33 Perfect Gifts for Teenagers

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Teenagers can be really difficult to buy for. They are at an age where they outgrow toys and games! Books are even hard because they are too old for children’s books but too young for adult’s ones. They will often have very minimal interests too, as they will be focussing a lot of time on school and studying, especially as they head towards exams. This means that you might find it tricky to think of the right gift for them or find something original and different. Therefore we have put together a list of items that we hope will help you to find some useful gifts in it.

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This is a useful book for parents of teenagers. It is called ‘Get out of my life….but first take me and Alex into Town’ by Tony Wolf and Suzanne Franks. It looks at modern issues affecting parents of teenagers such as: social media, online threats, porn, school, sex, drugs etc. There is also information about how to cope with teenage behaviour and how it can often be better not to battle them and never take offence when they view you as an idiot!

This is a funny spoof Haynes manual called ‘Haynes explains Teenagers’. It uses original lined drawings from the books and gives information on how to get the best value from your teenagers. For example decide what work must be done, tackling the work yourself or letting it be done off site by a boarding school or young offenders institution. Talks about reliability (getting it to start on the morning) and service history (school reports).

This is a short-sleeved t-shirt available in white, black, pink, yellow or green. There is an option of a long-sleeved sweatshirt in black as well. They all have the ‘Vans’ logo on them. It is available in small, medium, large and extra large. Made from 100% cotton it has a regular fit with a crew neck and is a trendy brand for teenagers to wear so would make a great gift for them.

This is a ‘The Teenage Brain: A Neuroscientist’s survival guide to raising adolescents and young adults’ book. This is a guide by Dr Frances E Jensen which explains that a teenagers behaviour is not so much due to hormones, but due to changes in the brain and how they are growing and rewiring during this time, particularly areas related to judgement, concentration, organisation, emotion and behaviour. The book also outlines suggestions to help teenagers make the most of their brains.

This is a funny maths themed pencil case. It is black and has all sorts of maths calculations on it in white. Across the top is a patch which says on it in black ‘Dear Math grow up and solve your own problems’. It unzips to open up and reveal various elastics which can be used to slot in pencils and pens. There are small and large ones to accommodate all sorts of different stationery items.

This is a wallet which is available in blue, grey or black. It has a zipped compartment on the outside for change then inside it has a large compartment for notes and 8 slots for cards plus one for an ID card. It has a loop with a carabiner on so it can be attached to a belt or bag. It even comes with free delivery so makes a great gift.

This is a ‘Hairstyles Colouring Book’ which contains 30 pages. Colouring books can bring relaxation to anyone due to the mindful nature of the tasks involved. This book has 30 pictures of different hairstyles to colour. It is a good opportunity to practice art skills – colouring skin tone and hair which can be really tricky. It may be useful to gift a set of skin tone pencils with it, so the recipient can make their pictures look more realistic.

This is a useful rucksack. It comes in a selection of different colours and designs, all made by Vans. They have a zipped pocket on the front and a large big pocket which inside has a laptop sleeve. There are shoulder straps on the back which are padded for comfort, as well as a strong carry handle on the top of the bag. It is made from 100% polyester so is strong and durable.

This is a fun mouse mat suitable for a teenager. It has a black figure holding a yellow games console handset and it says ‘gamer’ on it. It would look good on any desk and is useful too. It is 5mm thick with a non-slip base, so it makes using the mouse much easier. It is 23.5 x 19.6cm and made from polyester. It is printed and is fade and scratch resistant.

This is a set of 15 glitter eyeshadows made by ‘Beauty Glazed’. It is pressed glitter powder and suitable to use on eyes, cheeks and lips and suitable for all skin types. There are 15 different colours to choose from such as red, purple, blue, green, white, bronze and gold. You can get all sorts of make up effects for many different occasions or just for casual use. Offers great value for money.

This is a make up brush holder. It has 3 different slots which can be used for different sizes of brushes. You will be able to keep the brushes organised and really easy to find. It measures 15.6 x 14.2 x 11.8cm and so it is compact and will not take up too much room on a dressing table. This will help to keep brushes and combs organised as well as pencils and even lipsticks or nail polish.

This is a facial cleansing brush which can help to deep clean the skin. It is great for removing make up and also for helping to keep skin clear of blackheads and acne. There are different attachments to give different treatments. It will help skin to have a healthy glow without being greasy or dry. There are five different brush attachments – soft brush, rolling pin massager, make-up remover, smooth sponge and smooth and rejuvenate brush.

This is a towelling band which can be used as a hair wrap or face band. This can be used to keep the hair away from the face when doing make up. It is available in a selection of different colours and fabrics. It is made from a polyester blend and is super absorbent. It can be easily washed when necessary and is really easy to use. It even comes with free delivery.

This is a mini classic games console which includes hundreds of built in games. It is a mini size and has dual controllers and connects to a television. The pack includes – a console, two controllers, a cable to connect it to a TV and an AC plug. Includes Mortal Kombat 4, Tetris 2, Galaga, Bubble Bobble 2, Contra Force, Double Dragon 2, Robocop and many more. Games are of the style of the Atari or Commodore, so graphics and music will bring back memories!

This is a gift set from Lynx with an Ice Chill fragrance. It has a deodorant spray, anti-perspirant, body wash in an iced mint and lemon scent and a Bluetooth shower speaker, which is black, all in a boxed set. This means that it will make a really great gift, as it looks good and it contains lots of useful items. It even comes with free delivery so will save you money too!

This is a Microsoft Xbox One S 1TB Console which would be welcomed as a gift by any teenager. It comes in a box and includes the games box with the handset so eveything is  there to get it set up ready for playing. It is an improvement on the original, as it is quicker to boot up and the handset is textured and therefore less slippery. It is also a bit smaller and runs cooler.

This is a Sony digital compact camera. It comes in a selection of colours (white, black, red, silver & black and white) and models (EX350, WX500, WX800 or W810) so you can decide which you think will suit the recipient the best. It has an optical zoom, HD video and you can choose whether to buy it with rechargeable batteries or an SD card in addition to the camera if you wish.

This is a Land Surfer Cruiser skateboard which is 22 inches. It is 55cm and has a base which has a candy print on it, that looks like lots of multi coloured sweets and the wheels are bright green which are PU 82A. Makes a great gift for any teenager who likes being out and about outside. A skateboard is a great way to get about quickly as you can cover more distance compared with walking.

This is a skateboard which is made of bamboo. It is made from 8ply bamboo which means that it is durable and has 7inch aluminium wheels. There are two different models to choose from, so you will be able to get the one that you think will be more suitable for the teenager that you are buying for. This is a longboard and good quality for the price that you pay.

This is a pair of GHD hair straighteners. It has a round barrel for making curls, flicks, waves or straight hair. It has a ceramic heater which creates a professional finish and has 2.7m of cable. It has a sleep mode which turns off the straighteners if they are left unattended for more than 30 minutes. A well-known brand which has won many beauty awards. They come in a box so all ready for gifting.

This is a special hair straightening brush. It heats up very quickly and will remove static electricity from the hair to make it look smooth and shiny. There are different temperature settings for different hair types. It has anti-scold teeth to make sure that you head is not burnt and has a swivel cord to make it easier to use. It comes in a box so is all ready to give away as a gift.

This is a Tabitha Wilde A5 lined notebook. It comes with a choice of cover designs in different colours and each has 240 pages with a soft cover. It even has a large pocket at the back for storing photos, stickers, loose papers etc. It also has rounded corners and an elastic closure. It opens out flat to make it much easier to use and is great for use at school, college, work or home.

This is a handy desk organiser which might appeal to a teenagers sense of humour. It is shaped like a person sitting on the loo. They are holding some Sellotape with a pen in their mouth and if you lift them there are paper clips in the bowl of the loo they are sitting on. The cistern is a pad of post-its and there are pen holders behind that. A useful but funny gift idea.

This is an Xiberia gaming headset. It has surround sound and soft memory foam earmuffs with a flexible microphone. It is compatible with many games consoles and PCs although an adapter may be necessary. They are plug and play so really easy to use and delivers quality sound. The headband is also padded for comfort and can be adjusted to fit comfortably so they will feel good even when they are being used for long periods of time.

This is a Samsung Galaxy A40 64Gb Android phone with dual sim. It comes in a choice of black, blue, white or coral and has a rear electrostatic fingerprint scanner. It has a powerful battery which charges quickly as well as having a 5MP ultra wide camera with 19 photo optimisation modes. It comes with a UK travel adapter, USB C data charging cable, earphones, warranty and quick start guide.

This is a set of Rimmel London nail polishes. There are 12 assorted colours which all take 60 seconds to dry. There is a mix of colours such as orange, red, green, blue, brown, purple, pink, yellow, silver and black and many have a selection of shades to choose from.  There is a mix of different types such as super shine. Rita Ora and Flip flop. The mix is random but all different, so there will be a good selection.

This is a Sally Hansen manicure set. It has everything you need for flawless nails all in one pretty gift bag. You get a Vitamin E nail and cuticle oil as well as argon oil colour therapy bottles and a nail file. You get a flawless finish brush so it looks like you have had your nails professionally done. Nails will also be treated well with the argon oil so they are nourished as well.

This is a Panasonic TV which would be a welcome gift for any teenager. It is a 65 inch screen with Ultra HD and is a smart TV with Freeview. It has 4K HDR streaming from Netflix and Prime video as well as built in wi-fi. There are 3 HDMI terminals for a sound bar, Blu-ray and games console. It also has 2 USB connectors and a headphone socket with an ethernet network connection.

This is a handy laundry bag which is tall and thin, so that it can easily fit in a bedroom. It comes in dark grey, red, light blue, black and green and has the word ‘laundry’ written on it. It has easy grip handles for carrying the washing to the machine. It is made from Oxford fabric with a PE coating inside to make it waterproof. It is a large capacity and will even collapse down when not needed so that it takes up less room.

This is a metal sign in a vintage style. It says on it ‘Do not disturb : seriously don’t’. It is 20cm wide and 10cm tall and can therefore easily be put on a door and comes with adhesive pads so that it can be stuck up easily. It is printed onto the aluminium and has a vintage or old feel as it has a chipped paint effect. Teenagers may really appreciate this gift.

This is a set of fairy lights which twinkle in five colours: purple, blue, green, warm red and white. They have an extra long cable and so they can be hung easily anywhere. They are energy efficient and have a timer function, as well as eight different changing light modes. They have very thin wire between each light, which is just a small globe which looks neat compared to some other lights.

This is a water resistant beanbag. It is a great item for a teenager’s bedroom but can also be used outside. It is 53cm x 75cm and is made from 100% polyester and can be wiped clean. It is suitable for children over the age of three years and is filled with fire retardant beans. Makes a great extra seat in a home or a cosy place to chill in a bedroom or garden.

This is a bedside lamp which also has a Bluetooth speaker and clock. It has touch controls and is dimmable. It can be used as a night light, alarm clock, mp3 player and supports hands free calling. It has 7 colours and 3 levels of brightness so lots of light options. It also has great sound quality. It is easy to charge using a USB cable for 6-10 hours. A very useful gift idea.

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