25 Gifts for Tai Chi / Chinese Martial Arts Fans

By Louise
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There are many people that love Tai Chi and if you know anyone that does, then it could be the case that you would like to buy them a gift that is related to their hobby. This can be a tricky thing to do though, particularly if it is something that you do not know much about. Therefore, we have put together this handy list which includes a range of different items that we feel Tai Chi lovers will really like. Hopefully, you will find items on it that you like and will find to be suitable for the person that you have in mind.

25 Present Ideas for Tai Chi Fans

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This is a book called ‘Tai Chi in 10 Weeks’ by Dr Aihan Kuhn. It is a beginners guide and teaches an easy to learn, 24-step Yang-style tai chi form. It has a ten-week calendar with over 200 photos. You will learn the fundamentals and as well as the physical postures, also the psychological, emotional and spiritual benefits of the form of exercise. It builds a good foundation in tai chi.

This is an illustrated paperback book called ‘My Pocket Tai Chi: Improve Focus, Reduce Stress. Find Balance’. The book teaches the essential principles of tai chi showing the techniques as well as how to use it as a mindfulness technique to reduce stress, increase focus and improve the state of mind. There are 60 useful illustrations to help with the various moves. It is a portable book which is also available in a Kindle edition.

This is a book called ‘Tai Chi: The True History and Principles’ by Lars Bo Christensen. The book has the history of Tai Chi classic and their true origin, the philosophy, the principles and techniques all together in one book. It will be a very interesting read for someone that would like to know a lot more about the origins of Tai Chi and how it all works. Would make a great gift.

This is a set of traditional Chinese shoes with a rubber sole which are great for wearing when doing tai chi as they are flexible. They are simple and soft and therefore very comfortable. They are available in UK shoe sizes 3.5 – 10 with a medium width and they are made of canvas with a gum rubber sole so suitable for indoor or outdoor use. They are slip on and they have a 1.5cm heel height.

This is a DVD called ‘Tai Chi Sword for Beginners’ which is a step by step course for you to learn. It is a moving meditation practice which incorporates the sword that is thought to be the highest achievement in tai chi training. There are 54 postures covered in the training and it shows front and rear forms to make it easier to learn. It will strengthen the body, sharpen the mind and raise your spirits.

This is a book called ‘T’ai Chi for Dummies’. It will explain the principles as well as breaking down the movements with illustrations to help with it all. You will find out the 24 movement forms, hand techniques, techniques to help to speed recovery from injuries and movements for aerobic activity. It is a great book for beginners or those that want to understand more about the practice before deciding if they want to do a course.

This is a set of traditional tai chi clothes for children. It is a unisex style and comes in a selection of different colours and sizes. The fabric is breathable which helps the person wearing it to keep cool and comfortable. It can also be used for fancy dress or other exercises such as kung fu or just general exercises. The outfit is suitable for casual wear, occasions and exercise.

This is a short-sleeved t-shirt which has the five elements of tai chi on it. It comes in several different colours and in sizes suitable for children aged 2-12 years of age and for adults sized small – 2XL and has a classic fit with the woman’s being more fitted than the men’s. They are made from polyester and cotton which means that they wash really easily. They are also comfortable and soft to wear.

This is a pair of tai chi trousers. They are black and baggy and made from 100% cotton. They are super soft and really comfortable when you are exercising or for general casual wear. They are breathable as well which means that they keep you feeling cool and comfortable when you are exercising. They have an elasticated waist for comfort and there are leg cuffs with gathered details as well.

This is a black outfit which could be suitable for tai chi. It comes in a selection of sizes and is made from cotton and rayon so that it fits well, is soft and breathable as well. It has handmade buttons which look simple and elegant in style. It has an upright collar which looks really smart and traditional and there is a side vent which means that it allows movement when you are wearing it for exercise.

This is a folding fan for men or women which can be used for all sorts of activities such as tai chi or dancing. There are two in the pack and they come in either red or black. They are lightweight and made from sturdy fabric and measure 34 x 63.5cm when they are fully unfolded. It is easy to open with a flick of the wrist and can also be closed quickly and smoothly. It will help you keep cool as well as make a pretty accessory.

This is a set of men’s robes which can be worn as pyjamas or for exercise such as tai chi. They come in a big selection of styles and colours as well as different sizes. They are made of cotton which is breathable and are therefore machine washable. They have an elasticated waist on the trousers and there is a matching shirt with tie closure. They are comfortable to wear.

This is a tai chi ruler which is a special stick to be used when exercising. It is made of beech and is polished and is 30cm long. It is pale in colour and will not fade. It is natural with no paint on it and so, therefore, it feels soft and it is very smooth as well. It comes with a bag so that it can be kept protected when it is not being used or when being transported.

This is a long-sleeved t-shirt for women which says on it ‘eat. Sleep. tai chi. Repeat’. It is made of 100% cotton and is light grey in colour which means that it is soft and comfortable to wear as well as being warm. It comes in sizes small – XXL and is suitable for machine washing so it is really easy to keep clean. It has a round collar and is a regular fit.

This is a special bag to protect tai chi and other martial arts swords. It has a double zipper on it to make it easy to use and it has a separator inside so that it can be used for two swords without them touching so they do not damage each other. It is made from Oxford cloth which is durable and has two outside pockets as well as the internal one so you can store phone, keys, purse etc in there.

This is an 11oz mug which says on it ‘You may think that I am listening to you but in my head I am doing tai chi’. It is a ceramic mug and the writing is in black and has a figure on it doing a tai chi pose. The print is on both sides and so it is suitable for left and right-handed people. It is fully dishwasher and microwave proof.

This is a black polyester apron which says on it ‘Tai Chi Chuan get your chi on’ on the front of it with a picture of someone in a tai chi pose and a ying and yang symbol. It is 52 x 72cm in size and has a bib so it covers from chest to knee. It is machine washable so easy to keep clean. Great for wearing when cooking or baking or even for housework, crafts or DIY.

This is a shower curtain which has a tribal tai chi mandala design on it. It has hooks included with it so that it can be easily hung up on your rail. It is 152 x 183cm in size and is made from 100% polyester. It is mould proof and mildew resistant and can be washed in a washing machine. It will look good in any bathroom and should last a long time.

This is a set of drink coasters which has a Yang Tai Chi pattern on them. They are round and black and white in colour. There are six coasters and they come in a holder which is made of PU leather. They will protect tables from spills and well as scratches and they are non-slip They are easy to clean as they can just be sponged off. They are 10cm so a good size for most cups and glasses.

This is a coaster with a martial arts /tai chi design on it. It has a cartoon girl in a tai chi pose on it and it can be personalised with a name on it and you can also choose the look of the character on the coaster so it looks more like the person you are buying it for. It is printed using the dye sublimation method which means that it will not crack, fade or peel. It is dishwasher and microwave proof.

This is a poster which shows the 24 forms of tai chi. It features pictures showing a person in different poses. Each is a photograph, sometimes with a directional marker to show how to make the pose as well as the name of it underneath. It is 61 x 91cm in size and therefore is big enough to see well and study. A great gift for someone that practises or teaches tai chi.

This is a tai chi motivational poster. It comes in a selection of sizes and is a black and white photo of someone in a tai chi pose with a motivational quote on it. It is printed on thick glossy paper so it looks good and it comes unframed so you can choose a frame that you feel will go with it and will match other frames in the house.

This is a flask which is white and says on it ‘tai chi is my drug’. It is made from stainless steel and is durable and rugged. It is a leak-proof flask which means that it is great for all sorts of drinks and multiple uses. It has a light and compact design so it is easy to carry and you need not worry about where you put it as you know it will not spill.

This is a pencil case which has a tai chi mandala on it. It 20 x 5.5 x 8.5cm in size and is made of high-quality PU leather which is durable and it also has a strong zipper. There is a main compartment and also a smaller compartment so you can keep some items separately if you want to. It can be used for cosmetics, art materials, collections of small items like badges or keyrings as well as a pencil case.

This is a sticker which has a person on it doing a tai chi pose in front of a ying-yang symbol. It comes in different sizes and colours and is printed on durable material. It is very quick and easy to apply and it can be stuck on many things including your car. It is suitable for using indoors or outdoors and therefore is very versatile. Is a great budget gift idea.

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