35 Inspiring Gifts for The Garden

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Many people have gardens and lately people seem to be embracing their gardens more. Perhaps growing more vegetables and herbs or enjoying lovely flowers and plants. Others just like to enjoy going out into the garden, getting some fresh air or perhaps playing with children etc. If you know a person or family that loves their garden then you might want to find them a gift for it. There are plenty of ideas and you may feel rather overwhelmed, and so we have put together a list which we hope will help. There are a variety of items, so hopefully you can find the item that you think will work for the garden that you have in mind.

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These are garden clogs in a choice of green, black, blue or white. They are easy to slip on and off and they are made from plastic, so they are hard wearing and really easy to clean. They are available in sizes 3-11 so are suitable for adults with varying sizes of feet. They have an insole for comfort and are lightweight so easy to wear and they are waterproof and slip-resistant.

This is a handy, petrol fuelled, garden chipper which will make mulching really easy. It comes with gloves and ear protectors and has a large brush hopper and a safety cover. It can take leaves and small branches and so will be useful for hedge clippings and there is a side chute which can take thicker branches up to 50mm. It has large wheels so it can easily be moved along.

This is a pretty set of solar lights for outdoor use. They are 10m with copper wire and there are 100 LED lights which give a warm white glow (there is an option for a cold white too). There are two lighting modes either still or twinkling. The wire allows them to be easily wound around tree branches across fences etc and the wire fades in the dark, so you can only see the lights.

This is a pair of folding lounger chairs. They can recline and even have a cup and phone holder on the side. They come in a choice of grey or black and have a comfy cushion behind the head to support you. They are really light which means that they can be easily carried in and out of the garden or even into a car. They fold flat for easy storage.

This is a cover for garden furniture. It is made of heavy duty Oxford fabric which is waterproof to make sure that the furniture is protected from the weather when not in use, particularly in the winter. It is also anti-UV, windproof and snow resistant. It measures 242 x 162 x 100 with a double bond edge to prevent cracking and is designed for rectangular furniture. There is a drawstring and buckles to make sure it stays in place.

This is an edging kit to help with landscaping gardens. It is flexible and can either be used to make it a straight edge or curves. It is made of black high-density polyethylene which is a solid black colour, so it co-ordinates into any flower bed and keeps its shape. It is sturdy and can cope with frost and heavy rain, so it will keep soil in place even in these extreme conditions.

This is a book called ‘Urban Gardening for Beginners’ by Marc Thomas. It is a guide for growing your own food in a small spaces such as herbs on a windowsill or tomatoes in a porch. It has all sorts of tips for growing all sorts of things. It assumes the reader is a beginner so has step-by-step projects, as well as a selection of tips and tricks for indoor and outdoor plant care.

These are pretty metal hanging flower pots. Each pot has a hook on it so that it can be hung on a fence or balcony. The pots are all different colours so they will make a really pretty statement and when filled with plants they will look even better. They are 8.1 inches by 3.9 inches and come in lilac, blue, green, cream, dark pink, light pink, red, orange, white and yellow. They can be used to grow small plants, herbs or even strawberries or tomatoes.

This is a butterfly garden for children. It is a set which includes a see through mesh to observe the butterflies once they have grown. There is a voucher inside which can be redeemed to get the caterpillars to go inside it between March and September. It comes with a feed for the caterpillars as well so children can watch them grow from babies to adults and then metamorphosise into butterflies.

This is a really cute ornamental wheelbarrow planter. It is wooden and will give a really whimsical feel to wherever it is put. It is made from stained pine and can be put inside or outside. It measures 67xm x 28cm x 28cm and you can choose whether to plant it up before you give it away, or leave it to the recipient to choose what they would like to put in it.

This is a cute children’s fairy garden. It is a kit that can be used to make a kitchen garden for the fairy that is enclosed with her house and fence. There is a seed pack included so that she can have a lawn, although it can work with any seeds, so these can be changed if you wish. The seeds that come with it are actually microgreens so they can be eaten.

The book ‘Vegetable Gardening for Beginners’ is a simple guide to growing vegetables at home by Jill McSheehy. It has lots of information such as: what type of beds to choose before you start what to grow all year round, making a soil mix, transplanting and harvesting. It has a step by step guide, so it is all clear and easy even for those that have never done any gardening before.

This is a kneeling mat for use when gardening. It is purple in colour and measures 15 x 8 inches. It is lightweight so it is easy to carry around the garden and has a hole in so that it can be hung up in the shed or the garage. It is made from soft expanded polyethylene so it provides a soft cushion to knees when working low down on the ground.

This is a set of 6 stainless steel balls for decorating the garden. They have a highly polished finish, so they are like mirrors and will reflect light or colour from the garden. They are different sizes and you can group them together or spread them out through the garden. They will create a unique look and as they are sturdy and durable they will be able to stay outside even in extreme weather.

This is an outdoor bench which has storage space in it. It is made from plastic and so it is really durable and measures 140cm x 60cm x 84cm in size and is beige and brown. The seat can be lifted up and items can be put underneath for storage. Great for chair cushions and garden toys that need to be kept dry, but also for keeping things tidy such as: flower pots and small garden tools. The bench can be secured with a padlock.

This is a water resistant cushion which is great for using outside. It is 18 inches square and comes in a big selection of different colours. The cover is zipped so that it can be removed for washing if needed. It is made form polyester so it is water resistant and can be wiped with a damp cloth to clean up any spills or dirt. This can add a bright splash of colour to any garden.

This is a sun shade which can be used in any garden. It comes in different sizes, so that you can pick one that will fit in the space that you have. It also comes in either black, dark green or grey. It provides UV protection as well as creating a cool area in the garden or patio. It comes with ropes to attach it and it also has steel D rings in it, so that the rope can be threaded through with ease

This is a stylish cooler for using as an ice box for drinks and food. It comes in either graphite or brown and has a wicker look to the outside with handy carrying handles and a fully removable lid. Inside it has a thick plastic insulated layer and you can use it with either ice packs to keep drinks cool or fill it with ice. Once the lid is on it will double up as a table.

This is a heavy duty dump truck by FoxHunter. It Is a green wagon on four wheels with a sturdy handle to pull it along and it can tip up. It can be used for wheeling gardening tools, plants and all sorts of things, but it can also be tipped out easily either for dumping soil, rubbish or weeds or to clean it. Makes a great substitute to a wheelbarrow as it is easier to pull and can even be towed by a vehicle.

This is an interesting book for an artist or gardener. It is called ‘The Artist’s Garden’ and is full of information about 20 places that inspired famous artworks. It includes Money’s Giverny, Cezanne’s house and Celia Thaxter’s garden. These will be inspiring for artists and gardeners alike to see if they can recreate some of the more inspiring aspects. All of the gardens featured in the book can be visited today.

This is a pair of garden ornaments. They are fairy doors which each have a different fairy on them – one blue and one apricot. The doors are brown with flowers around them. They will look good in any garden or even inside a home, perhaps secured to a tree, along a fence or in a plant pot. They add some whimsical mystery to a garden and can be an enchanting gift.

This is a garden mirror. It is in the shape of a gothic arch with lots of sections on it and measures 36 x 60 x 1cm. It has a metal frame and then lots of sections of mirrored glass. It can be used inside or outside and can be freestanding or wall mounted. It can form an interesting effect or illusion in a garden to make it look bigger than it actually is or to reflect light to give brightness to a dark area.

These are special rose pruning gloves with extra long cowhide sleeves. This means that the gloves will provide protection to the arms as well as the hands to stop prickles and thorns scratching when wearing a short sleeve or thin top. They are available in S, M, L or XL and in yellow or brown. They are pliable and flexible and so can grip and allow you to easily get pruning and other garden work done.

This is a hanging chair. It would look good in any garden hanging from a tree or frame. It has a bohemian style, as it is made from rope and has tassels hanging from the bottom. It is grey in colour and so will blend in easily with any décor. It seats one person and can be used indoors as well as outdoors. The mesh design means that it is cool and cushions can be added for comfort.

This is a hardwood garden seat set. There are two wooden chairs separated by a table. This is therefore ideal for two people to use to sit out and have a drink or even lunch or afternoon tea. It measures 177.8 x 61 x 83.8cm and is shaped for comfort. There is even a parasol hole in the table to use if needed. It has a stain finish and is made from FSC hardwood.

This is a special set of giant playing cards for using outside in the garden. Garden games can be great fun and the novelty of having giant cards will make children want to keep playing outside for a long time – getting them lots of fresh air and keeping them away from their screens. They are suitable for all ages and adults and children will have fun playing together with them.

This is a rectangular pool with a metal frame. It is blue and comes in a choice of sizes either 3 x 2 x 0.75m or 2.2 x 1.5 x 0.6m in size. A great way to keep cool in the summer and to get all the family doing something fun together outside. If you buy a filter and some chlorine tablets then you can keep it filled up for a long time, meaning that you save water.

This is a retractable awning. It can be fixed to the side of a house and then used to provide shade. It is available in a selection of colours and sizes so that you can pick the one that fits best with the space that you have. It has an aluminium roller so that you can hand crank it open and closed. The fabric is water resistant polyester so is durable.

This is a solar powered windmill that can be used as a decorative garden ornament. It is 52 x 42 x 18.5cm and has large sails. It will light up using solar energy generated by the solar panels on the top. There is one bulb inside so it is not really bright and will add a relaxing light effect. The light shows through the little windows in the body of the windmill.

This is a Coleman gazebo which is a useful shelter to use in a garden when you have a gathering. It can protect from the sun as it has SPF 50+ and can also protect against light showers. It therefore works well when you want to be outside but the weather is not quite right. It is easy to set up and can be securely attached to the ground. It covers 20 meters squared and the design allows warm air to escape to keep it cool inside.

This is a Bosch home and garden tidy. It is a power tool which is a vacuum and can act as a leaf blower or vacuum. It comes with a bag attachment for rubbish to go in to so that it can be collected and easily disposed of. Is a quiet design which makes it more pleasurable to use. The adjustable handle also means that it is comfortable to use even for long periods.

This is a Zen Man Patina garden sculpture which has a rust metal look. It is two rings of different sizes with the smaller one positioned in front of the larger one. They measure 80 x 5cm and 60 x 5cm. They would make a striking impact in any garden and would make it look very different. Most people do not have a sculpture in their garden so it would make a garden really stand out.

This is an elegant crane ornament for a garden. There is the option of having it with a bronze or silver coloured and has a lot of feather details in it. It is made of powder coated metal and comes with a ground stake, so that it can be securely fitted into the ground. It is weatherproof and will therefore last a long time in any garden. This will look particularly good next to a pond and it may even scare off other cranes from fishing in it!

This is a bird bath or feeder which can be attached to a wall. It comes with the wall bracket, so is all ready to fit and is made from cast iron so it is sturdy. It measures 21.5cm by 28cm x 26cm and has a dish with two ornamental birds on it. It can therefore be used for a bird bath if filled with water or to put bird food in.

This is a metal and glass decoration in the shape of a sun. It is designed to go on a garden wall, perhaps the side of a house, garage or shed. It will really brighten up a dark spot as it is bright yellow and orange and will be the talking point of the garden when your visitors see it. It is 33cm x 33cm and is made from hand painted glass and strong powder coated metal.

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