33 Perfect Presents for Under £15

Updated on January 25th, 2021
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Buying gifts for people can be a lot of fun but if you have a limited budget then it can sometimes be tricky. It can feel difficult, when you have certain ideas in mind but you cannot afford them because you have such a limited budget. However, we have an idea to help you with this and have put together a list of suggested items that you might like to choose from. Hopefully you will find something you feel will really suit the recipient that you have in mind without making you feel like you are buying them something that looks and feels cheap.

33 Gift Ideas for Under £15

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This is a set of two stainless steel cocktail jiggers. A jigger is a special container for measuring spirits and these come in a 25/50ml and a 15/30ml measure. They are great to make sure that you are getting the right sized shot of a spirit and needed for when making cocktails to ensure that you get the proportions right. These are double ended with one measuring a single shot and one measuring a double.

This is a tasting selection of Wilkins and Sons Ltd jams and marmalades in mini 42g jars. There is orange, tawny orange and orange with malt whisky in the marmalade selection and then strawberry, little scarlet strawberry, strawberry with champagne, raspberry, raspberry with cassis, morello cherry, apricot, apricot with Armagnac and blackcurrant jams. They come in a boxed set so they are all ready to give as a lovely and tasty gift.

This is a pair of compression gloves designed to help arthritis. They come in a choice of colours – grey, black, pink and brown or there is the choice of grey with grippy nodules on them. They come in small, medium or large. They are designed to help circulation of blood to support the joints and to keep hands warm which should help to relieve the pain of arthritis. They are fingerless so can be worn while doing chores and typing.

This is a Himalayan Crystal rock salt lamp. The salt is taken from the foothills of the Himalayas and is crafted to make a stylish lamp which weighs around 2-3kg. When the lamp is switched on the heat releases the salt ions from the rock which it is thought can improve blood flow, serotonin levels, help to calm people and relieve asthma symptoms. It also provides a calm, warm coloured light and comes with electric fitting, cable and bulb.

This is a funky veg kit which will allow you to grow all sorts of fun vegetables. It has peat disks, pots, plant markers and seeds. The seeds will grow five different types of vegetables – yellow courgettes, striped tomatoes, red brussels sprouts, multi-coloured swiss chard and purple carrots. Although they are novelty colours, the veg still taste delicious and will brighten up any dish that you cook them in. A great kit for anyone, even someone who does not do much gardening.

This is a toilet bowl night light. It will only come on when it is dark and senses movement which means that as you approach the loo it will light up and this will allow you to see where you are going at night without having to put on a really bright light and wake yourself up too much. Great for children who do not like getting up in the dark or for those adults that get up a lot in the night.

This is an interesting hover ball drone. It responds to objects which means that it is able to be controlled with the hands to make it move. It also has colourful lights which means that it can be fun to play with in the dark or dim light. It is strong and designed to cope with falling to the ground. It charges with a USB charger for 15-20 minutes which gives 6-10 minutes of play.

This is an electric shaver for women. It is made by Zoomate and it can be used wet or dry for all areas of the body. It has a built in rechargeable battery which allows for 45 minutes of cordless use and can be charged using an adapter and a power bank. It is washable so you can detach the head and easily clean it or replace the blade when necessary.

This is a word art picture which can be personalised. It is a print based on the day that a person was born so it is particularly good for a birthday present perhaps for a milestone birthday. It has information about what significant events happened on the day that the person was born and will include their name, place of birth and birth date on it as well. Printed on 250gsm paper it can be bought with or without a frame.

This is a delicious set of chocolates. It is a set of Ferrero Roche, Raffaaello and Rondnoir chocolates. So, you get the whole hazelnut in milk chocolate and nut croquante, crisp coconut with coconut filling and whole almond and dark chocolate covered hazelnut with a smooth filling. There are 32 chocolate balls in total which come in a box so all ready to give as a gift to a chocolate and nut lover.

This is a game called Sussed? Lifeology. The idea is that you are given real and imaginary scenarios and you will be given choices to make. There are all sorts of things to think about and discuss which means that it can be a great ice-breaker and way to have fun with friends and family. It is suitable for adults and children from the age of 10 and for 2-10 players.

This is a pair of special heat holder socks. They are soft, fluffy and thermal and designed for lounging or as bed socks. They come in either pink or purple and have grips on the bottom to make them non-slip. They come in size 4-8 so should fit most adult feet and are made from 91% acrylic, 5% polyamide, 3% polyester and 1% elastane which means they have some stretch and they are soft and comfortable.

This is a special ball which has a gyroscopic rotation in it. It has a string inside it which you pull to manipulate the ball inside and as it spins it lights up. The faster it spins, the more it lights up so it is a challenge to keep playing with it and trying to do this. There are no batteries needed, it is the action of the user with the string that gets it to work. Comes in a box, ready to give as a gift.

This is a Golden Snitch Light which will make a great gift for a Harry Potter fan. The lamp consists of a glass dome with a floating snitch inside it. The bell jar will light up from the bottom and will give the illusion that the snitch is floating in it. It has touch controls – you just tap the bell jar to switch it on and off. It is USB powered.

This is an interesting cocktail garden set from plant theatre. It comes with 18 cocktail recipes which use the plants that you grow in the box. There are 6 seeds varieties included: cucamelon, blue borage, lime basil, Agastache, lemon balm and mint. It comes with growing pots, peat and plant markers as well as the seeds so you have everything you need to get started. Fun for gardeners and those that love cocktails.

This is a set of 31 day mindfulness challenge cards. It is designed so that there is a card per day which you can use to help you to change some of your behaviours to get more mindful through life and benefit from the calm and relaxation that mindfulness brings. They are designed to be easy to carry out and can really benefit someone who struggles to control stress. They come in a rustic looking box.

This is a Spa Luxetique gift set. It is a pamper set for women which contains all sorts of luxury items. There is a hand cream, body lotion, bubble bath, shower gel, bar of soap and a travel case to keep it all in. The case is a cotton drawstring bag so could be used for all sorts of toiletries or cosmetics. It comes in a boxed set and looks pretty and is a vanilla scent which means that most women will like it.

This is a really cute elephant phone holder. It is made of wood and the phone sits on the trunk and is angled so it is useful for using to watch films, video chatting and things like this. In the back of the elephant is a slot where you can put pens and pencils, so it also acts as a desk tidy too. It is lightweight and portable and will brighten up any desk.

This is an LCD writing tablet which comes with a stylus. It has a coloured back and you can choose between blue or green ink and either a 8.5 or 10 inch screen. You can write or draw on the screen and then erase it with one touch of a button. It can be used instead of a notepad and so will save paper. It just needs one coin sized battery and it does not take a lot of power.

This is a pretty shawl scarf which is long. There are different designs to choose from so you can pick one which will suit the person that you have in mind. They are made from 65% polyester and 35% viscose so are soft and comfortable. They are designed to keep you warm so are large and snuggly. They can also be tied around the waist at the beach, used as a head covering or a bandana.

This is a 3D night light in the shape of a dinosaur which changes in colour. The light is actually a Perspex glass which has a light up dinosaur shape which gives the illusion of being 3D. It has 7 colours and is operated using a battery or USB and is energy saving. It has a piece of acrylic as the base and then a Perspex sheet which fits in and lights up.

This is a baby’s comforter blanket which can be personalised. It has a cute elephant design and the blanket is blue and can have a name stitched on it up to 12 letters. It has knotted corners and a little bow below the elephant. The blanket measures 30 x 30cm and is suitable for children from newborn. It is soft and cuddly and so will make a really lovely gift that they will treasure for years.

This is a pair of lounge pants which come in a navy blue colour and have pictures of Daddy Pig and say ‘Daddy Cool’ on them. They are great for anyone who has a child that is a big fan of Peppa Pig. They come in small and are made from 100% cotton. They have an elasticated waist so they are really comfy and they have pockets in too which are handy.

This is a special shaping tool for beards. It is called ‘The Beard Mate’ and is designed so that it is easier to get a good shape to your beard. You just need to hold it to your face and shave around the curves or lines and keep everything looking good. It will mean that they can easily get a good look without having to go to a barbers to get it done all of the time.

This is a foot roller massage tool. It is designed for those with plantar fasciitis but also just to relax the muscles, get rid of the knots and release deep tissue problems. Although designed for feet, it can also be used for shoulders, backs and other parts of the body. They are made from durable materials which will not lose their shape and are washable and will not hurt or tickle.

This is a jewellery box made by Vlando. It is slim and compact so will not take up much room which will help you to neatly organise your jewellery. It comes in a choice of grey, blue, black, orange, pink, red or white and has a selection of compartments for storing things in. It has a velvet lining and sections for rings and an elastic pocket to keep everything secure.

This is a black cushion cover which has a white design on it which says ‘do not disturb gamer at work’ with a picture of a games console handset on it. It is a great gag gift but also will look good in the bedroom or on the sofa of a gamer. It measures 40cm x 40cm and so will fit a standard sized cushion inside it which you could purchase as well if you wish.

This is a gift pack by Farrahs. It contains a pack of stem ginger biscuits and two preserves – a rhubarb and ginger and an apricot. The biscuits come in a pretty container and the preserves come in jars with fabric on the top tied up to look pretty. It comes in a gift box with a cardboard base and a see through lid so they can easily see what is inside.

This is a pack of spices. It comes from The Silk Route Spice Company and there are 4 spice mixes included. You can pick between French, Italian and Spanish which contain herb and spice blends which create flavours which you would associate with those specific countries. It comes in a gift box and so makes a really lovely gift for anyone that enjoys cooking and likes food from these particular European countries.

This is a Baylis and Harding Urban Barn set. It contains a selection of items – a body cleanser, bath and shower crème, moisturising body crème and a candle and they all have the same scent of orange with bergamot and bay leaves. It is a luxurious looking set which comes in a really pretty gift box with a lovely geometric design and a ribbon which makes the items look elegant and sophisticated.

This is a very silly gag gift which should help to cheer up anyone who has a good sense of humour. It is actually a 100ml bottle of air freshener which is in the shape of a fire extinguisher which is red and black and says ‘fart extinguisher’ on it. It will make a great gift for someone that is a farter or who lives with someone that farts a lot and needs the air around them to be freshened!

This is a fun Morse code bracelet. It is a unique gift – probably something that the recipient will not have seen before. There are different designs to choose from which spell out different phrases. There are motivational ones like ’keep going’, ‘never give up’ and ‘hope’ and sentimental ones like ‘family’ and ‘I love you’ but also insulting ones. They come on a backing card which explains what the Morse code means.

This is a pair of cute Minnie Mouse pyjamas for women. The short sleeved top is white with a picture of Minnie Mouse in black with ‘adorable me’ written underneath it and the trousers are black with white polka dots and a red drawstring. They are available in sizes S, M and XXL. They are made from 100% cotton so are soft and comfortable to wear. They are officially licensed Minnie Mouse merchandise.

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