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Updated on September 18th, 2021
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It can sometimes be nice to buy people gifts for their homes. If they are moving home or have recently bought or rented a home, then they might benefit from some gifts for their home. They can also make good engagement, wedding or couples presents. Therefore, you might often be on the lookout for gifts for the home and perhaps some new ideas. This is why we have come up with a list of suggestions, which we hope might help you in your choice. There is a big range of different items so you should be able to find something that will suit you and the recipient that you have in mind.

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This is a really funny mug for someone that has just moved home. It is a white mug which says on it ‘I hope your new neighbours aren’t c*nts’. Under the black writing there is a picture of a house. It is printed on both sides and is dishwasher and microwave safe. It comes in a box so all ready to give away as a gift.  This would make a great new home gift.

This is an indoor herb garden kit which has everything included to grow three pots of herbs. There are three silver coloured pots with a stand to put them in which has a board in the front with chalk to write the names of the plants on. There is growing medium and seeds also included so that you can grow parsley, chives and basil. These are great plants as they are herbs that most people will use in their cooking making it a great gift.

This is an unusual lamp with a stand. The lamp is a globe which glows and looks like a full moon and it will balance on the wooden stand that comes with it. It has touch control which can change the light from dim to bright and white to warm and it is powered with a rechargeable battery. A gift that could really change the atmosphere in a room to a calming one.

This is a personalised print which would make a lovely house warming present for a couple. It says on it ‘Home is where the heart is’ and has a heart underneath with an ordnance survey map inside showing the stress they are living in. Underneath it says their names and address as well as the date that they moved in. It comes in a choice of sizes and you can choose just a print or a framed print.

This is a cosy pair of fleecy slippers which are suitable for wearing in any home. They come in a choice of colours: camel, coffee, red or black and have a snug lining. They are available in UK shoe sizes 4-9 and they have a strong sole which means that they will not slip. They have a memory foam insert for extra comfort and so they will feel good and be warm and cosy too.

This is a pretty door stop which says on it ‘home is our favourite place to be’ and it is in the shape of a hive with bees on it. It is 25cm x 23cm and has a handy hook, so that it can be easily moved when you want to close the door. A practical gift which will also make the room look pretty and display the lovely sentimental message at the same time.

This is a gift pack of pretty scented candles in tins. The pack contains 4 soy candles which are 100% organic and eco-friendly. Each has a different fragrance which are rose, lavender, jasmine and vanilla and each tin has a different decoration on it relating to the scent. Each is 100g and burns for 15-17 hours. They come in a presentation box with a ribbon which means that it is all ready to give away as a gift.

This is a really handy bath bridge. It is made of bamboo and is extendable, so that it can fit on different sized baths. It has different slots so that you can fit a candle, wine glass, phone and book on it. It works with virtually any bath and means that you can have a relaxing experience without having to find space for everything that you need to help you to have a relaxing bath experience.

This is a set of 4 coconut bowls and spoons. They make a very unusual gift but also very useful for any home. They are sustainable, bio degradable, vegan and handmade and they reduce waste. They have a unique look and each one is different, as they are individually made from real coconut shells. They can be used for serving any type of food in but also for displaying items in.

This is a wind chime which is for hanging in a home. It is a metal chain with a handy hook to hang it up and with windchimes on the bottom. On the chain there are glass blue tits and a ladybird. It can be used in the garden but also hung inside, perhaps in a conservatory. Makes a gentle tinkling sound so produces a lovely relaxed atmosphere in the garden.

This is a personalised slate chopping board. It is circular and has a couples names and date etched on it. This means that it would make a great wedding present with the wedding date on it or perhaps a new home gift with the date they moved in on it. Can be used to serve cheese on or to use for chopping. There is also an option for getting a wooden chopping board instead if you prefer.

This is a metal ornament which would look right in the home of a cat lover. It is an iron sculpture and is handmade. It has a shiny surface and is coloured in green and orange. It has been carefully treated, so that the paint will not fade or peel off. A very unusual looking item which will make a really lovely gift for someone who loves cats. This would brighten up any home.

This is an interesting decorative gift for someone that likes science, space or astronomy. It is a wooden base with eight holes in it each of which fits a marble to represent a planet. They are each made from natural gems in different colours such as blue, yellow, red, green and brown. It also comes with a brochure and in an elegant black gift box so perfect for giving away as a gift.

This is a portable clothes steamer which could be a handy gift for anyone setting up a home. It is handheld but powerful and can be used to disinfect, sterilise, refresh and remove odours from fabrics. It can be used for curtains, clothes, sheets, pillows, carpets, upholstery and sofas. Blasts through wrinkles and comes with a travel bag and other accessories. Comes boxed, so it easy to wrap up before giving away.

This is a giraffe themed loo roll holder. It is an elegant way to display your spare loo rolls. It is 41cm tall and is brown in colour and made from cast iron. It has a long neck which is where the loo roll is held. It fits two rolls of loo paper or one roll of kitchen roll. A great gift to brighten up any home, particularly for giraffe lovers.

L This is a funny red silicon pen holder for use on a desk. It is in the shape of ‘dead Fred’ and is very unusual. It is a man lying down and measures 13 x 6.5 x 2.5cm. It has a hole in the chest which is where you put the pen or pencil. A great gag gift which will brighten up any desk and help the recipient to always know where a pen or pencil is when they need one.

This is a porcelain set by Catherine Lansfield. It is a six piece set with two 19cm side plates, two 15cm cereal bowls and two 12 fl oz mugs. It is a lovely breakfast set for a couple. It is suitable for use in the microwave or dishwasher and so it is really useful. The bird pattern is modern and includes cartoon birds in different colours such as blue, grey and red.

This is a plaque which can be personalised. It says on it ‘Home Sweet Home’ and underneath you can put the names of the people that live in the home. At either end of the names is a red heart. In the top corners there are holes with twine in so that it can be easily hung up. It is made of MDF wood and measures 20 x 10 x 6mm in size.

This is a Portmeirion gift set which includes a mug and tin. Both have the same red poppy and butterfly design. The mug is 12oz and mainly white and the tin is slightly larger with the same colouring. The tin is round and would be useful to be used as a tea caddy, or for storing sugar or other items. The mug is microwave and dishwasher safe but the tin is not. It comes with free shipping and would make a lovely gift.

This is an Echo Show 5 which can be a great companion for any home. It is a 5.5 inch compact in white or black with a smart display. It comes with Alexa, so you can get any questions you need answered. Voice call family or friends, manage your calendar or to-do-list and things like this. It can be used with voice control or by using the touch screen and you can personalise it by choosing a clock face that you like.

This is a very unusual fruit bowl. It is made with stainless steel and is collapsible. This means that when you are not using it, it can become very compact and easily fit in a drawer. It has an open design which will help your fruit to breathe and keep fresher compared with an enclosed bowl. It is really easy to clean too – just by wiping with a damp cloth.

This is a Portmeirion oval casserole dish designed by Sophie Conran. It is white porcelain and has a lid on it. It holds 3.5 pints and is suitable for making lovely meals and it looks good, so that it can be put on a table to serve without having to transfer to a new dish. It can go in the oven but also the microwave and the dishwasher making this really handy. It comes in a gift box which means it makes a really great gift.

This is a Portmeirion tray. It is 38 x 29 x 2 cm in size and made from melamine. The design is by William Morris and is The Strawberry Thief which depicts birds and plants with strawberries. It is blue, green, red and brown and in a traditional William Morris style. It matches other items in the range as well, so you may want to search for others to go with it.

This is a retro style LED light up sign which is the word ‘Beer’. It measures 49cm x 18cm x 5cm and needs batteries to make it work. It would be an ideal addition to any home bar area, kitchen, dining room or perhaps a mans shed or den. It is a fun item that could make a great house warming gift or couples gift as a gag or even as a serious gift for a beer lover.

This is a cute penguin cushion cover that can be personalised. It has a white background with silhouettes of two penguins on it in black. In each penguin is an initial in red with a red heart between them. You can choose which initials to put on it for the couple that you are giving it to. It measures 45xm x 45cm and has a zip closure. It is machine washable and would be a lovely gift.

This is a very cute vintage style watering can. It is actually an outdoor planter, as it has a flat back and hanging hook. It would be a lovely way to display any types of plants or flowers and you could plant it out before giving it as a gift if you wish or let the recipient choose what they would like to put it in.  This would look lovely with herbs, lavender, pansies or maybe hyacinths.

This is a stylish black metal bookend with a Star Wars theme. The bookends are L-shaped and have a fun look. This is because they are slanted and when you put the books against it, it looks like the character on the bookend is magically holding the book up. These have Yoda on from Star Wars, so it looks like the force is holding the books up! A great gift for any Star Wars fan!

This is a suncatcher in the style of a butterfly. It is made from resin and has a string and loop so that it can easily be hung up. They look best hung in front of windows so the sun can shine through and make patterns or just brighten it up. It measures 5.5cm x 11cm x 0.5cm and is handmade in Bali using ethically sourced materials. A gift to brighten up any home.

This is a retro style saxophone alarm clock. It has a silent tick to help aid restful sleep. It has a very bright white face with black hands to make it easy to see the time. The saxophone design is great for any music lover especially a jazz fan or someone that plays the saxophone. It comes in a choice of silver or gold colouring and is boxed so all ready to give as a gift.

This is a novelty coconut shell bowl. It is a natural coconut shell which has been painted inside and there are lots of different designs to choose from. The designs are all really colourful and so the bowls could just be used for decoration or you could use them to keep things in. They have a 12-15cm diameter and a 4.5-6.5cm height – they vary in size as they are a natural product.

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