28 Presents for Tea Lovers

Updated on January 29th, 2021
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Many people really love their cup of tea – it is a British tradition! However, there are some people that seem to be completely obsessed and many of us know someone like that. If you do, then you might like to treat them to a tea related gift. However, finding something original can be quite tricky and they may have already received all of the usual types of tea related gifts. We have therefore come up with a list which we hope may help you to find something a bit different to give to the person you know that loves tea.

28 Gift Ideas for Tea Drinkers

This is a pair of white socks which have writing underneath. One sock says ‘if you can read this’ and the other says ‘make me some tea!’. The thermal fuzzy socks come in a cupcake style packaging so they look really cute. The writing is made from anti-slip material so the socks are really safe to wear. They are one size and made from a stretchy material so will fit most people.

This is an elegant looking glass mug with matching teaspoon. It has a flower design around the base and handle with the same flower on the teaspoon. There are different flower designs to choose from. It is an 11oz mug and is 9cm high and has a chrysanthemum or lily design. A lovely gift for anyone who loves tea and especially good for seeing the pretty colours of fruit and herb teas.

This is a box of selected teas from the English Tea Shop. They are all organic and there are 6 different blends of tea with 48 tea bag sachets in total. The flavours of tea included are honeybush acai berry punch, chocolate super berry burst, lemongrass peppermint tropical punch, apple rosehip raspberry ripple, cranberry vanilla delight and pomegranate blackcurrant medley. They are naturally caffeine free and great for a fruit tea lover.

This is a set of three tins of loose leaf tea. Each tin has a British theme with a telephone box, red double decker bus and union jack design. The tins contain 20g loose leaf English afternoon tea, 25g loose leaf English breakfast tea and 25g loose leaf London blend tea. A great gift to give to someone that lives abroad and is a fan of English tea. The three tins are packed together in a gift box.

This is a humorous gift. It is a bell which says on it ‘ring for tea’. Perfect for a tea lover who is always drinking a cup of tea. The bell has a green pattern and a teapot picture on it. It comes in a gift box with a see-through acetate window so the bell can be seen inside. It measures 13 x 7.5cm and is fun gift to give.

This is a colouring book designed specifically for tea drinkers. Colouring is a recent trend for adults and has been recognised as an activity that reduces stress; so combined with tea it makes a great activity. All of the pictures have a tea theme and they are printed on one side of the page so it does not matter if your pens bleed through and you can remove pictures for framing without losing the image on the back.

This is a ‘Tea Party Coloring Book’ where every colouring page has a tea based theme. It has 36 illustrations and they are single sided so that they can be removed for framing if required and bleed-through will not ruin the picture on the back. It is 8.5 x 11 inches in size and has 50lb paper so it is a good thickness. Pictures are detailed so ideal for colourists who do not like having to fill blank space with backgrounds.

This is a funny slogan sweatshirt for women. It comes in black, blue, green, navy or red and has a picture of a teabag in it in white and says ‘it’s a tea shirt’. It is available in sizes 6-14. It is made from 75% polyester and 25% cotton so it is soft to wear and will keep the wearer warm when the weather is cold. Would make a fun gift for a tea drinker with a good sense of humour.

This is a really pretty box containing two teas. The box contains two gold tea caddies which contain loose leaf tea. One has black tea and the other has chai tea which is earl grey spiced. A very pretty gift pack which will be welcomed by any tea connoisseur. Just make sure that they have a tea pot to steep it in and a tea strainer – you may want to buy them one to go with it!

This is a fun notebook for a tea lover. It has a matte black cover which says ‘good morning’ on it with a picture of a cup of tea. It is lined inside and so can be used for a diary, journal, note taking, lists and all sorts of other things. It has 120 pages and is 6 x 9 inches and so it will last a long time. Hopefully, it will make them happy every time they see the friendly greeting on the cover.

This is a ceramic teacup which comes with an infuser and lid. This means that you can use it to brew loose leaf tea directly into the mug. It comes in a choice of colours such as red, yellow, orange, pink, turquoise, mint green and plum green. It has a large handle which is heat insulated. The lid will help to keep the drink warm while it is brewing.

This is a really pretty glass teapot and cups set. There are two glass cups which match the teapot. It looks really pretty with loose leaf tea, especially herbal or fruit teas with their bright colours. The glass has an iridescent look and works for hot or cold drinks so could also be used to make an infused gin, for example. It comes boxed so all ready to give away as a lovely gift.

This is an unusual flowering tea gift set. It is a clear glass teapot which holds 900ml of liquid. It comes with 12 different blooming teas. The teas selection is made up of black, green and white teas which have been infused with different flavours: jasmine, melon, strawberry, banana, pineapple, blueberry, lychee, mango, passion fruit, vanilla, honey peach and earl grey. It comes packed in a box together so makes an ideal gift.

This is an afternoon tea experiences box. Once you pay for it, the recipient can choose between 465 different locations to take afternoon tea. Not only will they be able to enjoy a pot of tea but they will usually also be able to indulge in finger sandwiches, scones and cakes depending on the hotel restaurant or patisserie they choose. A lovely treat which they will be able to share with someone else.

This is a fun plaque which is black and says on it ‘coffee & tea bar self serve’ in white. It is 8 x 22 in size and all ready to hang up. It is made of wood which has been printed on with the colour and wording. It is a great and fun gift for someone who loves their hot beverages and would look great in any kitchen or dining room.

This is a set of four mugs which have cartoon dogs on. They all match but are all slightly different in design. They are made of china and can go in the microwave and the dishwasher. They are 11cm high with a 9cm width at the top and 6.3 cm at the bottom. They come in the set of four in a box together so will look lovely when given together as a gift.

This is a set of six teaspoons which are a fun novelty. They are the shape of guitars so they are really great for music lovers. They are stainless steel and all different colours. They are all metallic and come in gold, purple, blue, rose gold, silver and pink. They will therefore stand out even more when you put them out on the table or on cups because everyone will have a different one

This is an engraved wooden coaster which will be really great for a tea lover. It says across the middle ‘Tea Total’ and is great for someone that really loves a cup of tea. The wooden coaster will help to protect surfaces from the heat of a cup or mug and also stop it from slipping. It is a cute little thing and even has free delivery so would make a great gift.

This is a set of silicon tea infusers. These can be used in cups or teapots with loose leaf tea. They will save you having to use a tea strainer or will mean you do not even need a teapot. There are 6 different ones in the set and they have different colours and shapes – a green owl, grey shark, yellow elephant, blue squirrel, white swan and red strawberry. Some have a cord to hang them and others can be hooked on the cup. .

This is a pretty glass teapot and cup set. They are all made of the same clear glass and so look particularly pretty with fruit tea in. The set includes a teapot with tea infuser, a warmer for the teapot and 4 insulated glass cups which are really dinky at 9.4cm x 6cm in size. It is a really unique and elegant set which will make drinking tea into a real art form.

This is an unusual square glass teapot. It has an infuser in so no need to use a tea strainer and as it is see-through you can easily see when the tea is strong enough for you. Great for loose leaf tea, which is coming back into fashion with people changing from tea bags due to the plastic in them. The pot measures 5 x 3 inches. Can be used for hot or cold drinks.

This is a pair of elegant Chinese ceramic teacups. They are glazes and white inside and peacock green on the outside and hold 100ml. They measure 5cm tall and 6.4cm wide and can go in the dishwasher. They could be used for tea, but also for serving small puddings or things like that in. They come in a lovely gift box so perfect for giving as a gift to a tea lover.

This is a set of ceramic tea caddies. They are made from black clay so look really unusual and they are all different shapes. One is square, one rounded one hexagonal and one has multiple facets on it. They can be used for storing all sorts of things as well as tea, perhaps different types of sugar or herbs and spices. They each have a lid to keep the tea inside really fresh.

This is a porcelain mug which has a filter inside for brewing loose leaf tea. The mug is tall and elegant and comes with a saucer and the filter fits inside with a lid to pop on top. It means that you can keep the tea warm as it brews by popping on the lid. The china is white, and the cup, lid and saucer have a gold pattern on them.

This is a PG tips gift set. It includes a vintage tea caddy which is made of metal and a box of PG tips pyramid bags to put in it. The pyramid bags are specially designed for releasing more taste form the tea as the leaves can move around inside the bag while brewing more. The in has a silver colour with a green lid and a monkey picture on the side.

This is a special pop-up cup. It is eco-friendly as it is reusable and can be easily transported flat to your local coffee shop to be filled up and then folded down when finished with. It can pop up to different sizes. It comes in a choice of colours – all have white with either red, black, blue, green, orange or dark pink. It has a covered hole in the lid for drinking.

This is a tea whisk which can be used to make matcha tea. It is made from bamboo and can make a froth which is required when making this type of tea. The bamboo is safe to use and non-toxic. The whisk has about 80 prongs so it is really effective. It not only creates a froth but also brings out the flavour of the tea. It is a great gift idea for matcha tea lovers.

This is a funny short-sleeved t-shirt in white. It says on it ‘Thai chi & Chait tea’ and has a picture of a cup and saucer and someone doing Tai chi on it. It is available in sizes and styles suitable for men, women and children from age 2-12 and sizes small – XXL. You can also choose alternative colours to the white such as blue, yellow, grey and pink. It is made from cotton and polyester and is suitable for machine washing.

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