32 Gift Ideas for Tattoo Lovers

By Louise
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If you know someone that loves tattoos then you might like to buy them a gift that is related to this. There are different things that you can choose, but sometimes it can just be hard to know what you should get. We have therefore put together a list of things which we think would appeal to people that have tattoos in the hope that it will help to inspire those that are looking to buy gifts for them. We have picked a big selection of items at different prices so hopefully there will be something that will appeal to you and also suit your budget.

32 Presents for People Who Love Tattoos

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This is a Glitter Tattoo set. It has 27 tattoo stencils and comes with 4 sparkly glitter colours to paint on to the skin. Each tattoo can last up to seven days. Just put the stencil on the skin and apply the colour of glitter than you wish. The stencils include cupcake, lips, stars, gecko, unicorn and dolphins and the glitter is green, purple, red or gold. They are great fun for children to play with and they are suitable for 8-17 year olds.

This is a starter tattoo kit. It comes with a tattoo machine and there are ten sterile needles with it. There is practice skin included as well so you can have a go and build up confidence. It has transfer paper, an adjust tool and other bits and pieces that you will need to start having a go for yourself. Has everything that you need to start practising tattoos and see whether you like it.

This is a set of HawkInk tattoo inks. There are seven colours included and you get white, green, yellow, blue, black, purple and red. It is easy to use and safe as well. The bottles are all 15ml in size and are made from plastic. It is easy to absorb into the skin and will not fade once it is used. It also blends well with other colours.

This is a bottle of temporary tattoo ink with a selection of stencils. It is a natural ink product with Jagua fruit gel and no toxic chemicals. The tattoos will last for two weeks. Just wear gloves and apply the product and leave for an hour. Then wash off and the tattoo will appear after 12-24 hours. The bottle contains 10ml of ink and has a metal nib to make it easier to get an accurate design.

This is a set of 24 temporary tattoos which are robots. There are lots of different cute and colourful designs with different robots all waving and looking friendly. They are very easy to use and come with instructions on how to use them. Would make a great party bag filler or a nice gift to pop inside a card as it is cheap and great fun to have. Suitable for children aged 36 months and older.

This is a set of temporary tattoo markers. It is a set of three pens which have a fine brush top. They are designed specifically to write on skin. There is a blue, red and green one. There are also two sheets of stencils included so that you can choose a design and easily put it on. The ink lasts for 2 days and the markers have a pointed tip for details but can flex to fill in larger areas.

This is a set of Disney Princesses temporary tattoos. There are 25 different tattoos all linked in theme to the princesses. They are all bright and colourful and as well as two of the princesses themselves there are gemstones, flowers, crowns, hearts and cute animals. Suitable for children aged five years of age and older. Great for parties and fancy dress or sharing with friends or family on play dates.

This is a set of tattoo needles and cartridges. They are disposable and there are 100 pieces in the set. There are lots of different sizes included so that you can use them for different jobs or different parts of a job. They are made from premium stainless steel and therefore do not rust and are safe to use. Packed in hygienic polythene bags and they are portable as well as safe to use.

This is some Easy Tattoo cream. It is a special cream to apply to the skin after having a tattoo which will help it to heal up more easily. There is 50ml in the bottle so plenty for a reasonably sized tattoo. It is allergen free and tested for skin use and has no nasty toxins in. It is non oily as well and leaves a little residue but does not get all over clothing if you leave the tattoo open to the air as the cream dries.

This is a special tattoo protection patch. It comes in different pack sizes of either 10, 20 or 50 patches which are 10 x 20cm in size. It is almost transparent and can be cut to size to fit over the tattoo. It protects the tattoo from any abrasion that might occur from clothing or other items and helps the skin to regenerate. It can stay on the skin for up to five days and is approved for sensitive skin and suitable for vegans.

This is a tattoo concealer which will cover a tattoo up. It will also cover birthmarks or scars up as well. It has a light texture and helps the skin to breath without building up and cracking. It looks natural and not powdery. The set comes with a light nude and nude so you can mix the colours to get the right skin tone effect that you are looking for.

This is a set of 16 sheets of metallic temporary face tattoos. There are different designs and they are waterproof paper transfers. They will add a lovely shimmery effect to the face and there are all sorts of shapes that you can choose from such as water drops, tears, stars, moon, flowers, chains and butterflies and they all shine in the light. It also comes with a sheet of rhinestone stickers to enhance the effect.

This is a set of tattoo gel pens. They are designed for children to use so that they can draw on their skin and make different art. There are six different pens in blue, silver, green, orange, purple and red and they are suitable for children over the age of six. They are fully washable and come with templates to make application easier. Great fun for parties, sleep overs etc

This is special carbon paper for tattoo designs. It is made by Reprofix and there are 25 sheets of paper each in an A4 size. However, you can choose different quantities if you wish. It is spirit carbon paper and it will make for a good transfer of a pattern on to the skin. It is designed to be used with tattoo design stencils or to be drawn on freehand and then applied to the skin.

These are little disposable containers for putting ink in. They come in different sizes – 12mm, 17mm and 20mm and there are 1000 in the set. They are very easy to clean and they could be reused if washed up well but also can be disposed of. They have a U-shape design which helps to keep the ink together in the one area. Designed to be used easily by amateurs and professionals.

This is a set of henna tattoo stencils. There are 16 sheets so you get all sorts of different designs. They are good quality and each is 8.3 x 4.7 inches in size and designed for using on hands. They have lovely designs such as the moon, florals, buildings and other items on traditional Indian and Egyptian styles. They are black in colour so really easy to see to use and can be used for henna, glitter or air brush tattoos.

This is a book called DIY Henna Tattoos. It shows you how to learn decorative patterns with modern designs. The designs include flowers, leaves, swirls, vines, paisley, netting petals, mandalas and lines with dots and there are step by step instructions. There are lots of different things that you can try and you will be shown the techniques. As henna is temporary you can try them over and over again until you master them.

This is a sugar skulls colouring book for adults and would make a great gift for someone that likes tattoos. It has over 60 sheets each with a different illustrations and they are single sided so you do not have to worry about bleed through and you can remove the pictures for framing. Pictures include skulls, flowers and animals. The book has white paper and is 8.5 x 11 inches in size.

This is a notebook which has a soft, matte, black cover and says ‘Tattooing crew est 1990’ on it. The notebook contains 110 blank lined pages so it can be used for all sorts of things such as journaling, as a diary, general notebook, for lists or other things. It can be a fun and interesting gift for anyone that enjoys tattoos or for someone that is a tattoo artist.

This is a long handled tote bag which is in a natural cream colour. On it is printed ‘Beware crazy tattoo lady’ and it has two roses beneath the print. It is a practical gift to use instead of plastic bags when shopping and can also make a fun statement at the same time. Can be gently hand washed and hung to dry if necessary and the print will not fade as it is made using the dye sublimation method.

This is a special money box. It has a wooden frame and is made of glass and there is a slot in the top. On the glass it says ‘Tattoo fund’ and it also has a butterfly design on it in blue. There is a removable back panel so you can remove the money from the box without having to break it. It measures 22.5 x 17.5 x 7.5cm in size.

This is a personalised mug. The mug can have any name written on it and their initials will be put on it and decorated with roses, a skull and a pen in a tattoo style. It is an 11oz mug which is 3 ½ inches tall and the design is printed on both sides. It is packed in a smash proof box so you can send it without fear of it breaking.

This is a China hand ring holder. The hand has a tattoo design on it with a rose and floral pattern on the back of the hand with ‘true love’ on the fingers in black. It is a useful jewellery holder but the design would be welcomed by anyone that loves tattoos. It comes in a gift box so is ready to give away as a present. Even comes with free shipping.

This is a coffee mug and coaster set. They both have a white background and the design on them is in a tattoo style. It says ‘fierce fearless female’ and has roses and leaves on. The mug is 11oz and 3 ½ inches tall and is made of white ceramic with the design on both sides. The coater is made from wood and both are identical so make a great matching pair.

This is a short sleeved t-shirt which comes in a big selection of dark colours. It has white print on it which says ‘tattooed Mom like a regular mom but way cooler’ and it has two tattoo guns and an hourglass depicted on it. It comes in sizes suitable for men and women from small to 3XL. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix and is therefore comfortable and soft and can go in the washing machine.

This is a book called ‘The Tattoo Dictionary’ by Trent Aitken-Smith and Ashley Tyson. It has over 200 popular tattoos and explains the true meanings behind them. It also has over 100 tattoo designs in it. It has information about tattoo culture across the world and how they have been used as a means of communication for thousands of years. Should help you to choose the right tattoo for yourself.

This is a special print for a couple. It is personalised and has their names top and bottom and in the middle there is a heart shape in a tattoo style with roses and the word ‘forever’. The A4 sized print can be unframed or you can choose a white or black frame for it. The frame has acrylic safety glass so that it will not break in the post.

This is a short sleeved t-shirt which says ‘tattoos and tacos’ on the front of it. It comes in sizes suitable for children aged 2-12 years of age and also has fits for men and women in sizes small to 2XL. It comes in a choice of different colours as well, all dark so that the white print really stands out. It is lightweight and has a classic fit and can be washed in a washing machine.

This is a cap which says on it ‘I love Grandma and her tattoos’. It is made from a choice of black or pink denim and has some air holes in it to keep the head cool. It has a buckle at the back to adjust the size to fit different sized heads. It is 9cm high with a 55-59cm circumference. It is made from 100% cotton in a washed denim fabric and is a practical and fun item.

This is a set of kids superhero tattoos. You can choose to buy between one and five different packs which all have 24 pictures in them. They are assorted designs including fictional superheroes, planets and comic book style words. A fun item which can be used for parties or other occasions.  They are easy to apply using a wet cloth, the children can even do it themselves if they wish.

This is a pair of tattoo clip cord covers. They are black and very useful to stop any ink or other dirt getting on the wire so it looks nice and clean. They are hygienic as well and stop the hook line touching the tattoo as it is being done. They are made of high quality plastic which is disposable so they can be thrown away when they are finished with.

This is a set of eight sheets of temporary tattoo transfers. They can go on the shoulders chest, back or arm. They contain different images such as a koi fish, skull, owl, clock etc. They are waterproof and look realistic. They last a long time and are completely painless. There are two types to choose from so you can get the one that you think has the most appropriate designs.

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