32 Gift Ideas for Teachers & School Workers

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Many children, students and parents like to buy gifts for their teachers, perhaps at Christmas or the end of the year. This means that when you come to buy one, whether for the same reason or because you have a friend or family member that is a teacher, you might want to find something different. It is likely that they will have had lots of gifts from children and parents in the past and you probably want to find something a bit more original for them. We have therefore put together a list of things to help you which we hope will have more unique items that you can choose from.

32 Presents for Your Favourite Teacher

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This is a novelty engraved wine glass which would suit any teacher that likes a drink. It has different wording at different points on the glass. Near the bottom it says new term, in the middle it says half term and at the top it says end of term, indicating they want a larger and larger measure as the term goes on. It comes in a presentation box with a see-through front ready to give away as a great gift.

This is a ballpoint pen which can be personalised. It is black with silver detailing and a name, slogan or logo can be put on it in silver.  It could therefore have the teachers name or a simple ‘thank-you’ or something like that on it.  It comes in a stylish black presentation gift box so it is ready to give away as an end of term present to any valued teacher.

This is a handy notebook which can be personalised.  It has a leather cover with an option of brown or orange and a name or text can be put on the front.  Inside there is plenty of lined paper as well as card slots and a PVC zipper pocket, which means that it can be used for lots of things. The cover is sturdy so it will wear well and it has a tie on it to keep everything in place and the inserts can be replaced inside when necessary.

This is a novelty tote shopping bag for a teacher which says on it ‘shoe tying, tear drying, song singing, book reading, smile bringing, multitasking, always asking, never resting, life changing, primary teacher. The bag is made from 100% polyester and is cream coloured and the words are in bright colours such as blue, green, orange and pink. It measures 68 x 37 x 40cm making it a handy size for teachers to carry books etc.

This a pen pot which is white and says on it ‘shoe tying, tear drying, song singing, book reading, smile bringing, multitasking, always asking, never resting, life changing, primary teacher’. The printing is on both sides and will not peel, crack or fade. The pot is blue inside and can hold pens, rulers or pencils. A lovely gift to give to a teacher to show how much you appreciate them.

This is a funny teacher mug in a Durham style. It is white and has red colouring on the outside. It says ‘keep calm and pretend it’s on the lesson plan’ on it in white. It is a 10oz mug and is 95mm tall and 80mm diameter with the handle. It comes in a box and is therefore all ready to give as a lovely and fun gift to a teacher.

This is a bottle of Teacher’s whiskey that can be personalised. It is a great brand of whiskey to be bought for a teacher anyway, as it makes a good pun. It can be made all the more special with engraving a personal message on the bottle. It is a 70cl bottle so there is plenty there to keep any whiskey fan happy and any teacher might be glad of a drink by the time the end of term comes!

This is a book by David Walliams called ‘The World’s Worst Teachers’.  It is illustrated by Tony Ross and would make a great joke present for any teacher particularly one that teaches in a junior school, as they could read it out to their class.  Children and teachers alike will love these gruesome tales of the ten worst teachers ever such as Mrs Seeth who is always furious and Dr Dread who is half monster.

This is a teacher’s book to record marks in.  It has 80 pages with 42 rows and 40 columns, so lots of room and it is A4 in size. The pages are set out with lines in horizontal and vertical, so there is space to write a name and date then a mark in the box, rather like an attendance register.  It is made by Rhino so every sale helps the ‘Save the Rhino’ charity.

This is a roll of 500 stickers designed for teachers to use on work.  They have all sorts of slogans on to encourage children who have been working hard.  They are bright and colourful and say ‘nice work! ‘awesome’, ‘great job’ ‘wow’, ‘amazing’ and ‘super’ on them. They are a great way to encourage children, especially younger ones to do well in their work or to behave well as children enjoy getting stickers.

This is a set of stamps which are self-inking and great for teachers to use. They have different messages on them and all have a picture. They’re ‘very good’ with a little face, ‘come on’ with a car that has a P on it. ‘progressed’ with a star, ‘Do it again’ with a book and pen and ‘great with a sunshine. They are grey with a primary colour as well and they are pre-inked so there is no ink pad required.

This is a set of punch cards with a metal perforator. They are designed as a reward for children, so each one has ten circles on.  When the child is rewarded a circle is punched and they have a space on them to write what the child will be rewarded with, as well as their name when they achieve the ten punches. The pack includes 200 cards so a really useful amount.

This is a wooden heart hanging plaque on it says ‘a very big than you to the most inspiring, patient, encouraging, imaginative teacher {name] from [name]. It is an alternative to a thank you card for a teacher and is a more permanent item which they could hang up at home or in the classroom using the twine attached to it. It has pink writing and stars on so it is really pretty.

This is a big capacity pen and pencil case in a smart grey, black, khaki or pink colour. It has a zip all the way around to make it easy to access what it inside and has various pockets and elastics to keep everything really neat and tidy. It is 8.5 x 4 inches so has room for lots of items inside it. It has an Oxford outer layer and polyester lining which makes it easy to clean and it is even splash proof.

This is a teacher planner. It is a paperback book with a pretty picture on the front and specially designed pages to help a teacher with their planning. It has space with blank grids for planning up to six core lessons and is really flexible. There is lots of room for note taking and ideas as well, so it can easily be used for all sorts of things and is portable.

This is a reusable cup which says on it ‘it takes a big heart to teach little minds’. The cup is white and the writing is in bright colours and the cup has a red lid. It is made of bamboo and is a travel mug so will fit in a car cup holder. It is a useful gift which will allow you to show how much you appreciate your teacher and how hard you know that they are working.

This is a set of cupcake toppers which say ‘thank you teacher’ on them. There are different designs some with rosettes and some with apples and they are all brightly coloured. There are 30 in all and they could be used on cupcakes or larger cakes. They just need to be cut out of the sheet that they are supplied on. They are made from wafer so are edible too.

This is a fun canvas bag. It is white and has coloured sides, cotton handles and printing on it in a choice of black, green, navy or pink. It has a big star on the front inside which is written ‘essential teacher stuff ’ and at the bottom of the bag it says ‘may include biscuits’. The bag measures 30 x 30 x 19cm and is made of canvas so is strong enough to carry lots of books.

This is a pad of teacher reward notes. It says on the top ‘A note for my teacher’ and there is a blank box for them to write something and then a space at the bottom for it to be signed and dated. It has a purple border with multicoloured stars around it. It is a great way to encourage children and the pad is A6 size and has 60 pages in it.

This is a stainless-steel vacuum insulated water bottle. It has a cute owl design on one side of it and the other says ‘it takes a big heart to shape little minds’. It is leak proof and will keep the drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. It is 500ml and has a neck wide enough for ice cubes. It comes in a lovely gift box which says ‘teach, love, inspire’.

This is a ‘teacher’s survival kit’ in a tin. It is a cute tin which is filled with all sorts of things and comes with a card which explains the relevance of each item. For example there is ‘marbles – spares for the ones they’ve helped you lose’, ‘pen to ‘write’ their wrongs’, ‘rubber band – to remind you to be flexible’ and ‘gloves – for when you need an extra pair of hands’.

This is a tile artwork which says on it ‘mentor, influence, coach, educate, scholar, patient, encourage’ and has a picture of a student behind a computer with books and a woman looking over him. It is a ceramic tile that measures 7 x 7 inches and has a hook on the back so that it can be easily hung up, but also a stand so it can be placed on a desk or shelf if required.

This is a book by Rob Plevin called ‘Take Control of the Noisy Class’. It is a step by step plan to deal with behaviour problems in the classroom teaching how to gain trust and respect from all students and put an end to power struggles. It has tips on raising engagement in class and how to be consistent, and not have to keep repeating yourself. Useful for a student training to be a teacher or an established teacher working in a challenging environment.

This is a book called ‘The Secret Teacher: Dispatches from the Classroom’. The Secret Teacher is working in an inner city state school and trying hard to work with an unruly class and wants to enthuse them and then deal with marking, Ofsted, educational consultants, spreadsheets, personal statements, trips, strikes, and all sorts of other challenges along the way. It an account of his first two years of teaching and the bright, funny, bolshie and eclectic children and teachers he taught.

This is a funny book called ‘How Teachers Swear Colouring Book’. The book has a selection of clean swear words that teachers can use, which they can then colour in to help to reduce their stress. There are 20 Mandela designs in the book and each has a clean swear word incorporated into it as well. It is a great price so you could give it along with some decent colouring pencils, as the ones they have in their classroom are likely to be low quality and not good for blending or shading.

This is a set of A5 exercise books. They come in assorted colours and all have white pages with 10mm lines. There is also a plain area for teachers notes or comments. These would be good for children playing school games or role play or if a parent wanted to pretend to be a teacher or show children what school exercise books might be like. The wide ruled lines are best for younger children.

This is ‘The (un)official teachers Manual: What they don’t teach you in training’ by Omar Akbar. This book includes information on all sorts of things that teachers may not be taught before they go into the profession. Things like dealing with the school email system, meetings, promotions, parents, bullying, relationships and how to get the right teaching job, how and when to say no and yes and why it is worth it.

This is a leather brown satchel style laptop bag. It would suit a man or woman and be ideal for a teacher to carry their laptop over their shoulder and other books as well. The laptop compartment is padded and there is also room for A4 sized folders and books. The strap can be adjusted or removed if you just want to use the handle on the top. It has a click closure hidden behind a stylish buckle.

These sheets are star stickers. There are ten sheets altogether and the stickers are multicoloured. They are self adhesive and you get 880 stickers in total. They are ideal for all sorts of uses such as teachers or parents to use to reward children or to use for craft projects or even fancy dress. The bright colours mean that they are really versatile. Each star is 9mm and each sheet is 126mm x 97mm.

This is a Durham style mug which is 10oz and mainly white. It does have a blue colouring on the outside and has a speech bubble printed on it and inside it says ‘shhhh! I’m Marking!’. It is a vibrant mug and would be perfect for a teacher to use at school or at home. It is dishwasher and microwave safe. It comes in a box and so is all ready to give away as a gift.

This is a set of four coasters which says on them ‘world’s best teacher’ ‘superhero in disguise’. It is printed in black on a white background with a globe on top of it. The coaster has a cork backing so that it is non-slip and does not damage the surface it is on. The top has a gloss finish so it looks good and is easy to gently wipe clean.

This is a funny novelty apron. It is white and has ‘teacher because badass isn’t an official job title’ written on it. It is made from high quality, durable polyester material and is in an adult size. It measures 86 x 60cm approximately. It is made in the UK and would make a funny gift for someone you know well that is a teacher and has a good sense of humour.

This is a funny cushion cover.  It is white and printed on it in black it says ‘don’t make me use my teacher voice’. It has a high quality linen effect and measures 40 x 40 cm in size which is standard size for cushion covers so it should be easy to find an insert to go in it. Of course, you may wish to give it without an insert so the recipient can pop in one of their own.

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