34 Presents for Tennis Players of All Ages

By Louise
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If you know someone that plays tennis, then hopefully our list will be of help to you. We have put together a list of gifts that we feel tennis players will really like. Therefore, when you want to get a gift for the tennis player that you know, then you will be inspired by our list. The list includes all sorts of things, which we think that any tennis player will enjoy. There is a big range so that you can pick the item that you think will be best suited to the person that you have in mind.

34 Gift Ideas for Tennis Fans

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This is a mug which is white but with green printing on it. There is a white design on the green background which has a crown and underneath it says ‘Keep Calm and Play Tennis’. This is printed on both sides of the mug, so it is suitable for a left handed or right handed person. It is 10.8 x 10.4 x 10.2cm so is a full sized mug which can be used for hot or cold drinks or just for decoration.

This is a triple pack of Head Radical tennis balls. There are three tubes of balls, each of which contains four balls, so you get twelve in total. They are yellow balls which are durable and pressurised. They are suitable for coaching as well as recreational play and suitable for all courts, no matter what the surface. Also, a good brand name, so you know that you can trust them.

This is a tennis trainer set. It is a baseball with three balls which rebound back. The idea is that you fill the base with water or sand and then use it to practice various strokes. The ball is on a string and is tied on, so you do not need a partner or to keep running around retrieving balls all of the time. Comes in a green or orange colour.

This is a tennis racquet made by Wilson. It comes in a blue and orange colour and has a 4 ¼ or 4 3/8 inch grip size which you can pick between. It is easy to handle and designed for those players that are at an intermediate level or who are beginners. The head is a medium size so should work well for most people – which is 665 square centimetres.

This is a bag made by Wilson. It comes in blue with white writing or black with either red or green writing. It is specially designed and shaped to hold tennis racquets. It can hold up to 15 of them and has side pockets, which can be used to hold clothing and accessories. It also has a thermoguard protection, so the contents are protected from temperature and humidity. It has a long adjustable strap as well as short handles.

This is a pair of tennis shoes. They are for men and made by Adidas. They come in sizes 6 – 12.5 and also have half sizes for every size available as well; they are a medium width. They are black with three white stripes on the side and a white sole. They have black laces, are made from synthetic, manmade materials and have ventilation holes to help keep feet cool.

This is a special tennis training aid. It is specifically designed to help players learn how to create topspin and is suitable for players of all levels and ages – suitable for children from age 5 and adults up to 7 foot tall. There is a screen which reflects the correct racquet face angle that needs to used, so that the player can master the topspin technique used in groundstrokes. Can be used inside or outside.

This is a book by Ken Dehart called ‘Master Your Tennis Game : 50 Mental Strategies and Tactics’. It deals with the mental side of tennis and how to use different techniques to stay calm and concentrated during a game. There are even player profiles with information about the techniques that they use to help them play well. There are 50 different methods that you can choose from to improve your game.

This is a fun t-shirt which is short sleeved and available in sizes for children aged 2-12 years of age.  They also have fits for both men and women in sizes small – 2XL. It says on it ‘tennis tennis tennis repeat’ and it is available in black, navy, royal blue, dark heather and purple. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix, so washes easily in a washing machine, keeps its shape well and is soft and comfortable to wear.

This is a skort which would be ideal for playing tennis. It is a high waisted design with a skirt and shorts underneath. It comes in white, magenta, dark blue and black and is made by Head, It is made from 100% polyester and has side slits, so that it is easy to wear when running and stretching and it is a regular fit. It has the ‘Head’ name on the bottom of the skirt panel.

This is a reusable face mask with a tennis racquet design. It is made from white fabric and has a tennis racquet print with balls as well. It has elastics for securing it around the ears which can be altered. It has 5 layers with an activated carbon filter which can be changed when necessary and a nose clamp. It is washable and soft to wear and can be used in all sorts of circumstances to protect from pollen, exhaust, smog etc.

This is a fun rubber duck with a tennis theme. The duck is a female tennis player with a pink polo shirt and holding a pink racquet and ball with a white sun visor on. She has a long pony tail and purple wrist bands.  She is yellow with an orange beak and cute eyelashes.  The duck floats nicely and stays upright in the water when being played with in the bath.

This is a special compression pad to help to relieve the pain of tennis elbow or similar conditions. It comes in purple or blue and it supports the joint and tendons.  It has a lightweight design with Velcro to keep in place, which can be easily tightened or loosened when necessary. It is easy to put on and stays in place securely providing pain relief and protection to keep the wearer in good shape.

This is a pack of racquet grip tape. There are ten in the pack and they will allow the grip to stay non slip. They are made from high quality PU material, which is high stretch and durable. It will provide slip resistance and is absorbent too. The holes in it will remove moisture and keep the palms drier. It is also anti-mildew and anti-odour. They come in five assorted colours – purple, red, yellow, blue and black.

This is a pack of wrist sweatbands. There are six pairs in the pack and they are all black and measure 8 x 10cm in size. They are elasticated which means that they are for most adults and they are suitable for all sports. They are machine washable and they will retain their shape, colour and elasticity even after lots of washes. They are non-slip and lightweight and absorb sweat well.

This is a tennis themed notebook. It has a matte cover which is black with a picture of two racquets and a ball on it and it says ‘tennis notebook’ underneath. It is 6 x 9 inches in size and it is paperback. It has 12 pages which is white and lines. This means that it can be used for all sorts of things such as: note taking, planning, journaling, as a diary, for lists etc.

This is a tennis net. It is 6.1 meters long and 0.86 meters high. It come without poles so is suitable as a replacement net and can be used for many sports such as: tennis, badminton or volleyball. It is fabric so it will not cause injuries and there are actually different sizes to pick from, so you can have one with a smaller width if you wish. Easy to attach to a frame or poles.

This is an Xbox One game called Tennis World Tour 2. It is a fun game where you get to pick your season, team, equipment and sponsors if you are in career mode. It is designed for tennis fans and you can control the timing of the strokes and implement new serving mechanisms to try to win. There is realistic gameplay with animations, different strokes and a fast tempo.  It even comes with free shipping.

This is a keyring which has a silver pendant on it. The pendant is a racquet with a ball on it and is 25mm in size. It would make a useful and thoughtful gift for a tennis player and it is a good price with free delivery, so could be popped in with a card or given as an extra little gift. It could go with keys but also would look good as a bag charm, particularly on a racquet bag.

This is a tennis ball basket and hopper. It is a powder coated steel basket on a stand which has the capacity to hold up to 75 tennis balls, Great for practice and coaching needs. It cleverly converts into a basket, which sits on the floor to make it easier when collecting balls and the legs form handles, so it can be carried around or put away easily when finished with.

This is a jumbo soft tennis set. It has two short racquets and a ball as well as a shuttlecock. The ball is made from foam and so will not hurt anyone if it hits them and the racquets are 53.5cm x 28cm so they are lightweight. It is a fun set to use with children to practice coordination skills, as well as having fun and is great for the garden, park or beach.

This is a fun tennis mug. It is white and has a tennis scoreboard printed on it. It allows you to enter your name on it and you are vs Federer and you have the winning score. So, when you buy it you need to send an initial and surname to be printed on to the mug. It is a fun and practical present and would be great for a tennis fan or tennis player.

This is a pair of novelty salad servers which look like tennis racquets. They are made from solid beech wood and are shaped like racquets. They are durable and stylish and not just for fun as they really work. Each is 8.5cm x 25cm x 1cm and you will receive a pair of them. They make a great fun gift for a tennis player or tennis fan and they are useful as well.

This is a towel which can be personalised. It is 20cm x 50cm and has a sewn design of tennis racquets and balls on it. It can also be embroidered with a name so that it is really easy to identify who the towel belongs to. It is green in colour and is made from 100% Egyptian cotton so is really soft. It is machine washable so is really easy to keep clean as well.

This is a word art print. The print has the shape of a male tennis player serving and it is made up of words. You can choose up to 30 different words that can be used and you can also choose the colours. It is a great way to get a personalised gift made. The print is printed on to A4 sizes photo paper which is high quality so is all ready for you to frame.

This is a fun sign. It is 30 x 45cm and made of metal. It is mainly white with red writing which says ‘tennis player parking only violators will be backhanded’. It is waterproof and non-glare and colourfast. It has small pre drilled holes as well, so it is all ready to hang up somewhere, either inside or outside of the home. It can be a fun gift to give anyone that loves playing tennis.

This is a white mug with a tennis ball design. It has a large tennis ball printed on it which is yellow in colour. It is made from ceramic and would make a useful and practical gift as well as a fun one as well. A great idea for someone that really likes to play tennis or even for someone that is just a big fan of watching the sport.

This is a pair of stud earrings which look like mini tennis racquets. They are made from 925 sterling silver, are very delicate looking and were handmade. They measure 12mm x 5.2mm and are lightweight, so easy to wear and will not look too over the top. They come with a gift box and gift card which means that they are all ready to give away as a lovely gift.

This is a set of tennis themed wine glass charms. There are six in the box and they are all handmade. They have different coloured beads on but also each has a pendant with a tennis theme such as a cap, ball, love and a racquet, pair of racquets, champagne bottle with picture of a strawberry on it and the word ‘sweet’ and a strawberry. They come in an elegant black box.

This is a fun pair of ankle socks. They are white and on the bottom, in green, it says ‘do not disturb’ on one sock with a tennis racquet and ball and on the other ‘I’m watching tennis’. The print is actually a non-slip silicone type material, so they can be worn safely without shoes and slippers even on hard floors. A fun and practical gift for anyone that loves to watch tennis on TV.

This is a wall clock which has been styled out of vinyl in black. It has a picture of two racquets, a ball and a tennis player with the word ‘tennis’ at the bottom. In the middle there is a clock which has a silent movement. It has black minute and hour hands and red second hand. It has white numbers on a black background and a cog design in the middle which is printed on. It is 30cm in size.

This is a print of the famous tennis girl poster. It shows a girl in a white tennis dress with her back to the camera standing near a net with tennis balls on the floor and a racquet in her hand with her hand on her bum revealing she has no knickers on! It is 36 x 24 inches in size and it is printed on high quality poster paper and rolled into a sleeve and sent in a tough tube.

This is a special bottle of ‘Tennis players bubble bath’. There is 250ml in the bottle and it is a rich organic foam base blended with orange and lime pure essential oils. All ingredients are natural and will aid relaxation when the tennis player enjoys a bubble bath after the match. A thoughtful gift which also has a message on the bottle – ‘proud to be an ace hitting, forehand smashing, elbow straining, Wimbledon watching tennis fanatic’.

These are vibration dampeners or shock absorbers to go on a tennis racquet. The idea is that they minimise the vibration of your racquet to give more comfort when playing and ward off tennis elbow. The pack comes with six of them in red, blue and black and they are made of soft silicon, so will not damage the racquet and they are easy to use and to fit onto the racquet.

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