28 Presents for Taxi & Uber Drivers

By Lewis
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If you know anyone that is a taxi or uber driver and want to buy them a gift then you may be looking for some quirky, fun or thoughtful. You may also want to buy something for someone that regularly drives you. If this is the case, then this list of gifts should be useful to you. We have chosen a big variety of items so that there is something that will suit everyone but each with a driving theme so that they will work really well for anyone that drives for a living. We have picked a big range so there will be something suitable for everyone.

28 Gift Ideas for Taxi & Uber Drivers

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Most drivers will need to grabs drinks or take drinks with them while they are doing their job and there this mug could make a great gift. Not only is it large at 14oz, insulated and designed to fit in a car cup holder, but it is also fun too. In it says ‘This is what an awesome taxi driver looks like’ with an arrow pointing upwards. It is silver in colour with black print, handle and lid.

It can be tricky to deal with cash payments quickly in any job, especially when you are driving a car and so this coin sorter could be very useful. Not only does it make it very easy to find the right change but there is also a note holder as well. It has slots of £2, £1, 50p, 20p, 10p and 5p in it and is ideal for use in a vehicle.

Socks can be a useful gift but they do not need to be boring! This pair of men’s ankle socks are black and cotton rich with a fun print on them. In white, it says ‘Trust me… I’m a taxi driver’ and there is a picture of a car. The fun design is printed onto the socks which are one size and will therefore fit most average sized feet.

Mugs make useful gifts for anyone and this one is fun too. It is a white mug with a design that is in the style of the Mr Men. It says on it ‘Mr Cabbie Worlds No. 1 Taxi Driver’ and has a picture of a character a bit like Mr Happy underneath wearing a tie and jacket with his thumbs up. It is a lovely way to show someone how highly you think of them.

Notebooks are handy items to have and so gifting one can be a great idea. This one says on the cover ‘Yes, I’m a taxi driver but I can’t fix stupid’ on it in colourful lettering. It is 6 x 9 inches in size and has 120 pages which are high quality. The cover is matte and has been laminated for strength. It can be used for lots of things such as a journal, diary, planner or for notes.

A cute teddy bear can be a lovely gift for those that are sentimental. This one is cute and cuddly and has a white t-shirt on it which says ‘The greatest taxi driver ever!’ Giving this gift is a great way to show how much you think of the taxi driver you are giving it to. It is 15cm wide, 8cm deep and 20cm high when it is seated.

If Grandad is a taxi driver (or just does lots of school runs and other journeys with the grandchildren) then this could be a great gift for him. It is a t-shirt with white print that reads ‘world’s best taxi driver and grandad’. It is short-sleeved and comes in four dark colour options and sizes small – 3XL. It has a classic fit and is lightweight and machine washable.

Many cars need an air freshener in them and this one is fun as it says ‘keep calm I’m a taxi driver’ on it. It is orange with white writing as well as a crown at the top and has a selection of 15 different fragrances that you can choose from. It has a string on it so that it can be easily hung in a car and it measures 94 x 62mm in size.

A phone grip can be very handy and these pop sockets also work as stands if the phone is being used for video calls or watching films. It says on it ‘cab driver will work for tacos’ with pictures of taxis and tacos on it. It is therefore a fun novelty gift that can also be very useful. The top can be swapped for others and it is removable and repositionable.

T-shirts can always make a useful gift. This one comes in fits for men or women and in lots of size and colour options. It is short-sleeved and says ‘Taxi Driver noun [taxi driver] just like a normal person, only way cooler, see also amazing, incredible’ printed on the front of it. It is machine washable and can go in the tumble dryer so is really easy to keep clean.

Sitting in a car for a long time can get uncomfortable and may even cause back problems. Therefore, this memory foam orthopaedic seat can be ideal for taxi drivers. It will fit on all sorts of seats including those in a car and can provide pain relief, particularly in the coccyx or back and can improve the posture as well It has a machine washable cover and comes in a choice of two colours.

Beer glasses can be useful gifts for those people that like a drink. This one is personalised as well which makes it extra special. You can provide the details of what name you would like on it and it says ‘[name] has earned this drink [he’s a taxi driver]’ on it. It is stemmed glass which is 18cm tall and holds 330ml and comes in a stylish, lined presentation box.

Most people enjoy indulging in sweets from time to time. Therefore, this tin can be a great gift. The tin is silver coloured with a red lid which reads ‘This belongs to an awesome taxi driver’ and inside there is a selection of loose retro sweets such as lollies and chews. The tin is 6 x 12cm in size and can be used for storing other little items once the sweets have been eaten.

A fun t-shirt can make a great gift. This one is short-sleeved and says ‘The Taxifather’ on it with a picture of a cab. It comes in a selection of colours and sizes suitable for men. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix which means that it is easy to wash and will keep its shape. It is lightweight and has a classic fit. A great idea for a Dad that drives a taxi or just taxis his family around.

Money bags can be handy things to have for any driver and this one is strong and is made from canvas and leather. It comes in a choice of colours and is 9.8 x 0.7 x 1.2 inches in size. It is suitable for holding all sorts of items including money. It has a large compartment, an outside zip pocket and an inside zip pocket, so great for coins and notes.

Coasters can be useful for protecting surfaces from hot drinks and they can therefore make good gifts. This one has a picture of a taxi on it which can be personalised with a name on the number plate. It says ‘World’s best taxi driver’ on it as well with ‘just ask [name]’ written underneath. It is 9 x 9cm and has a high gloss surface that is wipe clean and a wooden back.

If you are looking for a fun present then this could be the ideal thing. It is a gift bag filled with small novelty items. Attached to the bag is a card that explains the significance of each of the items that are enclosed in it. It includes ‘coffee – to keep you alert’, ‘kit kat – don’t forget to take a break’ and ‘pencil – to remind you to stay sharp’ as well as many other items.

Notebooks are great gifts and this one is 6 x 9 inches in size and says on it ‘I’m an Uber driver I don’t stop when I’m tired I stop when I’m done’ on it. It can be a handy gift to use as a diary, journal, notebook etc and it has lines so it is easy to use for writing in. It is paperback and has a black cover with white and yellow writing on it.

Having your phone handy in the car can be useful but it can often move around and get distracting or damaged. This kit attaches a stand to the dashboard which will magnetically attract to a plate that is fixed to the phone so that it can be easily kept in place. It has everything needed to allow a phone to be kept securely in place in the car on a mount that can be tilted.

A cap can be very useful for keeping the sun off the face and head and also as a fashion accessory. This one is designed for taxi drivers as on the front it says ‘taxi drivers not all super heroes wear capes’. The cap comes in a choice of colours and has a padded front which is white. It is made of polyester and has a mesh side and back to keep the head cooler.

Money boxes can be handy places to put tips and spare change. This one is white with a picture of a black cab on it. It can be personalised with a name on it. It has a slot on the top and is cylindrical in shape. You can also choose a message to go on the back of it. It is printed with dye sublimation and therefore will not crack or peel.

Unicorns are loved by most people and so this unicorn design t-shirt will go down well. On it, there is a message printed which says ‘unbelievable awesome taxi driver’. The t-shirt has short sleeves and comes in a selection of colours and fits suitable for men and women in sizes small – 3XL. It is machine washable and can go in the tumble dryer. It has a lightweight design and is made from a cotton and polyester mix.

Cushions can be lovely gifts to give and this one is white with ‘This belongs to an awesome taxi driver’ printed on it in black. There are also stars and dots to make it look pretty. It is 38 x 38cm in size and made from really soft material. It is plain on the back. The words are printed on in a matte finish. Will look good on a bed, sofa or even in a car.

It can be really useful to have an emergency kit in any car, particularly one which is being driven a lot of the time. Therefore, this kit could be handy for any taxi or uber driver. It includes a high vis jacket, safety triangle, tow straps, screwdriver, flashlight, rain poncho, cotton gloves, insulating tape, fuse and blanket. They come in a handy bag so they are easy to store in a glove box or boot of a car.

A drawstring bag can be a handy gift to give and this one says on it ‘The most amazing taxi driver in the world ever’. It comes in a choice of colours and is 37 x 46cm in size. It could be handy for carrying a lunch box and drink or other useful items that might be needed in a car when driving it all day. The drawstrings also act as the carry straps so it always stays securely shut when being worn.

Safety is important when driving and this kit can be great for anyone that drives a lot especially those that do it for a living. It is a winter essential gift pack and includes a de-icer spray, screen wash with anti-freeze and a scraper to remove ice and snow from the windows. They come together in a cardboard sleeve and therefore make a great gift to help out anyone that drives a lot.

If you handle cash for a living as many drivers do then this money checker can be handy. It is a little machine that will help to detect forged banknotes. It is handheld and battery powered and emits UV light which shows the hidden features on the notes. It has a special cover to shield the eyes from the light and focus it onto the notes. Has a carry strap and a fold out stand.

Having signage in a car can be useful when you want passengers to obey your rules. Therefore, this set of labels could be very useful. One says charger available, please buckle up and please leave a five-star review and tips appreciated. The other says no food, smoking or littering allowed, close the door gently and enjoy your ride. They are thick laminated plastic and designed to be fixed to the car headrests.

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