier at a low temperature.

This is a long sleeved hoodie which is available in black, navy, royal blue and dark heather. On the front of it, there is writing in white and green which says ’Eat. Sleep. Sudoku. Repeat.’ It comes in unisex sizes small to 2XL and is made from a cotton and polyester mix which means that it holds its shape well but is still comfortable to wear. It is a classic fit and has a pocket on the front.

This is a cute teddy bear wearing a white t-shirt. On the t-shirt it says I [heart] sudoku’ in bold black lettering and heart is in red. The bear is sitting down and measures 22xm tall and 19cm across. It is made from polyester and has a really cute face and its arms outstretched as if it is asking for a hug. It is soft and cuddly and beige in colour.

This is a black rucksack which says ‘I [heart] rucksack’ in white writing with the heart being red. The bag has a main zipped pocket as well as a small one on the front as well. It is 40cm tall and 8 cm wide and 20cm deep. The pair of straps on the back are adjustable and padded for comfort. A useful bag for carrying all sorts of items which will tell everyone that you love sudokus!

This is a black mouse mat which says ‘I love sudoku’ on it in white and there is a red heart around the word sudoku. It is 27xm x 19cm and 5mm thick and it is made from black foam rubber which means that it will not slip on the desk and will allow the mouse the work really well. It is a fun gift idea for someone that uses a computer a lot and loves their puzzles.

This is a baseball cap. It is black and on it says ‘I [heart] sudoku’ in white writing and the heart is red. The cap is one size to fit everyone and has a hook and loop fastening which means that the hatband can be changed in size so that it gives a snug fit to anyone that wears it. It is made from 100% cotton so it will be comfortable to wear.

This is a sudoku themes cushion cover. It is 18 x 18 inches in size and it has a fun print with various sudoku puzzles on it. It is made from soft polyester fabric and has an invisible zipper so that it is easy to pop a cushion inside it. It will not shrink even when washed in a washing machine. Would make a fun gift for any sudoku fan.

This is a rug which is round and has a sudoku pattern printed on it. There are multiple sizes to choose from and is made from polyester. It is very soft and will not slip. It is designed to be children mat for them to crawl or play on or to go in their bedroom. It has a unique design which is white and black numbers and so it will really stand out when it is on a dark coloured carpet or hard floor.

This is a sudoku style shower curtain. IT comes in different size options – 71 x 71, 71 x 79 or 83 x 71 inches. It is mainly white with a black grid and numbers on forming a heart shape. It is made with a mould a mildew resistant polyester fabric which is water repellent and will last a long time. It has anti-rush grommets on it for attaching it to a shower rail. It is very easy to install as it comes with metal hooks. It has a weighted hem too so that it stays in place.

This is a duvet cover set with a crossword theme as it is white with crossword grids on it. It comes in a single, double or king-size and it has a zipper opening to keep the duvet in place. Each cover comes with a pair of matching pillowcases and they are made from 100% polyester. The material is lightweight and breathable and is suitable for machine washing, can be tumble dried and ironed.

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