32 Presents Suitable for Toddlers (1 - 3 Years)

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Buying for a toddler can be lots of fun for people who really enjoy going in to a toy shop and looking at all of the cute things. However, it is not everyones cup of tea and if you have not bought for little ones before or for a long time, or are buying for a toddler that seems to have everything then you might want some help in choosing something suitable. This is why we have come up with this handy list which we hope might inspire you and help you to find the right gift for the toddler that you are buying for.

32 Gift Ideas for Young Kids

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This is a Mousehouse push along wooden toy. It has a space scene on it with a space rocket, space shuttle, astronaut and flag and is painted in shades of blue with coloured stars. It is a great walking aid for toddlers and helps their hand eye coordination while they have fun at the same time. It is 520mm x 120mm x 110mm. It is suitable for children from 12-18 months of age.

This is a really good toy for the bath. It is a basketball and hoop set. The hoop has suction cups which can stick it to the tiles in the bathroom and it comes with three balls. The hoop can also be used in any place that has a surface for the suction cups to stick to whether inside or out. Lots of fun and can help the child with their throwing skills.

This is a dance mat which is suitable for toddlers. The children can play it with their hands or their feet and can also dance to the beat while they are playing. It is easy to clean and non-toxic and has 10 white keys and 9 black keys. You can select different instrument sounds as well as the piano. Comes in a choice of colours and designs and can help with co-ordination.

This is a fun game which is a magnetic board and black board. It is magnetic on both sides and has a wooden box to keep the pieces in. There are lots of coloured wooden pieces to make pictures with but you can also write on the board with chalks or marker pens. The wooden shapes can be used to make pictures or they can be incorporated into the child’s drawings.

This is a fun animal torch. The torch is actually a projector and you can insert different slide discs into it so that it projects different pictures on to the wall and the head of the torch can be twisted for focus. There are three slides so 24 images in total. These all have an animal theme but there are other themes available if required. Needs batteries and is suitable for children of three years and above.

This is a Chuckle Ball. It is a motorised ball which moves in lots of different directions and makes silly sounds. It is yellow and has all sorts of animal figures on it. It can encourage crawling as the toddler will want to follow the ball to try to catch it and it should also keep them amused as it vibrates in a funny way. It needs 4 x AA batteries so you may wish to gift these as well.

This is a bead maze for toddlers. Not only does it have lots of brightly coloured beads to move around the maze, it also has some with animals painted on to grab their attention. It measures 8.58 x 8.78 x 5.66 inches and is great for using on a tabletop or floor. There are 3 bead trails and 2 rows of slider beads at the bottom. Great for their dexterity and problem solving skill development.

This is a pack of fourteen pairs of toddler socks. There are two sets to choose from, one for boys and one for girls. They all have anti-slip bottoms which make them safer for little ones and they stretch so they are easy to get on. They are suitable for children aged between one and three years of age and are all brightly coloured with different and cute patterns on.

This is a musical duck toy. It has flashing lights and plays music so is amusing and stimulating for young children. It also flaps its wings while the music plays and children may enjoy joining in with the dancing too. It measures 13xm x 17cm and is bright yellow. It plays seven tunes in a row and also has the options of the song two little ducks with words. It can also make sound effects and make a heartbeat sound.

This is a very cute tool set for a toddler. It is a pull along truck which contains all sorts of tools and things for making fun items. There is a hammer, spanner and screwdriver so they can play around with joining things together and there are gears too to turn and play with. It is made from safe wood and plastic and is lots of fun for little boys and girls.

This is a big bag of mega bloks. These are chunky construction bricks which are bright primary colours. A child can easily build them up and they will not fall down because they clip together but they are easy to take apart. They come in a storage bag to keep them up together when not in use and makes them easy to carry around. Can be combined with other Mega Bloks sets.

This is a large water drawing mat. The mat has brightly coloured pictures around the edge and a white space in the middle for drawing. It comes with pens that fill with water and can be used to draw on the mat. Once the mat dries out the picture vanishes and it can be used again. There are other accessories such as stencils and shapes which can be used to create fun pictures and patterns.

This is a cute board book called ‘Spot’s First Easter’ by Eric Hill. Spot books are loved by children and this one introduces the idea of the Easter bunny and Easter egg hunting. It is a fun book and there are flaps so children can lift them to see what is underneath. Great as an Easter gift and will get the children interested in books as it is so much fun to read.

This is an Amy & Benton piano toy with a microphone. It is 10.8 x 8.85 x 10.8 inches in size and is in the shape of a grand piano and is pink. It has properly set out piano keys and buttons to select different tunes and there is a rhythm and drum unit as well. There is a microphone and it is possible to link it to a mobile phone. Can be used for karaoke as well as general music fun.

This is a Peppa Pig book called ‘Marvellous Magnet Book’ by Ladybird. It is a story about Peppa and George who are doing all sorts of fun things such as going to a museum, birthday party, summer holiday etc but the pictures in the book are unfinished. Therefore, it is up to the reader to find the right magnets to be able to finish the pictures off so that they make sense.

This is a portable Magna Doodle board. It is available in blue or pink and has a sturdy handle to carry it around. There is a plastic pen attached for drawing with as well as two stamps with different shapes. There is a slider so that you can clear it when you have finished drawing. Great because it uses no pen so no risk of mess, perfect for in the car or when playing with minimal supervision.

This is a wooden clock which has multifunctions. The numbers on the clock face are wooden beads which fit into their places on the face but can also be removed and threaded to make a necklace. They are in different primary colours and different shapes so as well as learning to tell the time and to count the child can learn about shapes and colours too. The centre of the clock has another face with minutes marked out on it.

This is a fun toddler activity chair. It has fifty songs programmed into it as well as sounds and phrases. It can be set to start songs and phrases when the child sits on it. You can enter the age of the child so that it gives age appropriate songs. There are buttons for the child to press as well and a small book attached to the chair for them to play with.

This is a pack of colouring pencils. They are made by Classmaster and there is a choice of different sized packs with 36 different colours available. The pencils are presharpened so all ready for a child to use. They each have a 7mm hexagonal barrel with a 3mm diameter lead. They make a vibrant colour and therefore are great for arts, crafts, drawing, school projects and many more things – a great budget pencil set.

This is a Tomy Toomies Pic & Pop pushalong baby toy. It has a ball collector and launcher on it. As you roll it along it will pick up the special balls if they are lined up. There is a button on the handle which can be pressed to launch the balls. It helps the children to walk as they will be encouraged to push it along and they will want to chase the balls around.

This is a magnetic fishing toy with wooden rods. Each rod has a magnet on the end of a string so it can be used to attach to the metal fish to catch them. There are different sea creatures to catch and so it helps children with identifying different sea creatures and with their hand eye co-ordination and counting. Comes boxed so is all ready to give as a gift.

This is a set of four animal wooden jigsaw puzzles. There is a crab, bear, butterfly and ladybird and they are all brightly coloured. They are on wooden boards so it is easy to see what size and shape of piece is required. They come with a drawstring bag so everything can be put away neatly when finished with. Can help with all sorts of learning skills and be lots of fun too.

This is a learning computer for toddlers. It is made by XITING and has all sorts of activities that they can do. It has letters, music, spelling, stories, addition, subtraction, colours, animal names and other things which can be learned from it. It is sturdy and designed specifically with 3-6 year olds in mine with a handy carry handle. It comes in blue, pink or yellow and is boxed to give as a gift.

This is a lovely plush ragdoll toy set. It is available in different designs and it is really soft and cuddly and is the right size for a child to cuddle in their arms. You get two dolls in the set one larger doll which is 13cm x 18cm and a smaller one which is on a keyring so could be used as a bag charm. It is suitable for children from birth.

This is a magnetic building set which has 116 pieces. The pieces are different sizes such as square, triangle, diamond, semi-circle and rectangles and there are also wheels and a Ferris wheel stand so that you can make special items with them. They also come with a storage bag so they can be put away safely. Lots of bright colours and things to build mean that children will have lots of fun.

This is a set of LED light up cars. They are battery powered but can take rechargeable batteries to save money. They light up with bright headlights, rear lights and a light inside the body of the vehicle as well. The set includes a blue police car, red fire engine and yellow truck which are compatible with a 2.17 inch track (not included). They are great fun to play with at any time.

This is a cute Fisher Price pull along dog. The dog has a blue colour and red string and it will make sounds and bark and it will also move its ears and tail. It does not even require batteries. It can be a fun way to get children playing with animals or just be an exciting toy for them to interact with. Comes boxed, so ready to give as a present.

This is a board book which has flaps to lift. It is ‘Roald Dahl’s Opposites’ illustrated by Quentin Blake. It features characters from some of his books and introduces the concept of opposites such as tall & short and open & closed. It is funny and the flaps should keep young children involved in the book and excited to get to the next page and read the whole thing to the end.

This is a fun medics carry case with all sorts of equipment in. It is great fun for any child that wants to play doctors and nurses with a stethoscope, mirror, tray, scalpel, tweezers, syringe, torch, hammer, scissors, thermometer, glasses, pill boxes and all sorts of other fun things to stir their imagination. Some of the items have lights or noises to make playing even more fun. Comes with a carry case in pink and white.

This is a fun set of pyjamas with a toy story theme. You can choose between Woody or Buzz and they comes in sizes 18 months to 6 years. They are a great chance for little ones to dress up as their favourite characters – so may encourage them to put on their PJs and go to bed! They are official Toy Story merchandise and are made from 100% cotton so really soft.

This is a transforming toy which turns from a car into a dinosaur. It also drives along and will change direction when it hits an obstacle. It also has lights and music which makes it really amusing and the lights change with the music. It will need 3 AA batteries which you may wish to include with the gift as they do not come in the box. Suitable for children from ages 3-12.

This is an LED hover football. It comes in a choice of colours and can be kicked like a real football. It will hover and glide over smooth surfaces and can be used inside. It has a soft foam edge which means that when it hits furniture or walls then it will not damage them or leave any marks. The lights mean that it can be played in dim light which will add extra fun to the game.

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