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By Louise
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There are lots of people that like to spoil themselves with an alcoholic drink and tequila is one of those drinks that never seems to age and is enjoyed by a lot of people. If you know someone that really likes it, then it could be that you like the idea of giving them gifts which are somehow related to the drink. It is not always easy to think of something original though and therefore we have come up with some ideas that we feel might be helpful. We have a list of gift ideas which vary and have different prices, which should hopefully help most people to be able to find something that will really suit them.

28 Presents for Tequila Drinkers

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This is a fun t-shirt which has the word ‘tequila’ on it five times in different colours – red, orange, yellow, green and blue. It is short sleeved and comes in black, navy, Kelly green, purple, asphalt, royal blue, dark heather, brown, white and black. It is available in fits suitable for men and women in sizes small – 3XL. They would make a fun gift and are practical too as well as machine washable.

This is a tray of six tequila blanco miniatures. Each is a 20ml test tube which is 38% alcohol and is fully recyclable or reusable. The long thin shape means that they are easy to put in the freezer or fridge, so that they can stay cold and will then be the ideal temperature when they are used to make a drink. Each has a tamper evident cap so that you can buy with confidence.

This is a miniature of tequila in a day of the dead sugar skull container which is yellow and red and could be kept afterwards as each is a handcrafted work of art. There is 5cl of tequila inside which is ultra smooth and ultra high roof. It is full bodied with an intense and full flavour of agave and has been aged for ten months in French casks. Would make a fun gift.

This is a very elegant tequila set. It is a 70cl 38% artisanal smooth and soft tequila, which is handcrafted, triple distilled, aged for 18 months and filtered through charcoal. It comes in a really pretty bottle which is inside a drawstring bag and in a box. It is all black and silver so looks extremely elegant and would not only appeal because of the smooth and soft taste but because of the look of it.

This is a bottle of alcohol free tequila. It is 50cl and called Mockingbird as it captures the spirit of the mockingbird by mimicking the flavour of tequila; as it uses authentic Mexican Blue Weber Agave but without the alcohol. It is suitable for vegans and has pure Ashwagandha which benefits mental and physical well being balancing the mind and reducing stress. Comes in an elegant bottle with a simple label design.

This is a bottle of Sierra tequila gold which is 700ml in size. It is 38% alcohol by volume and comes in a fun bottle which has a sombrero for a lid. It is distilled in copper pots using a traditional method and rested in oak casks for nine months which gives it a gold colour. It is the most popular tequila in Mexico and has a fresh fruity flavour with vanilla, caramel and wild herb aromas, which has won it numerous awards.

This is a tequila set which includes an engraved glass with a heavy base and a bottle of Sierra tequila. The glass can be engraved with a name or message of your choice of up to 20 letters.  It comes in a silk lined gift box along with the 50ml miniature, which has a fun red, sombrero shaped lid which matches the red label. Makes a great personal gift for any tequila lover.

This is a double jigger spirit measure. It has a measure on each end with a smaller 25ml one and a larger 50ml one, which is great for measuring drinks for cocktails or just to get a good measure of a drink as the smaller is a single shot and the larger is a double shot. It is 12 x 17 x 22cm in size and has a glistening stainless steel finish which means that it will not rust.

This is a bottle of ‘hot shot’ hot sauce which contains chilli and tequila. It is a cocktail of cactus jalapenos infused with golden tequila and lime. It will work well with Mexican dishes such as burritos, tacos or enchiladas or any other dish that requires a lift in heat and flavour. Can be added in when the dish is being cooked or added on afterwards or on the side as a garnish.

This is a bottle of Tekali coffee tequila liqueur, which has a well-balanced flavour with a mix of sweetness, delicate coffee flavour as well as hints of cream and chocolate. It is cream and crisp without being overbearingly sweet. It is made from tequila blanco at the Tequilas Del Senor distillery in Guadelajara, Mexico. The bottle has 750ml and is 23% alcohol by volume with an elegant label which would make a great gift.

This is a very pretty bottle of Super Premium White Tequila. It is 3 times distilled and it is made 100% from agave and has 38% alcohol by volume. There is 700ml in the bottle, which is white with a pretty blue, white and red label. It would make a lovely gift for a tequila fan and they may even like to keep the bottle as it looks so lovely.

This is a bottle of La Chica gold premium tequila. It is 70cl and there are 12 bottles supplied. It is 38% alcohol by volume and it is distilled from 100% blue agave by Tequilas Las Siete Marcas. It has a light golden colour which makes it look attractive in the see through bottle. Such a big order would be welcomed by a fan of the drink, could be split to give away as individual bottles or ordered to use at parties.

This is a set of three tequila glasses supplied in a black tube. They are designed for drinking blanco or silver tequila as the tulip type shape enhances the aroma of the drink. They are durable and have high resistance to impact. They are shiny and will retain the shine for a long time even when washed in a dishwasher and they are ultra clear so you can see through them really well.

This is a bottle of Cazcabel honey liqueur with tequila blanco. It is something a bit different for a tequila lover and it is a 70cl bottle and there are 6 included in the batch. It is 40% alcohol by volume. It is made with the finest tequila blessed by the mythical curador, Don Cazcabel ‘the snakeman’ of the Jalisco mountains. Made from sun baked agaves crushed by traditional methods.

This is a super premium brown tequila which is two years aged. It is made from 100% agave and is 38% alcohol by volume. It is aged in white oak barrels and it is a drink that was launched in honour of the founders of La Cofradia. It comes in a decorative ceramic bottle which is black and white and makes it a great gift idea as it looks really special.

This is a batch of Jose Cuervo tequila. There are six 70cl bottles enclosed in the package. It is made in Mexico and comes in a see through bottle so you can easily see it is a clear spirit. It is made from blue agave and looks very elegant with white, black, blue and silver detailing on the label. It is best enjoyed frozen or chilled and served over ice or with a mixer.

This is a glass which has a cork in the top and inside has a blend to make a tequila sunrise. The idea is that you tip the ingredients into 70cl of tequila and leave for 48 hours and then you can filter it and enjoy it with ice or a mixer of some sort. It makes a fun gift idea for someone that likes a tequila sunrise and you can always gift it alongside a bottle of tequila, so they have everything they need to make it.

This is a hoodie which says on it ‘tequila lime & sunshine’ and has a picture of a glass and a sun. It is written in white and stands out well on the hoodie which comes in black, navy, royal blue or dark heather. It is unisex and comes in sizes small – 2XL and it has a pocket on the front with a drawstring around the hood, which is in a colour that matches the top itself. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix and is suitable for machine washing.

This is a funny apron which says on it ‘tequila made me do it’ in blocky white print. The apron comes in either black, blue or red and it is 60cm wide and 87cm long. It is one size and the waist tie can be tied to the required size, so that it should fit most people. It is made from 100% cotton and works well for using when cooking or baking as well as DIY or crafting.

This is a fun coaster which can be personalized. It says on it ‘reserved for [name]’s tequila’ and has a picture of a glass and slice of lemon on it. It is 10cm x 10cm and made of high quality glass with clear rubber feet, so that it will not scratch the surface it is on. It will also protect the surface from the cold of the glass, as well as being a lot of fun to use.

This is a metal sign which has a selection of classic tequila cocktail recipes on it with pictures of the drinks. There are things like tequila sunrise, margarita, long island iced tea, tequila sour, paloma, el nino, matador, salty dog and tequila sunset. It is made of steel and has a predrilled hole in each corner, so that it is easy to hang up. It is 15 x 20cm in size and has a high gloss finish.

This is a fun poster which has a white background and in bold black it says ‘rescuer of tequila trapped in bottles’. It comes in a choice of sizes – A1, A2, A3 and A4 and so you can choose to have a large poster or a smaller picture that you can frame if you wish to. There are other colour choices, with different colour backgrounds so that you can choose the one that you think will suit the personality of the recipient the most.

This is a fun keyring with a tequila theme. It has a plastic pendant which says on it ‘tequila may not be the answer but its worth a shot’ and has a picture of a bottle and two glasses on it. It is 50mm x 35mm and will work to keep keys on, as a bag charm or just as a funny keepsake. It is a cheap item and has free delivery, so great to give in addition to other gifts or to pop in with a card.

This is a printed shoulder bag which says on it ‘best friends 4ever’ and there is a bottle of tequila, lime and salt shaker depicted on it all with smiley faces. It is a shoulder bag so has a long strap and is made of recycled organic wool and polyester. It has a snap fastening and is handy for carrying all sorts of things such as college books, shopping or for general use.

This is a book by Laura Barbard called tequila and tea bags. It is a book about a girl who has been sent to live with her cousin but wants to join her friends in Mexico as a club rep. She hears about a plan by the local council to provide free flights to a local person that does the most volunteering hours at the local care home.  She plans to get on with it and then move away! However, she starts to bond with the old ladies and gets involved with other people in the village.

This is a fun water bottle which says on it ‘shhh….there’s tequila in here’ and has a picture of a tequila bottle on it. It is white and made of metal and will hold 600ml of water. It has two lids, one that has a carabiner on it, so that it can be hung off a bag or belt and one that has a sports cap for easy drinking. Comes with free delivery.

This is an insulated vacuum flask which says on it ‘tequila lime & sunshine’ in black. It is leak proof, is insulated and holds 350ml. It has a lid which doubles as a cup as well as a screw top lid, which you can pour from easily without removing it by pressing in the button on the top. This flask will keep drinks hot for 12 hours and cool for 24 hours.

This is a tequila decanter with a Portuguese cork stopper. It holds up to 850ml of liquor (so great for a standard 750ml tequila bottle) and has an agave plant design (the plant used to make tequila). It is made from hand blown glass and holds 850ml of liquid inside it. It comes in a branded box, which means that it is easy to wrap up and makes a really great gift.

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