33 Swimming Gifts Suitable For Everyone

Updated on January 29th, 2021
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If you know someone that loves to swim then you might like to be able to give them a present that is related to their hobby. This means that you might like to find something that relates to their hobby to give to them as a gift. This can be fun for them and it will allow you to show them that you are interested in what they like to do. However, it could be tricky for you to find something that is related to swimming if you know little about it which is why we have put together this list for you.

33 Presents for People Who Love to Swim

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This is an extra large microfibre towel. It is quick-drying which means that it is ideal for use for swimming and it is also super absorbent, compact and lightweight. This means that it can easily be rolled into a bag and carried without any effort. It measures 180 x 90cm and it absorbs 8x more water than a standard towel. It is thick though and that is why it dries quickly.

This is a large sack bag which is fully waterproof. It comes in a selection of colours and has a long shoulder strap. It is ideal for keeping things in that need to be kept dry when you are in wet conditions. Therefore, great for near a swimming pool or near water if you do open water swimming. It is also very strong and will not rip or tear. It also includes a waterproof mobile phone case.

This is a short-sleeved t-shirt which says on it ‘Eat Sleep Swim Repeat’ and has pictures next to each word to represent them. It comes in sizes and fits suitable for men, women and children from ages 2-12 and sizes small – 3XL. It also comes in a selection of colours such as black, navy, asphalt, royal blue, heather blue, heather grey, lemon, baby blue, pink and purple. They are made from a cotton and polyester mix and are suitable for machine washing.

This is a changing poncho which is handy for use after swimming at the beach. It has a hood and so it can be used to dry your hair and body before changing underneath it. It has large armholes so it is easy to put hands inside to adjust clothing and the hood will allow it to easily stay in place while you will do so. It is 85% polyester and 15% polyamide so provides good water absorption.

This is a stainless steel water bottle. The outside is white and it has a blue panel which says ‘keep calm and swim on’ on it in white lettering. It has a lid with a loop in to use a carabiner to allow it to be easily attached to a bag or belt but you can change the lid to a ports cap one for easy drinking. It has a 600ml capacity and fits with most bottle and cup holders.

This is a special display holder for swimming medals. It is made from brushed stainless steel and at the top it says ‘swimmer’. It has hanging brackets so that you can easily hang medals using their ribbons on it to display them. The rack has room for more than 24 medals. Great to show a swimmer how proud of them you are and that you feel they should be displaying their medals.

This hoodie says on it ‘I’d rather be swimming’ so is a great gift for a child that loves swimming. It comes in fuchsia pink, black, maroon, navy, red or gold and is suitable for children as it comes in sizes suitable for ages 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-11 and 12-13. It is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester and has a large pocket on the front with long sleeves and a hood.

This is a fun sign which is similar to ones that used to be found in swimming pools. It says on it ‘Will patrons please refrain from running, pushing, aquabatics or gymnastics, shouting, dunking, petting, bombing, swimming in diving area, smoking, thank you!’ It also has a cartoon to go with each item. It is a fun sign which measures 30 x 40cm with pre drilled holes in each corner so that it is ready to hang up.

This is a swimming log book. It is a 6 x 9 inch exercise book which has 136 pages which have been designed to make it easy to record swimming information. It has 100 log pages where training details such as warm ups, sets, cool downs, distance, reps, time etc can be noted, 16 personal record pages to record best times and 20 lines pages for notes and analysis. A useful book for anyone training and looking to improve their swimming skills.

This is a joke swimsuit for a woman. It is a swimsuit that has a printed pattern on it which makes it look like a mankini. So, there is a hairy chest design with a small green mankini on it. It is made from polyester and would certainly turn a lot of heads at the swimming pool or on the beach! Would make a fun gag gift for anyone that swims or likes to wear a bathing suit.

This is a personalised bracelet with a swimming theme. The bracelet is made of blue cord with silver coloured beads and charms on it. It has the words ‘love swimming’ on it and there is also a letter charm and you can select the appropriate letter for the recipient that you are giving it to. Would make a thoughtful gift for someone that loves swimming but also likes jewellery and would look good with many different outfits.

This is a swimming themed clock. It is made out of a vinyl record with the clock mechanism in the middle of it. The record has been cut into a hexagonal shape and has been cut out with shapes to show a diver and a swimmer and at the bottom of it, it says ‘swimming’. It takes a AA battery and has a quartz mechanism which is really quiet with no ticking sound.

This is a Fitbit tracker which is suitable for swim training and even recognises automatically what exercise you are doing. It will track swim workouts and is waterproof so great for using in the pool and can also go in the shower afterwards. It is available in graphite/black, rose gold/berry, rose gold/grey, lavender and frost white. It can stay charged for up to 7 days and measures heart rate and sleep quality as well.

This is a personalised keyring with two charms on it. The charm says ‘I [heart] to swim’ on it and the other is a letter which can be chosen. The charms both match as they are silver coloured. It would look good with keys or as a bag charm. It comes in a gift bag which means that it is all ready to give away to someone who really like swimming.

This is a ‘Swimming Teacher Survival Kit’ which is a fun novelty gift. It is a small organza gift bag measuring 10 x 15cm which contains a selection of small items. There is a laminated label attached to it which explains the relevance of each gift. For example, ‘safety pin – for keeping your students safe in the water’, ‘paperclip – to help you hold it all together’ and ‘tissue, to wipe away all those splashes’. A gift which shows how much you care about them.

L This is a fun wind up bath toy. It is a cute penguin with a scuba mask on which winds up and swims in the bath. A lovely toy for a toddler from 9 months of age, but would also make a fun gag gift for a swimmer. Something that they could take into the pool with them or use to decorate their bathroom with. A fun thing with a really cute design.

This is a pack of Huggies disposable swim nappies. These are size 3-4 which fits children 7-15kg and there are two packs of 12 nappies included. These are really great for swimming and even if your children are potty trained, some swimming pools insist on children wearing nappies anyway, just to make sure that the pool is kept clean. The material will not weigh down in the water and had leak guards too.

This is a toiletry bag which is black and says ‘live, love, swim’. It measures 20 x 28cm and is made from strong cotton canvas and has a strong metal zip. It is a useful bag which could be used for all sorts of things. It could be used for makeup and toiletries but could also be a great bag for keeping jewellery and hair accessories in when swimming.

This is a pair of men’s Under Armour fit flops. They are suitable for use in communal areas where there may be wet such as in swimming pools, showers, beaches etc. They are available in black or blue and in sizes 6-12. They are quick drying and easy to slide feet in and out of; so great for slipping off when getting into a pool etc. They are designed to transport water away from the foot.

This is ‘#Swimmerlife A Snarky Adult Colouring Book’. It has swimming related pictures which are printed on one side of bright white paper which works for all colouring mediums. This means that they can be coloured with pens or paint that might bleed through and they can be removed for framing. The pages are 90gsm and the book measures 22 x 28 cm. A great way to relax after swimming.

This is a very handy float on a keyring. It is a New Wave Swim Buoy which can be tied to things so that you will be able to easily see them. For example, could be used to tie keys to so that you do not lose them. It is similar to the actual buoy which can be used to help things float in water but this is a stress toy instead but as it is so bright will still enable you to easily find lost things.

This is a swimming themed coaster that can be personalised. At the top goes a name and underneath it says ‘world’s best swimmer’ and in the middle is a picture of a little boy swimming and you can choose the skin and hair colour of the boy to match those of the recipient if you wish. It measures 9cm x 9cm and has a glossy surface so that it can be wiped clean.

This is a pair of kids swimming goggles. They are UV protected so great for outdoor as well as indoor use and have a choice of nose bridges so they can be adjusted to fit. They come in a protective storage case. They come in black, blue or pink options and the soft silicone eyecups make them comfortable to wear and prevent leaking. They have an anti-fog function and an adjustable buckle.

This is a pair of speedo water shoes for women. They are available in either bright pink or black and in sizes 3-8. They are non-slip with rubber bottoms so great for walking on the beach on slippy rocks or by a pool and they easily slip on and off. This means that they can easily be removed poolside to be slipped back on when getting out of the water or at the beach to tip the sand out.

This is a cute swimming bag for a little girl with a Minnie Mouse design. It is mainly red and says ‘mad about Minnie’ on it with a picture of Minnie, some flowers and a bow. It has a black drawstring. It is made from waterproof PVC so perfect for carrying wet swimsuits and towels back from the pool without the wet soaking through the bag. It is 33cm x 44cm and has a Velcro closure.

This is a humorous mug which comes in either 11oz or 15oz. It says on it ‘I swim because I am too sexy for sports that require clothes’. The mug is made for ceramic and suitable for hot and cold drinks. Would be a complimentary gift to give to someone that loves to swim or at least to bring a smile to their face! It will be a useful gift as well!

This is a swim training aid made by Speedo. It is called a Pullbuoy and comes in black, blue/green, pink or multicoloured. It can be used when practising any stroke and helps to develop upper body strength and can be used for drills and technique work. It is a float and can be used to keep the legs up and still in the water to practice arm strokes or held in the hands when practising kicking.

This is a pair of cuff links with a swimming theme. They are metal and have circular faces covered with domed glass. Under the glass is a picture of two swimmers. The background is white and the swimmers are black silhouettes so they stand out really well. They have a twist fixing so work with any standard dress shirt. They come with a gift box so will be ready to give as a special gift.

This is a Speedo swimming aid. It is kickboard which is designed to help target and tone the lower body. It helps to improve the strength of the legs and the kick technique so is useful for serious swimmers wanting to improve. It comes in blue or black and has grip holes to allow different positions when training. It is contoured for comfort and made from ethylene vinyl acetate. Comes with free shipping.

This is a pack of soft silicone earplugs. They have multiple uses but are designed to protect ears from water as well as noise. There are different pack size options depending on what you think you will need. They come in one size which should fit all ears. They are mouldable to fit. They can help to prevent swimmers ear so great when swimming underwater or if prone to this disorder.

This is a swimsuit for girls which has long sleeves. This is great for girls who want protection to their arms, perhaps if they are swimming or surfing outside and do not want to catch the sun on shoulders or arms. There is a selection of colours and designs to choose from. It is made from 80% polyamide and 20% elastane and has a zip on the front to make it easier to remove.

This is a fun mermaid bottle opener which is ideal for a swimming fan. It has a keyring at the top, then a glass-domed piece with a bottle opener underneath. Under the glass, there is a printed message which says ‘I’m actually a mermaid’ which is in black on a blue background and there is a small mermaid picture underneath. Would make a funny gift for someone that loves to swim.

This is a pair of boys swimming shorts made by Speedo. They are available in black or navy and have a small speedo logo at the bottom of one leg. They are available in sizes for ages 7-14. They have stretch fabric which means that they retain their shape during swimming and have a drawcord to ensure a really secure fit. They have chlorine resistance to make sure that they last a long time.

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