31 Presents for The Traveller In Your Life

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If you know someone that love to travel then you might be keen on the idea of getting them travel related gifts. This can be tricky though as you may wonder what will work the best for them. Sometimes it is tricky working out exactly what to get that might suit them, or to think of something original that they may not have had already. This means that it can be tricky which is why we have come up with a list of items that we hope will inspire you. We have chosen a variety of different items that we think will be helpful.

31 Gift Ideas for People Who Love To Travel

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This is a really original gift idea. It is a world map poster which you can scratch off. The idea is that you scratch off each country as you visit it. It measures 61 x 43cm and has a black or white background with gold on top which is the part that is scratched away and this reveals coloured pictures underneath. There are different size options and they all come with a scratcher tool and stickers.

This is a dayday travel wallet in black, grey or pink. It is an organiser specifically designed for keeping travel documents in. It has RFID protection which stops credit card skimming and identity theft. It has various pockets which can fit all sorts of important documents and even your phone. There are 9 card slots, an open pocket, pocket for cash and a pen slot. This is made from waterproof and durable nylon.

This is a scrapbook which says on the front ‘Our Adventure Book’ and is designed to stick in photographs and other things. It is ideal for putting in tickets, programmes as well as photos and for scrapbooking to make a really lovely memory book. It has 80 pages and is tied with string so it can have more pages added to it. It is 10.6 x 7.5 inches in size and so holds more than 160 photos.

This is a keyring with a selection of travel charms on it. The charms are silver in colour and are a horseshoe, heart, globe, safety pin and Saint Christopher. It is lightweight and measures 8cm and can be attached to keys or used as a bag charm, so it is easy to carry with you. It is home made and comes in an organza bag so all ready to give as a lovely gift.

This is a brooch for travellers. It is a Guardian Angel which is silver in colour. On the backing card it says ‘Safe Travels’. This Guardian Angel watches over you every day with loving care to gently guide your way. It is a heartfelt way to make sure that someone knows that you are thinking of them and having it with them will be a constant reminder that they are thought of and make a good keepsake.

This is a set of bags for helping with packing. They are shoe bags so you can put in your pairs of shoes before putting them in your case, so that they do not get the clothing dirty. There are 6 bags which are a size that will fit shoes up to a size 10 and two larger bags for shoes up to size 12.5. There is also a sock bag. The bags have a see through panel so it is easy to see what is in there.

This is a special board which can be used to fold t-shirts up neatly so that they can be packed much more easily and kept without creases. They are tough and durable and so will last a long time. It takes just three easy steps and three seconds to fold the clothes which will mean that it will also save time as well as do a good job. It folds up to a small size for easy storage.

This is a special footrest or foot hammock. It can be used on a plane, train or bus where you are travelling for a long time. It can be hung on the bracket for the tray table and feet put in it, so that they can be put in a slightly lifted position for comfort. It is 55cm x 20cm x 1.5cm and made to be soft and comfortable. The adjustable belt allows it to be changed in size to work.

This is a special bag which is designed for keeping the contents really dry. It is made from PVC so it is completely waterproof and is thick as well. It has a water resistant zipper pocket on the outside but the main bag has a special roll top seal system to keep contents completely dry. Particularly useful if travelling to a wet climate or somewhere where you will be near water.

This is a book called ‘My Travel Journal’. It is a hardback book in a stylish blue colour and has template pages for writing in as well as spaces for checklists and recommendations in it. It is very durable and therefore suitable for taking on long trips. Great for gap year travellers, those going on a world tour, cruise or just general travels. It has 380 pages and is 16cm x 22cm x 3cm.

This is a passport wallet. It is a trifold wallet which fastens securely and opens up to reveal multiple pockets and slots for cards, cash and documents. It comes in a huge selection of different colours too. It has an RFID blocking shield and there is a passport pocket, boarding pass compartment, 3 credit card slots, 1 ID slot, 1 sim card pouch, 1 coupon ticket slot, 1 cellphone pouch, 1 zipped pocket for coins and notes, 1 key holder, 1 pen holder and 1 slim pocket.

This is a gift box experience that can be given as a lovely present for two people. It is a selection of overnight stays and you can choose between 290 different ones from a mix of traditional, unusual or quirky facilities. There are breaks in the countryside and city breaks, so the recipient will be able to choose what will suit them including hotels, cottages, guest houses or a wigwam.

This is a foldable travel bag. It is made of nylon and is available in a big range of different colours. It is really lightweight but most importantly it is flight carry on size and so can be used to store everything you want with you in the plane cabin such as books, clothing, a few toiletries, electronics etc. It has a shoulder strap and carry handles. Has a capacity of 40 litres and measures 47 x 23 x 35 cm.

This is a pretty luggage set by Ted Baker which has a pretty and whimsical arboretum print. It has a navy blue background with a pretty pink floral print on faux leather with the wording ‘fly me to the moon’ on it in a rose gold colour. Included in the set is a pocket passport holder and luggage tag which comes in a pretty box with a matching design so all ready for gifting.

This is a book called ‘Destinations of a Lifetime’ by National Geographic. It is a great book for travellers as it has 225 of the worlds most amazing places. It could give them ideas on places that they want to visit or just be something that they find really interesting as they like to explore different places themselves. It is a lovely coffee table book full of large and interesting photographs.

This is a black eye mask which can be handy for helping with sleep when travelling, on a plane or even in a hotel room. It gives complete blackout eye cover and is 3D contoured for comfort. It has a deep cup so there is room for eyelashes and blinking and will not rub off make up. It is light and soft and made from memory foam. It comes with a bag to store it in, so it stays clean and protected when not in use.

This is a very handy travel bag which is a cable organiser. There are various slots, loops and pouches to keep all sorts of cables as well as gadgets, chargers etc. It comes in either grey or black and measures 37cm x 20cm x 10cm and is shockproof and waterproof so everything is kept safe inside. It also has durable zippers. It could also be used for cosmetics, jewellery or other small items.

This is ‘The Travel Book: A Journey Through Every Country in the World’. This has 850 images of 230 countries with information on when to visit, what to see and do and how to learn more about the country’s culture from film, music to food and drink. There is a map and statistics about the country. It is written by the experts at Lonely Planet and has a pretty rainbow foil cover.

This is a handy first aid kit which has 92 pieces of first aid kit enclosed in it. It is light and compact, so that it is really easy to carry and slip into any travel bag or suitcase but contains all sorts of useful items such as bandages, scissors, plasters, wipes, a foil blanket, eye wash, gauze and tape. The bag is very durable and has a carabiner on it so it can be hung from a belt or rucksack.

This is a cute personalised enamel mug which has a picture of a camper van on it. Great for anyone that likes camping and the fact that it can be personalised makes it all the more special. It says on the front ‘[name] Adventure is out there’ and above it is a camper van which comes in a choice of colours such as green, light blue, red, orange, purple or dark blue.

This is a set of packing cubes. There are zipped up bags which have a see through window so you can see what is inside. They are a great way to make your items more organised within your suitcase or to separate out certain items. They are available in different colours and have premium zippers with a pull cord which will last well. The set of three contains three different sized bags.

This is a handy travel toiletry bag. It is designed for really easy use and comes in a selection of colours. The zippered top cleverly opens out to reveal a hanging hook so it can be placed on the back of a hotel door. Inside there are various sections, pockets and pouches to organise everything. It could be used for toiletries and/or cosmetics and it is waterproof, so it can withstand being in a wet room.

This is a shirt travel case so that you can keep shirts wrinkle free while you are travelling. It has special collar protection to keep the shirt looking good and has instructions on how to use it to fold the shirt, so that it will stay looking neat and tidy. It even has a zip pocket for ties. There is space for one or two shirts in it and it measures 36 x 28 x 12cm but can be made slimmer if you only want to use it for one shirt.

This is a fun ride on suitcase for children by Trunki. It is in the colour and shape of a ladybug and it is big enough to contain their carry on luggage such as books, toys and games. It doubles as a seat so they can rest in a queue and it can be ridden on so if they are tired they can scoot along. This can even be played with at home afterwards to keep toys in or to pretend play they are travelling.

This is a Samsonite S’Cure spinner suitcase. It comes in small, medium, large and extra large so you can choose the size that is suitable for you. It also comes in a big selection of colours. It has smooth rolling wheels on all four corners and a dual tube wheel handle. There is three point locking to ensure a water tight and secure seal. Inside there are lowered cross ribbons, zipped divider pad and large side pocket.

This is an Eastpak Transverz S suitcase which is available in a big range of colours and patterns. It has a main compartment and a stash away front pocket. It is 44cm tall, 29.5cm side and 22cm deep. It is made from 100% polyester so it is durable. There is a laptop sleeve which fits laptops up to 13.3 inches and a zip inside mesh pocket. There is a zip down front panel to make it really easy to pack and unpack.

This is a portable luggage scale. It is a really handy thing to have to make sure that your bags are not too heavy. This is a digital scale too which makes it really easy to use. It can weigh up to 110lb or 50kg. It has a low battery function to make it easy to see when it needs a new battery. It can be changed between lb, g, ounces and kg to make things easier. Very simple to operate.

This Aerolite suitcase is suitable to use as carry on luggage. It is available in black/grey or navy/plum colouring and has 4 spinner wheels making it easy to roll especially with the height adjustable handle too. It is made from light but durable polyester which has a little stretch to allow you to cram a few extras inside. It includes a padlock as well as mounting straps to put it over the handle of your hold luggage.

This is a travel bottle set. It will save the expense of buying travel sized bottles of your shampoos and shower gels as they work out to be very costly. This travel set has a toiletry bag and a selection of three different sized squeezy bottles, two spray bottles and four jars and also comes with a funnel and mini spatula to make it easier to put your products into the containers.

This travel toiletry bag has a really useful design. It has side pockets and zipped mesh compartments so everything can be really well organised so that it is easy to find. The zipped lid opens out with a hook so the bag can be hung up on a hotel room door, so that it is really easy to use and out of the way too. It comes in a choice of three colours and is made from water resistant material.

This is a useful hanging bag which can be used for toiletries or cosmetics. It has lots of different pockets and pouches so everything can be organised really well. It is made from water resistant nylon which will help keep it clean and dry when in a bathroom. It measures 31cm x 15cm x 23cm and has strong zips, so that it will last a long time. It even has removable pouches for convenience.

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