33 Presents for Surfers of All Ages

Updated on January 16th, 2021
By Louise
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Buying a gift or present for a surfer can be tricky, the specialist equipment and fashion brands that all surfers love are very particular, put a foot wrong and your gift could end up left in the sand. Thankfully, UK Gifts has come to the rescue and created the ultimate collection of surf related presents, clothing and merchandise that will have your surfer smiling from ear to ear. Whether you’re looking for full wet suits and surf boards or small novelty gifts just to show you care, we have everything covered in the list below.

33 Gift Ideas for Surf Lovers

Once the day of surfing is over its time to slip into something more comfortable, but how do you manage that on a sandy beach, look no further than the Osprey wet suit changing mat. This folding, easy to store, tough, waterproof mat is perfect for any surf trip. You can use the mat on any surface from sand to gravel and tarmac no matter where you are. Once you have changed the draw strings allow you to wrap up your wet sandy kit and carry it away.

This is an amazing gift for any surfer, mapping out the most famous and visited surf sites around the world. This hand illustrated, inspirational map would hold pride of place on any surfers wall, tick off your surf adventures as you work your way through one thousand surf destinations. The poster gives you all the important information needed by any surfer, including wave quality and water temperature and at almost one metre wide it’s the perfect present for the travelling surfer.

Surfing can be a girl thing, some of the world’s greatest surfers, past and present, are female and this Surf Girl handbook is the perfect gift for any seasoned or budding surf chick. Regardless of whether you are a complete beginner or a high-level wave catcher this new edition of the book contains everything you would ever need to know about being a surf girl, with over 500 high quality photos of girls in action it also includes information on diet, travel, equipment and techniques used by the world’s best,

Keeping your kit clean and dry when you’re on a surf trip is essential, this floating, dry, backpack is a fantastic present for any surfer. Coming in various sizes from 10 litres right up to 40 litres and in a range of awesome colours this durable totally waterproof backpack is made of 500D PVC and is designed to take whatever punishment it’s given. Accompanying the rucksack is an IPX8 Certified waterproof smart phone case to keep your most important piece of kit dry as a bone.

This inspirational surfer’s keyring is a must have for any surfer. Crafted from highly polished stainless steel and arriving in its own velvet jewellery pouch and engraved with the words “The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall” is enough to stir the emotions and drive on any surfer. This keyring is a great motivational gift that will be treasured forever.

Imagine the scenario, your surfer is out at an incredible surf location somewhere in the world, they have caught the best waves of their lives and now as they huddle together around the campfire on the beach telling stories of the days exploits. Suddenly someone offers a cold beer and is heard asking, “Can anyone open this?” Proudly your surfer pulls this amazing surfboard bottle opener out of their kit bag and the night ends perfectly.

For any surfer image is everything and no more so than wearing the right clothes, that make the right statement. This amazing retro evolution surfer’s t-shirt is the perfect thing to pull on after a hard day in the waves. Available for men, women and children and in a wide variety of colours. Made of lightweight 100% cotton this funny gift would be idea for any occasion.

One thing any surfer has to do multiple times a day is get changed, this can be an awkward process if you haven’t got the right kit in your bag. This surfers changing poncho is the prefect present that will keep your surfer’s modesty in check while they are slipping into something more comfortable. Coming in a huge variety of colours to suit both men and women surfers, it is ultra-absorbent and easily stored away due to its compact design.

This is the ultimate gift to adorn the walls of any surfer’s home or office, it’s British made and it’s retro design comes in 2 different sizes, large or small. This is a great gift for a surfer’s man cave, adverting surf boards from the famous Fistral Beach, in the UK town of Newquay. The sign is made of tin and can be displayed either inside or outside.

This is an amazing gift for that unruly surfer who would sooner be surfing than learning at school. This 100% cotton school gym bag is the perfect way coax them back to the classroom. The bag can not just be used for carrying gym kit to class it could also double as a surf bag to take to the beach. The bag is 37 centimetres by 46 centimetres and has a capacity of 12 litres so its big enough to carry lots of different things.

This amazing silicon magnetic wet suit hook has been specifically designed to be attached to any metal surface such as the boot lid of a car or campervan without causing any scratches or damage. This wet suit magnetic hook has a 20 kilogram pull strength so it’s more than capable of holding even the most sodden wet suit. This present not only comes with an anti-rust stainless steel hook but also an eyelet and carabiner.

Believe it or not one of the essential parts of surfing is covering the underside of your board in sex wax, yes you read that right. This is the perfect gift for any surfer as the wax becomes old and less effective it has to be removed and there is no better way to do it than with this incredible bamboo Northcore surf board wax remover. The completely natural comb is environmentally friendly and completely biodegradable, the perfect gift!

Some gifts need little introduction, this incredibly cute surf bear is one of the presents. The adorable bear comes with a little t-shirt emblazoned with “I Love Surfing”. This super soft cuddly bear is a great birthday or Christmas present to your surfer. The bear is 20 centimetres tall when seated so can be squeezed by any sized arms, adult or child, it is also CE approved for safety.

Uk Gifts are well known for stocking the most comprehensive range of gift ideas and presents anywhere and surfing is no exception to the rule, we have brought to you this incredible novelty surf board cheese grater. Never grate cheese in the same way again and be the envy of all your surfing friends. It would be perfect to pull out on the beach to make a sandwich in between waves.

No surfer in their right mind would be seen on a wave in anything other than these LerBen ultra retro Hawaiian style surf shorts, being 100% polyester, they won’t shrink and the dry really fast so you can back out on those waves. These shorts come in 3 sizes medium, large and XL and in 6 different colours, so you could have a different pair for almost every day of the week.

When you are catching some real waves there will always be that one that tips you off it is just part of the fun, but when you are flipped into the tide you want to be sure your board does not surface 50 metres away or on the beach. This Nonmon surf board leash ensures that you stay tethered to your board and can easily slide back on ready for the next wave. This gift is made of urethane and with its 316 stainless steel double swives system it prevents rail wear.

Surfing can be a sweaty business, working hard to stay in those tubes in hot climates and no surfer wants to show up at the beach smelling like last week’s socks. This present is the one and only Coco Loco wet suit shampoo with eucalyptus deodoriser to make sure your surfer is fresh as a daisy every time they pull it on. A full 250 millilitres of wet suit perfume will mean that the car stays fresh too on the drive home.

Surf board traction pads you ask, well yes every surfer need to make sure they have good footing and grip on their board. This is the perfect gift for making sure your surfer stays on board through the biggest of waves and in a 3-piece pattern it also makes for a stunning surfboard look. It is an essential bit of surf kit that no board can be without.

As we all know surf beaches are often long and wide and sometimes it’s a bit of a trek from the car to the water and no surfer wants to be struggling along carrying an 8 foot surf board down twisting beach paths. This Elikliv Surfboard Shoulder Strap is the perfect gift for your surfer to help them carry their board safely from the van to the shore and with soft shoulder pads and adjustable loops to secure any size board its the gift that keeps on giving.

Some surf sites are not always lined with pure white sand and climbing across rocks and sharp stones is part and parcel of surf life. These incredible water shoes are the ideal gift for any surfer in a variety of men’s and women’s UK sizes and a huge range of colours means these quick drying barefoot shoes are a great present for any surfer regardless of size or sex.

No UK Gift collection would be complete without the obligatory socks and these little beauties are printed with the “I’d rather be surfing” logo. This is the perfect gift to make sure your surfer pulls on something warm and snug after a day out in the ocean. The socks are cotton rich and in black with a white logo making sure everyone who sees them makes no mistake in knowing where the wearer would sooner be.

Like all pieces of surf kit you will need to take different bits with you depending on the surf location, these neoprene 3 millimetre thick surfers gloves are definitely what’s needed in colder surf sites around the UK. Stylish and with anti-slip palms and in three sizes, small medium or large they are unisex and an ideal gift for any surfer who finds themselves in cold water.

Decals and stickers will always go down well with any surfer, plastering their kit bags, cars and boards with these waterproof surf emblems. These nontoxic, modern home decorations will be a great gift for the artistic surfer who likes to leave their mark everywhere they go.

The one part of any surfer’s board that takes the most pounding are the fins, all boards have interchangeable fins depending on the wave type and whether they have been damaged against rocks or the sea bed these Glossia Surfboard Fin Kits are an ideal gift to keep your surfer in the waves no matter what happens, easy to fit, lightweight and durable and come in packs of three.

Surf wallets we hear you cry, don’t worry we have it covered, one of our most popular gifts in our range is the Pacific Surfer KLASSEK wallet. This gift has plenty of space for coins, notes and credit cards and being made of genuine leather it’s durable and will withstand any environment it is in. After any surf adventure it’s always good to pull up the local bar and enjoy a few cold ones with the team and your surfer won’t mind flipping this out to pay the bill.

storing long or short boards safely when they are not being used is a headache for all surfers, to avoid damage and keeping the boards in perfect condition means this is an ideal gift for any surfer. With its clever design no centre fin is required the sides of the stand contract to secure the board and enable easy storage for any size or shape of surfboard.

Cressi is one of the world’s leading brands in all things surf and this one-piece Castoro wet suit is the perfect gift for any surfer who takes there sport seriously. Coming in 3 colours and 7 different sizes it’s the ideal present for your surfer to look fly and cool while he rips through the waves. The warm 5-millimetre neoprene is ideal for cooler water.

Whatever age your surfer is or whatever their size, Cressi have a suit that fits. This Cressi cut down, short 3-millimetre-thick neoprene wetsuit comes in either Blue or Black and with the traditional back zip it is a miniature version of the full sized suit making sure your mini-surfer looks the part out on the ocean riding the waves.

When the weather takes a turn or your surfer is so dedicated, they will surf in any conditions, this all in one, ladies wetsuit with adjustable neck is the perfect gift for keeping warm in the coldest of seas. The 2.5 mm thick neoprene suit retains body heat and the easy glide extended zip pull it is very easy to slip in and out of this little number. The wet suit comes in electric pink and black ensuring your surfer will stand out from the crowd.

This classic blue on white evolution tea or coffee mug is the ultimate present for any surfer to enjoy a hot drink after a tough day in the surf. All surfers know that they are the highest form of human evolution and this gift is the perfect way to make their statement. Made of high-quality ceramic and printed on both sides it is a great stocking filler for any surfer.

Every surfer knows what the let’s surf hand signal looks like, it is the universal symbol used by surfers around the world, often referred to as the “surfs up” hand gesture and would take pride of place in any surfer’s life. This 21 by 29-centimetre (A4) poster with the iconic hand signal decorated with surf terms and words is the perfect present for any occasion.

Every surfer has their dreams and goals, most of them will be surf related and almost all will be to visit famous surf sites and beaches across the globe. This book is an amazing gift for your surfer to live out their dreams and plan their trips, the book shares professional surfers top 50 places to surf before you die, they include California, Australia and Nazare in Portugal.

We all know that surfers will have long stories of their conquests, often exaggerated, and embellished with oversized waves and longer runs that what actually happened, but this gift sets the record straight. With breath taking accounts of bravery and determination that will inspire all surf fans to go out and produce their own amazing surf stories.

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