29 Gift Ideas for Tattooists

By Louise
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If you want to buy a gift for your tattooist then you may wonder what might be appropriate to get them. It could be that you do not know them that well and so that could make it even more tricky. Therefore, we thought that it would be a good idea to put together a list of suggested items that we think will help you to find the ideal gift. We have picked different types of items so that there is more likely to be something that will suit you as well as being different prices to suit different budgets.

29 Presents for Tattooists

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This is a book which is available as a paperback or a kindle edition called ‘Colour Theory for Cosmetic Tattooists : Understanding Pigment Application and Selection for Permanent Makeup’. It has all sorts of information about how to choose pigments for certain skin colours and which ones to choose for certain applications as well as how to assess skin tone, combine pigments, deal with clients and avoid mistakes and stress.

This is make up bag which says on it ‘The World’s Best Tattooists’ on the front flap which also has a picture of the world behind it. It is mainly black and measures 22cm x 13cm. It has two inner zipped compartments which mean that you can separate out different items and the front flap is held with Velcro so it keeps everything secure. Can be used for make-up, pencils, equipment or any other small items.

This is a set of silicon sheets which are designed to help a tattooist to practice on. They are designed to have a similar feel to skin so you can practice all sorts of designs before having a go for real. They are specifically for eyebrows so for those tattoo artists that will be tattooing eyebrows. A great item for someone that is learning to perfect their techniques or to try out new things.

This is a funny t-shirt which says ‘Tattoos are for idiots’ on it. The t-shirt is blue and has short sleeves and the writing is in white. It would be a funny t-shirt to get for a child who has a tattooist aa a parent. It comes in a size suitable for children aged 7-8 years of age or a 32 inch chest. It is made from 100% pre shrunk cotton so is comfortable to wear.

This is an artists print which is a black and white picture of a tattoo machine from 1891. It would make a quirky and original gift. It is printed on 300gsm photography paper using top range ink and is available in different sizes. You can pick between A6, A5, A4, A3 or A2 and you can also choose the background colour you would like from black, chalkboard, blueprint, vintage, white and parchment. The print will either be in white or black depending on the background colour.

This is a short sleeved t-shirt which says on it ‘Tattooing saved me from being a pornstar but I still get paid to penetrate in all positions’. It is a fun item for a tattooist with a good sense of humour that is open minded! It has a selection of colour choices such as black, navy, asphalt, green, royal blue, olive, dark heather, brown and purple and fits suitable for men or women sizes small to 3XL.

This is a book which says ‘Inked’ on the front with a picture of a tattoo machine on it and is designed especially for a tattoo artist to use and enjoy. It is a sketchbook and lined journal all in one so they can use it to draw out designs and write details about them too. It is 6 x 9 inches in size and has 100 pages so plenty of room for drawings and notes.

This is a Tattoo gun which can give very precise line work and grey shading. It has a flashing Led light which reduces stress when working for a long time. It has a 3.2mm needle which protrudes 0-4mm. It is a professional device made from aviation aluminium so is light and sturdy and has an ultra light RCA cable with it. It is also comfortable to use which can be important for longer jobs.

This is a paperback book which has 100 tattoo project sheets inside it. Each page has prompts on it so that you can fill out the details of the tattoo that you are planning such as the date and price, colour or black and white, the details of the customer as well as the part of the body it is to go on and then an area to write the details of the tattoo as well as a place to sketch it.

This is a cute little sweet tin which says on it ‘Keep Calm I’m a Tattooist’ in white with a white crown above on a purple background. It measures 6cm high with a 12cm diameter. There are lemon sherbet sweets inside which are all individually wrapped. The tin can be reused once the sweets are eaten for keeping more sweets or other small items inside. It even comes with free delivery.

This is a short sleeved kids t-shirt which says ‘I love my Daddy and his tattoos’ on it. It comes in sizes suitable for children aged 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-11 and 12-13 years of age and in a choice of pink, black, yellow, grey, light blue, red, navy, orange, white or sapphire. It is made from 100% cotton so is soft and comfortable to wear. It has a classic fit and a round neck.

This is an acrylic stand for a tattoo machine. It is clear plastic which means that it has a sleek appearance. There is a hole to slot the machine into and a back rest with a good design so that everything stays safe and secure. It is durable so it will last a long time. It will help to keep equipment safe as well as in a convenient location. It has free delivery.

This is a pair of rubber gloves which provide heavy duty protection for hands, wrist and lower arms. They will help to protect the skin from chemicals and are 610mm long. They are made from latex rubber so are flexible but also resistant and will protect from chemical liquid splashed but still allow the person to grip. These are black and easy to take on and off and even come with free delivery.

This is a special lotion to be put on the skin after a tattoo. It is called ‘After Inked’ and it is a 90ml tube and is suitable for vegans. It works as a healing cream on all parts of the body and face and will help to heal without drying the skin or causing scabs. It contains grape seed oil, Jojoba seed oil, shea butter and orange oil with synthetic beeswax.

This is a fun iPhone cover which says ‘Tattoo King’ on it. It is black and white and as well as the bold black writing it has lots of black and white tattoo designs all over it. It has a rubber edge so it is easy to attach to a phone, It is high gloss so the design really stands out and allows all of the buttons to still be used and the charging point is left open. It works on the iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 7, 8 plus X XS Max XR.

This is a printed wall clock with a tattoo theme. It is a black clock with white hands and numbers. In the middle it says ‘tattoo’ and there are two guns and a rose with a ribbon saying ‘love and death’ on it. It takes an AA battery so is easy to power but has silent movement which means that it will not disturb anyone. It measures 30cm x 30cm.

This is a portable foot pedal which works with all sorts of different tattoo machines. It has a 6 foot silicone cord with it which is flexible and durable. The pedal is made of copper so will last a long time and it has a skull design on it. It has a non slip foam pad on the bottom so it is safe to use and control and has a highly sensitive switch inside it.

This is a wireless battery for tattoo equipment. It is a 37v lithium battery which is very easy to install. It has a display on it so you can see the voltage power and battery level really easily. There is an on and off button which can also pause and an up and down button to change the level. It works alongside the Cheyenne tattoo pen and is an upgraded version which provides better performance and has 13 speeds.

This is a small clip on folding table lamp which is ideal for close work including tattooing. It can be angled using the strong spiral tube and it magnifies 2-3 times bigger so it is really easy to see what you are doing when you look through it. It does not glare but gently illuminates and allows you to see all of the details that you need. It even has free delivery.

This is a metal sign which is black and white and says on it ‘reserved parking for tattooists’ with a picture of a chap with his arms folded in the middle. It is 30 x 45cm in size and made from aluminium. It has pre drilled holes so that it is easy to hang up and can be used inside or outside. Would make a fun gift for any tattooist.

This is a useful storage bag with lots of pockets which would be ideal for a tattooist. It has a good carry strap so it is easy to carry. It is made from high quality, durable fabric. It has lots of small spaces so it is easy to store different equipment inside with different sized compartments in the lid and then zipped pockets on the front with a large pocket too.

This is a travel mug which is mainly white with a black lid, base and handle. It says on it in pink ‘The world’s best’ and underneath in black ‘tattooist’. It is 14oz and insulated so keeps the drink warm or cold. It is 150mm high and 85mm in diameter and the lid is leak proof but swivels to reveal a drinking hole when needed. It even has free delivery.

This is a set of tattoo ink. There are 14 different colours in the set and they are suitable for practising tattooing. It is long lasting and the pigments are durable. The bottles are small so easy to use and carry and the ink has safe ingredients which are safe to use and will not irritate the skin. Contains a nice selection of colours so you can practice different designs with them.

This women’s vest top comes in either black with white writing or white with black writing. It says on the front ‘bad bitches ink up’ and comes in sizes S, M, L and XL. It is professionally printed so it will last a long time and the material is a comfortable cotton jersey which is pre-shrunk and ring-spun. The top is sleeveless with a low round neck and slightly fitted on the waist.

This is a canvas art print of someone giving a tattoo. It is in a cartoon stye and there is a background of different tattoos and then two figures in the foreground. It is 24 x 36 inches in size, but there are other size options available if you require them. It is printed onto a professionally stretched canvas which has a pine frame on the back. The frame is 2 inches so it gives a chunky look and the design goes around the edges of the canvas.

This is a fun novelty badge. It has a red background with a white skull. Under the skull, crossed over are two tattooists’ guns. It is a metal badge which has been enamelled on the top. It comes hand wrapped in tissue paper and then placed in a linen pouch so all ready to give away and even has free delivery so makes a great, fun gift for any tattooist.

This is a pair of small black gloves. They are made from nitrile and are powder free. They are great for when giving a tattoo to protect hands from the ink and to keep things hygienic too. They are easy to pull on and are disposable so perfect for changing between each customer as you will be required to do. The colour does not show up stains which makes them look nicer when using for ink.

This is a pack of three stickers which look like a tattoo. There are different designs available, mainly Chinese style dragons which are in various colours along with black. They are perfectly safe to use and non-toxic. It is waterproof so will last a few days and can be placed on any part of the body, although these are designed to stick on arms and shoulders where there is no body hair.

This is a black short sleeved t-shirt which says ‘inked’ on it in white with a circle and rectangle around the writing. It makes a big impression as it is so bold so great for someone that draws or just likes tattoos. It comes in various sizes all with a loose fit and is made from 100% cotton so it is comfortable to wear. It can be machine washed so is easy to keep clean.

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